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Was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a mad man?

When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned – (Quran 81:8) Yusuf Ali Quran Translation

Muhammad (Arabic: مُحمّد‎, pronounced [muħammad]; c. 570 CE – 8 June 632 CE) was the founder of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was a prophet, sent to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. He is viewed as the final prophet of God in all the main branches of Islam, though some modern denominations diverge from this belief. Muhammad united Arabia into a single Muslim polity, with the Quran, as well as his teachings and practices, forming the basis of Islamic religious belief.

Born approximately 570 CE (Year of the Elephant) in the Arabian city of Mecca, Muhammad was orphaned at the age of six. He was raised under the care of his paternal grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, and upon his death, by his uncle Abu Talib. In later years he would periodically seclude himself in a mountain cave named Hira for several nights of prayer. When he was 40, Muhammad reported being visited by Gabriel in the cave and receiving his first revelation from God. Three years later, in 610, Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that “God is One”, that complete “submission” (islām) to God is the right way of life (dīn), and that he was a prophet and messenger of God, similar to the other prophets in Islam.

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[Applause] hello everyone and peace of Christ all of you I hope my voice is coming good and clear from your side please that we know if you have any difficulty otherwise we have to contact the customer service of the Transit Connect and you know yesterday there's a Abdul he sent me a message in facebook we said to me Christian Bryn's oh hold on hold on why I want to say to you what he said to me what about I play it for you that will be better for fun oh I delete it sorry I cannot play it for you yeah anyway say the Christian friends you are the one who is lying to Muslims this guy is so upset because Muslims are leaving Islam watching my program and you are running away from me I do I keep running away I am here every day almost four four five six hours still the Muslims cannot find me and they cannot call me but this Abdul he want only to debate in Facebook because I think he heard that Facebook only is halat and the Skype is Haram mmm anyway what a bunch of kids they want to show themself that they are they can debate Christian press but they don't dare to call Christian press but in the same time we have to do something about Christian press so which energy Christian prints but we don't go to the big Russian press and that will make us look like we debated crucial press forget about Christian friends and everybody is welcome I will open my Skype in a few minutes so Muslims only can call me as a start we start today our program with chapter 81 verse number 8 a Muslim Abdul he sent me a question he said if Islam you said in your video name for me want one good thing about Mohammed and he said to me what about this verse this verse according to Muslims that the Arab they used to bury their daughters if she is a female and they bury it will be a bury her even a life first of all this is a big fat lie Muslims they keep repeating and only idiot can believe it I want those who listen to us today to cut this part of the video and make it short about this question and the answer just to show you how Muslim they fabricate this is a translation as you see in Arabic it does not say anywhere the word girl nowhere nada it's a big fat lie where is the word girl is coming from why we see the word girl here you will notice with me how they fabricate do you see the word before it here end up in the breast before it and when the soul are buried when the soul is buried and then the world here is Elmo Yuda what is Elmo Oda should I let which one is the Mogu de is the soul no good I mean like the one which you know you bury it a life and the Mahadev areata life because the soul is stay alive Mohammed II believe and the Muslim they believe that even you will have a torture in the punishment of the grave correct you remember and most of the torture is from the base and watched watch over Europe s my friend so look what they look what they how they corrupted the translation and the even the meaning the word here simply when the soul is buried the soul which is alive wordgirl here is not exist period when it's buried alive is going to be asked and this is why the soul is going to be asked otherwise the one it was buried you cannot talk to him is dead so support see the soul is talking and then he say for what the crime she was killed that's that that's a lie you see booty let is for the soul put alert here is coming as a fame yes at the word but the word which is a Neffs now how we can prove that this is the true interpretation let us go together the Muslims were the way again again there are people who they are disconnected with their religion this is the website of al-quran a hello Quran the people of Quran this is not Christian Prince this is not me Abdul all right I have nothing to do with it so don't tell me a Christian friends he have his own fabrication his own interpretation he gave us you know don't play this stupid game as you see this is a loop or on website I hope for all mean the people of the hall very very Quranic people let us see what it says about FZ r f Cyril marauder when Nev Schulman estaba let's here you know what I'm going to use Google Translation oh no because the Muslim they might say even he is using even Google translation is not really good but I mean better than nothing give me a second let's open Google Translation Google Translation all right we are in Google Translation we will copy and paste in the front of your eyes so this is the toughs here as you see who line-by-line because sometimes if you go long let go damage oh and I will paste in the front of your eyes it translate into I don't know what language now okay hold on let us go to English where is the English every go interpretation for the tortured soul not the infant do you see it do you see it they are correcting the idiot this is your Muslims this is who this is the Muslims correcting the Muslims because there's two kind of Muslims there is Muslims with the or certified ignorant and there is Muslims who they are Bhd ignorant and there is Muslims who they are beyond degrees in here in their ignorance so this is the title confirming that this is not about an infant interpretation of torture the soul or the tortured soul not the infant so what they say to you about it it's a lie we can read the whole story you know but that will not really make any different but let us see let us continue here they're saying that that some of that of Seir they believe that this is mean about the infant when it was buried because of being poor and because of a shame and because of etcetera and they explained it in such a way however in here they are given examples at fcl beyond saying that you know the serie tabari they are given you example here and then they say to you that there is another reading for the verse in the Quran which is saying when it is questioned and killed which means the muda which means the one is buried he/she the the the the soul itself is going to question why I was killed and is going to ask the one who killed her why he killed her let us take this to Google translation and see what it says the Muslims they repeat a lie you know we have a lie we repeated over and over over and then we believe the lie and that's it I mean that's it what do you want more okay we find the reading known as asked and asked killed and there is another reading asked and killed in the sense that Elmo Yuda is the one who is wandering and is not being asked okay so there's two kind of interpretation saying one is same that maybe God will ask the one who is buried or the one who's buried is going to ask the one who killed her why you killed me hmm why you killed me in that day we can tell you here they say in both in both ideas there is a problem if it is the baby girl the baby girl who cannot cannot talk if she's an infant because she don't even know the language as Allah he said in the chapter of the chapter or nah well aho Africa member to Omaha come later Lagoona Shia so here they are getting Abdul busted saying that how the baby is going to talk if Allah he confirmed the Quran in the chapter of the beast with ease that Allah he he took you from the Billy of your mother and you know nothing which means she cannot talk she cannot she don't she know nothing which means you have no knowledge of what what killing me so how how this would happen and here they can tell you it is a scholar a woman's Timofey Atlantis Atlantis aluminum to sell the back on the hula-hula certain become a burden Ohana and based on this she is not going to be asked and she is not going to ask okay so he continued he says and then we go back to the chapter of al baqara where allah he says Allah you do who half do houma the same word is used in this verse appear in this verse here I mean in the verse about the baby supposedly appear in this verse he says for now who well youths pillow who have those similar to a lord which mean you know he's not going to be like a question or let us say is God going to be it's not going to be hard on him to keep the the sky and the earth together he's not going to be tired from keeping the sky and the earth together the same exact word then he go back this scholar he says now allah karim at booty lot socket a mess of ceará hakama hawa finish warm in man and he loves and he says and that the seer came here as most faith most famous interpretation for the world of the meaning which means the one who killed somebody by slaughtering or by or by death normal death he said there is another meaning waha well lad come up Allah Allah who official monitor-kun and there's other meaning which is called now we are going black going in details a land which means cursing so he says a lot allahu allahu allahu allah kun allah may allah killed them you know and and and may he like you know like expose them and destroy them and and what is meant here Lahaina home Allah Allah he curse them how they became Kafar in other meaning Allah he punished him because they lie and Allah he says is the same in the chapter of Abbas at oten al-insana Malik fara but Allah in Sanomat for a a which mean I cursed the man by his cover and his lie but he used the word uttal here utter which means you kill so what what healed a verse saying that Allah is like wishing the man to be killed for he is a liar and he is a for he's a deceiver and here again this is a proof that Allah had be God because why Allah he says such a thing kotl l-insan mark farah let let us take this verse and go to the English so you can read with me what it says so we can love together at this is false religion alright see parish the man how thankless he is Allah is asking his God to perish the man well if he is God I mean what what kind of fair what kind of wish that wishes I mean yelling to God parish him let him go you know but it's a wish is it's a prayer again Allah he pray so Allah he's saying prayer ish no man perished me man you know kill like it's a wish to kill him but he cannot do it the rest of the of the verses and anyway as you see here and then he says women from I'm going to copy this and pause it in Google as it is just to make it short and simple Nora therefore the meaning has nothing to do with killing of girls and infants and the meaning of the phrase is if the mother was asked this is the reward mother he is wrong you know if the soul is asked what was wrong what what's wrong like what's wrong she did you know the sold is sold ok the soul of the person is the one is a female here the soul you know what's wrong that she did the soul and if if thrown right right right no wrong translation here and which for what is what is the reason she was killed you know what the reason she was a tortured and what she was the reason she was suffer in us like living in suffering in other word the tortured soul was asked if any reason I Storch er you see it so it's very clear that this is a false interpretation for the Muslim they use it to tell you that Islam is top curse occurring infant first of all if though if the Arab they used to kill infant then where is the Arab have their women from I mean the Arab they will perish themself imagine if we any society killed killed Eggers who is left right this is a big fat lie can you name for us the ones who killed their babies so this is a Muslim website and this is a Muslim is color and as you see this is a helper on let me show again a website those are not Christians those are not Jews those are not Hindus and they are Muslims journey ahead will go on alright you see it a hello Quran so stop lying and fabricating stories now we finish this anyway let me pause the link for you for those who burn go read it from the Muslim Abdul just for entertain all right I hope the link is coming from your side got it now we go to the second question we have another Abdul asking me a question let me see the other Abdul this is another question in in Facebook I have a question for you from a Muslim which religion is a true Islam or Christianity I have a few question if you can answer them why you are skier if you are knowledgeable I mean I guess I am scared but yet I am here every day and my skype is open for many hours hold on let me be sure that my skype is open Abdul Islam the only religion in the world is true and the proof is very simple that the God of Islam will provide us with 80 thousand women who have a very beautiful vagina I mean who can be that Islam is the only true religion brother because Islam is the only religion provide us with 80,000 child to be abused in the heaven to be our slave for eternity a brother a brother Islam is the only true religion because it is the only religion which provide us with English penis which is a scale in the hell of me because imagine I am here in USA and the penis is in China and the Chinese they take it and they cut it off and they put it in cans and sell it to the cats as dogs food to the cats as dogs would remember not to the go the dogs as dogs would know brother I mean who can beat this relation brother wisdom no fiction no stupidity and you are telling me how for sure Islam is the best religion in the world who can beat that who can beat a prophet who he said that if a women have orgasm first the baby will be a girl if a bit if a man have orgasm first the baby will be a boy I mean come on we have to be realistic here my skype is open for those who are interested to call me from the Muslims only don't call me if you're a Christian don't call me if you are Christian all right unless you're and someone who want to leave Islam which means still you are the question yet or if you're someone dip its Nam you want to tell us about what you were what happened so our topic today if Mohammed is a madman what do you think is his Mohammed a madman or he is a healthy man is Mohammed a person who can be considered someone he have a healthy mind healthy spirit you know blessed by God she because by the way be careful when I say healthy man not necessarily if you are not healthy you're not a blast no no no the sort I'm saying but when somebody claiming to be a prophet of God willing to deceive hundreds of millions just for the sake of his own that is kind of sickness but the sickness will be punished the sickness it's not your fault to be sick with it even if you are crazy God is about justice right but there is some kind of sickness where you will be punished for your lies and for your sickness because this is sickness of your choice and you know Mohammed obviously he have a