Jhatka – the Sikh method of Slaughter vs Halal/Kosher…

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A short film by Navdeep Singh Kandola

at the heart of South oh there are two butcher shops one is a regular halal butchers but the other is more of a peculiarity in there it's one of the very few remaining jhatka butcher shops in the UK 20,000 I shop I need shop cerca de chelly violence often chronic ovum is taking stood day we see 20 chat is jalapeno pianist and the company single shot when you're gonna be single it along the rail no meter my synagogue on this re jaw Hindu on the opening ohmmeter coupon it will actually meet the rapper Kanye will be a hookah undeterred by the Hindu via its abode our mother killings around the border right Amira now you wouldn't have a border did I do typically to meet or to cut about the double jeopardy and the up like a like a la vanguardia Nana it's in higher on his hand I can only sorry machine II got a new detail its Hypno's apologetically company Cuevas it's a Gurion accompli sorry moschini Catalan dear ahi viene Takeda albeit normal a beef Otis family can you can they be only the field bokkeum lamb chicken de Cicco prabhakara cuarto computer but a realtor a Makita knowledge over you know Barack's illusional de colina halal do the Ordonez had a quick connect me another crime weekly on the e-book number Crowley Rita he chatted under had a good meet another logon to the halal meat like don't ever you would you that column America upon a bit streaky no not at me to background to determine Daily Monitor halal Guardian up little Mubarak a cardi ha did you see the yeah your palm blog potato vodka cuenta de Coubertin I worried just had a thermometer we the Kaveri button I put up tomorrow night I went to the sink Sabah good water which is the largest Sikh temple outside of India and spoke to Simon de perak well the general secretary is this is one of the taboo subjects some people say are very strongly that we should not eat meat at all they're being cruel to animals we should be totally vegetarians the others say yes we should be all treated with a margin race those who eat meat should only eat chat comedy that's what you have a chat girl was just here itself most of the shops selling meat are halal made a six are specifically forbidden to eat that meat the not actually professing that people who eat halal meat store long that's not just that's not the subject if they won't eat her good luck to them but for six and others like Hindus as well if it's bad is banned they need Cherica and that's why they do have a shortage of urine sample I have never eaten any meat which is actually halal so you go to a chat gamete buying a meeting which at a shop you know it's jet car and there is also a lot of controversy going at the moment about the schools that all the meat given to children is Hamid there's a big petition signed with thousands of people which has a presenter to number 10 but certainly a campaign is going we have actually a drastic obligation here our number times on this issue we're making them aware of it as well and that's all the other girl donors are doing it doesn't because a second pair up and down the country it's not just focus focusing in South Hall O'Hara but it's going across the country six all forbidden to eat halal meat and we want to make sure that old institutions they're aware of it that sixth or forbidden to eat love me the animal is still breathing and it's fully conscious [Applause] while it is being slaughtered the animal is fully conscious and knows what is happening and suffer unnecessarily for a quite a long period it is also said by RSPCA british form welfare console british veterinary society that it prolongs the suffering of the animal while it is slaughtered by the halal method according to the code of conduct for the seeds the method for the sake to eat meat would happen that they the animal should be slaughtered by one blow and caused no unnecessary pain the death is instantaneous the instantaneous death is the main priority for the animal not missing about not asking about nothing yes the body no this is cute the single blow single snap or a single shot Targa is an ancient tradition amongst all Indian warrior caste the Kshatriya Gurkhas Maharashtrians Sikhs right boots we all do Attica though the earliest reference we have is of C ramchandra Rama himself in charka as a pre load to the battle the robbing the village to kill with a single blow is considered to be a great skill Sikhs are the guardians of Dharma and honor myself is said to be the son of compassion doing Jataka killing an animal with a single blow it seems the compassionate and we dedicate the decapitation ago to the warrior goddess Chandi so the hung warriors will start off reading The Ballad of John Dee as written by the tenth Sikh guru himself Nidal Singh is one of the new hand Sikh warriors who still maintain the ancient warrior traditions of India then the goat calmed and incensed this place to furnish souls the gold will not be decapitated until it's completely calmed to kill an animal that is frightened is considered sin calm relaxed and hands wave over comet to mesmerize it and when the cart of gold is completely settled and I will draw back through whole body behind it with full focus of body mind and spirit and thus we have now sacramental dish which we call maha-prasada the great food

29 thoughts on “Jhatka – the Sikh method of Slaughter vs Halal/Kosher…

  1. sikhs should promote jhatka meat as these days most of society , hindu people also eating Halal meat because they don't pay attention to method of slaughtering. Promoting Jhatka will help raise jhatka meat shops once again.( Better less suffering Method)

  2. Kosher is awful the way they torture the animals. By slitting its throat–it can take an hour to die, so they beat on it with fists and sticks. And push it into its shit as the animal stumbles around looking for help.

  3. 174 down votes?? clearly halal/ kosher supporters
    Jhatka does not cause the animal pain and suffering like halal and kosher also like other slaughter houses.

    Jhatka method, should be the only method applied.. if you decide to eat meat ! people think about it , if you was given 2 choices, to be killed which would you choose ?

    a) halal/ kosher which slits your throat waits for you die a slow and painfull death while you are fully aware.
    Or b) Jhatka instant death no pain no suffering one blow one second and it’s over.

    We have free will and I know baptised Sikhs or Even other people will not even agree to this method .. but surely you’ll agree if this method was applied, it would stop unnecessary pain and suffering to animals.

  4. The world eats dead carcasses, living by neglect and greed. Pause. Like a ghost, or a beast, they kill and eat the forbidden carcasses of meat. So control your urges, or else you will be seized by the Lord, and thrown into the tortures of hell. 2
    (Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Ang 723)

    Kabeer, those mortals who consume marijuana, fish and wine – no matter what pilgrimages, fasts and rituals they follow, they will all go to hell. 233
    (Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Ang 1377)

    Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale explains eating meat is not permitted in Sikhi and is a sin irrelevant of whether the meat is halal or non-halal watch?v=3AqkBrcDuJ4

  5. Funfact, most Sikh were meat eaters, but in the 16 century when Vaishnatva Hindu (the Hindu sect, who don't eat meat) converted into Sikhism, unlike Shivain sect, they demanded Sikhs should stop eating meat, because of that Langar decided to stop serving meat, except for Maha Prasad.

  6. Great video. Insight about our culture. I am Hindu and I am proud to have such a warrior clan of India which gives respect, even to animal, going to get sacrificed. Proud son of Sanatan Dharma. Satya Shri akaal.

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