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it's asking is it true that Allah he created himself the from the sweat of her horse we have a Muslim collar let us see do you hear me yes okay hold on let me be sure that all right how are you mr. truth I'm good how are you are like oh no I'm fine did you hear me saying that Allah he is a created from the sweat of a horse yes I want the reference for the dead if you don't mind brother okay but you heard that before or never no never I would be amazed I'm amazed right now I'm shocked I don't think there's he was oh let me here we go just operate this is Lisa with sandal Musa and do you see my screen in second brother yes okay this angle means I speak Arabic right no no so how I can okay hold on let us say it me then I try muesli I know you but you are not an Arab right yes a menorah okay okay okay you know what I will show it to you in Arabic first and then I'm going to click the translation of goggle and but you know Google is not really a very much good you know reel me in allaha la mirada and yellow connoisseur who ha local hail fire ah ha had the area pot – Mahalo connoisseur who Mandela kalaloch translation our click is English translation all right right it says he said here gifted as talk that God did not want to create himself created horses so he made them sweat and then he created himself from their sweat not their race this is a stupid translation of God you see it and and for sure by the way the Muslim they would say what reject this hadith we don't accept this no no I'm Dana I mean even how the idea come to their head you see there is no smoke without fires are correct yes so why a scholar he will come to us such a statement that Allah he made the horses run this one says in Arabic Allah he made the horses run and when he made them run he made them run for a purpose to sweat and when they sweat he created himself from the sweat of the horses whoa it's really a yeah this what it says this what says actually well this is what says I mean this is the this is not by the way they might say to you they might say to you that this is she a statement or this is not even sheer this is Sunni because L humbly is the one who came with this you know let me see if I can find you other other reference I never heard of the right house interesting yeah it is see I'm trying just to find you like an official not just a website is look Elvis's Elmo Elmo Elmo yes sarahfey taraji Mia imitative seer Waldoboro inaho Aloha Elmo su Alma yes Sara like okay like I don't know what translate for you like you know if you have like a dictionary but it's like a huge one you know this is what most wise in all the official writing of the scholars and the Imams enira says in the book of a Seifert it says he have a hadith it says in allaha la mirada a near floor enough Sahu holla pal hail Pharaoh ha had Oria pot fill mahalik enough Sahu Mandela cleric can Allah he wanted to create himself he created the horses and then he made it run fire ah ha ha ah ah robot until its sweat sweat really heavy and then he created himself from the sweat of that horses so yeah it's it's an obvious that most Muslims and maiden if not all will check this hadith because it doesn't go hand in hand with micro no actually it does go it goes hand by hand with the Quran why it doesn't go how about let me it ok you see where in the Quran it says that Allah he did not he created himself nowhere he begets not and know is he gonna hold on the hadith we showed you just a while ago I don't know for how long you were watching and we said that Allah he comes it's alright no problem my friend I will come you are very polite man and you're working always to call me the hadith this is a high Bihari so here Bihari is not a joke correct this is the most accurate reference so let us say this Holly there is rejected ok no problem what about here Allah he have a sheep and Allah he changed his shape so the second you say he have a shape and then he have other shape that's mean somebody created that shape mmm correct correct let us say okay Allah have a shape already now but now you are saying to me that Allah will come to them in a shape other than they know and he will say so this is totally different shape okay who is the one who created the shape what do you think a lot okay so Allah created Allah if you of course not nobody but this is why I say you're the one I ask you a friend I asked you who is the one who created that shape but that shape is Allah but what for what if that shape was there all along if you know know what that's mean there's to Allah if that shape is Allah and the other shape is Allah that mean there's many Allah mmm yeah this is the first time I'm hearing always there's progression press no I you know the reason is and I hope you are listening carefully the reason yuma's a Muslim you always says I never this is the first time I hear this because when you read you don't think deeply you just read and by the way not only Muslims do that even Christians most of people and they don't really think deeply like if I give you this hadith by itself I'm sure you heard me saying that this hadith before don't and didn't you know you saying this hadith before you never heard me speaking about this hadith here not the horse this one the Shiva here huh probably I maybe I missed it okay so if Allah he is coming to you with the shape and now he is going to change his shape who is the one who gave him the second shape either we say he borrow it or he buy it bought it from somewhere from or he made it yeah where he get it from so the only solution the best solution will be Allah he created the shape correct yeah okay yeah all right that's me Allah created himself because now he is in he is in that he is that shape he is that shape Allah I don't have a spirit Allah is not a spirit so that shape is Allah Allah created the new shape Allah created the new Allah so what we will do now so we're the hadith about the horse correct yeah because Allah created himself from the sweat of the horses which I find it me myself is very weed I mean what and why horses what about donkeys nuns are funny sometimes but look at this here this is this they cannot deny this honey this is a hair Bihari to show the reference and nobody can deny in even for a second that this is a very accurate hadith what they will say I'm lying and this is appear in many places not only in this hadith tones so this is a very accurate hadith confirming that Allah have shaped number one and he has shade number two and when I asked you okay when Allah come with different shape who is the one who created the other shape you said Allah correct yeah so Allah created himself so all I created this shape and then he turned into the same that makes him creating himself because he said if Allah created a shape and he will come to you in that shape if that shape is not Allah now we have a problem because