Joe Rogan and Lawrence Krauss on religion

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Joe Rogan Experience
Episode #938
Joe Rogan and Lawrence Krauss
Joe and Lawrence discuss the place of religion.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan and Lawrence Krauss on religion

  1. The beginning section of this video starts with a terrible assumption and then he keeps building on this with more assumptions that he is supporting and acting as though supporting them makes them accurate even though he's making no direct factual observations about anything reproducible at all. What if people believed in something and they actually do and did test them? What if they actually tried to determine that the things they were believing are correct. You sound like everyone is living off blind

  2. Mr. Rogan, as-salam alakium. I have listend and watched all of your videos really enjoy them. Fundamentalism whether in religion or science …..or whatever is crazy…. I get man has had his hands on all the scriptures and f..ked them up, bible …Hadith ect… Sir, I was a drug using thieving, piece of shit…. Islam gave me something better, you could safely live by me now …. Could I have done this without Allah… Maybe… But I failed for 30 years without him. Sir with all due respect why do haters of religion only talk about the crazy aspect of our faith and never the stories of the 99 percent of us who are transformed by faith.who practice our faith quietly, not hating on anyone or making fun of anyone … I get you don't believe, I'm cool with and let live…. Sir there are 1.5 billion of us living productive quiet lives of faith ( silly ) beliefs and all

  3. People are scared lol having faith is what everyone is scared of. If you have faith you have the potential to overcome wrong and right. What is right and what is wrong? Who’s wrong who’s right? Lol a never ending battle, people can’t handle truth, what’s true what’s not? We all have the decision to do good, to do bad, we have decision to believe or to not. Quit making excuses for your bad or good decisions. We all know what’s good and bad quit contradicting yourselves. We are all the same until you try to be more than others. Who made who? Stop contradicting yourselves and thinking too deep just believe life is true and find happiness within all. That’s all that we need to find to save humanity. I have faith! I do believe in god and Jesus. But come one why is everyone hating and hating on whatever others think or do? Your proving the fact that there is a god and devil. Your preaching your beliefs. Your preaching your disbelief. Stop it.

  4. If you think you're intelligent this will happen. Arrogance is thinking you're intellect is at par with God. Just compare the intelligence of bacteria to human, that's comparing you're perceived intelligence to God.

  5. Interesting. But if there's so much evidence, why by scientific standards is it called the THEORY of Evolution or the big bang THEORY?

    I'm not sharing my stance or taking one in this comment but I'd like to point out that maybe Kruss isn't being as objective as he's preaching and maybe he's only preaching his own bias.

  6. 3:08 There is all you need to know about politics, almost no politicians deeply believe what they support, they want votes. So many politicians flip flop on stuff, Obama used to say he was against gay marriage, then he projects the gay flag on the whitehouse after its legalized, Trump used to support abortion, no he claims he doesn't, I can go on and on.

  7. Idk abt u lawrence satan worshipper krauss but jesus beat hitler and u cant deny that, if it wasnt for jesus' influence on the allied forces hitler wouldnt have found himself pressure down, he offered himself to satan to mock jesus even more. Jesus ended world war 2

