Joel Osteen – Unconditional Trust

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It’s easy to trust God when things are going our way, but what about when things aren’t going our way? Are you frustrated or unhappy because something is not working out like you think it should? That’s conditional trust.

Let Joel teach you how to have unconditional trust in what God is doing in your life.

Psalm 138:8 promises us that “God will work out His plan for your life.” You don’t have to work it out. You don’t have to make it all happen in your own strength and fight all of your battles. God knows what’s best for you. Instead of living life frustrated, you can live contented and restful, trusting in God’s timing.

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46 thoughts on “Joel Osteen – Unconditional Trust

  1. God I trust you unconditionally even when I'm not were I want to be.
    I trust you Lord even when things are not going the way I want. I may not understand it now but I trust you. AMEN!!

  2. God is good God is awesome God is love God is everything for us God bless all you guys lady's and gentleman I love you God with all my heart and soul thank you thank you thank you 💙💖🎇✨🎆🙏

  3. I really want to know of how do we know this God's plan when sth is happening now in our lives?
    This question makes me wondering for too long .bc my mom wants me to change school and she always frustrated me .from now I've changed schools 7 times .i dun want to change school but my mom said this is God's plan for u ,so u have to go .but I always feel upset every time my mom talk about my new school .and in my mind I still want to go back and study at my old school .i don know what to do ….
    I've bee praying talk to God about how I feel but i haven't seen the answer yet !

  4. please pray for me I have lost all have no work my wife is living apart from me because my son won't allow her to stay with me in his home he has another home and only uses this one as his office.he is a Christian but believes god needs to give him a sign to accept her to stay with me here. I am so lonely and need to have our lives back and don't know how, please help us to find our happiness in gods grace

  5. After losing my young Nephew l didn’t understand it!!!!!!! Do to Homicide. Joe’l words of wisdom & the relationship He’s Got will God , really helped me through it all. My sister Maria’s heart is broken for the lost of he’s son Lil Brian murder by a coward!!!! This morning I pray for healing ,understanding & god’s Will 🙏😭

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  7. Wow! This message comes at the perfect time. I am leaving what I do know, for everything I don't know. Stepping out on faith means not having all of the answers up front… just like right now.

  8. "Instead of living life frustrated, you can live contented and restful, trusting in God’s timing."?How about Instead of "live contented and restful", with God, bless them, give them more, never dealing with Trump, may God bless him, give him wisdom, have him take less aggressive actions toward anyone, stop playing like a victim..( and remind him "winning isn't everything")

  9. Dear pastor Joel Osteen, you are my favorite pastor, you are a mind blowing always smiling pastor, I had never seen a smiling pastor in my entire life,…pastor love you so much…God bless you abundantly…pastor keep encourage the broken vessels and the orphans…you never ever condemn the sinners…you are a example of a real man of God…ummmma ummmma…

  10. Thank You Joel this sermon really inspired me. This is exactly what I needed to hear. It’s like God is not only orchestrating my steps but I feel he is orchestrating yours in all you do. It’s the little voice I hear in my heart and my mind. I just know it is. It’s amazing indescribable.

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