how he is that shape you see it says they are it carry with me Allah will could come to them in a shape they know and will say so he is in a shape yes okay so now he have a shape already and now he will come to them in a shape they know and he will say so there is to shape shape they don't know shape they know and which we use really weird I mean what is the shape wisdoms they know this is very facili hmm as I know there's no Muslim able o in a power like thing no no it's a it's a shape my friend even the Quran says he was so you they were recognized him from his shin you see the Hadees hidden even the her own station so here Allah is coming in a new shape other than the one which they know that is a new creation of a new shape Allah will use who is the one who created that she must be Allah Allah created Allah okay what happened now to the first shape Muslim you see Allah he came in other shape correct this what are you saying yes what happened to the shape before it of course any change said it's not I don't think it's like a physical thing no more my friend although it's like just like energy changes form it doesn't have to be someone going inside something does it change first of all let us come to an agreement are you saying Allah is not a physical being something we can't compared of course not no no Allah is a physical being you can go and watch my debate with many scholars automate agree not Allah is a physical being all the Muslims agree Allah is a physical being and he have no spirit Allah has no spirit actually I just opened the fatwa here is you see there's a guy he's DBT with with the with the Christians like me and he's asking if Allah has a spirit he is diluting with the Christians and is asking does Allah has a spirit have spread the answer know the answer Allah the spirit or soul is not one of the attributes of Allah rather it is one of the things have been created by Allah so Allah has not good okay so if a lot of spirit is not a physical mean so what it is that that's means that exist because nothing left you have no nothing you know I mean yeah okay so he is not a spirit and now what is left he's a physical being okay so now he's a physical being and now Allah creating a new shape of that physical beam who was the one who created the physical being Allah Allah okay what Allah he did to the first physical mean he killed him they burned him or now we have to Allah he made it disappear disco so Allah Allah Allah he made a lotta Sapir no not like that no no it has to be like that because let me let me try to explain it to you let us do this look with me in the screen I'm going to draw so draw something and forgive me my my my drawing is not you know I mean I'm not I'm not an artist say say say so let us say I'm not going to make any shape to make fun of your God let us say either okay here we go oh yeah oh this is a great angle okay this is Allah and now we have shape here shape a and shape B all right all right yes so this is shape number a and this is shape number be wonderful yes okay when Allah he was shape number a shape a is Allah he is Allah is not inside the shape because to say he was inside the shape that's mean he is a spirit maybe mmm but we discover he is not a spirit so he is the shape he is a physical being so this physical being here that shape is Allah which is without a spirit you know there's no spirit inside this shape okay now Allah he transformed himself or he come in a new shape yes i broadcasters until you cook in between okay so when you were debating the scholars stuff did they actually agreed that allah was a spirit absolutely you can search for my debate with Lukas under Bill Buckley as an example dr. Nabil Buckley the head of the Islamic Center of the see somehow is a sunni and imam of the most of tennessee his name is america's or both of them they were debating me and they say they clearly with the clear words i can we can find at the video they said allah is a physical mean but how allah looked like we don't know Doctorow he have ability from faceless her huh its screen that's crazy well this is what it is this is what it is my friend sometimes i help to me this is what it is this is what it is so a lot of physical mean now okay so allah he come to you in a new physical being so what happened to the old physical mean if we say that the old physical being as you said make him disappear that's mean allah he made a lotta Sapir hmm so what happened doesn't make sense doesn't make them that's nothing makes sense of course Allah you see the Muslim they say how God can be a man right mmm okay how Allah can have shape why he have a shape anyway cause long your question pushing in the nature of Allah mmm yes are you going but I was saying I don't agree from my point of view that Allah is actually physical thing or it's maybe even my friend it's not it's not up to me you see I'm sharing with you what Islam is not my wishes or your wishes yes this is Islam either you take it or you leave it the same as you say Jesus is God he's a man and gone the same time it's not up to you to say he was not a man it's not up to me to say he wasn't he's a man and got in the same time this what believe this is Christianity either we take it or we leave it so this is what Islam teaching the Muslims here even in the hadith was make it more more dangerous the statement of Muhammad here he made it clear that because Allah he change his shape you rejected him you see then Allah will come to them in the shape they know and they will say he would say I'm Lord then then they will say you are our Lord but before when he come to them in a shape which they do not know other than the one they know he will say I am you Lord they were say we seek refuge with Allah from you which means not only they reject him they believe he is that devil you say you as a Muslim when say i seek refuge by by allah from you let's mean Shaitaan and you were talking to me correct we see if used by Allah from who from Satan but from a human and the Quran come from that so allah coming to them and they say to him your Shaitaan we seek refuge by Allah from you all what happened is just he changed his shape so the Muslims cannot recognize Allah for being Allah the Muslims they can recognize Allah for being in a shape which they like and what kind of God is God is customer service you know this is AT&T what kind of shape you like us to send you the modern we have a triangle modem we have a square model I have what do you want a brother you know and say I don't accept I don't believe that Internet can come from a circle modem I want to triangle modem so now they will send you a mother the way you like this is Allah how this is can be true do you know somebody actually somebody he just gave me an idea do you think Allah he was like he printed himself in 3d printer you know so where the shape is coming from one question we also said that let's say when a god was