he have sickness he knew about it and he choose to use his sickness to take over people now who is the Muslim when I give us the first shot for today waz Mohammed a madman or a smart man you know the first thing you will learn about Mohammed Mohammed he hear voices and the voices cannot be explained if you go as an example there was a very famous story about Mohammed in chapter of al-fatiha chapter of al-fatiha which Muslim recite every day five time a day five time a day Mohammed II receive it during the time he was doing people each time he go out he hear the sound of somebody saying to him o Muhammad now if you think about it there is no reason there is no reason for such a thing to happen because Mohammed already supposed he is established prophet and already he spoke to gibreel many time and even the real came to him in a shape of the hair kalbi as he claimed so what his voice is about and why this voice is mysterious read only carefully and whenever and whenever whenever who Mohammed whenever he heard sorry I just go back from here the message of Allah Allah bless him this is by the way this the first translation doesn't say Allah bless him it says Allah pray on him and salute him whenever he went out used to hear someone calling him oh let me do it in the same way I Muhammad hijab Oh hum and look what Mohammed and this is proving to us that Mohammed is a crazy man and whenever he hear this what Mohammed II do he flee question to the Muslims well my screen is not on hold on let me show you my screen forgive me forgive me here we go we go back to him from zero this is a chapter 1 verse number 1 the book of a slab in his rule a spy bin usual mean the reason for the verses to come down so this book supposed to explain why verses came down and as you see here it says it clearly that Mohammed whenever he go out to do poopoo he hears somebody whenever he went out you know tabula rasa or Barraza wishes to do burrows to do shit excuse my language used to hear someone calling him o Muhammad first of all what do you mean whenever he kill out he hears someone calling him isn't Muhammad he said that I never receive Quran except in the clothes of Aisha so what do you mean when he go out you see the word Mert the Muslim they say to us lying to us that the word here is not a clothing here the word the word sheet has not exist it's a Mert it's a clothe sheet of clothes have you ever heard of a shitter for clothes what does that mean so Mohammad he wears always the clothes of his wives he is a crossdresser and this is again another sign that he is mentally ill same time Mohammed he confirmed that he never received Ron unless he is in the clothes of Aisha let us see where is the Mert here we go No hold on actually here this is a good reference here when the Muslim they say to you that Muhammad was not wearing the clothes of Aisha read with me carefully here you see the translation first Abu Bakr ask for a permission to come into the messenger of allah may allah Prien him and salute him while he was laying of aisha bed where in high wall in shirt this is the Muslim translation do you see it now somebody might himself how small Muhammad is to where Aisha clothes you see those clothes out like white you know it's not like because they in the old days to give the women and even men this way if you see at the Arabian Arabian even even in Egypt they were there were something is called jalabiya so it goes down and then it's really wide open so when you walk you can walk easy you know like you know it because you are going to wear this long dress but still you have to do all the work you want to do you want to walk you might run you might etc so this is a wider clothes so Mohammed clearly he is wearing the clothes of Aisha and this is a clear sign that Mohammed have a mental issue and here let me let me give you the link so Muslims will not say – you know he's fabricating it share the link anyone want the link to on the link who own the link who is the Muslim here when I call us and tell us why Mohammed we're in higher clothes any Muslim alhamdulillah the Kamil the Prophet the only prophet who wear his wife's clothes is the Prophet peace upon him the cross the dresser a prophet unbelievable me see it okay yeah save the reference please because later you might ask me for it and say Christian Prince can you find it to me and then I will say to you all you did not save it I'm not here to be your library I have thousands of people ask me questions so I see Mohammed always he where his wife clothes same time Naruto Aisha is a magical model the clothes of Aisha is a magical crude Muhammad he claimed that he never received Quran except on the clothes of Aisha let me see if I can find the reference for you faster hold on the reference the reference our King there we go we found the reference that's good let us go back all right Muhammad he said don't hurt me in Aisha for I never received look at the Muslim Faust translation he said as the divine inspiration never come to me in any the Muslim translation any bed except the bed of Asia but we showed you that this is the word Marat is a clothing is a clothing of women do you see how they lie actually we can go and see addition I prove that the world Marat Mina clothes in a woman let us see demurred here we go a world marked in the Tessier he says that this is a this is a kind of a clothes only for women only for women well I will be Sue Ellen Issa nobody wear it nobody wear it except women do you see Muslims nobody wear it except women period so this is a proving that Mohammed he is wearing his wife clothes in the same time if we go back into interpretation there Mohammed he said or the story here saying that Mohammed he received a chapter of al-fatiha while he is doing poopoo he hear a voice he hear a sound saying O Muhammad and by the way me myself I hear voices sometime has to be honest with you but then I discovered that it was gas have nothing to do really with any al-fatiha or anything of that you know bras guys you know things happen Mohammed he go to the bathroom and it says whenever whenever you know the song one neighbor what so whenever Mohammed he go to the bathroom always he hear a sound saying to him Oh Rama and Mohammed II answer back Oh what the heck and he run away why Mohammed he used to flee and he was Tim can explain to us he is a prophet of God he made you breed many times we've came to him in the shape of a famine to the shape of the hill kalbi he came to him as a shape an age of an angel supposedly so why Mohammed is running away who is a call me in skype why Mohammed is running away and how Muhammad he says I never received Quran except in the clothes of Aisha so what about the clothes of hadisha what about the house of Khadija the most and they say the word here without mean mean house sometimes even they lie well about what about then Khadija he never received Quran in the house of Khadija so either Muhammad is a liar or Muhammad is a crazy man you see if we go in the Quran if you go in the Quran you will find the Arab saying to Muhammad you are image known to come anytime look look home a time brother look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look well call you yeah I you Hal Latinas during his Ukraina column a genuine translation please brother and they said o who you received message you are insane the Arab in the time of Muhammad they said Muhammad is insane the Muslims they say to you that the Arab when they spoke to Muhammad at that time the Arab they were amazed of how amazing the prong do you see it by the way we are waiting for the Muslims to call us and as you see I'm running away from you people people people be honest with me how many of you miss me how many of you miss me if I don't go on a lot on air I want to I want to I want to see if I am insane to be missed like Mohammed because the Muslims DC prophet of Allah we love you we miss you like he never met him you idiot you never even heard his voice what you miss about him look he isn't he's insane obviously he's wearing his wife clothes the guy who receive Quran when he's doing pupal all right all right I got it I get all of you you miss me okay I'm going to endocrine election and I would became a prophet of Allah and I will bring you better promises than Muhammad I will you see Muhammad he never mentioned 4k TV I will promise you even 12 K TV in the heaven free internet unlimited unlimited text messages unlimited Netflix unlimited movies I mean this is really will be heaven but look at the heaven of Allah he would give me a couch what what do you mean you wanna give me a couch God he promised me a heaven and the heaven have a couch and then he described to me how he says I will be reclining in the couch this is God this is God and I will be wearing a bracelet all my oh brother all my life I wanted to wear a bracelet brother hmm these have the Garden of Eden beneath which rivers flow reclining on a comfortable furnishing by the way it doesn't say we didn't go for mashing it says couches they will be adorned with the bracelet of gold mean that's so beautiful and not only that not only that we are going to wear all of us all of us all of us we will wear a green uniform and will well we are a green garment of silk and brocade what a wonderful world are you kidding me this is the best reward ever anyone can get come on it is the dream it is the dream of every person in the world actually I heard that when George Bush the father he died before he died he said I'm going to go to heaven poor George Bush you are not going to go to the heaven of Muhammad otherwise you will get a couch and you will get a green garment I mean I feel sorry for you [Laughter] [Applause] oh boy and you are telling me Muhammad is not a crazy man what kind of a man he promised such a promises unless he is a mental this guy obviously he is trying to seduce the Arab who they are you know Savage who never have a couch they never we are silky clothes an Arab will be wearing a bracelet of gold like wow me an Arab and I am wearing a bracelet of gold by the way this is a kind of a like a Giggy thing brace it of gold why you want to be pretty sexy you want to look at yourself in the mirror and what is that the green garment which we will wear for eternity I mean how boring it is to wear a green eye never all my life were a green I like a green color don't take me wrong but not as a clothes I mean you feel like you are a doctor in the surgery room you know I mean for eternity you will be wearing a green why additional proof that Muhammad is material if you see here with me Muhammad he keep repeating the same promises all over the Quran I mean it's the same boring stupid thing why Allah need to repeat himself over and over and over if Allah is God God he don't repeat himself in vain you know that's it there's no need to keep repeating myself so Muhammad obviously he hear voices and we showed you Muhammad wearing his women clothes and there is the Quran the Arab they call Muhammad many time crazy and by the way if somebody called you crazy not necessarily to be crazy it might be positive sometime because maybe you're a genius but obviously Muhammad cannot be genius because when a man he says if the man if the man have orgasm first the baby will be a girl obviously this guy is an idiot hmm this is how nothing to do would be in a genius just have to do it being an idiot and a lawyer because I should not speak of something I do not know unless I know and yesterday actually we spoke about that and a Muslim he call us and we showed him that Mohammed he said that this information he claimed that this is information coming from gibreel he said debrief just told me gibreel he just told me you know Muslims as known now you know how to control the gender and you Muslim don't like to have female babies what about your practice this let us see if you can have just my boys just do what you you come first actually Muslim women deliver come Muslim women they never come that's mean you should have 100 percent baby boy because Muslim women they do circumcision for them and women if you're circumcised her simply as if you cut the penis of a man she would never feel anything she will never have orgasm addition approved Mohammed is doing a scam and he is lying he is trying to claim that he knew and he claimed that you know Allah told him where Muhammad Iike this information that if whoever come first the baby will be a girl Mohammed II got it from from Allah the breathe told him brother gibreel debris he told me oh boy if we go here let us see you remember the Jewish guy he came to Muhammad he said to him I want to ask you things and three things nobody knows unless he is a prophet unless he is a prophet and less and he asked him what make the baby resemble the mother or the father which mean be a girl or a boy Muhammad he answered him he said just now just now gibreel has informed me about okay brother what job really informed you let us call second egg and ask him what was going on here that it entered an end today then tell it in that it entered it in brother second egg first of all crystal print I told you one when the time don't call me when I am having sex with my wife sir you are doing sexual harassment and you are abusing me I'm going to report to the FBI brother I just have a question about what the Prophet he said here can you please just ask other like inform us because you are the only true to ruse color in the water brother okay when they acquit him I as the Prophet what make the baby resembled the father or the mother and the Prophet he said just now gibreel informed me can you explain brother sitter the Prophet here with Spitzer and Tina I think double today you have a cell phone somebody takes you method and you live in China and you leave the message right away after one second so if a person he can receive a method like this what about Allah so Allah he send him a text method most likely it's a voice message need the brain he studied the brain this is just before they told me thank you very much uh-huh but is it the Quran says that the Angels take them 1,000 years to go to up to heaven which mean the same to go down to earth how the ask the question just given to him and now he was his receiving an answer how is that happening brother that there did he carefully don't thought IQ dating is done by a guy in the medical team present and he the covered in OT with faith would show me your faith show me your faith give me your name I'm not going to answer you unless you tell me your faith brother forget about Christian prints and showing his face why didn't give us the answer for the question first of all if I give me the answer for the question that will keep the third prize and I like to private I wanna throw pride the guy and I want to throw him but the brother it's the Muslims we want to know the answer how Mohammed II get the answer I'm not going to tell you any answer because I told you I will save that for the boxing match thank you very much hmm show us your face this is the answer and this is prophet of God and this is God mm-hm who is the Muslim wanna kill me by his a questions see Muslims are not violent people they want to kill you by their answer sorry who is a Muslim when I destroy me there is a guy his name is Sam see Sam she is you have he have I think five or six lost teeth like Muhammad by the way how much can recite the Quran and he have no teeth because according to the Quran the hadith Muhammad he lost all the front teeth of his mouth in the first age of his prophet prophethood so how Muhammad recited the Quran bismillah the theme with the guy he have no teeth and at that time you cannot replace name let it go let it go so Muhammad obviously he is suffering from mental issue when a man he claimed that gibreel told him that if the women have orgasm first the baby will be a girl and when the man who Ferguson first the baby will be a girl he is a claiming that