Justifying My Christianity…Fail – The Atheist Experience 460

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A Christian caller is confident she knows God is real. She shares her irrational justifications. The hosts try to explain to her where she went wrong, but she is having none of it. Ashley Perrien and Tracie Harris host this clip from The Atheist Experience #460 –

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I do want to tell you that especially in America it's sad especially because I was a victim and many many other people that churches and Christianity is so distorted America it makes you not really want to get to know God but if you just read the Bible and really read it and understand what it says do not and not think about religion or church or a certain denomination because I'm a non-denominational Christian which I actually call myself a Christ follower and in my heart I'm a Jewish person I'm a Buddhist I'm a Christian of a Muslim in my heart but I know I know why we are the way we are I know how we got here I know where we're going to go but most importantly I know why the evil and the good forces work and how they work is because Christ died for us and I kind of understand what you're saying and he did yeah he did what you did um but what you're making are a lot of your putting forward a lot of ideas here that don't have any basis in actual evidence accepting the Bible exactly I mean you're saying just go ahead and read it right before I read the Bible because a lot of us in this room have before you read the bhagavad-gita the Gemini that I mean there's a yeah I tried many religions I mean I was more of I have my whole life I've been more of a nonconformist and so like anti-everything I wanted to figure it out on my own I'm very artistic why do you believe what is Christ even lived like what makes why do I think he lives yeah well there's archaeological proof yeah there's not dinosaurs the Bible or truth but not well Christ over lives yeah not that I mean yes Israel's real place I accept that spider-man comics also talk about certain newspapers and New York they exist also that doesn't mean spider-man is real well there's one thing wrong or false about the Bible than it must be all right I'd say that may not be absolutely not because you can like he was just giving you example of a fictitious figure that uses an actual city exactly you can make up mythology that occurred look at Greek mythology do you believe in Zeus I mean there's Greek mythology where you have all kinds of gods and goddesses running around real places with real kings but you don't you don't have a bunch of followers that still confirm this in spirit and actually have a relationship with them I didn't believe I was where you were – I didn't believe it I thought it was crap but you don't have any relationship with Jesus or Paul or anybody else I mean it's it's a mental interpretation that's kind of what it seems like but you're not actually communicating me thinking you have a relationship with them and then not I agree differently wanting to know God and then actually taking and taking your heart your soul and putting trust in him that he is there because he's always waiting on you believing a drink doesn't make it but just but just putting faith in something and not having proof that it's there isn't always the smartest thing and that's basically we are talking about it's not a good thing to put faith in God unless I can see it don't believe in love but yet you have it how do you know it's even there if you can't because love is self defined I define it now if you're telling me God is self defined okay I accept your God yourself to find it it's not some overriding force of you know there's this omnipotent God being out there who you know cares about us and created the universe and really pay attention to your sex life there's there's no evidence of that correct well what if someone told you that God is always been waiting on you and you just have to come to him what if I tell ya addition has been waiting on you and he wants you to come to him well I would listen to you now I see why why why would you listen what do you have to lose well here's my question wait wait here's the third sanity for that wait now there's actually a good response to this if I told you that I went to Florida on vacation and went to Disneyworld would you believe that would I believe it yeah well yeah just like in the Bible when people live in Israel I know it exists so I know people have been there and still haven't going there so you like it but I mean if I said you know this is the summer the past summer I went to Disneyworld that's pretty common thing to say but what if I told you I went there in an alien spaceship would you believe me well I would probably want to test out for myself why why why why believe me because it's almost like an experience that I feel like I would want to period but you can't experience this the aliens left after they dropped me back off in Austin I mean literally hands but if there's a chance that I can maybe see it again I would do it so you would just believe anything anybody tells you until it's proven false because I'm certain I don't believe any I don't believe everything people tell me but I take it in I absorb it and then I see whether or not it's going to be true so do my research so when people like as a child okay I kind of went on the bandwagon I was like Christianity religion all that stuff is a bunch of messages organized stuff that makes people like prejudice and you know I don't know I just thought a lot of different things about okay but I didn't come to Christ and so I actually started to pray first of all and then God started speak to me because he knew my heart was ready for something big how did your own mind of every thinking to you yeah basically what you did is you just accepted that there must be something out there you don't pray unless you think somebody's listening I don't sit in bed at night and talk to myself just for the fun of it um if you're praying you're actually speaking to something that's out there you had to already believe that there was a god yeah now toward it alright because we live in this country chances are you're going to go towards the Christian God rather than Vishnu or Buddha or Zeus or whatever if you had grown up in India you probably would have gone towards one of the Hindu gods I know you would've just kind of been you know I don't I've been always a nonconformist that's my whole thing so–but it knows me knows I do not conform anything I'm against it just because I don't want to be one of the people in the cattle I've always been that way that's I'm saying trying to try to picture being very non performing at the point but the point still applies you believe that there was a God out there in the first place and you were praying to him that that is something where I don't see the reason for that because I don't believe that thing is out there once I once I have believed like why is the world once I have belief and evidence why does their love why is their hey why is there war why is there always tension between people why psychology yeah why does that need a supernatural all-powerful God to explain it when psychology and economics and things like that do it pretty darn well well God gives us science he gives us the ability to figure out things and then come up with answers I'm sorry am I kidding you're making these claims you're gonna have to verify it yeah basically you're making you're putting forward a bunch of claims and you're not giving us any verification or evidence for what you believe you're just saying God does yeah right here here's some evidence right here when I speak to God he answers my prayers there's a lot of people that talk to things that talk back to them there's a guy that just called me like what 30 demons or there's God that talks cool there's ago to pedal day okay that's out whether or not it's good or bad a little while ago when I prayed and God's Andrew – a little while ago a guy called to say cars talked to him for five years all right I mean you know he was on LSD and cars were talking to him and I just finished saying that I had all kinds of hallucinations while I was doing the sleep therapy the sleep testing so I mean you can't your brain can do all kinds of weird things to you that's not evidence of God yeah I just put you on hold there because again we need to have a discussion you know we can't talk over each other and okay sorry but yeah I mean yeah psychology does a lot of weird things your your mind can mess up in lots of ways and you could either interpret that as being God is talking to me or demons are talking to me or I'm here or I'm hearing voices and you know who the computer is actually talking to me or you know hey my brain is just a little bit messed up right now because I'm still really tired well the Bible does explain those things and what happened the Bible is just a book it's a base it doesn't have any evidence of anything in the real world it doesn't explain why any man in the world I guess yeah yeah you know what how do you read the whole Bible I've read the news I haven't read all the Bhagat's he got him – got him say you read the Old Testament in it yes yes I have in fact we're recording from it earlier so what do you think is wrong with our world today depends like how do you make the in solution it depends on how you look at it you can look at it as wholly messed up or you can look at as a wonderful place that's your perspective no your choice if you want to see it as a messed up problem that's you know that's your world is it is a messed-up problem okay why do children with not just America but all over the world there are lotsa different cultures are a lot of different people and races and and there are a lot of solutions a lot of things I'll be doing what we've got to do is try and figure out how to fix the problems and we're going to Christianity he does not to judges all of it's all out of love okay Wow did you read noticed I'm asked believing me wrong I will throw you into a pit of fire for the recipe to loud enough you should be stoned to death that's what's in the elastomer song I think you meant I think you misread apart because crochet actually was developed when Christ came so if you read the second like the New Testament it is all I've loved it doesn't say any of that you're talking about the old test Christ but God was mad about everybody going against God jump now because when God came down and gave us the Ten Commandments and total king of a Jew in basically like proved so much stuff to us we still forsake in him and that's why you see God being really angry we're going to let you go at this point because we have a little over 30 seconds left them show