talking to Moses and the Israelites did he also came in a shape of fool when he is less we're afraid okay just remind me actually to talk about I thank you okay if we go in the Quran we remember that mu says he come he saw a fire from far away press okay what the quran says the Quran says barakamon fillmore woman hold her I don't know if you understand what I just said of course not okay it'll show you the translation then in chapter 27 verse number 8 it says talking about mooses okay moose as he was away you see the screen it is okay and when Moses said to his household his family verily I have seen a fire so he was in the dark at night he saw a fire I will bring you from there some information which mean I will bring you a fire or our bring you a burning brand okay to warn yourself then but when he come to it to it what the fire right okay he was cold blast is is who is ever is in the fire who is it in the fire hoping for is that the burro is that the burning Allah no but it doesn't say Allah was in the fire okay who is the one in the fire I have seen a fire I will bring you from death some information I will bring you a burning plant that you may warm yourselves so who is the one who blessed the blessed one in the fire God is blessed okay so now who is the one in the fire then he is a blessed the one is around fire is mooses the one is in the fire is whom the sound says to you who is he he said o Moosa as verily it is Allah almost religious all I a la na might were always so who is the one in the fire Allah okay is the fire as a physical mean in this case fire what if I listen in the huh and it just showed in with what if Allah was the third person in the and he showed he showed Moses the bush fire and then he was just talking to most but that doesn't mean but he has ok ok let me ask you ok no problem I will go with you I'll go with you when Allah he spoke he spoke from where from he are lost everywhere no and no way no no no this land does not believe Allah is everywhere that's not true Allah spoke from the tree is that correct it forms three from the trees read carefully with me where it says does it say yes does it say he is a spark from the tree okay highlights so it to fire he was called from the right side of the valley in the best place from the tree o Musa Moses verily I am a lot the Lord of the al-amin mankind jinns and all exists all right he spoke from where from the tree and what is burning the tree mmm right so Allah in this moment he is a tree he is a burning tree from the tree of Musa so he was he in the form you sing right it says there he is the tree because why do you believe in a tree speaking no no okay so there is a fire and you see the Quran when the Quran says blessed is the one in the fire right I'm a brother brother Christian priest I'm a cop arrogant yeah with asking his questions but I'm here to help him we're fighting no yes let us go to the other chapter chapter 27 verse number 8 actually it says when he come to it he was cold blast is whoever is in the fire right yes okay now in in the same time in Chapter number 28 it says in verse number 30 he Allah he spoke from the tree saying o mooses surely I am Allah there is no question that this is Allah correct you say I am gibreel or no so he is speaking from the tree and what is burning that's free so the burning tree and obviously Muhammad he is trying to copy from the Old Testament when God spoke to Moses from the burning bushes so when he reached the fire he was called from the right side of the valley in the Blessed place it's even the place is blessed why why it's a blast you see because if Allah is exist everywhere that's mean everywhere is it is a blast it's not like he is literally a rebel he sees he can interact everywhere no I like not imply actually first of all Allah doesn't exist Allah is it is a Allah is a joke Allah is not even the word Allah hasn't even exist the true name of the God of Islam is la al Haqq is an old yeah L is an old ancient Aramaic and ancient Hebrew well is Award mean God metastable tell you hell yes his award it is a really brew huh it is a real Hebrew a Hebrew and Arabic the ancient Aramaic and ancient Hebrew and LA is the true name of the God of Islam so al la al God la God LA you see today in the new Hebrew what they say they say Ezra yield right o seal his award may God in the older bro it was Ezra yell Israel Israel yeah Ishmael was Ishmael McKay it was me al Gabriel was Ricky Brielle so the the language had changed by time and Al became ill so al is the ancient one he'll is the new one a quick question we say that Jesus is Emmanuel ill but in the ancient Hebrews should be Emmanuel so al al is a word in the Aramaic or the header Hebrew it's not necessarily about the true God it's any it's award mean God if you understand now if you believe in that God that make a making me Oh God so Allah is all law this way if you go in the Quran you will find in chapter 2 chapter 1 verse number 2 it says al hamdu lillah al hamd you let us go to the whole on press number 1 and to look with me in the screen yes I'm looking right it says here let me zoom more so we can make it even bigger all right if you look here you will see the following do you notice that Allah here is different here there is an Aleph here there is no Aleph disappear which one's Elif if last one verse number 1 verse number 1 there is L if you see that if it's just okay let me make an arrow in it so you can see it yeah all right here we have Aleph here The Aleph is gone why here it says bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim here it says al hamdulillah li la okay let's try the first one we will type the first one and the second one al-hamdu the first one bismillah l yeah this is the first one a and L appear in the begin of the world the second one it doesn't say Allah it says al hamdu li la in Arabic Li mean – la l hamdu Li la there's only letter L before the Lamb mm what what is the name of God la Li mean – yes all right so Hamid you know what happens me right Hamid – who I'm Tula that is the true name of the God of Islam it is love and you can search in Google la has the moon god the moon god yeah you don't know moon god ah yeah you worship him well my friend let me let me search for you and Google hold on blaah is the ancient name of the moon god this is have nothing to do with the Christian name huh was left a title given to the moon God in the past this is his name la is the moon god la is a very well-known name for the moon God alright here you will see all of those let me let me show you know but the reason why the Muslims they use these Moon symbols and musk and stuff via it's not something that they expect to the Prophet mom it's something that actually is just recent because because of the Seljuk Turks no not true not from that's not true that's not true ok you see here like this is a website I'm not going to read the whole article you can search