Jumpin' Jerusalem! Yom Kippur Video for Kids

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Calling all kids who love Israel! Come learn about the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and get your FREE coloring book at

Jumpin’ Jerusalem is a new series by Rabbi David and Kerry Bar-Cohn to teach children about Israel, Jewish Holidays, the Bible and the Hebrew language.

In this short, fun and cute video you will learn what “Yom Kippur” means in Hebrew along with the deeper significance of the Biblical festival like why Jews don’t eat and do wear white clothing on their holiest day of the year.

Israel365 Scenes and Inspiration from the Land of Israel is excited to team up with the very talented Kerry and Rabbi David Bar-Cohn on the new video series, Jumpin’ Jerusalem. Israel365Kids hopes to teach Jewish and non Jewish children the importance of the Biblical festivals, their connection to the Land of Israel and their relevance to our lives today. For more information, please visit www.Israel365.com/kids

Wow shadow from his real welcome to jump in Jerusalem where we jump in and learn about Israel the Jewish holidays and even some words in Hebrew that's the ancient language of the Bible that people still speak today right here in Israel so today we're going to jump in to the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur can you say Yom Kippur young people great the name Yom Kippur doesn't sound like English does it that's because it's Hebrew the word Yom means day the word keep or means atonement what's that atonement is when we know we did something wrong and we try to fix it Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement it's the day when we think about the things we did wrong this year and try really hard to fix it how do you fix something you did wrong well sometimes it just means saying sorry so if we hurt a friend's feelings we fix that by going over to them and telling them how sorry we are that we made them feel bad we ask them to forgive us I'm Yom Kippur we say sorry and ask God to forgive us to give us a fresh start we also ask our friends and family to forgive us Yom Kippur is a chance to make up with people it's a chance to tell someone how much we really love them Oh Emma Hema means mommy a lot I'm really sorry about all the long things I did this year I really super love you that's fancy I really super love you too hi oh don't forget about telling them about not eating and drinking on young people you're lied to the Bible says that on Yom Kippur we shouldn't eat and we shouldn't drink I'll leave the adults don't need a drink kids do so why don't we eat or drink on Yom Kippur because I'm Yom Kippur we try to be like angels no not those angels these angels angels don't need to eat or drink the only thing they do is what God asked them to do Yom Kippur is the one day a year where we try to act like angels to only think about what God wants from us and how to be really really good people that's why so many Jews wear white on your keyboard to remind us that today we want to be like angels wow you really do look like an angel thanks and you see I'm also wearing white this shawl is called a Tallis which is what Jews wear when we're praying and on Yom Kippur we pray and we pray you know what we do next oh that's right we pray just about the whole entire day and at the very end we sing a special song called lashonna hey Bob you shall I'm yep that's Hebrew it means next year in Jerusalem Jerusalem is the city of peace getting along with each other and we hope at this time next year not only will we be getting along with our friends but the whole world should be getting along everybody should be friends so now you know so much about yo Kippur it's the day when we say sorry for all the things we did wrong this year and try our very best to fix it and it's the day we don't eat or drink try to act like angels to be the best people we can be so we can all be friends so from rabbi david and kerry we wish you a very good yom kippur see you next time here on Jeff in Jerusalem Shalom from Israel bution Shanna Shanna Bobby

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  1. They are not "Jewish" Holy Days. YHWH said to Moses“Speak to the Israelites [not ONLY the Tribe of Judah – but ALL of Israel] and say to them: ‘These are MY appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of YHWH, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies." – Leviticus 23 – All of scattered Israel, scattered to all nations, should be keeping All of YHWH's Feast Days.

  2. we are your biggest fans. You are a inspiration to us. You are legit goals. Your hair looks amazing, this is our favorite video on the internet. we love to watch your videos at night before we go to bed its better than a nap time story. live on jews!!! <3 – Itamar and Ruth

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