he is receiving that from God and that can't be from God so it's going to be from who either you as a Muslim you have to admit that Mohammed is a suffering from mental issues or Mohammed is a false prophet choose one truth one I will give another example when Mohammed first time we saw its upholstery an angel look the translation here is gone what where is the rest of the truck what happened look what happened to the Hadees look how long the hadith is look look look look look how long the hadith is look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look look but in English it's gone look look look look look look look look look look did I wanna show you what happened later is there true in the hadith they said that Muhammad he came home and he said to his wife cover me cover me cover me cover me and he was shaking he was breaking and he was a freaking out and even he asked him to put the boot cold water in him why is that they tried to in different place but we fired here I asked abou Salama what was revered as first of the hewan he said the shrewd one I say it over his side she wrote one letter you see here by the way the Muslims are not sure which one is the first verse came in the floor why because Muhammad obviously is a madman he reported many story so why here they are saying the schroederd one is the first verse Muhammad you received and actually it makes sense by the way that this is the first one because yeah you have mu death there simply all the same to him let me show you the verse and then now we have 0 Muslim Corinne I don't know what's happening my skype is on and there is no reason to fear Allah will take your side this is a chapter number 74 chapter 74 as you see and this is verse number one it says oh the one who is like you know in such a situation you are shaking breaking covering yourself forever you want to kill it a raise and worn and magnify your Lord and purify your clothes why because Mohammed and abondoned the abomination what is the ideology that the Rajas here is the idols so obviously Mohammed he was an idol worshiper you see verse number five it says abondon but they don't translate correctly here the translation should be the idols of Rajas is the idols and the idols stay away from it so this is supposedly what should be the first one but if you go in the book of lucky did you ask Muslims what is the first one Muhammad he received they would say to you the chapter what is called reading the name of your Lord so which one weird Muhammad he mentioned in that story that an angel came to him and he squeezed him three time and he said to him read but in this story here in this hadith we see that the first one Mohammed II received it was chapter 74 so what happened what happened is very simple to explain Mohammed he reported many stories and they are not consistent do we have any demonic auras why we have only 600 people here listen carefully if you don't bring you 300 more before the end of this hour I'm going to take the hike and go to Allah heaven spend the rest of the day with my versions the Prophet to promise me that every day I will make 100 women lose their virginity you know Abdul I don't know this is how how possible to do that if your prophet he said that you will have 70 years orgasm so how your orgasm is 70 years but yet you are going to I don't want to use the bad word 2f I did not use it right 2f 100 women in one day how you would how we can do that if the orgasm each orgasm is 70 years hello hello hello it's me you looking for but Muslims cannot find me and they want to debate me but how they can call me hello me the the back Stan a guy in Facebook he told his followers Christian Prince I challenged Christian Prince to debate me but the courage they send me someone else they send you someone else who will send you somewhere else gibreel he went to show the Muslim that he is a person he can debate the Christians you know so you will notice right away when the Muslims they speak about something it is always very funny and very crazy and they have no idea what they are talking about we continue let us see hmm you will notice here Muhammad saying the following I stayed in the month of Hera on indosoul in the in the cave of Hera Hera is a cave supposedly for one month for one month Mohammed he stay in the cave for one month what does that mean he decided to leave the whole world he became a monk and when my stay was completed I came down and I went to the heart of the valley somebody called me loud I looked in front of me behind me on the right of my side on my left like what where we're you see look look look look really carefully Abdul when I arrived I came down I went to the heart of the very somebody called me loud I looked in front of me behind me on the right of my side on the left on my left but I did not see anybody I was again cold and I looked about but I saw nothing I was cold again the code on hold on hold on how many cold now how many guys how many times already how many time Mohammed have been cold just to show you another sign of the madness based on this Mohammed was called how many time let us see notice with me when I was coming down from the valley someone caught from the cloud called me or sorry someone called me loud so this is the first time okay I look behind my right in the front and left nobody and then I was called again that is the second time and then I was cold again three time why why everything happened to Mohammed III time then a Muslim what what is the point of a three time why three time what about and five what why the three time and then I raise my head so you see Mohammed Mohammed will not raise his head unless you spank him three time speak to him three time repeat the three time you say it at once you in my Hamid II will not get it you say it twice Mohammed II have no idea you say with the trice Mohammed is it written Ian I know I got it ah man tell me why why the angel he said why the ng did not call him Muhammad by saying Mohammed a three time which mean don't say it a three time just say Mohammed a three time I mean I think that would work try it try it in the other hadith Mohammed he said that the angel he squeezed him every time but do you see how the story has changed guys do you see how the story changed what is the squeeze in here people are you listening if Mohammed is a truth the Prophet why the story changed what happened about Reid and squeezed me a read and squeezed me a read and squeezed me a read and squeezed me and know my unit is coming now this is different story that story the angel came to him in the cave and he squeezed him a tree time and he said to have read in this story there's no reading there's a guy he's saying to him O Muhammad and Mohammed he could not see who is the one who's calling you know all right obviously he is a liar he can't repeat the same story twice right CP what hold on somebody saying to me read the hadith on this bliss please but what does that mean as I speak to me and it speak to me in English please brother Harry so Muhammad he was called three times and then I was called Agena raised my head and the three and there on the throne upon the atmosphere he he hold on hold on did Muhammad just say that he saw someone upon the throne who is the one up on the throne look at this gee brain what debris is upon the throne hmm so if the breed is up on the throne Allah is where we went to the bathroom a long vacation Allah said to gibreel sit in my place until I come back so nobody will take my chair in the movie theater pal Muhammad he is a claiming that the one he saw it is gibreel and he is above the throne and here we have a problem the cave of Hara is just a you know very close in Mecca it's like you know walking distant and in that in the town actually today is like or almost is inside the city zone how somebody is in the throne of heaven and he appear but nobody saw him except Mohammed who wonders hadith that debride was in the throne do you want guys do you want it here we go take it save it take a note then Mohammed he continued sing after his so gibreel on the atmosphere atmosphere what atmosphere it says the horizon actually does doesn't even say arise it says in the in the in the air they became atmosphere and he was sitting debris was sitting here you breathe show some respect man you are talking to Mohammed how dare you to sit how dare you Allah created the whole universe for the sake of Mohammed and you are talking to him sitting in a York in your couch no respect these days for a prophet of God he is the best of mankind I began to tremble on account of fee I mean why the angel call him and what could he call you what he said what what happened he called you what he said tell event eridan what do you mean he called me there is something stupid in the story if an angel who is look like his gods because he is sitting in the throne he said something to me shouldn't I report what he said to me no he called me I just call me and then I start you know at rumbling okay how we crumble how what what happened from what from fear in fear I came to hadisha and I said warm me up do you remember the brother who called us and he said he is suffering from an illness called epilepsy they remember the brother who called me just a few days ago and I mean I told him actually I really prayed for him made a lord you know took in your hand and make you stronger and he is you can tell he's a smart you know look he called first of all look how brave he is he called us and he says I have the same problem as Mohammed I mean you have to be really brave to say that he said I have the same illness but you listen to him the person is really smart even though he is suffering from that illness so the illness here is not a problem the problem is that you take over your illness to make it as you are a Messenger of God deceiving people when you know I mean must he must knows you know that he cannot be a prophet and this is proven many places that he is you know he is imagining things so here you will notice that Mohammed he is a trembling in fear and he went to hadisha and he said warming up which mean he feels so cold they warned me up and they throw water on me and Allah the exact egregious or the glorious send down this he sent down what he sent verse you who are shrouded arrays and deliver warning your Lord magnify and your close a cleans by the way I don't say thank you for those who they are making donation because you are not waiting for my thanks right at the same time we concentrate in the topic but for sure we are grateful for those who helped us in our mission so here the story is very clear that Mohammed II hear voices and nobody hear the voices except him nobody see the angel except him Muhammad he says stupid things and nobody say those stupid things except him Muhammad accused to be crazy and again this is not the only reason to believe is a crazy but as you say there's many things Muhammad wedding his wife clothes Muhammad he claimed that he never received Quran except in his wife clothes all of those things bring us to one place that Muhammad have a mental illness for sure there is tones of more reasons to believe Muhammad is suffering from mental illness I will show you one let me show let me look for this hadith or you will see a clear sign of defect oh here we go this is the book of Sahih Muslim the merits of the Companions all right I shed the wife of Allah apostille may Allah pray on him and salute him and Othman both reported that Abu Bakr sought permission from Allah messenger for interest to at that time they have apartment I mean look at the funny translation I mean look at this funny translation at that time they have a apartment yeah mm-hmm it was a studio apartment brother hmm as he had been laying on his bed and look at the first translation here covered with the bed sheet of Aisha he was wearing what his wife Aisha clothes he gave a permission to Abu Bakr in that very state he have in his need fulfilled which means Abu Bakr he get him and he asked for something and then he left then Omar asked for a permission to get him it was given to him in the same very state which means Mohammed is in dug in the in the in the bed in that position now that position by the way as you see here lab is one minute wash and we showed you already what mark means Mert you know remember we showed you that of seer the seer says it clearly that merit is something only women ik wear Alcala abdullah –there i hakuna mutata ill annual human commitment husband outdoor wall are you someone mortal Allah Akbar voila Yoruba Sue Ellen Issa so this is a piece of a clothing which is women wear and it's green to have to be green this why they call it marked and only women they wear it you see this is the reference is approved they cannot say to us we are making things up this is Shir Hauser Chloe Alamo op de la mer Malik as you see and this is which page let us see okay page number 81 as you see here page number 81 so obviously Mohammed is wearing his wife clothes and Abu Bakr came and Homer came and he did not change the way he is sitting and the way he is dressing all right then you will see here Othman came earth man came then I sought permission from him and he got up and ride to Haifa and he said to her warp yourself well with your clothes then I got my need fulfilled hmm and came back so look what happened here Mohammed II have no problem with Abu Omar Omar coming in and he is in that position where in those clothes and I assure she's the story here by the way Mohammed and Aisha they are together laying in the bed and they are in a certain position which is like you know normally you do only when you are like with some you know family I mean you don't care I'm not saying they are having sex no but like you don't you do not you don't it's not embarrassing to sit in the front of somebody if he is a family member you know I mean but look what happened Abu Bakr came Muhammad did not change Omar came Muhammad did not change both man came he right away he asked his wife to cover herself which means his wife she is uncovering herself she's exposing her body not only him Aisha herself she is exposed now Abu Bakr is the father of her ashes there is no problem this is his daughter but Omar is a stranger when Hosmer he came suddenly o Muhammad before us man inter he said war Baba yourself for yourself cover yourself cover yourself and he himself he changed his a clothing and look what he said Omar he came and he asked for permission he got in and he left a sari hot man and then higher she said Allah messenger why is it that I did not see you feeling any a you know like a shame or embarrassing in the case of dressing properly in the present of a Bakr and the presence of homer as you showed in the case of Osmond thereupon Paula messenger said verily earth man is a person who is a very modest and I was afraid that if I permitted him to enter in this very state he would not inform me of his needs what does that mean that's me Mohammed was naked what do you mean modest Mohammed and Ayesha both they were naked because remember Mohammed he said to her shisha warp yourself up warp you see it warp yourself up with your clothes so how her body was exposed and Mohammed body was exposed and Abu Bakr came Muhammad don't care home are care he don't care as man he come and then suddenly Mohammed he's asking his wife to cover herself actually the translation you see in front of you is not ready is not accurate and therefore hadith it says that a man is a person angels are shy from him let me show you the hadith let me find it this is the same story and here the story is more telling more details which is very shameful read with me carefully Allah messenger was laying in the bed not in my apartment in my house right and his sight was uncovered his sight was in covered so Muhammad is exposing his legs this is the Muslim story not my story you see the most times you know a translation not