yourself yeah la yeah is another world for God the Christian is saying yeah wait yeah wait ok yeah la please your screen yeah ah yeah he's a would mean god bless the name yeah la what is the name la the name of what of the moon god so how do you say God in general in Arabic there is just gone you or that there's many word there is rub and those are not Arabic words by the way Arabic there's nothing is called Arabic reading all of this is coming from other languages most of it is coming from the Aramaic like it is why you say in Hebrew rabbi Grubb be you know Rob Rob in Arabic mean God it can be even my lord like master so many way there is many words but when you say la it is a name that's why the Muslims agree that it is a name of their God it's not award me in God correct mmm it is a name not award me in God but well it's almost it's it's a bit all over the place some guys say God Allah doesn't have names he oh no no no no no no no no no no the Mohammed he made it clear that the best names of Allah is as this is his name actually even the whole on if we go in the fron you see this is the problem Muslims do not know anything about their occult when Mohammed first time he start using the word Iraq man the people are old they said to him who is a rock man this is new no they were saying who was a lot of man we were referring to yet no no I said no no no no no no no they said they said Muhammad used to worship one God his name is Allah and now he is worshipping ar-rahman all right and this is why Mohammed he answered them saying in chapter 17 verse number 10 saying it with me carefully say o Muhammad invoke Allah or invoke the Rahman you see he had translated but is false or invoke a Rahman by whatever name you invoke him for it belong all the the best name will belong to Allah so it's a name so Mohammed now he had a new name to Allah which is a rock man a guy who is a false prophet his name is RAM and Allah mama he sent him a message he wrote there in the name of a rahmanir rahim muhammad he liked it he wrote a letter back he says in the name of the Prophet of Islam etc in the name of Allah Rahman the Arab the Muslims around him he said whose and even the even the pagan they says Mohammed he used to worship one God is a law and now he is going to rock man the only rock man we know is random Emma and let me show you the reference so you don't say I'm are making things up you want to see it yeah okay yes so this is the chapter 17 verse number 110 okay we go there we are lucky now the website stop gonna stop working and we clicking a display it has try esperen news ooh at anytime this is the website at FC r you know it have she has come yes I can give you I will post the link in or you can send through I will put the link in the chat and you guys are when it's open let me know so we can operate because this website sometime you know what don't click at the link for now because I think we we have many clicks this website I think they are the king of Jordan he is using the Internet of the neighbors his cheap we know is his poor he of his bankrupt yeah it's not opening his web site sometime water sometime doesn't work yeah for you okay let me try to open with different browser and then Noah is not opening for me oh you see but it's what the changing its its opening for me the old chapter it's opened chapter 21 verse number 17 which means the link did not change it here we go here we go finally thank God I think I think his wife I've the King it is switched to the guy in the second floor alright can you read the screen with me yes this is the book of s Bourbon Azul this is from the book that's not Shia aspirin assuming the reason for the verses to come down all right here it says he keeps saying in his prostration or the beneficient or rahman al rahim and so the editor said o muhammad used to call into one allah now he is calling into to allah and the rahman is it and they said we do not know anyone by the name of a rahman except drama of alia mama do you see it okay Oh and look what happened you see everything I say we don't lie everything we say is the truth they never heard him say movement soon but nuts but Mohammed young in a Muslim they have the water a man from the begin of the Quran so now just now after he receiving more than the half of the Quran now Muhammad he heard that Allah his name is a Rahman – what happened suddenly but look what happened the guy who his name is Michele umma the Muslim they call him the liar to insult him very insulting cult and he saw a lot exerted he revealed in this verse said etc etc at the beginning of the revelation Allah messenger bless him and give him peace used to write in the name of Allah do you see it in the beginning of the relation never used the word Rahman in the name of Allah only until this verse was revealed alright so before that he never but look what happened after which he wrote in the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful the Arab datura command commented that we know that the merciful we do not know anyone his name is Rama which we know is the merciful because this is using Aramaic – but who is a rap man as I respond Allah he give him that all right no and why he why he used that he received a terror from us edema and Mohammed he respond too much edema from the same words he wrote a mandala mama which is Muslim as even the Muslims agree here he is the only one who he was the ward rock man you see they say the only one we know his name is Rama and his God his name is rock man he's a Romanian mama do you see it my mama is an area so he is reminding guy of a mama his name does guys rock man and this is the guy who has got is a man so what happened to Mohammed now Mohammed II heard the name he liked the name he added in his craw and the crow confirm that Allah is a name for he said in the name of Allah correct you is it the Quran says in verse number one in the name in the name of Allah so he's not saying in the name of God what you say when you say Shahada what do you say do you say there's no Allah but Allah or you say there's no god but Allah if the word Allah is a work mingle you can that's mean you can say there's no Allah but Allah correct if the word Allah is just a what okay so you don't say there is no god but but what God you don't say there's no Allah but Allah you say there's no god but Allah because Allah is the name and here Muhammad he la yeah but but Muhammad here Allah is award mean God illa illa illa Allah okay but this is not where the word Allah has coming from Allah has it showed you Al and la la is the other name of the god of the 430 you see Muhammad you know what the blackstone right what the blocks you know what was what was the black stone no the black stone had a brown whatever I mean ever been there the black stone is a vagina where the Arab who worshipped the god of fertility I'm not making fun I'm just saying the truth my friend oh actually it is in