  8. I really enjoy listening to joe Rogan as well as Lawrence krauss. But doesn’t anyone else think it’s kind of crazy that an atheist can reject god without actually having any concrete evidence that god doesn’t exist? For example, I believe in god but i certainly have doubts and I’m open to change what I believe as long as there is irrefutable evidence and so far science has not been able to disprove god despite making unbelievable advancements in some many fields like medicine, engineering etc. It’s amazing what science has done in the last 300 years but the debate over gods existence is still very much alive. The ironic thing is that atheists who distrust organized religion are actually part of a religion themselves particularly if you believe in the theory of evolution. Just because the theory of evolution can be found in a science textbook doesn’t mean it’s science. For example, there are so many unanswered questions like, if there was a Big Bang made up of matter then who or what created matter? How about, where did time and space come from if there was no creative designer of the universe (god)? There can’t be a Big Bang without all three elements (time, matter and space). Also, if there was a Big Bang then why is it, that there are two planets spinning the wrong way (backwards)? This contradicts a basic scientific principle in cosmology. Unless this has been debunked and I’m not aware of it. Even natural selection has holes in it like macro evolution has never ever been observed where’s micro evolution has which is simply variations of species. Has anyone ever witnessed a kind of species producing another kind? Nope. Dogs have always produced dogs and cats have always produced cats to my knowledge. So the point is the theory of evolution requires a lot of “belief” or a leap of faith because there are holes so I think it’s very arrogant of atheists to assume that there belief that god doesn’t exist is the truth when it’s completely possible that god does exist. I mean look at what an atheist is risking. I believe in god and if I’m wrong then I lose nothing but if an atheist is wrong they lose everything. Think about that. This reminds me of “Pascals Wager” which was taught in first year philosophy (its worth googling). I can understabd why an atheist would be skeptical of religion or even call the bible “a bunch of fairytales” but again without evidence proving god doesn’t exist, is it really that wise to reject faith all together? I don’t have the answers nor does anyone else, and I think atheists and even believers need to be more open minded about this topic. I mean if there is no spirituality/god then how do we tell right from wrong? Without god where is our moral compass? If you ask an atheist they would tell you that “woman can use his intellect and reason to tell the difference from right and wrong”. Oh really? So if someone believes it’s rationale to kill someone then it would be right? It’s funny that these atheists take about religion like it’s “poison or the cause of evil”, but they forget that man is evil not religion. They also forget that some the most horrific acts of mass murder was done in the name of evolution theory and NOT religion (AH, Stalin and columbine shootings etc.) I really feel bad for people who arrive at conclusions without understanding what the facts are as well as the implications of being so misinformed. It’s kinda funny how an atheist actually looks down at a believer for being blind but it’s actually the atheist that is blind. At least the Christian understands that it’s a religion and they have faith whereas the atheist is in complete denial.

  9. Obviously Krauss got picked on as a kid and it’s coming out as him bullying religious people. Of course it’s easy to belittle people who believe things based on faith. The fact that you herald yourself for doing such indicates you are not as smart as you think you are.

  10. The big bang happened? This guy already sounds insane. You're not bad for not believing. And you're talking just about religion on a general perspective. I believe in Holiness. What the scriptures talk about.

  11. But they arent inconsistent to each other if you consider they all have the same thing in common.
    There are many scientific theories about the universe, we dont know which one is right 100%, they all agree the universe came from somewhere, just like there are many religious beleifs, they have in common the belief we came from somewhere.

  12. The definition of faith is to believe without evidence, so why dick around talking about “show the evidence” when it’s not really gonna change anyone’s mind? This applies to both sides. There are many aspects of religion far more substantial to humans than proof of god existing or not. How about research regarding levels of self-control or divorce rates? What happened to everyone’s hard-on for Jordan Peterson? Don’t act like you don’t know any religious people who are significantly intelligent.

  13. When someone is intelligent in one field and thinks he can easily transfer his intelligence to a field he knows little about. To say that all religions are inconsistent with all others, is foolish. Most of the world religions are consistent. They aren’t identical but the core principals of most major religions are pretty much the same. And to say that you can apply science to study religion is further ignorance.

  14. Human beings are Trifold , they consist of mind, body, and spirit. Spirit revolves around belief systems like science and religion, are belief systems. What ever you believe in involves faith in what you have learned to believe in when you observe the reality of creation in all its splendor you are observing a manifestation of the spirit or creation which is nature which embodies that spirit or belief system, which is also referred to as GOD. The creator manifest by design makes no difference what you call it or how you define it thats what it is by default so what you believe or worship makes no difference how you define it makes no difference if you can exist it can as well but it was there first and made it possible for you to come along an ask the question makes no difference if you believe the answer because it is as you are none the less the pure reality of existence cannot be ignored or denied neither can the existence of GOD. In other words Gods existence is no more impossible than your own and evidence of that is not only your own existence but everything observable and non observable that exist around you period. Open your mind the possibilities are endless.

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