my translation as you see so his thigh was uncovered and Abu Bakr sought permission to enter it was given to him so he came and Muhammad did not in the in the same very state Muhammad did not even move his legs is open his legs is showing and we don't know even what is else not you know which mean at that time by the way there's no panty there's no underwear women don't wear panty and men don't wear underwear there's nothing is called underwear which mean obviously his whatever is showing because he left up his address the Prophet thigh or shank and covered this is between to bracket is not exist there then Omar thought the permission for entering and it was given to him and the same happened he came he asked for what he need and then he left they North man taught permission to enter to Allah messenger and then he sat down and he said right he's a clothing one of the narrator said I did not say that it happened in the same day we did not say that happened in the same that he did not say that he was man then entered and you know as for what he want I shall she said to abu bakr abu bakr sorry i she said to mohammed abu bakr which mean her father entered and you did not stir and you did not observe much care of arranging your clothes then umar entered and you did not care or around your clothes but when was man enter you get up and set your clothes right so he said shouldn't i show modesty to the one whom even the angels show modesty the Angels the angels they are shy from Othman so as man the profit you see Muhammad is not shy to show his legs to a homer to Abu Bakr which means Muhammad is not wearing a proper clothes but oz man even the angels are shy from him because he is extreme a proper person he is a lot but Adam Muhammad himself how that can be true here you you find obviously there's a mental illness you see if you are sitting showing your legs showing your testicles and then men after men come and all your earth man is the one you need to proper you have to wear your clothes in a proper way what kind of a man you are because at the end of the day abu bakr is a man and Amin is a man and Othman is a man and if you are not wearing your clothes in a proper way that's a shame I mean why you want to do that unless this is an open society you know like hippies you can go even naked here you will see that Muhammad again he have a mental issues of making decision about who who on how and where he can be wearing a proper clothes we continue who won the hadith who won the hadith who is abdul won the hadith here we go because they might say to you this is weak by the way this is not weak this is is found very strong very strong hadith brother all right now one of the things sick people they have that he think he is the greatest and because he the greatest he think that the people who follow him they are superior of everybody in a violent way look at this you about Herrera here is reporting supposed he what he heard from his a prophet because abou Herrera have no authority except to report what Muhammad said you are the best of people who are on this is gone now chapter 3 verse 110 Muhammad he told the people who they follow him only the people follow him you are the best people ever raised up for mankind and here the Muslims I say to you between to bracket the benefit of mankind focus with me with the benefit when you see this word between to bracket you see what I mean this is good it's positive anyway they think they are the best but for the benefit in looking at let them do the benefit and then he explained to us what is the benefit for mankind he says the best of math for mankind are those who are who bring them with the chain around their necks tell they embrace Islam so Muhammad because of his madness he believed that the best he can do to mankind is to go and capture you and enslave you and bring you like a dog or a mule or a donkey or a cow and with a chain around your neck and that is the benefit Muslims they can do to mankind and this what we see around us if you don't believe me go and read the news today how many people get killed today just today in the last for 24 hours in the name of Allah how many you are the best of mankind and not only that you know you remember the verse where Mohammed his job he said that the Allah he pray for Muhammad Allah don't pray on Muhammad Muhammad here he put himself the center of the universe Allah gibreel the angels the believers are what praying on Muhammad the Muslim they tried to fabricate and say this is a blessing let us say it's a blessing for the sake of argument they still Muhammad became the center of the universe he is mentally ill Allah the Angels gibreel and the believers which we nobody left hey everybody praying on Muhammad why Allah he has nothing to do except Muhammad obviously Muhammad is the center of the world he's everything even but he told his followers let me show you some reference you see I'm trying to find you see always I like to find Muslim website not anything else I see okay trying to find it having difficulty I want to fight in English for you not in Arabic which all of you speak Arabic that will make it easier for me okay okay I found something in English but it's not the one reading I want but let us use it but we can do the hadith says really care for here include blah blah blah blah blah blah blah okay okay when Adam he said when Adam sinned when Adam he did sin he said oh Allah I asked for your forgiveness for the sake of Mohammed mrs. Adam the first man he is talking about Mohammed the first man talking about Mohammed how mad he you know how Muhammad is known by Adam look what Muhammad he claimed if we go to the hadith we will find Muhammad say in the following let us see here we go look at these guys somebody asked Mohammed this is a term ooh thee this is Sahir Lissa's sahih they can't say it's weak you see it's a here look Mohammed he said somebody said to him Messenger of Allah when was the prophethood established for you he said while Adam was between being a soul and the body do you see it do you see it Muhammad became a prophet before even Adam is finished how that can happen unless he is a crazy person how Muhammad he came to such a conclusion that the first thing God he made is Mohammed prophethood he is not even done with Adam which means Adam is not really the purpose the purpose is Mohammed do you see it until now we have zero call by the way from Muslim Abdul nobody in Oh up dude is going to call us I don't know why they are in strike where is the Abdul where is that doing why today Abdul are in hello where is the ones when I debate me when I prove me wrong you know what happened I think you don't use it this is embarrassing this is embarrassing you see Jesus he said before Abraham I am because the Christian believed that Jesus is God but you're a prophet saying before Adam I am don't you see it Muhammad here he claimed that he is he is the reason for the whole university to be exist he is everything do we need more proof to prove that Muhammad is a crazy man by the way I can't give you proofs from now until next century but how mad he don't give a proves Muhammad he give we do he give poopoo hey everything he say is a poopoo let me show you how Muhammad he claimed the madness of Muhammad Muhammad in the grave but yet he is alive and Allah and the angels will bring the prayer of the Muslims to him so he can review it you believe it let me find a hadith oh look at this I mean this hadith is all over I don't know which one I will show you but all of them is saying garbage see this one and again this Asahi so the Muslim cannot say theyíve the Prophet said among the most excellent of your days is a Friday so invoke many blessing on me this is the most implantation by the way okay invoke many blessing on me but the fact in Arabic it says for EXCI roominess alert la Mina's solid-solid you see the what so that it's not a player it's not is not prayer is not is not a blessing but here and it's not a blessing it's not a prayer in that translation okay but hold on so in Friday do a lot more prior on me let us go with the water blasts and let us say it's blessing invoke many blessing on me on that day okay hold on what what does that will do to you I mean are you blessed already or you're not are you prophet of God here we go when Allah he was made in Adam he did not even finish Adam he he set you as a prophethood you are hired as a prophet even Adam is not created yet and then he said for Europe prior not a blessing will be submitted to me you see if Mohammed is a prophet and the Muslim here is asking God for a blessing as the translation trying to make it not a prayer why that prayer which is because when you ask God for a blessing is a prior correct just to go with them with the Muslim false translation let us say for the sake of argument I am asking God to bless Muhammad still this is a prior because no man can can bless anyone you when we say I bless you I say my god bless you so this is a still a prior so if they are asking Allah to bless Muhammad then why the prior of the Muslims is going to Muhammad not Allah look what the campaign and I said to him they said how can our prior not plussing be submitted to you when your body has been decayed has dictated which means you are dead they are talking about him dead now well they are not talking about him moon is alive how many speaking about the future when he died you have to invoke prior on me every Friday a lot of it they said the Prophet but you will be dead how our prior will be submitted to you look what he said he said Allah has forbid it the earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets Muhammad he claimed that he is always alive he never died because if it is about consuming the body of the Prophet will not be consumed are you going to be alive obviously yes because they are going to provide him with the prior every day the Muslims from around the world they pray to Muhammad the angels they bring the product all the prior to Muhammad why to Muhammad not to God unless he is mentally ill and he is sick do we have any Muslim what is the Muslim today what happened and then and then Muhammad when he died the Muslim did not bury him for three days do you remember when Muhammad he died because of this the Muslim did not bury him for three days and what happened to Muhammad because they believed him he told them that my body will not be consumed will not be decade and will not be destroyed what happened Muhammad beliefs thought 14 Muhammad became if we go right now at baba bhot Mahal until his really became fat and big read with me Abdul in the Rasool Allah he salam ala pray on him I saw you with him damn Mehmet LEM you defend when he died he was not buried had terrible bot Nauvoo when a Senate whole saw until his billy became so big which means rubber like he grow up you know like became like a brunette women and this is gas by the way the dead man or dead women if you don't bury them after a while the the body would start producing gas a lot of gas I mean really literally scary actually there's a movie you can like to just just to understand there's a guy who he was isolated in an island and then he found the dead body and because he like he's losing his mind so he was sitting the dead man in front of him just to talk to him and then the dead man start farting you know like start moving in 14 you know guys is coming like crazy and that's this is exactly what we're talking about so Mohammed his Billy became so big and the guys start coming out and his it says when Thor not Hans law which mean his you know his little finger is you know they big they shrink you know when we did man he shrink like you know they shrink they candy they collapse and they say and here he says in al-madinah ordinary total horror the city of a Medina is very hot and the Prophet he passed away in the day of Monday and he was left until the evening of Wednesday so the Muslim they believe Muhammad that he stained the truth when he said that the Prophet body will not be destroyed and your prior will be even submit in or submitted to me they believe them but then he or they notice that Muhammad is a scam his Billy is full of gas and his fingers is a shrinking indifferent hadith actually let me see if I can find that hadith give me a second this is why by the way like you know when you read my books my books is a treasure of information which you cannot find by yourself and this is the purpose of my book or books let us see but anyway this is this enough like you know we can show more reference but this is more than enough for us to prove what we are talking about now do we have any Muslim he have any objection any Muslim he don't like he don't agree he think we did not cover the story in the right way anyone Mayday Mayday we continue then so when Adam commits sin and he was our first man he asked Allah for forgiveness and he said forgive me for the sake of Muhammad Allah like he said – and he said like what the heck Allah asked him how do you know look hold on hold on hold on hold on how you know Muhammad be upon him even Allah he says peace upon him even unlike I said the name of Muhammad without saying peace upon him do you know this even Allah Himself he don't they have to say the name of Muhammad without it without adding titles look Allah said to him how do you know Muhammad peace upon him when I have not to create yet to created him Adam said oh Allah after you created me and the breathing to me and your soul reach in my head and so he saw he saw what he saw in the chair of Allah Allah he wrote right away when before he created anything it says there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger of Allah written in the throne before Allah created anything Allah is right in his name and the name of Muhammad in the throne remember remember brother brother we Muslims don't worship Prophet Mohammed the brother but obviously Allah he worship him the first thing he do or he does before he did anything is writing the name of Muhammad to the point when Adam he did commit sin he rose his head up to ask for forgiveness actually before here is you know like ask for forgiveness when he created him and Allah he breathed into him Adam he looked up and he saw it says in Arabic and obviously Adam is an Arab based on this story which is very funny it says Shahada I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Arabic it says there is in Muhammad is His rabbit and then I came to know that not by any one name next to yours except the name of the one who is dearest to you among creation that said Allah said now wait where the Muslims getting this this from Muhammad Allah said o Adam you have spoken the truth director editor and now Adam we must feel like hmm I feel good so good so good that Hamid II got it right there's no way God he will put any name next to his name except the name of Adam on who is the most important and the most name they say that you Christians are mushrik in the fact they are mushrikeen as you see your God Allah Himself he associated his name with the name of a man he created and he has no one the one who created the universe he is right in the name of Mohammed in his a throne why what does that mean given the throne of Allah to all I have an Allah have an obsession with Muhammad Allah in love with Muhammad Allah he loved one thing in the world Muhammad the first thing in the morning before he drink his coffee you see Muhammad when he want to do anything he say Muhammad he looked at the earth he see nothing but Muhammad he looked at the sky he's seen nothing but Muhammad you look at the cloud Muhammad you look at the galaxies Muhammad whatever Allah he turned his face Muhammad I mean obviously Muhammad is everything and obviously Muhammad is not a crazy to the point he's saying that the whole universe is busy with him and then you speaking the truth you spoke in the truth indeed Muhammad is the dear dearest to