Magical Powers of the Psalms by Anna Riva

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Make sure you get the Magical Powers of the Psalms by Anna Riva. Great book to have in your hoodoo library

hey Cathy cakes and honey bunnies I wanted to come and do the video of the song for this first pathway and the book that you need to get is the power the song by Ana River um I'll see if I can get them to you or for the turn the wheel so there go his on this book this is a great book to hit it and it's definitely a necessity when you're practicing would the sounds that I hear the first song that I came up with are the songs for protection I know we're doing the assignment where you have to do a green candle and a brief lieutenant a petition for money and keep the flow going so we're going to get into the song the first song is the song or folk attention because a lot of people need protection we all use the text so these are the participation you have to suppress evil in Psalm 109 – Parris I your home its arms 29 to Sheol from harm its alms 1:25 to remove evil this Psalm 15 protection from enemy song 64 protection from evil influences songs 24 and to protect your home Psalms 18 everybody knows that I use songs language there's no major protection for me it's the most powerful song for me but what works for me may not work for you we were clearly not working so you can find your flow and use the song that you want some food for love our relationships psalm 32 when you're feeling lonely psalms 133 to strengthen friendship before happy marriage Psalms 45 and to attract love songs 111 for buntings this is where your green candle your blue candle will come into play you want to attract money you want to use psalm 119 verses 17 through 24 those are the only verses that you'll use and that particular song to attract money to you and make sure you do all of these songs for seven days twenty-one times is what I recommend so between 7 and 21 days is the best to your something Psalms 108 for business this is great crowd business almost sounds 26 to help you with your financial matter so I'm 76 when you play a games of chance but the lottery and bingo and stuff like that um to improve your money you will use Psalm 72 forego fortune you would use some 70 for reversal and revenge and things like that you would use Psalms 54 whatever your enemy is sent it to you you just send it right back with song 54 to overcome cross conditions you will use Psalms 7 to overcome jealousy you will use songs 37 to overcome gossip or to stop yes you will use songs 12 a lot of people are asking for songs to help reduce the decibel staff especially in the workplace so you will use songs to us to overcome plots but if your enemy is flattened against you you find out you do these songs easy and the hex breaker song is Psalms 7 those are the songs that you would use and this is like the short list of the songs that I would use and for everybody it is do an assignment I want you to use for money songs which is Psalms 119 verses 17 through 24 those are the that is the the one that you're going to use to petition booth your petition the to attract money with your green candle to keep the money flowing or to improve your money I want you to do Psalm 72 to keep that to keep that flow and like I said you will do it for 7 14 21 days 21 days tops you could do the assignment or reasons you want to just journal your progress from start to finish post in a group from start to finish how everything is working up here I want to know if you can do is running clear I want to know who their candle is very foggy I want to know if it's black in the top I want to know if it cracked I want to know any imperfections and you can do so we can adjust the issues as we come along and call my facebook users I'll try to I made my youtube my youtube subscribers I try to answer your questions as quick as I possibly can but I've definitely definitely write busy with the publishing working with the publishing team trying to get anything set for Pink Sugar publications so that is it the oracle cards out um so I'll be talking to you soon

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  1. Thank you for the information. But is there a psalm that you can pray for those that owe you who is unknown to come forth and pay. Sometimes people / organizations owe you money that you're not aware of. Thank you.

  2. Last year I researched how to know if you've been cursed. Have historically avoided the topic for fear of devil works. Research result: LOVE. Was so surprised. I knew at that moment voodoo is not devil works. I have begun to harness my power! Please keep sharing.

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