J. D. Greear on Whether Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God

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J. D. Greear explains how the Christian and Muslim ideas of God are irreconcilably different; however, Greear suggests that it’s possible to work from some shared assumptions about God in apologetic conversations with Muslims.

– [J. D. Greear] I get asked this question
a lot because I served as a missionary among Muslims and I wrote a book called
<i>Breaking the Islam Code</i>. I'm not trying to be evasive but I do
think you got to make sure you're asking the right question. You know,
if the question is, "Are there multiple ways to God and does God receive the
worship of Christians and Muslims alike?" The answer is: absolutely not because
Islam is a false way of salvation. It presents basically salvation
by works and it outright denies several key things that
Christianity teaches about God, like God being a Trinity and the personal
nature of God and just a number of things. There is some question as to… Muslims say they worship the God of
Abraham. And some missionaries have found it helpful to start with that
and say, like Jesus said to the woman at the well in John 4, "Who you
think you're worshiping you're not actually worshiping."
When Jesus confronted her, a Samaritan woman who was worshiping
wrongly and had wrong ideas about God. He didn't say you're worshiping a
different God. He said you're attempting to worship the One
Creator, God, the wrong way. And I've heard people talk about that as
an approach to Muslims and I think it has some merit. I think when
you're a missionary on the field, one of the things that you're
trying to do is you're trying to say, [is] this God that we believe has
created the world, has been speaking through the prophets, this God
was revealed fully in Jesus. He is a Trinity. And Muhammad
is not an accurate prophet of him. If somebody says that,
I have less problems with them saying Christians and Muslims are attempting
to worship the same God, but in two entirely different ways.

11 thoughts on “J. D. Greear on Whether Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God

  1. A simple "No" would have sufficed. He says he's not trying to be evasive. Like the time he was asked in a podcast whether he's a Calvinist and he refused to give a straight answer.

  2. For me, 1:261:32 is problematic. It does not fit with the nuanced explanation preceding it and, to me, comes across as an equivocation. The concluding point should be that the Islamic idea of god has some *formal affinities* with the one true God (and these can be used in apologetics and evangelism; Acts 17), but that they are unequivocally not the same God. Mode of worship is not the main difference, God is. I appreciate his heart and many of the points in this brief video, which certainly is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of things, but Muslim doctrine of God and Samaritan mode/place of worship are categorically different issues.

  3. Jews , Christians and Muslims all worship the god of Abraham. You can disagree on how. But we all worship the same god the father. God even said he would make a great nation of Ishmael in the old testament. Who are we as Christians to go against the word of god? Lets focus on not coverting those who believe in god in their way, to finding truly lost souls who have no faith whatsoever!

  4. I believe J.D, Greer is stating it correctly, but like every theologian and bible scholar, they tend to use words that require a dictionary, try to explain a question too much and take a while to get to the point of answering a question. Regardless of whether they are worshipping correctly or incorrectly. worship from any religion not directed towards the one true God, does not confess that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead is not true worship and it is done towards a false belief in a man invented deity that never existed or is still in the grave. That is why when someone tells me they believe or worship God, I always ask them, which God?

  5. Does it have "merit" to say that Muslims are worshiping God the wrong way? If someone does not believe in the Trinitarian God of the Bible, isn't he believing in a false god? The question should not be worshiping God the right way or wrong way. The question is regarding right God and false god. If someone does not believe Jesus is God, he is worshiping an idol, a false god.

  6. The lack of clarity in addressing this is horrific. The word of God clearly states that none can attain salvation unless they accept the sacrificial gift of Christ’s death on the cross and his subsequent physical resurrection. One and only one way. I can stand in my car and claim to be a car all day long. It does not change the inherent truth that I am not a car. The truth is what is revealed in the Bible, not what others claim their association is to it and/or what their “prophet/enlightened leader” states is the new truth/interpretation.

  7. No they dont…not at all…their god is The father of lies..AKA SATAN.which is why they SWEAR AND DO lie for their liar god…and even their claim to genealogy is openly but extreemly POLITELY put to rest by GOD himself…the kid was Not of ABRAHAMS.LOINS..READ THE BIBLE…TOOK ABRAHAM A LONG TIME TO GET IT BUT HE FINALLY DID.
    ..WHICH IS WHY THE KID AND WHORE SENT TO DIE..but.satan did being em back…according to them.

  8. So his answer stated more clearly is: "No, Muslims and Christians worship a different God and not the same God, but when evangelizing, it may be helpful to approach the subject similar to how Jesus approached the woman at the well."

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