me from among all creation supplicate to me through his sake for indeed I have forgiven you if just because you asked for the sake of Muhammad you are forgiven ok yeah forgive me for the sake of Muhammad Allah now he can't resist Allah is in trouble now Christian friends after all what he did to Allah and to Muhammad spanking them every day now Allah isn't a problem he cannot he just asked me for the sake of Muhammad that saved this is a this is a weakness is part of Allah like you hit me in my you know you see the weakness is part of Allah Allah have a weakness you said to him in for the sake of Muhammad Allah like we emailed in the same second Allah he do not know what to say I was going to punish you I was going to torture you I were going to send you to hell but because you say for the same brother you are forgiven this is a profit and this is a religion and look what he says he continued if not Allah continued sane if it were if if it were not for Muhammad I would not have created you if I mean this is really something if if not brother if not brother for Muhammad brother Allah will not create Adam which means me and you Abraham mooses all the Prophet George Bush brother Obama the Emperor of Japan Yama Suzuki Yama the Chinese chimpo he Bruce Lee was not created less this Muhammad I mean I'm really shocked that's um that's amazing that's so beautiful everything everything around us is made because of Muhammad the TV the TV I have in my room here is made because of Muhammad because if not Muhammad Allah did not create the Japanese Thank You Allah thank you Suzuki Suzuki if not Allah he loved Muhammad we will not have curry from India because Allah will not create the India brother so we will not get all the beautiful spices and Indian food brother see how beautiful the perfect man do you see the you see the benefit of the Prophet Muhammad over mankind brother all of India created the brother because the Prophet Muhammad if not the my mother brother people of Indonesia are not created is no need for them but because of a prophet Muhammad we have in traditional brother her the blondie woman's brother the blondie women those who do the 13th 13th with that do you brother enjoyed the doctrine of the teeth if not Allah be living Muhammad brother all those women are not created you are not happy with Bruce Lee okay you are not happy what I can do complain to Allah is easy as a nation he is not happy with the Bruce Lee why why you are not happy I speak Chinese perfectly my friend let me let me let me give you a Quranic verse in Chinese chow oh that's mean if not Prophet Muhammad Allah created not you brother that's it translation do we have an Abdul what is that do you need more proof of madness literally do you want more approve of madness the story of the madness of Muhammad did not stop here go down a little bit me with me you want to call me all right call me Oh hold on we have use if we have Yusuf don't call me you a my friend that is called Yusuf Ansari yourself answer what happened to yourself okay forget what kind of religions region is hello hello yes a Christian Prince I'm a big fan we've been watching your videos for a while and I'm a Christian I'm an Arab and I was born in a Christian family I'm an Orthodox Christian and I've recently have been really into Christianity a lot under I've been into revealing the truth of Islam to my Islamic my Muslim friend all right so what I've been trying to do is talk to them and ease my way in but it hasn't been working out very well except for this one question that I asked and they didn't not a single one of them knew how to answer it who does Allah pray to who is Allah what and who does Allah pray – yes single okay yeah not a single one of them knew how to answer and that amazed me they don't know who Allah prays to and they're still Muslims they don't know who Allah is well the first question you should ask them who is Allah because you say the Muslims any question for them is a problem because it was Allah they don't know yeah they just told me that the it's the man they worship I told them I know who he is he yeah well yeah as you see all the questions we ask Muslims cannot answer anyway so my friend listen listen and collect questions and reference and you know arm yourself with knowledge so you can you can do better because the more you know about this cult the better you can defeat it all right thank you very much keep up the good work thank you Miss Brooks thank you yeah me thank you very much same to you my brother yeah he said to me in Arabic al maseeh yeah week which means the Masonic protected you or protecting you it is how are you my friend my friend guys this hadees hadees is fabricated what about this one what about this one who hold on hold on hold on hold on what Muhammad he claimed this is hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on when you're a prophet he said when your brother read for me read for me and translate when your prophet he said are you going to talk and I talked in the same time let's say mister this talk when you're a prophet said when he is in the grave Allah which was saying when Allah will send the prayer of the Muslims to Muhammad why Allah was sent the prayer of the Muslims to Muhammad when he is in the grave explain to us here we go to hate in front of you what she say Allah will send the prayer of all the Muslims which invoked by Muslims to Muhammad when he is in the grave why he is what is the problem what is the problem is Muhammad is dead or alive the body is his body is this ok alright guys his body is dead is that ok what do you say his body is dead doesn't mean his body is going to be disposed what his body will became dust and the great it's spiritually unlife yeah once but he suspicious buddy what what what will happen to his body what will happen to his body well don't what do you mean you do not know hit me give me a what a human being is Muhammad different kind of a human being or his body will be decayed less aim as everybody okay so because he's a prophet his body will stay there right yes okay so huh so how the hadith says that Muhammad when he died he start 14 and Muhammad his his skin became a green and he became nothing he became you know stinky where is the head okay see let us see the hadith see here we go here all right this is the book me Harriet will orab FIFA new Neil adapt and live and no worry chick or not it is authentic it must be authentic what do you think is going to be nice okay hold on other what you must have keep saying to us that this hadith is a lie I mean right way why you must why you must him keeps keep saying that you Muslims you lie about your prophet while you do that why you lie about your prophet now let us read let us read together what hold on hold on let's read with it what the hell you say read with me read with me says when Muhammad he died when Muhammad he died before limit was the era sólo hold on was a loan for call you in you asked me what is the height everything for you stop talking then go don't go you say don't want me to read you ask me what is the reference I'm showing you and now you don't want me to read it to discuss some publications well you have to prove it's fabricated and if you it's fabric it's fabricated by Muslims that will make Islam more ugly if it's fabricated its fabricated by the Muslims and that make Islam disgusting because you are saying to me that you cannot trust Muslim books you can't trust Muslims because they are a bunch of liars that's what you are saying to me and now you have no you have no proof hold on hold on do you have do you have a do you have a proof that this hadith is fabricated you know why it's fabricated literally why fabricated let me tell you why let me tell you why it's fabricated for you because this is very embarrassing okay here we go okay give me a verse in the embers listen he is a verse is ela obverse is ela birth I will make you read it I will make her read it I will make read yourself and you will laugh at yourself okay redo me here we go hold on hold on hold on stop stop big mouth stop it says here what call a bus a bus or the Aloha in Allah so Allah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a yet same chemical Bashar when Allah he saw Allah or is a limpid Matt dealer free in addition to maturity prophet my friend my friend what revelation of what we did you if you want to generate I did you have to have the direction he take it from work forward to the Prophet you cannot just Prophet the Prophet look what they are saying they are saying that this is a true story a burst they all say and this is an x-bar this is this is the news coming from Apple AB bass but it's it is a it is not confirming what happened it is just a news of what happened which is the same I mean this is stupid and here you will see that it says and it says it says listen listen it says that your prophet he had escena had escena and he said come iet's only bashar he is he stink he stink he's think so if you are saying to me that those hadith are made by muslims with the are liars we thank you very much you must have got a bunch of liars same time same time same time let me ask you since the same time why why you Barry why are you Barry Mohammed after three days of his death why not why not why you bury him if his body will not if his body will never be consumed will never be damaged really lead him out so let the whole world see the miracle amazing miracle if Mohammed body will never be damaged that will be amazing and the whole world will believe in Mohammed Aziz a message of allah leave his body out they bury him after three days because he stink the muslims they believe Mohammed in this hadith he saying the truth they believe that he was saying that the body of the prophet will not be damaged and they will stay in a good condition so did that bury him but after three days his stink and this why they buried him otherwise and look here here you are is escaping that two points first of all him he claimed that his body will never be damaged number two he claimed that all the prior of Muslims will be supplicated to him why he's a lot yes spiritually not his body why your prayer will go to him why you why you are a prior will go to Mohammed not to Allah do you know why why what is the problem you tell me why I mean come on tell me this is it if he is he God or he how how a man can review a prior of 1 billion Muslim do you know why how we can do that don't tell me he told me you keep asking me do you know why tell me why and how a man can review there is 1 billion Muslim they are praying saying Allah who must Allah Allah Allah Muhammad etcetera every every Friday how I can read all the prior if good till you kills you to do something do you do it or not so you are saying that Allah he decided to hire Muhammad to review the prior if Jesus or any good choose you to do this and this do dude do you kill him ask you are you saying are you saying Allah is the one who made him do that Allah come on the Muslim is too precious and know this is a question that the question is not the question listen somebody is saying no this is not the question this is not the question the question is Muhammad is receiving the pride of the Muslims not Allah are you saying to me that Allah he decided to give the prayer of all the Muslims in the world to Muhammad not to him why why did the people tragic 101 you answer me who is his God what why the prayer clearly with Allah no no you see no you see you are not listening Allah he command you to pray for Mohammed to him okay thank you very much so you pray for Mohammed asking Allah for Mohammed okay wonderful now the prior is not going to Allah the question no this is not the question the question is why the prior is not going to Allah instead it's going to Mohammed if Mohammed is just a man and he is now in the grave how the prior will go to are you saying I cannot give this dispatcher that's people that strictly give to Mohammed all your heart all your heart all your phone hold on or your Quran confirm that the prayer of a believers go to Allah doesn't go to a man correct when you Muslim your knee brace on you when you're Muslim don't tell me are you saying are you saying when you're Muslim is you pray your prayer go to who you go to the pocket of Mohammed or you go to the table of Allah Allah chilled us to pray and said this is not the question what is wrong with you don't make me losing my patient this is not the question the question is why the prayer go into Mohammed I'm not asking you if he asked you to pray I don't know why the prior will go to Mohammed where he said so where he said so where where show me okay hold on are you saying when the Muslim they pray for Mohammed they are praying for Mohammed and they are bowing down in front of Mohammed and they'll worship in Mohammed and this is why the prayer of Mahathir Mohamad go into Mohammed my friend if you operate Allah will give you more benefits it's not it is benefit for you no just benefits for profits okay guys did you hear this if you hear this if you pray for Muhammad Allah will give you more benefit which means pray to Muhammad is more important than praying to Allah because Mohammed is a true God Allah is just an assistant for Muhammad he is more important and it is what you just said if you pray to Muhammad Allah will give you more benefit which you can experiment with it like what benefit that we will get extra versions what benefit explain to us what we new creature good did you get your DVD fit so much my business my benefit in this Christianity is different from your benefit your benefit in Islam Allah will hit your penis long Allah will make the vagina women big Allah and that changing the topic this about the benefit although will make your wife in the heaven have one – may Allah s you so answer me why if you pray to Mohammed the benefit is more than when you pray to over why Mohammed is more superior than Allah when you pray to Mohammed because because it is Allah who cannot view so if you do it you will be Allah and you not o be in profit you obey Allah because if you don't do it you are disobeying Allah will this another question this is another question why why I will get more benefit if I pray to Mohammed not to Allah why more benefit because where he says so he said to you you okay hold on he's why Allah he said even you have to pray why I'm like I said okay hold on hold on why even Allah he say pray on Muhammad what is that what is the benefit on that what what that will do it okay let me answer hmm I'm not covered you to pray for Muhammad and Allah come on you to choose us and to do many things may work but why you need to pray on Muhammad is Mohammed saved or he is not saved like are you going by your prayer are you going to save Muhammad from going to hell what is the what is the prior you do you will give you if you pray to Muhammad now we'll give you more benefits and you will you will but you should even this is not the question this is not the question why Allah he needed you to pray on Muhammad what is the benefit for Muhammad what is that would do to Muhammad why you need to pray for Muhammad it does nothing to do to behind it is it is benefit for you so if you pray on Muhammad Allah will increase your benefit if you pray on Allah Allah will not increase your benefit he will increase your benefits including cookies if you play too online it is you if you pitch my hunger which one is better which one is matter which one is better if we pray on Allah or a prayer Muhammad drink come on hold on how they can take a big drink a Murray rain take break are you okay you played Allah you will give the missing benefit if you pray to Muhammad it will give benefits from goals because good come on you to play but you said everybody heard you I'm saying it's that you said when you pray to Muhammad you have you get more benefit everybody heard you you say it you say when you