Islam Uncovered | The Most Perfect & Monotheistic Understanding of God | Who is Allah

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Islam Uncovered | The Most Perfect & Monotheistic Understanding of God | Who is Allah | Christian Students Visit | Part 2

You can not have a better, stronger, more complete or more monotheistic understanding of God.

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right and you see that a lot of these things you would agree with some of that would be you know against the current Christian doctrine but you see a lot of similarity so obviously it's an Arabic word right you didn't think it's an English word right and if you were to open an Arabic Bible you wouldn't see God you would see Allah okay so that's close enough so number one thing Allah represents or is the name of the the only one the only deity the only one worthy of worship right so people have taken many God right some people take themself as their own as God right the arrogance has God their desires as God statues as God whatever the only one worthy of worship is known as Allah what does worship means utmost love right so the true essence of worship is that Allah the God the one who created you the one who chose that Zubair should be created he is even worthy of creation and worthy of existence in 2018 likewise for all of you is Allah and he is the one who I should have at most love for and then at the same time at most submission so if he says don't go near the tree I realize that I shouldn't go near the street even though I don't know why and sometimes I may know partial Y but I still submit okay one of his name is in Arabic is called Rob okay which is translated as D Lord okay but that word is very comprehensive and it includes the creator of everything right so Allah is the ultimate clear creator of this phone right even though it's manufactured and manifested by some other company the ideas the facilitation everything else the plan is from Allah had he not willed this would not have existed so Allah is the ultimate creator of things objects ideas and so on and so forth at the same time right now I own the phone right I did not create it I own it from a worldly perspective so lyza complete owner as well even though I'm a bi thing self thing eventually Allah is the owner right so if I lose it right where's my four wise bide well always keep losing my phone no at the end of the day Allah is the owner he gifted it to me he facilitated for me to have it and if it goes away then it's also from Allah it belongs to a light always belonged to Allah and then finally he's also the planner so right now Mercedes can manufacture a car and then sell it to you they're not the owner anymore right and then you are the owner but when you are the owner you're not completely in charge somebody could come and you know break it in or you know you might have an accident or somebody may put it on fire whatever right but for the creation of Allah he is still in charge nothing can harm or benefit them except by the will of Allah he's completely in charge he's a planner he's a sustainer his inertia or so and so forth okay he is the most merciful right there's no one that has more mercy towards us than Allah right so if I want my sins to be forgiven the one I need to go to is a lot right none of you can have a more sympathetic heart for me than Allah and I mean neither my parents okay he's the everliving so he has always been there and his life is perfect and complete which means he's never unaware he does not sleep he does not get tired he's not dependent on food and nourishment so on and so forth if it was it would not be a complete life right okay no one can intercede as I said right so no one really always Allah does not owe anyone anything so I have nothing in front of Allah my parents have nothing Muhammad peace be upon him has nothing any other messenger prophet we believe has nothing as Allah has told us and also you know you can think about it has nothing that Allah owes to them so if Allah does not want to forgive me if every creation of Allah goes to Allah say forgive this bear and Allah doesn't want to forgive me that means I don't deserve to be forgiven right because who is the most wise who is the most merciful so none has the power to intercede except if Allah chooses to honor someone right so let's say I'll let you be the owner of Jesus peace be upon him or Muhammad peace be upon him and then say you know interesting for people right so that's showing an honor for them but they would only intercede for the people who Allah approves right for example we know there's a father of Ibrahim Abraham right you guys no problem right he is not going to paradise right and a Bryan cannot intercede for it right nor is he worthy of an interest interest to be interceded right so that's something to be very important to realize the power of Allah as well as a mercy and justice of Allah okay and he has complete knowledge so I can't surprise a lot right so Satan did not surprise Allah by disobeying him right from the completeness and perfection of the knowledge of Allah is no one can surprise him and then all these things and everything else is unique and exclusive to Allah there's no one like him so if I'm talking about complete knowledge complete hearing all that is exclusive to Allah does not belong to Muhammad peace be upon him nor any other men or Satan or jinn or anybody else continuing on he is the most powerful right so nothing okay yeah so nothing can go except by his agreement a Christ except by his approval right and this is something I want to talk about so he has two types of will right because if I'm saying nothing can happen except by the approval of Allah you go what about that guy who killed like a five-year-old right is that approved by Allah so that's why it's important to understand there are two types of will of Allah okay the one will is basically the universal will so that will is nobody can escape that so when I was born I didn't have a choice right that day that moment boom right when will I die right when I will be healthy even I'll be sick you know what time I'll be rich what time I will not be rich so and so forth all these things are complete in control of Allah anybody who is very very arrogant and denying the power of allah subhanho wa taala even that person cannot escape the will of allah okay then there's other forms of will of allah which is his legal will right and he gives a choice so like as we started in the big name satan had a choice allah wanted him to prostrate but allah did not force him to prostrate right so that choice is also from allah right had allah wanted that choice could have been taken away right wrong so so you have a choice in certain sayings so likewise do not kill innocent people that's a choice right if Allah wants he can take that away but some time he leaves it and that leaving has a greater wisdom right just like Allah told angels yes I will create in human beings and they will shed blood but that even has a greater wisdom right and we can talk about it if needed but the point is there two types of will something that is imposed and something that is you have a choice rice add him at a choice about the tree he was physically and environmentally capable of eating from that tree but God did not want him to create to eat from the tree so having said that ultimately everything is under the wisdom of Allah right is under the wisdom of Allah so whatever it happens is will be under the myth so even if

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