Measles Outbreak in Brooklyn, NY is Affecting the Hasidic Jews!!! Is this a Government Conspiracy

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23 thoughts on “Measles Outbreak in Brooklyn, NY is Affecting the Hasidic Jews!!! Is this a Government Conspiracy

  1. Measles outbreak hits 25-year high with 704 cases reported so far!! Just because you have health care does not mean that you are going get medical attention. Sometime, people (Medical Field) don't want to help!

  2. So they have you open and then stay by the way you have two fibroid tumors it’s like taking your car for an all change and then the bullshit mechanic finds 1 million other things it’s a business

  3. Smh got your baby vaccinated ? Giving your baby a bottle ? We appreciate the information but the fall of the medical industry begins with each of us on an individual basis

  4. Sister thank you for this info….you are so new york…you are unemployed…start your own babysitting/ daycare…..listen to another fly Nubian Danielle pierce about making money

  5. I mean the JEWS they gonna be ok. Stop worrying about others and FOCUS on your black self. Cuz the black community is the TARGET. Just cuz a few JEWS got sick don't be fooled cuz. They don't care about blacks get your diet together.

  6. I feel for these young single moms health insurance is so high. I think they are putting a stran out there . something is not right. Get the diet right get your mind right. Eat BETTER Non Gmo foods. Mothers you need to study. Males are suppose to be highly active. The PARENTS need to assist that child with redirecting their energy. Read book nutriside by Dr. A. Africa.

  7. Measles they up to no good
    They trying to FORCE people to get these POISON vaccines. I would not TRUST them. I hope the black community can avoid this
    check out DR SEBI diet build up your immunity and stay away from weak recessive DNA folk
    I don't trust this medical Mafia.

  8. Israel is the biggest leaches sucking money out of the taxpayers…who doesn't know that? And they are trying to get everyone to get something they putting in those vaccines….why they so insisting on the (everybody has to get the shot)? There's evidence of deaths and billion dollar lawsuits for vaccine injury

  9. They are sending that message out there to scare you into giving your children the vaccination. I’m guessing the reason it’s prevalent in the Jewish community not to give their children a vaccination because they know the truth, that it is poison. That poison is meant to damper our natural intelligence, and spirituality, and keep us docile. That outbreak was man made.

  10. There is a measles outbreak here in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Washtenaw County). It was confirmed three weeks ago. The news outlet wrote about a confirmed case here and gave some detailed information on his travels and his whereabouts throughout the city here. This person who was confirmed to have this disease by Washtenaw County Health Dept traveled throughout this city for days at least five days before he was confirmed. He mostly went to places that cooked prepared and/or sold food. Always staying around for two hours or more in these locations and going where he was in close confined areas. After all of this, he then took a flight back out of Michigan from Metro Detroit airport after roaming around the city diseased up. My question is didn't he know he was sick, rashed up, coughing, fever, sweating, simply gross looking. Just having a fever alone is a sign of infection. SMH.

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