IUIC | Black Men Are GODS On Earth

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[Applause] two thousand years after the departure of Jesus for Christ the prophets are back to teach the real Jews the 12 tribes of Israel their truth nationality this is their campaign okay identify yourself nationality of race true that it's with the Israelites and the Israelites only and I put a prove that to you okay today brother okay all right we're gonna grill with some things I want you to listen if I wanted to resonate in your mind coz how do you today's society you could see blacks and Hispanics how do you know how are they living today you have an idea we were added the people okay so give me $3 2015 do run to the 28 verse 15 now this is Moses talking to the use of lights in Egypt okay so the Bible says at some point it shall come to pass it shall come to pass meeting a future prophecy that's what that means go ahead God so what God is saying if we don't hop to God's voice how do we park it to God's voice by learning this Bible that's this is God's voices this is this Bible here go ahead oh it's the baby so what God is saying hey line we must observe God how we observe God by keeping by doing all God's commandments go ahead and his statues go ahead which I command you this day so today I'm I'm commander UK line to the words of God to keep God's commandments that's your purpose in life we're not niggers with not coals with not Trinidadians without nations your initial writing of the tribe or picture but that's your identity oh so what God is saying we're cursed because we are not keeping God's commandments why because we're not obeying his voice registered messages that I'm here to teach the people to turn back to God's laws they believe in publish day they believe in a higher power but we're gonna go by what the scriptures say to prove that all these people that say they love God they're liars I'm gonna prove it so this is how we see if you love God again so I like that Bible saying this is love it we love God what must we do this is love so careful to get at a time saying if we love God what once we do the biggest 21 21 and 5 you have any questions for brother today this is the lawyers of the Bible is not torn good the visa free room is fine this did not make goodness right there head the back wheel Jordan are used to see a lot of brothers they have the ball a so the Bible says for us that's been black men no don't know smarter about Sutra but there's no working on the seventh Big Brother you know that according to God you're not allowed to work on the seventh day that goes against God's laws I mean you don't know it now but today moving forward I mean we're all in captivity sometimes they do have to work on this sort of thing but God tells us not to work on the seventh day right which a question what questions do you have by the way but you said you had a question based on what the soldier said you said you had a question okay who are you reference to God how do you identify like brown okay but again that's not an identity just colors alright okay I just spoke to me and he told me a question he said you want to be a part of it but you don't think you're fully changed fully ready right right that I want you to understand be right out there understand it's like what I'm gonna read something for you so you understand Kayla this watches first three evil communications corrupt good man the Bible said evil communications corrupt good manners well that means is the more you be around people that's not born right you're gonna be corrupted the more you watch evil you're gonna be corrupted by what you see the more you listen to evil you're gonna be corrupted by what you see you don't concept don't have joy be honest learn how it is to be right according to God because that's what every one of us did when we joy work fully right the Lord is not but you believe in the Bible but the Koran what does the grant have to do the Bible there you know the Scriptures work for the Israelites right the Quran says that the Hebrews the Israelites are the chosen people but why would you follow the book when there's the originator right here the Quran is just a carbon copy of the Bible that tells you about clears this up and the last one the King James Version was read the last time it was translated in 1611 that means that the last translated that they had yeah King James what are you about King James was in England and we're give me the King James of course what middle right his name never changed his name was the same that's right whose name I'm gonna give you a definition of the King James Version all right just stay and listen just watch for a little bit all right you got questions listen operators it's King James now the misconception of our King James was given to the world by people that disagreed with what he did right you know about rumors those rumors did you know King James is a black man you know about the Moors the Moors ruled Europe right same time with King James he would say more he was an Israelite that's right all right watch this and nobody with a Bible Dictionary I'm gonna give it back to you when you're done it's always good to find out information you know I mean whenever people are trying to find about God you gotta go to God's book that's the Bible hold on bro yes Hebrew scholars watch hold on hold on I get what you're saying King James Burton 47 of the best Hebrew Greek scholars of the day we're divided into six groups said 37 of the best Hebrew and Greek scholars were divided in that day for the language languages older brother going too fast I'm trying to read something for you but right now your mind is working I'm gonna