pray to Muhammad you get more benefit you say that everybody heard you more benefit I didn't say more you said no more everybody swear I swear I swear by the shin of Allah that you did not say more swear I say I say why I swear by the shin of Allah I did not say more it's recorded this is it more I didn't say more you said more a case whereby swear by the shin of Allah okay okay hold on I swear by the fig that you did not say he swear by the fig okay hold a fake in your hand swear by the fig that you did not say the word more I see more I'm not for Bohannon okay so you're saying if you pray to Muhammad Allah get more benefit I say you will get more benefit then if you pray to Muhammad so what the benefit of brain to Muhammad then why I want to pray I will pray you said the opposite actually you say the opposite you say in the opposite you say the opposite you said if you pray to Muhammad you get more benefit and now you switch upside down you're like okay do you want me to go back and then do you want me to go back in the video do you want me to it's recorded okay but you said there don't deny it I can't go back and just can go backward a little bit and you will everybody heard you're saying that if you pray I asked you I asked you why you need to pray on Muhammad you say it you say it because a prior to Mohammed give you more benefit that's what you say it and now you are saying because now you got mustard you got busted so you swallow your tongue listen listen listen okay let us go back to zero let us go back to zero how I can review the the prayer of 1 billion Muslim Mohammed is a man is a human how he will review the prayer of it like now he will start reading name Muhammad Muhammad Abdul Mohammed Mohammed etc he saying vocab right on me and then next next next thing however he can do that when Allah command us to pray to Allah have you seen it is Allah who will be defeat Allah does leave our player it is Beach for us this same with Muhammad when you approach Muhammad Muhammad will benefit it's us will benefit Abdul do let me show you let me show you how stupid what you just said because the player the prior is a player for Muhammad not for you you are praying for Muhammad not for you so how you pray for Muhammad and you will it's not Muhammad will get the benefit shut up shut the hold on the player says you pray for Muhammad not for you who dream you you you pray for Muhammad you pray you pray for Muhammad when you treat you you pray to who you good no problem but you're not praying for yourself you are praying for the sake of Muhammad you are asking something for Muhammad not for you is that correct are you saying if you pray Cupid Allah lead you Abdul Abdul when you pray to Allah Allah who America tour so Luna Helena be Allah and the angels are praying on the Prophet and then Allah continue saying and all you believe a pray on the Prophet and salute him correct did you take Jesus I pray to Jesus yes but I don't pray I don't pray hold on hold on I pray to Jesus I pray to Jesus so why not Jesus indicates from your play you see or being stupid now the prior saying pray for Mohammed benefit the Quran says that saalu alayhi assalam o Taslima you are not the brain asking you shut up shut up you know you're just wasting my time with me let me get you busted in a sec I will call you back guys let me show you how foolish this person is who is in trouble he do not know what to say if we go in the Quran and the Muslim translation for the verse in there this is the first lady David Wood and the kid had jabbed the argue about it all right find here in allaha wa Mulla Mulla Akata horse a luna lnav translation so we can love together this is the muslim translation remember and allah and his angels give a blessing to the Prophet the funny this guy he is saying to you when you do that it is you who get the benefit but look what the Muslim says first of all the world here is not blessing this is a big fat lie the word here is a brain but we will go with the word the blessing just to get them busted Allah and His Messenger and his angels they do one thing one action both of them to do one action which mean angels and Allah are equal what is that a colleague translation here blossom and as I say this is not true but let us go with it who is the one who get the blessing Muhammad this Abdul who I was speaking to he was saying it is you who will get the benefit when you do that the verse continued saying o who you believe call for a blessing on him who is the one will get a blessing him and greet him and sell you at him so who is the one getting the benefit of this it is him and look what happened here this is a great example of Muhammad being mentally ill he made God angels human mankind everybody have one job to do praying on him who is him Muhammad who will get the benefit of the player Muhammad the whole world is doing one thing but here we have a problem stupid problem if Allah already he blessed Muhammad if this is here blessing is correct translation as they claim which is false if Allah already gave a blessing to Muhammad do Muhammad need the blessing of the angels and the blessing of the believers absolutely false because if I am blessed by God that sit on blast the rest they will ask God to bless me I am just cannot bless you human cannot bless you your mother your parent can applause Judy they say bless you but they mean may God bless you bless in coming only from God so if allah he decided to bless muhammad already what is that what is the point of this madness here here we see the madness of mohammed who try to make the whole world is obsessed with him Allah angels believers you have won a duty to do pray on me sell you at me warship me this is an act of worship Muhammad became the only concern for God angels and mankind human being have to forget about his problems about his suffering about his illness about being poor about took you for a job you have to focus on one thing praying on Mohammed easily evidence that Muhammad is mentally ill and he think he is God same time when Muhammad he named himself Muhammad that is a clear sign that Mohammed II think his God because Mohammed mean the praised one so he was lying to us saying that when you pray to God who get the benefit you it's not God who need a benefit this is not true here the Quran have different meaning it is the benefit goes to Muhammad Allah pray for Muhammad angels pray for Muhammad believers pray for Muhammad and this is all translated fight by you as a blessing will be sent to Muhammad so don't lie to us and say this is a benefit for you it is for Muhammad and again here the world a blessing is a stupid because by saying a blessing and angels give a blessing and believe I'll give him blessing that's mean Allah and angels and believers they do the same work they are equal especially when he says Allah and his angels give a blessing the fact in Arabic it says you saloon in na la hawawa de ikita who you saw Luna and Devi and it's not only a temporarily act it is a continued he induce he speak Arabic Anu what what you shall do mean you saloon mean praying non-stop Allah changes everybody praying and Mohammed Mohammed always is the center of everything God have nothing to do except him even when he have a fight with his wives what happened when Muhammad he ever fight with his wives just to show you the madness of this man did he brought a lot to the fight yes he did he did look what happened in chapter 66 Muhammad he have a fight with his wives his wives became to party throwing eggs and rocks and saying you know we don't like you macaroni the president of France it says if you repent to Allah if you repent to Allah but they did something wrong against Muhammad suppose see they are being the giving him a hard time but look what happened how Muhammad he put the nose of Allah between him and his wives he used all of anything he wants for his purpose if you repent to Allah repent what happened and they commit sin because Muhammad you cannot go against Muhammad if you repent to Allah then your heart have listened but if you band together against him which mean back up each other then Allah is his ally ally woo-hoo-hoo-hoo is the ally of ahamed Allah and debris oof oof oof oof oof oof do breed is involved to Muhammad he have a fight with two women they are five foot tall and they are his wives and now if you take the sight against the Prophet look who is going to back up the Prophet Allah Ljuba real and not only that and every righteous believer and inhibition because it's not enough this is not enough man Allah gibreel and one one point four billion Muslim is not enough to fight two women there are five foot tall this is impossible they are very strong in addition the angels will assist him the whole universe is busy with the fight between Muhammad wives are throwing their shows at the Prophet who's left FBI CIA CIA KGB CNN Fox and used you name it everybody in the world is busy we we we we we we we we the whole universe is going in chaos why because the wife of muhammad they have a strike against him two women they are 5 foot tall they are threatened everything Allah establish to the point we need the assistance of all the angels all the believers and Allah and gibreel by the way did he win and you are telling me Muhammad is not mentally hell with such an army you can destroy you reverse my friend if Allah is God I mean who need the rest anyway if Allah he backed me and I his God who need to breathe who need the believers who need the angel what this guy is talking about am by the way the one who say that sentence is umm al-kitab Homer he said exactly the same and the first came exactly the same it is Omar who fabricated this verse and Mohammed he liked it he copied it he posted in the forum do we need approve that Muhammad is mentally ill it's clear I have a fire with my two wives and then what Allah angel jibreel believers what his debt is above what the heck is this he's using the name of God in vain when we say Muslims when Muslim to try to defend Islam they get Islam busted and look what this guy he was saying that when we pray it was for the benefit of us not for the benefit of Muhammad what a big fat lie send a blessing to him this year translation which is a lie – and when Muhammad he claimed that the prior of the Muslims is coming to him he just claimed to be God among the most excellent days of yours of your days is a Friday so invoke many blessing on me as your translation Muhammad the madman can you have a War II period notice guys Mohammed II have a War II do you notice that why Muhammad he need the Muslims to invoke blessing on him he is not sure obviously is not Mohammed he knew is guilty is asking the old who believed in him to forgive me Allah forgive him this guy is a shish kebab is a liar is a big fat liar otherwise why I need all those people to pray and ask for my before me to be blessed what is that mean and that will additional proof that Muhammad is a false prophet because if you go in the Quran he will find the following Muhammad he said that Allah told him that he is not sure that he is a prophet chapter 9 number 94 it says you see I found this new website I like it you like it guys it's better than the other one right the translation does not have many option of translation but it does the job if you are induct about what we reveal to you ask those who read the scriptures before you who is talking and to who is talking Mohammed his God saying to him if you are in doubt of what we revealed to you ask those who read the scriptures before you which mean the Christians and the Jews hold on why Mohammed has God saying to him if you are undocked is if here is confirming Mohammed in dot if the Muslim they will say no how much you don't have a dove that's mean Eliezer stupid because why you are saying if if it's not you know I mean if I say to you if you feel sick drink this that's mean I am not sure if you feel sick or not and that is possible from a human being perspective but when God he says if you have adopt it's mean Allah him so if you do not know if Mohammed have adopt or not guys do you understand what I'm saying with my funny English do you understand when saying to you when God he says if you are that's mean he is not sure if he is does mean the one who made the Quran he can't be God secondly if Mohammed not have a dog what kind of a question that question is it's a city it's a stupid because if Allah he knew he'd have no doubt why he's saying that to him number three how he said to him go and ask those who read the scriptures before you which mean the Christian and the Jews if you are saying to the total followers around you that those people are corrupt they corrupt the Bible how the corrupt can be witnesses for something truthful you know I mean if the Christian and the Jews they are not following the true gaiden is how the one is misguided can he be your guide miss because you're asking him Mohammed Alaska Mohammed if you don't believe you are a prophet go and ask the Christian the Jews which means they all would guide you to the right answer so how the misguided the corrupt the kuffar the infidels the one who don't believe any more who Allah will send them to hell is going to guide you Muhammad have you ever heard of a stupid religion more than this and this is why I say to Muslims every single verse in the Quran is a disaster different between us hello call me again I think I think it's almost time call me again my friend if this is God talking who is the idiot then if this is what you god wisdom God words what is the stupidity then and now Mohammed he received tons of verses tons of chapters and he is a preach in Islam and yet he is not sure he is a prophet and that will make us go to the very clear proof that Mohammed is suffering from mental illness in case you do not know Mohammed he tried to commit suicide may time he try literally to throw himself from the top of the high mountain many time let us get the reference and see if this is true or not this is the story in sahih bukhari and the Muslim cannot say to us is his false here how Muhammad he received a poem bla bla bla green squeeze him three time three times as usual and then you go down here you will see that Muhammad he have a master his name is raka Beneful and I believe it strongly this is my personal opinion as a Christian Prince that waraqa bin nawfal is the real father of Muhammad waraqa bin of translating before Muhammad claimed to be prophet he was translating the gospel into Arabic as you see and that is the Quran they see it that is the flan but look what happened when when were taka he died the divine inspiration stopped coming to Muhammad and that here will raise a question mark what a divine of God divine inspiration of God have to do with the death of a man like waraqa whose waraqa why God plan will stop because of the death of waraqa simply what Mohammed happened here what okay he died and Muhammad didn't know what to do until later he come to the idea of getting the book which what occur he used to have and he got it and then he will see after wacha he died Muhammad he became so sad as we have heard that he intended several time to throw himself from the top of the high mountains several time we need more proof that Muhammad is suffering from mental illness you see so a side act has a reason for it depression losing hope madness chemical balance in the brain what is the reason for Mohammed to do suicide Act what happened what exactly make him even think about it and why a person let us say God he gave me inspiration and then he stopped giving me inspiration why I want to kill myself give me a reason that is nothing that is not an excuse okay God gave you inspiration he gave you he stopped giving you God is a free how a believer how a believer in God he do such a thing to himself especially Mohammed in different hadith he says that if a man he killed himself he will he will stay in Hellfire