Jews against Zionism -True Torah Jews

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Presstv report demonstrates a difference between Jews and not all Jews have a grudge against the Palestinians, think twice before acusing someone or in this case a “race”!!!

25 thoughts on “Jews against Zionism -True Torah Jews

  1. These Gentiles heathens are all fake convert ashkenaz khazarians Yiddish speaking caucasoid Caucasian cave dwellers Devil's from the carcass mountains of Georgia Russia in Europe they do not have one drop of Hebrew Israelite blood in them from Abraham Isaac and Jacob so-called names in English but not in Hebrew. are there all the synagogue of Satan these gentle heathens Converse. that's why there's no peace in the land to the real most high yahshua chosen people come back into the land the real Hebrew Jews Israelite a melanated people. Facts all praise to the most high yahshua

  2. Very disappointed about Zionists. Are they even jews? Surprise? Is that bad natan fucker right? Are the idiot nuts zionists real jews? He said jews are nothing to do with zionists. I was thinking jews are smart and multicultural with open minded?

  3. There's no such thing as "ultra" orthodox. Orthodox is just adhering to one's religion or philosophy strictly according to its most authentic, original or conventional formulation.

    The addition of the word "ultra" is semantically meaningless. It's like saying ultra dead, ultra alive, ultra unexpected, ultra false, ultra lie. Something is either orthodox or it's unorthodox.

    "Ultra" appears to be used here in lieu of "extreme" to imply extremism and associated negative connotations in order to damage credibility. I'm no fan of religion in general, but I'm also no fan of double-speak.

  4. Am Yisrael – the holy Israelite Nation that worships YHWH – the descendants of Polish, German, Iraqi, Syrian, Moroccan, Spanish-Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Yemeni Israelites – rejects these pink, pasty Hungarian swine who are descendants of false Kabar Converts – get the f-p-ck out of Am Yisrael klavim

  5. It's a good thing that they don't want to occupy Israel but if they really followed the Torah then they would know that they are not the real Jews. They are not even Semitic.

  6. i think current jews people and semitic is deferrence because semitic is ethnic and judaism is religion same like if you not arabian but you are muslim and zionist born from conspiracy

  7. Respect to you, he said ( when Messiah comes, we'll go back to land, but not by force ), Brother ecen now if you'll tell to Palestinians that (apologies that there were wars between us, so where can we live?), i'm telling you, these poor Palestinians will NEVER ever refuse you, they will welcome you! But my respect for you anyway)))

  8. Let me say something 2 : 1. REMEM<BER the 1st misZION to the garden of the GODS ( THEY must have had Angin when the started talking ), It was the DINO- time so it was inposseble 2 make thochdown, that didnt make SENS>I d eye contact with ONE of them ( reincarnation is more commond in MOUTAHIN than shitting in life!!!),ps. whats a shoppingcentre diong at MY GROUND, letys say beautifull stereo brand, or JIMI is MESJOGGE.nb, rain ttd ezeegel, nice RATlight flyby GOSPE ( WE gotta live TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Let's keep it real here. The ONLY reason why most of you agree with this whacko fringe sect of Judaism is that you resent Jews being back in their ancient homeland and holy land. You would prefer that they roam the earth without a country while there are close to 60 Muslim nations. You would love to see them continue to be oppressed, discriminated against, expelled, mass murdered, etc until the end of time because there simply isn't any messiah coming – nor Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. The Bible was written by men and so was the Talmud. And the Talmud has a passage that some rabbi wrote called the 3 Oaths and then you have subsequent generations of rabbis putting their spin on this passage (and others) to make it more inclusive, restrictive, sinful, and supposedly holier when it all a total bunch of man-made crap.
    “The Jew has undertaken to deliberately share his life with his Arab neighbor. In the Jewish colonies, the Arab must be paid the same wages as the Jewish laborer—there must be no distinction between the two. In the Jewish trade unions, membership must be open to Arabs as well as to Jews. And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it, or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it. Therefore the members should have the same care one for another. These are Christian words but in Palestine they are Jewish practice. The pioneers of Zion are making common economic cause with the Arabs and thus creating for both races a common economic and social life.” P 137 Palestine Today & Tomorrow (published in mid 1920’s by John Holmes (Harvard scholar who visited Palestine and conducted in-depth interviews with scores of inhabitants and leaders of all faiths). So much for the common misperception that Zionists went to Palestine to steal land and kick butt.

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