Joel Osteen – God's Got This

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We all have things that come against us and experience things we don’t understand. It’s easy to live uptight wondering how everything is going to work out. It we’re not careful, we’ll get discouraged, live worried, and not believe things are going to change.

But there’s a simple phrase you have to get down in your spirit – God’s got this. Joel wants to teach you in this encouraging message that you don’t have to figure it all out. In the natural, you may not see a way, but that’s okay, we serve a supernatural God. He sees what’s happening in our lives and already has a solution. Instead of living frustrated, learn to let go and let God. When you turn it over to Him and say, “God, I know You’ve got this. I know You’re in control,” not only will you feel the heaviness lift off of you, but God will make things happen that you couldn’t make happen on your own.

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39 thoughts on “Joel Osteen – God's Got This

  1. Well, I'm worried. It's 4:36 in the morning can’t sleep about to be homeless. My husband's alcohol addiction got us a foreclosure noticed. I have two children and I have no where to go. My husband got a Dui and is going to jail. I had to pay lawyers. I tried to help him, he had an intervention. We offer rehab, but he wouldn't listen or do what he was told. Now I'm stuck.. I have a part time job, but can't afford to make the past due payments. I pray for my husband to change lots of time before this happened and he never did. I prayed over and over nothing changed. So I'm losing faith in God. I'm here hoping God can restore my faith. I need lots of prayers because I'm beyond hurt and disappointed.

  2. My name is Ankit I was very troubled and mentally frustated because girls side family is not agreeing.After listening your sermon i felt the power of God in my heart and now i feel relaxed,confident,blessed,Hopefup .😊Thankss Pastor Joel.Please keep my family and girl side family in prayers.

  3. Amen I receive it. God bless you sir. Your messages encourage me each day and my life has never been the same since I started listening and applying it to my daily life. Thank you for saying yes Lord and thank you for touching so many lives . I boldly declare that my life will never remain the same again.

    I dream of building a enormous incredible mansion for the homeless, but that's my dream.
    I want to ask you people if you can help me in prayer to help the homeless. To help find shelter, but also shelter in Jesus Christ. Please, the lord will bless you. (Pass this on)

  5. I feel like completely giving up on life every minute. God absolutely didn't make sense in my life. But that's not going to stop me from praying and believing. I believe that as long as He gives me breath to breathe each morning, He still has better days ahead worth fighting for. He's going to turn my life-threatening situations around, give me explosive financial blessings and give birth to EVERY dream He has placed in my heart. I believe it and declare it! AMEN!

  6. I DECLARE God’s incredible blessings over my life. I will see an explosion of God’s goodness, a sudden

    widespread increase. I will experience the surpassing greatness of God’s favor. It will elevate me to a level higher than I

    ever dreamed of. Explosive blessings are coming my way. This my declaration.

  7. Thank you Lord for sending pastor osteen he truly inspires me by preaching gods word. Lord thank you for giving me peace of mind. I trust you Lord everything will fall into place . Lord guide me with our journey protect me and my family. Still no work but i know you will provide our needs in jesus name amen!

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