forever how you set your followers and the one who commits suicide matter what side Brahman by the way because suicide bombing is not some one side to kill yourself it is suicide to kill others so is different how you set your followers if you do suicide act of suicide by kill yourself not killing the enemy you go to hell but you yourself you do it yourself even how many say that a person he killed himself by poison he said that this person will stay in Hellfire and he will drink his poison every day let me try to find a hadith if anyone drinks poison the poison will be in his hand on the day of judgement and he will drink it in Hellfire he will live in it eternally which means every day every day you are going to drink the poison you drunk when you commit suicide by the way there is here Muhammad he made a false prophecy he said that there is a guy he is going to be in Hellfire he said this van is it from people of hellfire because at that time when when muhammad he said that the guy who was at a Muslim the man he was not a Muslim let me see if I can find the hadith in English now it look like is going to be hard to find it but anyway how many said this man is from the people of hellfire and then this man he joined islam and he died fighting for the sake of allah so there wasn't they said to him did you see this guy he fight today a mighty fight for you which mean he did she had and he died but remember muhammad he said that this person he is one of the hellfire anyway do we have any Muslim here here by the way Mohammed is teaching the Muslims that in the Hellfire you will sit in a chair made of on fire madness chapathi crazy I mean there's nothing in English version is is really real and when the Muslim they say to us that those hadith are fabricated that is a clear proof that Islam cannot be a religion from God because if Islam is based on the hadith and based on the Quran basing to resource and you are saying to me that there's at least one of the resource or mist up so where is the claim that Islam is a preserved any hadith the Muslim don't like today they said to you it is weak it is rejected why Allah he laid that to be happening I mean like who he will go anyone he can make a story now according to them oh this is a hadith made by the Jews even the Jews they made hadith its raw Elliot it's made in Israel made in China so how we can get into any real reference of something really really stuff yes Yusuf what line one what why you are lying about what just because because the because if you are saying because they are weak had it so the the the Islam and and that is false yeah because you know how you know how you know when what is the right story you're saying they have the methodology and they have they have the methodology to to to know which had this is with which is not something okay so it is his new kind is the Muslim scholars or a human hold on is the Muslim scholars are a human or they are God okay no problem is it possible that for those based on that mythology that they might do wrong and make it they agree it is correct is it possible or they are infallible what when is it each time I show you okay did your prophet where his wife clothed in the sahih hadith yes or no or just like this it is I will expose you undecided okay what is what you would use it in Arabic mark mark mark you know what is not you have know what tell me I am listening go ahead this it is it is it is not just for which is used for the post i generate you show me that's not much use it to just true to the woman I chose okay okay okay guys it is a challenge okay here we go here we go sir Hauser Cowie Alamo APPA le monde numérique pleaded me you speak arabic you have no execute to say it doesn't say that and this is the page number page number 81 is my screen showing for you this okay what color evening as here lacunae in later on waha women husband after while i you some one more – Allah Akbar well I will be Sue Ellen is a translate if you aren't ashamed which is ba-ba-ba-ba-ba you said to me a second ago show me any proof that the world Marat is a clothes for women this is your interpretation this is evening fel setup just go just go get lost you see you are a coward you have you have no dignity a second ago you said show me where it says that the world Mart I'm going to expose you I'm going to expose you show me where it says that Maruti is the women are close and now it's in front of you and now what you will say if this is a hadith if this is edited this is a bit earthier do you know whose amulet here it is a clothes only for women only well I will be so ill and me sir I'm showing you the book name the page number the scholar name and this is what agreed upon what color in Elaraby what color etcetera read with me and here we go this is the this is the book share house dark Lonnie I love what tightly mommy Mellie give me Anna's variant number one you see it doesn't matter what you show them they will play the game that this is weak it doesn't matter they are like like like rabbits who they are jumping from place to place and re-enter you hold them from their ears when you say to me show me I challenge you the word mode does not mean a clothing if we go to the hadith will find that the word Mart Mina clothing here we go read with me carefully and this is say he say he and you are the one who said to me that's a II cannot be weak a second ago I said to you how come each time I said to you so he he said to me we now what you will say you would say they say II know you will say it's weak because simply getting your prophet busted when his wife goes really carefully and this is your translation sad if me etc reported that Osman and the Aisha told him that Abu Bakr asked permission to come to the mister of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace while he was laying of Aisha bed wearing high a war in shirt this is your translation this is your translation and it's a he yes yes if you see the heavy you see the hadith it says that your prophet will in higher clothes and this is sighs what you will do now I showed you here we go here we go what you do now hmm do you feel like calling a friend what you answer me what do you mean no you go do you want to call a friend this is sorry this is this is this is he's wearing it he's wearing it he is wearing it and I showed you what the word melt and I showed you even the Islamic translate what what it is for tips for men and women for men and women yes okay okay read with me read with me here we go read with me well I'll be sealed Anissa do you see it's an opinion okay hold on in the translation here why the Muslim translate that this is he is wearing the women his wife shirt as I say that this is Restonic translation this u.s. dynamic website in English why they are saying that he is wearing Ayesha clothes because disclosure because it's but this is Ayesha clothes okay okay go go go go go get lost get lost so you guys it's not this that women are closed Ayesha clothes is not women a clothes Aisha was a man obviously ayissha clothes is a mana clothe I should dress like a man my friend you see how they lie I mean they when escaped from anywhere they want I showed it to him it says this is only for women and he says this is his opinion aren't you the one who said to me show me where it says they say only for women don't call me don't call me don't call me I'm done with you you're a potato you're a potato and you're a coward it says in the front of us you see guys how much I know Islam Arabic is my first language I showed them reference and evidence in front of their eyes and still they go in denial that's why I say to you always we don't deviate Muslims because Muslim they will never debate Muslims they are liars you get them busted this is the maximum you can do there's no debate and then the Muslims will they are decent they watch those debates and they will notice an inside their heart they knew that this guy is now trying to defend but it's useless there's many Muslims thousand and thousand who stems will watch this and they will see how it is a stupid what he is saying and how they try to run away from what is showing in the front of their face you see one of the reason I don't like those you know speaking : like he is a speaker corner I mean so people are shouting and nobody's showing anything I mean like you say whatever you want here we have it in front of us and you notice I show it to you I look for the heating in a moment which is very hard by the way to find unless you know exactly what are you talking about I find reference that you challenge me I show what you right away the Muslim cannot do this thing they have no idea what Islam is about they are just big mouths and this guy he is going to defend Islam there's no matter what you say no matter what you prove no matter what you show him why am i trying to commit suicide Muhammad hear voices when he go to the bathroom even Muhammad he said that rocks they said to him as-salam-o-alaikum have you ever heard of a prophet rocks say to him as-salaam alaikum rocks are you sure rocks you walk in the street Muhammad you hear rock saying to you assalamu alaikom and you are telling me your prophet is not mentally ill or what about muhammad is sucking the tongue of fatima is that a normal thing for a person who is not mentally ill maybe we should continue with this topic in the coming broadcast tomorrow maybe we have too much information in one day gasps do you have a headache did he enjoy today but we have a good time this is our free school and nobody would teach you what you learn here all right there is you know there is one thing that Muslims cannot play with that when the truth shine nobody can cover it you can lie as much as you wish the more lie you create the more things will get be ugly for you nobody can defend anything by line maybe temporarily like when this guy the kid teenage youth a job he was making fun and mockery he thought he is making fucker mockery of David Wood but the fact he was making mockery of his prophet he was making mockery of those who believe that Allah have hands and Allah have leg and Allah have foot and Allah Allah have shame but this is the Quran and this is the Prophet you see Muslims they have an low IQ and now they spend thousands of videos just took explain why hey job he said Allah he pray on oh sorry he pray for not to which is it supposed he is different and this guy he he called us he agreed that Allah he's asking the Muslim to pray on Muhammad anybody in the same verse it says Allah he pray on Muhammad – it's a stupid religion many of you love really what I do because of Muslims not because of me yes Yousef why you are calling me again what happened you suddenly on Sunday or not hmm there's difference all day Allah different due to Abdul Abdul listen listen you know hold on hold on hold on hold on let me the petitioner hold on hold on let me show you everybody let me show you that everybody that I will give you today additional certified donkey I want you to tell me what the word Salah had I mean in in dictionary now tell me tell me you tell me tell me tell me tell me what you you what you think you what you think is tell me the correct answer doesn't matter who dictionary you Allah doesn't matter tell me what sallu aleihi or Allah he pray on him what does that mean please say okay let us go with you and everybody would be laughing at you in a second guys he said it is a blessing and supplication blessing to her I mean your supply your supplicate to Allah if Allah is doing supplication he supplicated to who if Allah is supplicate what allah i supplicate to who you said it is it is you said it's a you said i said to you what a prey on him mean you said blessing is under her to army a supplication of employers okay all the supplicate is a prayer to who in this verse it's mean blissing okay in this verse is person okay I will go with you read with me carefully if Allah he sent his a blessing who need the blessing of the angels the prophets why he needed if Alma already blessed him if Allah already blessed Muhammad the answer is what they can't do the engines will ask Allah for blessing correct because come on come on my friend is not a question there's another question if Allah if Allah if Allah already he send a blessing to Muhammad why Allah he is commanding the angel to ask him to turn the blessing if he already sent the blessing because the the engines are at the creation of Allah no problem no problem but Allah already sent the blessing Abdul Abdul Abdul the pizza arrived already Allah already seen the blessing why is asking the angel to send the blessing if he already sent a blessing why not what do you mean what do you mean are you saying to me the blessing of Allah expired so he can't you have to keep sending blessing over our war over if allah he did you see what you doing just because you pray to your jesus doesn't mean in jesus lead your plan I'm not talking about that don't be stupid I'm not I'm not saying Allah I mean I'm saying Muhammad he need now you are saying to me hold on hold on Abdul everybody's laughing at you you must have you have no brain you are mental illness Allah he said the blessing to Mohammed – who – Mohammed – who – I have my channel for this shut up to Allah so table so it's not a look at in the benefit we got that we got that we got that stop being stupid Allah he said no Allah he said Allah he said the blessing to Mohammed why he need the angel to send more a blessing to Mohammed if Allah already sent a blessing why he command the angels to ask Allah Allah please said the blessing but I'll already sent the blood same answer are you are you telling good what to do look really look at the answer guys look at this a Lutheran guard what to do i yes i i thinka because he sent him busted already and you don't kill what if allah he said they were blessing already why he's asking the angels to ask him to send the blessing if he sent the bla same because what do you mean he want okay that's many or got is a stupid this is you who you are you stupid no this is used not me you stupid because it is Mohammed already there is no need for anyone to be asked to ask Allah to send a blessing because already hated that He blessed him if Bissonnette the question we've got he wants something what something already he blessed him so why is asking the Muslims and asking the angels to ask Allah to send a blessing if he already sent a blessing I will use this same Jesus need to kill himself to forgive you why you're changing the topic second did you set him back in himself the topic so you can run away why God he is a blessing you he need to ask me to ask him to send a blessing to you when he already blessed you simply because he is good good to do what you want to be but God is he your God is a stupid your God is a stupid if already Mohammed is just everybody is laughing at you everybody is looking at you secondly secondly here here if we go in the wrong if we see the word usefully in Allah how a meritorious I'm gonna be right this is a pyramidal dress in the front hold on hold on hold on I mean what I mean what Li mean okay hold on hold on okay in chapter 33 verse number 33 verse number 43 chapter 33 verse number 43 hold on the same the same hold on it is he it's he who reach out to you this important translation bringing you out of darkness is that the true translation or you don't agree with it in Arabic it says who are lady your salvia Holly Kamala ikata who yes okay do you agree with this or no Allah yes Allah Allah more maleic at the who what is that for what is your approach don't ask me for my point answer and then you would get my point this what the Muslims do they are afraid from my point you are asking me what is my point because you are terrified you want to know my point before I before you answer so you can play game with it answer me when it says who all the do Solia alaikum what does that mean this