the shape of a Genet me show you the black stone hold on stop and even that there see even it is here it says that the black stone became stone black black because of the women touching their vagina with their blood in their hand and they touched the black stone and that would make it black all right now tell me what is this do you have do you have do you have any explanation for why the shape of this black stone like this a square listen of square this is square for you now yeah and now I said oh you mean that stone yeah the black stone yeah what is my solution of the shape what is this it it's a circle it's not circular it's not circle do you see the frame around it why it's right you see the frame is it just to resemble how it used to be always it's a vagina but that thing is put there because now because there's nothing left of the black stone you see the black stone is gone the Blackistone alkalotic he destroyed the Kaaba he took it he use it as a bathroom storm for more than 21 years and then will they send them back the stone he sent them with eight little tiny stones or what you see here is walking there's no stones left but they are trying to keep it in the old shape that you the way used to be you know like if you look at this picture here do you see the stones your machine in the car but there's no stones there's nothing left this walks so this is what is left eight little tiny stones do you see it Oh like this yeah you don't have a stone the stone is gone but what I'm talking about what is the origin of this Arab before Islam they used to go or walk naked around the Kaaba do you know that or no nonnegative some fascists knew that they had so many idols around no but they used to go naked because this is a naked religion this is a sexual religion and Islam is nothing but a continue of this sexual version if we go in the hadith that are in the hadith the hadith says confirm that even after Muhammad took over Makkah still the people used to go around the car by naked wood the building was dead and then the people use it in all the way that was not supposed to be like no no doesn't matter it seemed they said everything have an origin but did you ask yourself what is the origin there I mean okay forget about the idols the black stone was your kiss and Muslim Mohammed kiss why for them why they are practicing this what is the religion there look Hisham the rooted in the authority of his father bla bla bla bla bla it's okay he says in the Arab in the exception of the homes who we're in a garage and they are descendent they go around the Kaaba naked do you see it so you go around the Kaaba today and he was still naked nothing changed Mohammed oh but he did he made you wear a sheet and why Mohammed he made him wear a sheet if you go and get my book six under law you will see that he like a women and he was jealous that everybody looking at her bomb and her vagina and her breast he wanted to marry her or to have her to be his girlfriend so because of that women with after that after the women she she she go around the Kaaba and she was singing the same song which though you have to sing for four centuries hmm no no no that's not true – get my book dear my books oh yeah oh man okay get my book six and Allah and you will see all the reference okay listen listen after all I showed you I mean am i lying to you have you ever saw me lying to you about anything I say have you ever heard me saying something and I did lie be honest I don't know I'm not to know do you even know who didn't everything I say I show hmm and I'm showing you in the screen yes okay so what do you mean you say to me I don't know so I'm talking to you now for the last hour and I think you caught me before right is that the first time you call me or you call me before Oh Sabra this is the first time call Yuma okay first so so you know we're online I'm not lying yeah from what I've seen you you haven't and in this it will so are you going to stay much time after what I showed you after all of this garbage so I got no I got a look into this but I can't just shown you we are looking right now we are looking scholars say what alchemist against guru scars cannot answer anything in my friend what scarlet doesn't have a deal me and you what about you change your scholar and tell him if you don't call this guy I'm going to leave it's not just a force him to call me I will they will never dare to call me you wanna bet I can't let okay well a little bit if you win Allah will double your versions in the heaven if I lose there are no virtues in England no your prophet he said he would have versions and they are very sexy and you know it what are you making fun of your prophet now your property says that so what do you mean what do you mean what do you mean you don't like what is about versions you do not know that your prophet he promised you you know a lot of women who they are coming in the heaven just for six entertainment let me show you the hadith before I reach ago not they said in the Quran in the Quran and the hadith I will show you both hold on not yeah maybe in a display no no no no in the Quran and the hey I will show you it was just hold it hold your horses do you see what your prophets saying this is so here both re the sahih bukhari the Mohammedan cannot say this is a lie so here bihari three two four five four or five four it says that Allah will give you the versions the whore oh they are so beautiful to the point they are transparent they are so white and to the point you can see the marrow of their bones in their legs and you will see you will be able to be seen through the bones and the flesh do you see it you but wait what does holes mean Horus is the whore hold the world hold the version o so brother in the heaven of Allah Allah will give you very beautiful women like this look at this look how beautiful I look I don't want look man look it's very tempting I was thinking to convert to Islam hey come on this what your prophet said what don't love this is what your prophet said why you are laughing and you show respect my guess is in this is what he's a prophet said was a problem what is the problem this is what your prophet he promised you I showed you you know this is your prophet he promised you why you are laughing I mean we have to be we have to be honest this is what your prophet he promised you but I mean look at this I mean this is so hot pain I don't know what I'm actually I wasn't going to show this because each time I show it a lot of people convert to us now look at this position look at this one I mean they will I think you will like this one more and that will make you stay as a Muslim more now you're a profit this is sahih bukhari he said you will see guys did we just show a second ago the Hadees saying you will see the marrow of their bones we just showed you here we go okay here we go does it say that this is a higher Buhari am i lying you will see the