explain it all but you gotta slow down brother just slow down you slow down I'm gonna explain don't make sensors tell me afterwards but listen II understand it says – for the news one foot and one for the apartment to other groups met at Oxford – at Cambridge and 12 Westminster so after they translated to prove Smith to make sure that it was accurate now they translate it to English in that time the main language was English translation you know that right you said the homosexual he was not a black man there in the world that you don't know because they were wrong to you you can understand that you trying to tell me about God when you're not trying to give me God's words the Quran [Applause] so what you say to me right now translated the right man translator up old Greek scholars translated them that's my first okay okay it means is king change was the one that authorized it he was the king so his name had to be on it it's his version it was the version that was translated the most accurate version that was translated to English the King James Version right now who taught you about him I don't know what you believe you believe in five percenter you believe it would slip I don't know what it is but that's not you said it yeah Oh Jay don't even exist Jago an existent in Hebrew around a gallon does a cake does it exist in English that brother – stay with me translating a language to another language would not include a letter that's involved in that language that's right I'm only asking you a question yes or no was what before what was it right God's Word said the Bible said the company that published the Bible were great men great men regular nigga industry that study a language and studying a book and translated to make it right what we're trying to tell you brother is the Muslim religion that's not for you Muhammad was an Arab he was not a black man and he never created our black man religion he created an Arabic religion for the array McMahan right the black man is the laws of God Hebrews Papa cats is like toilet paper it's no good I want that to sink in because all these recycle gods that's what it means recitation Jana Sandra so we have brothers that are following a religion that's not for them right where did we learn relates Rob slavery like to research right so research if you want I want you to watch this right here we got the white land African man and Arabian man right right all these three nations had had something to do with our slavery you know that we were slaves in Mecca what do you think we learned their Muslim brought me right here in North Face what did we learn here a white Jesus Christianity every man loves each other that's not in the Bible the children of Israel are special chosen and above all nations give me that in Deuteronomy this is passion for this world we already have to put the question inside without master what was our history you know who taught you dinner history started in Africa the white man what the white man is a man that you say that's the white man's he told you do not happen now is the Israelites the look like god I totally special people elimination leave any nation make any nation right now Africans just think about it we were slaves for 400 years not taught how to read or write but now some of the smartest people are black man because we're special you ever seen the black man dr. ball ha there's no comparison with other nations when it comes to spirits we are top this is the Bible again the look I got I chose indeed these special people how many years have we been brought to the bottom and no matter how much they stomp on us and keep us down we still rise right we got a different spirit bro that's what it is we get gunned down in the streets daily all women are still making babies they can't stop us we don't die we multiply that's correct right that's not strong some people [Applause] people here real quick I'll get to your question bro you tell me you had to go but you are brother that need knowledge you that's why you stayed here so long we are here for the black man we are here for the Hispanic man the same man that's been a pest infestation that's why we're here yeah the black saviors coming back to save the Israelite man we block this sign you understand pick up another sign let's take a picture mentally or physically anyone but remember the words where you proper you Father [Applause] the salt flavor we the ones that have the flavor on this earth yeah all swag is different and every nation follows all swag because God said we the salt of the earth you understand if we decide we want to afro pray we be here [Applause] [Applause] trying to make you so hard to show you God when I say that I'm like you is how odd the key is I'll be well saying that no this is Bishop Nathanael of visual United in Christ please subscribe to our YouTube channels stay up to date with our latest events music and classroom lessons are you I see plans to continue visiting different countries where this gospel has not been preached before I you I see needs your help in pushing this truth so join us subscribe to I Instagram Facebook Twitter and podcasts and stay up to date with us more information please visit

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  1. For an example the island Dave so-called just discovered on the Indian Ocean them people I'm pretty sure they talk a different language now the translation comes in when you figure out what language they are speaking and you translated into their language so they can read the words we are reading but in their language. Okay I think that's the best I could do to try to explain translation

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