is just to should profit understand this you know what to do want people to do what to do what so many for there we go Oh milady assalam alaikum o Mara a Catahoula hurry to come in Almaty illenore yes okay because you are doing he said the blessing to whom did he send a blessing to whom he he sent his impressing – who is the blossom is the blessing of Allah is to be sent is it something we can deliver if Allah blessed me is that something he sent to me it spiritually it is Allah forgive us this is this is how it is no he said no it's you said let us read literally together it says he it is who who sent the blessing on you so do his angels as do his angels that he may bring your art of the depth of darkness do you agree with that what hit me boy okay guys guys guys he agree hold on let me answer guys he agree so Allah he said the blessing and His angels they do the same they do send the blessing what is the purpose so he may he may bring you out of darkness that's been your God Allah blessing bring you know where it's but it maybe it's me maybe you so why Allah send your blessings what well no it is different in Arabic I'm new I read the translation for you a second ago and he said you agree I ask you do you agree with this you said yes but but did you agree did you everyone had agreed that for you you said yes so so he may so he may so he may so he may take you out okay now although he sent the blossom angel sent the person what is the person of Allah will do additional to the person of the angels what that would do how about our Simeon blessing and that both will take you out of darkness and maybe will take you not necessarily do you know he see me hmm what why he didn't see me why he said me go tell me because it's depend of the people it's definitely good good deeds Allah will ok order him out ok no problem no problem your God your God now in trouble because of you your God is going to punish you let me show you let me show you let me show you what you did you got your God busted because the verse says he might take you out all done he might show he might take you out of your darkness which means you are already in the darkness correct dose we put they are in the darkness yes ok if they are in the darkness how those who the Orient the darkness they receive a blessing from Allah do all the bluster go far in their hearts that they will do the good things Allah will bring him from the dark strudel eyes but your friend my friend you just said if Allah knows if Allah knows this is why he said me because he did not know same time same time same time do you same time this is against the Quran this is against the Quran itself because the Quran says allah will not blast those who the ELCA for allah curse them Allah punish them Allah will kill them learn a law but Allah law so how Allah he is sending a blessing before they leave the darkness Allah he said the blessing to Quraysh before send it before they leave the darkness they are in the deep goodness the only interpretation for this that Allah he pray and this was says in Arabic that it is he who prey on you and the angels they do the same so may you be came out of darkness he pray because if he send in a blessing and already the aura blasts that's mean he do not need anymore did not even need guidance they are blessed already I am a blast only if I fall God let me ask you are you blast if you are a kaffir yes shut up guys he said yes I'm blessed so I would go to heaven what the blessing mean what a blessing mean what a blessing mean ok hold on hold on what is a blessing which is because to boot you Haven what because if you are blessed is a blessing my friend my friend the blessing is God just go just go let your mom call me I want I want the man of the house to call me I want the man of the house economy Allah he's in the blessing in advance who you know we were done that's it everybody's laughing and you will notice here when the verse saying that he may that makes sense that this is about praying so here this is the real meaning of the verse the word here it is he praying on you the Muslim they fabricate and thus a blessing praying and now that makes sense and the Asia they do the same and because it's a prayer so maybe maybe that will bring you out of your depth of darkness do you see it but if you with the word blessing that would be messed up Mohammed always he do poopoo he is not sure of those people they would accept him or not he says Allah he pray on you same as the angels so maybe he bring you out of your darkness he's not talking to believers because of if those are believers then why they are in the deeps of the darkness they are in the depth of darkness because they don't believe in Islam they don't believe in Allah and this is all is against the teaching of Islam if we go if we go in the Quran we will find ton of verses saying that Allah curse those who don't believe you don't bless them Allah even caress of women if she don't go to the bed of the husband and she's a Muslim even for that silly reason Allah he curse you what about somebody he don't believe in Allah and Allah yet he will bless him Allah has cursed the disbelievers and has prepared for them the place how He blessed them but they are cursed who is the strip adhere the same each chapter we are reading from the same chapter the Muslim they fabricate the translation they say it's Ben Allah he sent a blessing so you may go out of darkness what does that mean they are cursed whatever to be found and killed them and slaughter them Allah bless them Allah will make them barbecue in the fire the day when their faces are flapped flipped into the fire Go Go don't call me again you're a kid this is our stupidest religion is either we are cursed or we are not if we are a blast then we are blood that's it we do not take Mohammed if me has a Christian the guy he said you as a Christian you are blessed by Allah that's me we do not need his name would not need Mohammed we can stay as a Christians in chapter 5 verse number 78 don't call me kid in chapter 5 verse number 78 it says cursed where those who disbelieve from among the children of Israel and and and David and the follower of Jesus etc by the tongue of David by the tank of mooses by the tongue of Jesus they are cursed so how Allah he bless us is it stupidity anyway guys we have enough for today did we have a good time did we have a good time no when I say that your mom called me I mean the man of the house because in case you do not know many people by the way they think that Muslim men are in charge of the houses Muslim men they get beaten by their wives every day according to study in Algeria I think it was Algeria or Morocco I forgot that the most household violent domestic violent it's women beat in men women beat in women women men Muslim women are very aggressive so yes the Quran says that the man he can beat his wife but what's happy in the ground a reality it is the women beating the husband you will see the guy he's five foot tall and his wife she's in the size of a truck she fought at him he fly one box is his bye-bye that's it by the way anyway this is why Muhammad he was saying what he had a fight with its of his wife that Allah and gibreel and the angels and everybody will take his side I mean the fight is big because it's two women imagine two women not one this is how dangerous it is fight in America is easier my friend two women in the same time against one man and who is this man a weak man like Muhammad who lost his teeth which mean he cannot even bite it is not a fair fight yes I know you change your name it can I go I'm done with you go with you your just answer me we got your bustle you said that you are a blast we Christians are a blast yeah the kuffar who worship idols they are blast and by the way this verse was not about even the Christians if you repent to Allah then your heart have listened but if you born together to women against him Allah and Allah is his ally and gibreel and every righteous believer and additional to that all the ranges we spoke about that already this is how dangerous it is to have a fight with Muslim women if you are a Muslim man married to them they will eat your life by the way by the way what a Muslim women she do marry a man do you know what they do anyone knows they will do their best to keep you poor anyone knows why they every day they will ask you for a new thing she will split coffee over the couch oh the couch is done we cannot have visitors now we have to change it why why she keep doing that the curtain the curtain are old there is a cigarette burn the curtain here look our change the bedroom she keep Reisen you will spend the money because she want to be sure that you will not have extra because if you have extra you will go and get a new wife so she will ask you for more money and she will save it because she is not sure if she will stay tomorrow in this house she will bring her a bill of many things she bought for the kitchen but you go to the fridge refrigerator you find nothing there they are literally thieves and I don't blame them they want to secure their tomorrow I remember once a Muslim lady she came to my mom I was a kid you know and she like you know my mom is in the kitchen and oh and the lady she come to my mom house to help her like a maid you know but like let us say part-time she's a Muslim so she said to her you know I feel jealous for Christian ladies my mom she said what do you mean she said you know like the food we are cooking I don't know in my house if I am going to eat from it my husband always is angry and sometime I feel like he's going to divorce me anytime which mean the food I eat or the food she is cooking she is not sure she would eat from it so there's no security and my mom is not worried about that she's not worried about her husband coming back and said to her you're divorced retirement that search is gone she's history this is why Islamic family is always damaged even the children they hate each other I remember once I went to a Muslim kid I was a kid in the school with him you know we decided to buy something like I forgot like ice cream or candy whatever so he said let me ask my dad to give me money I said okay so I went with him and then the the father emerging guys he asked the kid who is your mom he didn't know his kid they don't know he didn't know the kids he have he's asking his son who are you literally he's saying to him who are you he could not recognize him he's an old man sitting in a chair in the front of the house and he's asking the kid he said dad give me money he said do you are the son of who I was looking like what is you just call him that and he's asking the sinner foo it was asking you're the son of which women he told him he put his hand in the pocket he gave him some change other day we went to the house of the of the kid and then his brother he was sent to F word to his mother the effort to his mother I said to him how you say that to your mom he said no his mom is not my mom so the family is inside is very in a very bad shape because each women she she start teaching her children's to hit the other ones so we will find a family is very much divided women they are jealous from each other they hate each other and they try to take as much as they can to their pocket from the other wife this why we see the story here actually presenting what happened between Ayesha and Hafsa and the rest of the wives of Mohammed hey everybody was upset from higher because she was taking all the gifts and met letting anyone to give gifts to the house of other wives this is why Christian marriage is the perfect marriage perfect family if you go in the Middle East you will see the highest number of people who they are studying in universities are Christians but yet they are a low minority as number you go inside the university you think that this country maybe is a Christian country because the majority are Christians why because a Christian family is successful the Christian Muslim family is corrupt there's no family in the family it's just a contract for sex and this is why I say thank you God I am a Christian not only that I am a Christian prince who defeat Islam every day who help Muslims to come to Christ every day Muslims are so upset if you go to a Facebook you will see how much they are so upset from a Christian press making videos ending career of Christian Prince you're right my career is ended and this is why Muslims are leaving Islam left and right because watching their by videos this is how we stupid this religion and only stupid they follow something stupid as simple as that you cannot be a person who have little brain and then you follow such a cult even if you have a little brain you have to be mentally ill to believe that God will give you a English penis a vagina fit for that orgasm of 70 years a couch a bracelet very silly stuff furniture I mean here we go go in the street of my I live in America you drive in your car you will find many couches for for free just take it just take it big-screen TV just take it the garbage of America is better than the promise of online heaven the garbage literally our garbage here is better than what Allah promised on you in heaven that cannot be a promise of God my friend that is a promise of someone stupid speaking to poor Arab who never saw something good who never saw a couch God he will not promise me that I will not have heat of the Sun unless he is speaking to the Arab that is not a good news for someone live in Alaska not to promise me grape and wine mixed with ginger or gingham you know Ginga whatever ginger you call it because the horribly like a drink ginger so Muhammad he had no choice but to mention it even in his heaven all the promises of Muhammad the proving to us that he is a corrupt and false man crazy man stupid man you name it selfish even his god he make verses and chapters just for the sake of his private part and his testicles and nobody questioned the dignity of this filthy man how dare you thank you guys for being here may the Lord bless you tomorrow is a Friday for sure we will be here right is it tomorrow as a Friday god I'm wrong or hold on no yeah yeah is it anyway tomorrow I hope we will be able to do live podcast too so please invite your friends subscribe and tell your friends about what we do and I hope that's you guys taking notes and downloading the videos because those videos will disappear either by me or by someone else so you better download them because this free school will not repeat itself again twice time will come and Christian prints will go the Lord will take him and he will not be here with you take advantage teach your kids save yourself and don't be a fool thank you very much for being here Christ as Lord and Islam is false I'm into that and see you soon again bye

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  1. President Duterte said the other day, catholic charch will be gone in 25 years. It will not survive with all the controversies brewing around its clergy. When they get horny : the sons of b * * * * * * * * es go after nuns. If they are gay, they go after young boys. Who needs a religion like that. He called Bishops useless fools and said the clergy is full of sons of b * * * * * * * * es.

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    Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani)  صـحـيـح   (الألباني)حكم     :

    Reference : Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 600In-book reference : Book 30, Hadith 63English translation : Book 30, Hadith 600

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  3. C P I'm surprised that you've bashing n debunking Islam,Allah n Mohammad but all the prominent Islamic scholar or clerics don't come to debate but they are busy to earn the bread n butter by deceiving the naive n stupid Muslims, you're doing a wonderful job , God bless you sir,

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