marrow if there was sighs what huh what was it sighs a book lobby yes I hate bouhanni I'm showing the screen my friend with it with the numbers hadith number three to five four all right we are sure let me register okay so this is sire before is saying you will see you will see through the RSC through they are so wide to the point you can see even the more of their bones so I'm showing your pictures which is very realistic we have to show respect to the Prophet teaching look she will do this to use to do you see the high heels I mean this is very sexy no you know what am I gonna do with this pen it's each time each time I see this I think about getting married I cannot resist the temptation look at this here even this one is me I think this this horror here I think she have I see something there I think she have hamburger here is that hamburger or what I'm not sure it might be I know it may be falafel I'm not sure there's something she ate something before she do that you know and I see some shit here this is reality check my friend and you will be doing this in the heaven of Allah alhamdulillah know what it's not libel man slum type what do you mean receipt sorry this is Al Bukhari what's wrong man this is Al Bukhari and I showed you the reference don't tell me this is not forever so did you decide to leave Islam or not yet otherwise you would get what Lila Oh nono what nono y'all doin our I will look into this brother I will look into the stakes you look I don't know what's your name and you keep saying to me I will look at this I just show it to you in the screen why we cannot be brave and be honest with ourself you don't want to be honest with me it's up to you can't you be honest with your serve did I show it to you in the screen is that Sohail Bihari is astronaut calm so what do you mean that we need to look at it I got a look into the UH of course the arguments against it and stuff what what scoffs aren't you going to make a decision what what does that mean I mean I showed you the proven the reference I'm not making things up I never said something to you since you called me with ours showing you what I'm saying never hmm so what you was doing you were staying following in such a garbage I'm not being not being rude to you but this is garbage no no I don't care it doesn't trigger anything okay so why doesn't she you can't curse anything it doesn't ring no no I'm not cursing I'm just saying I'm saying what I believe this is garbage this is garbage I mean what kind of God would do this what is this and what kind of a beauty this beauty is this is disgusting supposedly but I will tell you why Muhammad he is an Arab and he is speaking to the Arab and the Arab they like white women so he always exaggerated in his lies so he exaggerated that they are so white to the point he can see the erases the Arab erases they don't like black people they are racist so he exaggerated in his lies that there would be white to the point you can see through the bones you see if the white person the more white he is the more we can see the Devine and hid under his skin is that correct yes all right so multiple you saying because it's a lot of respect yeah he's exaggerating with his promises he knew that they like very much a lot white women so he promised them not only they would be wide there would be so white to the point you see it through the marrow of their bones but at that moment we don't have x-ray to know what he meant exactly I mean how is going to look like you know but now we have the the western men they come with this this is your seventy two wives brother they will be very sexy and this is good news by the way they cannot hit your hamburger because if they do you would see it in there Billy well oh wait 72 men and no one has a sense it's you know actually 72 is the reward 72 is not the reward of a Muslim man this is the bad reward like if you are a person who have a lowest reward etna hell agenda the lowest the Muslim you don't pray he etcetera he don't do jihad you don't kill Christians and Jews don't kill Christian Jews menu of course no no no because if you are a good Muslim you should do that a course now so this is no this is draw again show the proof at nearly Jinnah you see this hadith here is not translated looking look guys look at the translation you see the Arabic look at the translation it's gone because it's a stupid hadith they don't trust us look at this one the list of people improvised in the position is one with eighty thousand boys not servant this is a lie it says actually had him but in the Quran described him as boys who look like pros so at least the lowest reward this is not the highest the heaven of Allah have 100 floor so I pray for adult that you would have the 99 floor at least so you can watch typhoon from far away so at least the the least of the people paradise they will get a reward eighty thousand little boys huh and seventy two wives do you see it well I see he would oh it doesn't say the numbers said oh I missed eight so Susan seventy two wives yeah and they said well which are diseases which are doofuses Jeremy Oertel movie is exist in many places not only in this one Johnny Adam till moved me tell you yeah so what do you what do you think do you like child abuse they like to have to get eighty little boys to abused them even okay I will try to convince hoes and by the way they were set here this is naive because anything they don't like it's a die for sure right but the Quran confirm that if there is 100 level and look at this here do you like to have money in heaven money in heaven you have to like to have money now I don't know what I'm I don't know what I'm gonna do with that money man I would have paused that stuff no you're wrong when he says my event no in heaven is study-unit money I will show you are in the heaven there is a market this market you can go and buy pictures of men and women so you can have sex with them pictures of a bike on logic is simple so let us see I'm looking for the hadith here we go indeed in Paradise there is a market which there is no buying nor selling no buying or saying except which means you will buy and sell but this is the only product except for images of men and women do you have to have like to have sex with men no no no no no no no no that Allah it's a gift from Allah you cannot say no because here in this market there is images of men does the same n does it say images of women ok so images of men and women and if you like an image what you do you enter it and try to do what to have sex this why you have to be alright alright so so first of all I don't believe in this as to all I don't believe it but let's say if this was through the the part refers to the women if they can't choose of course but I don't believe in this asshole man it's not up to you my friend this is no this is the gift from Allah and you know you have to enjoy the gift of Allah who by the way