32 thoughts on “Justifying My Christianity…Fail – The Atheist Experience 460

  1. God gives me food every day. I never leave my house. I just go on a website, select what I want and the food, or anything else I need, comes to me. Thank you Jesus for giving me my daily bread.

  2. I've read the bible cover to cover a dozen times or more and every time it just got stranger and stranger. The old testament is very poorly written fiction at best. This god that so many follow is the biggest racist in print. "Kill'm all and let god sort'm out", is not just something to say at times today. In the old testament days, it was not just accepted that genocide was okay, it was ordered by god. Inherited sin? What a fucking joke. Your Great Great grandfather stole a pig. So now that we've caught you, the Judge sentences you 90 days plus costs. My kids won't listen and are getting into trouble, so I can take them out of the town limits and kill them. This is how god expects the people to believe then. If you beat your slave and he doesn't die in a day or two, then you are not breaking the law. Its all right there in black and white. Elisa came into a new town and children on the edge of town were calling him empty head, name calling. So according to the old testament, he called bears out of the woods to kill them. This god that so many people choose to believe, never even said that Elisa was doing wrong. The next time you Christian folks are on your way church one snowy Sunday and some kids pelt your new SUV with snowballs, stop your vehicle while you get your kids ready to see Dad do something that only a god could appreciate. Dozens of stories such as this makes me sick.

  3. Okay, I'm sorry, but "non-comformist" = easily led . I'm in advertising, I don't go to all the work designing an ad campaign for a client unless I think I can get people to buy whatever it is they're selling. See, otherwise I wouldn't be in advertising very long would I? /sarcasm

  4. I don't mean to be rude, but when you've got to twist something that hard to fit, "I'm this, I'm that" etc., then exactly what's the point of all that effort? If "god" can be so contorted to fit anything and everything…then is it not more simple mentally to just say you don't believe in god, period?

  5. WTF kind of argument is that to go from "Have you read the bible?"  Response: "Yes"  Then the Caller asking "Well then what do you think is wrong with the world today.  Non Sequitur.  OMG… I am SO glad I got out of this religion.

  6. When aliens invade this planet, which they will do in our lifetime, they will sort the inhabitants by virtue of their intelligence.  Atheists, possessing the highest intelligence on the planet, will be admitted into the Galactic Empire and will hold dominion over Earth in concert with the aliens.
        The common everyday Christian, based on their relatively low IQ, will be domesticated as pets and teleported to distant planets to serve as household pets to be walked on leashes.
        Creationists, and certain brain-damaged Christians such as the caller, have been assessed to have the lowest intelligence in the Galactic Empire, will function as paperweights and door stops.

  7. And this is to the caller, since your God anserws ur prayers please ask God to not allow the 300,000 children to not be slathered in the next 30 days world wide, because if he answers ur prayers and allows the other that's a pathetic sick evil dolphins ads Tucker, ur evil lady and suck and its people like u that ducks up the planet and sad to say all u fucks must die off, so we can intelligently fix r problems

  8. The host did a terrible job in shutting this dumb Bitch up, y didn't they stick to all the evidence that their never was a Jesus, y didn't they say look in real history if real scholars under ibtellectual academia no one says thus fraud fuck ever lived, y didn't they asked what us Jesus birthday. Then ask how many recipes he had and what age did he started teaching and so forth and so forth then proved that same story is for 20 other so called gods? I'm much more disappointed in the horrific job the host done and fuck that u were being polite which sometimes we must be and express humility, but this was not it, u were pathetic

  9. You can't be a skeptic non-conformist and also absorb/accept whatever people say, including wanting to chase an alien spaceship just cause Tracie claims it was there.

  10. "the NT is all about love". for somebody who claims to have studied so much about religion and the Bible she sure know so very little. where does she think the concept of Hell comes from?

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