there will be handsome men not like normal men they are very handsome very good to see that's why they are in the magazine yeah and the customers who the customer it says here so whatever a man who is the one who desire a man you see it a man desire an image you enter it so you go to heaven my friend and you desire an image of a man maybe I don't know maybe Sylvester Stallone you never know so you desire that guy you jump in that image i right away you are in the bed with him and don't forget to take selfie when you go there safely yeah and you know if you go to the other hadith you said you do not need money I just showed you why you need money and in the heaven there's a lot of expenses nothing for free as you think there's a lot of things to spend all of it's about sex if we go and different hadith I just see why we desire you know as you say sex in this life is because we need to procreate so God made us decide this one girl I agree that is law reason yes Texas for a reason to make the man because if you were not you know that and we felt pain of course people would less procreate yeah if there is no if there is no joy in it no but I would became like a job look at this what what why your prophet he tried to seduce you by my money what do you think you said money is not even in heaven correct no okay look what your normal saying this is so he hosts and this is ah here all right Mohammed II promised a man moose has asked according to him this is mooses conversation between Moses Moses asked his Lord who amongst the inhabitants of the paradise is the lowest to ranked the lowest not the highest he allows it the person who would be admitted into paradise the last one the last one who enter paradise is the lowest okay what he will have read with he carefully the most of all among those who deserving of paradise who admitted it will be said to him it will be said to him this is the last one the the bad bad bad bad guy I mean this guy almost almost he was kicked out I kid the last person it would be said to him enter paradise he would say oh my lord ah shall I enter while people have seat settled and their apartment and they took their shares I mean it's same time like what I will get people they enter before me I'm the last one it would say be said to him would you pleased would you be pleased if there be for you the like of the kingdom of a king amongst the kings of the world he would say to him Allah are you going to be pleased if I give you a money and ownership of a king who said yes Allah Allah has taught no ships Allah is talking now Allah talking which is allah is talking allah spoke to moses moses asked him the question what is the reward for the lowest man Allah is answering then he would say to him would you please if I make him rich as the most like one of the kings of the earth he said he would say I'm pleased o my lord yeah please and then Allah would say for for you is that and like that and like that and like that and like that and like that and then he says he would say at the fifth the fifth time repeating like that he said o Allah and pleased like that's me like come on enough enough enough like five time as a king I will be rich five time as any king my lord is that you know and then he was said to him it's for you like that and ten time like that so you will be same time more rich than any King in the earth okay what you would do with the money are you there my friend yeah okay are we lying to you no okay so you just say that doesn't make sense to help money into heaven Allah I promise you to be reckless as a king the richness of kings is what money called silver jewelry's and power no okay so what does that mean yeah it doesn't make sense I think it doesn't make sense so why you will not leave Islam did anything from what we just shared with the idol shit makes sense anything makes sense does it make sense to kiss black stone does it make sense to pray in direction of a stone does it make sense that your property said black stone erase your sin do is do stones already sent for you mm-hmm huh do you think sense if you facing a black stone it doesn't also make sense where if there is let's face a Jerusalem same thing no the the Jews they have a temple and this temple is unique because they this is their promised land their promised land even the Quran chapter five verse 21 but I did and they are not facing you know the the the Jews like you know they do only to say if they are praying they face Jerusalem but if if not if they are at the end of the world they don't have to face your sin because you cannot phase reversal him but if they feed Jerusalem because they have a temple and this temple is considered as holy for them but not because of rocks are not because of his stones it is the temple which could you see the promise even to rebuild Jerusalem again so if the Jews did do that we can understand because this this is their history this is their roots etc but here you have a prophet he make you kiss a stone and he made you believe that a stone erase your sin is that correct okay why stone erase the same stone race do the Jews believe that stone will raise your sin No read carefully with me but but it doesn't seem loose stone the race you're saying Allah let me show you Plus dad okay let me show you here we go it's in the screen Solana and si it wasn't rated from abdul wahid nor very the Omar blah blah blah it says that a man said o abu better about the rahman why do I only see you touching these two corners but corners see a black stone and the Yemeni corner he said I heard the Messenger of Allah saying touching them erases sin since and whoever circulate around them seven time is like every in a slave so if you want to have a blessing you don't free a slave just go around the Kaaba seven time it says and I had him say the Prophet said I heard him saying I the same as you ask me we you know we heard him saying why this is why he is practicing that that touching those two stones erase your sin how the stones touching stones erase your sin me he might hear anything what does it okay you tell me where this minutes it says leave a resource and what why touching stones this is a pagan cult I mean all always we know that pig has believed that the stones they have a special power and they worship stones and this is torn exist before Islam the are abused to worship it – did you aren't you planning to go and touch the stone so your sin will go ah he shall I the Deaf any sense no it makes sense okay so the Prophet he touch the stone a key said why your prophet is the stone no he kisses I'll respect or you saw if you respect a stone you said no because of the prophets before him like Abraham Oh Ted and so if a prophet before me he piss in a stone are we going to kiss it too they'll be because the headstone was for the house of Allah there's all all the stones in the cover are for the purpose of the house of Allah why why that stone make it a unique little cap let us say let us say okay they say that Allah he sent this a stone from heaven I want you to explain to me this who is the one who decide the location of the cover location of cloud Allah Allah thank you okay so why Allah he chose a horrible location I know that location is actually the golden point of the earth you can look this up it's like you know coordination of something my friend the golden ratio when you say about the earth there is nothing it's called golden ratio it's come to the earth because all the lines you draw those are virtual they are not real so I can any any any point in the earth I can make it golden ratio now look at this you say that Allah is the one who chose the location of the Kaaba correct yes okay why Allah he chose the Kaaba in a place where the sewage always flood and cover the Kaaba can't he find a better engineer to choose for him a higher place no no what no no tell me here we go the carbocation is a chose chose by Allah you said that everybody heard you whoa this is picture editor know what this is a you know you know those are actually all pictures and and then no nothing happy nothing changed the cobblestones of them look sewage dirty water around the Kaaba the Saudi now they have a lot of money they try their best to stop the flood to redirect the flooding water still the cars have flooded so if Allah if Allah is the one who choose the location of the Kaaba what is this imagine I hire an engineering company and I say choose the best location for my house and then you choose the lowest point in Mecca where the flood will come and cover you cover what the house of Allah this is inside the harem Allah do you see this is the mosque around the car but the people are walking in the water this year hmm wait the physical thing it doesn't mean anything this Minister people you see who repelled it is my friend how it is a holy place chose him by Allah and yet Allah he cannot to choose a good place for it it'd mean a lot what do you mean doesn't mean anything this is God don't God knows look the cars are covered by the water so how God you do not know he could not choose different place all this big anyway I cannot really I'm doing this but you know you are being a stubborn I think thank you brother I was just going to ask something that we went forward Bay I take a boat there no no problem but you see I want you after you go be honest with yourself re-watch this video again and by the way if you if you don't find the video again because I don't keep my videos you can see I can take it you can search for the same title in YouTube again then Jesus why Jesus not and be sure that you find you look for the last 24 hours because there's many videos sometime in the same title all right yeah so watch it again go over the reference and be honest with yourself and it's up to you what I can do it stable if I am you I will leave it's time immediately this is nothing but a cult very stupid cult what versions what endless penis what one might ask what's the watermelon what a penis will not sleep I mean what Allah save this the baby is a created what kind of God you don't even remember which one he created first what kind of God he think that the sperm of the women have a sperm coming from her the location of her nicholas the ribs what kind of God do you think the men have a sperm coming from the backbone I mean come on it's up to you anyway thank you for calling my friend if you if you change your mind and you decide to denounce the cult of Islam and the devil of Allah let me know you're more than welcome to call me back all right all right peace peace to you brother take care brother so you see if you were not you will not leave it's not an obvious no no you are not going to decide now I have introduced but I have to begin today sorry no problem Shalom asbestos don't say lol nothing alright my friend thank you alright if you wait for a law to do something Allah will never do anything all right oh I think we have enough for today don't we alright right any Muslim this leave Islam you see they can lie to you about the amazing Quran the Quran is preserved well pervert preserve you know until now we are looking for the good who eat the her own and then no I mean when Muslim they speak about things I find it very embarrassing and how they fabricate things which is absolutely false we have reference from their own authentic source saying that a goat ate the Quran yummy yummy and then the Muslim will say to you the Bible is corrupted order a guy who came six hundred years after a goat who jump in the top of his bed when he is dead the crew on which was under his pillow which mean the gold obviously she flipped Mohammed from the top of the pillow so luck imagine this Muhammad is dead in the bed of Aisha his head is on the pillow under the pillow there's the Quran the goat she jumped in the top of the bed and she flipped Mohammed from the top of the bed Mohammed he fell down in the ground the filthy goat the enemy of Allah may Allah curse her and make her shish kebab she took the Quran from under the pillow and she started chewing the Quran and she choose the best of the Quran which is breast feeding for adult which really all men they love to practice this is religion fear for who for what for adult and thank God this verse is gone otherwise you will see a lot of a perverted people entering Islam by weaves the verse of his stoning and breast feeding of adult feeding yes I'm hungry I just remember I did not eat since yesterday I'm being honest forget about breastfeeding no don't take me wrong [Laughter] breastfeeding for adult I mean what's wrong with this prophet the Muslim they say to us we are very conservative we make our women cover themselves so we cannot shake hands with them but we can suckle their nipples and we will suckle what do you think women they have milk always they're women what do you think you think of women she is a cow even cows shouldn't have milk always I think we have a Muslim trying to contact us alright let us see this gentleman here

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  1. It is unfortunate that a lot of muslims don't know all these about their god allah, that he created himself from the sweat of horses.
    What kind of a religion is this for heaven's sake? No wonder they're filled with hatred and lies!

  2. Yes enough for today PC. You have done your best on that young man. Hopefully he makes the right decision. I lot of men are into Islam because of the laws on women. It gives them power when they feel powerless outside. Stay bless bro CP.

  3. So have good manners to these Muslim youths, don't disrespect them, it is not their fault. Bless all Muslim youths, I feel so sorry for them. Allah is a shapeshifter, with two right hands. God is a physical being, he can transcend, transformed, transmute, omnipresent,

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