Islam: Enemy of The West or Salvation (1) Monotheism and Prophethood

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what's up what's up what's up this is your man sts tarantula Marley and I'm coming with a new series on here on my youtube channel subscribe tell your friends to subscribe share it on social media trying to get this subscriber base up this is called it's none enemy to the west or salvation and so this is going to be like 15 videos and show a lot to other message for Muslims and non-muslims alike the first half will do heavily with non-muslims in the second half with Muslims so this is the big question in the West and in the American media the British media etc Islam is being presented as the enemy of the West the media is promoting as many people in politics and academia from Donald Trump on down to many of the European political parties especially in the UK promoting Islam as the enemy of the West so what is my response to that first of all you have to back up we're not going to address that immediately in the first video because people have to understand what is Islam so the first video is going to be about what is Islam because many people under confusion they think Muslims worship the moon Muslims have these odd and bizarre beliefs etc etc etc so for my non Muslims viewers if the basic Muslim is the Shahada the declaration of faith lay your allah muhammad rasool allah there is only one god who we call Allah and the Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him is the Bessinger of Allah so let's get to the first part of that statement la ilaha illa llah this is the Declaration of faith in Islamic monotheism the belief of one God the in the belief that there that God has no partners it was not created he has no sons he he does not beget nor is He begotten you know there are religions in this world that a polytheistic believed in many gods of their religions that worship idols at the time of the Prophet Muhammad I sent them they were worshipping idols in Mecca there are other monotheistic faiths that may not live up to their monotheistic ideas the Abrahamic faiths faiths of Christianity and Judaism are in theory monotheistic I would argue that Judaism is monotheistic but Christianity is not Christianity gives deity to the person of Jesus which of course in Islam we honor Jesus but we consider him a messenger and a prophet there is no son of God so this belief in monotheism affects every aspect of our life it affects how we worship how we live what we believe politically what we believe socially how we believe society be to be structured when you have unity of lordship you can have an orderly believer in an orderly family and an orderly society when you have polytheism you will see there will not be order any place in society if you want to know more about Islamic monotheism there's a great Muslim writer named Bilal Philips who is Jamaican Canadian brother who lived in a Gulf for many decades who is an Islamic scholar so I encourage you to read fundamentals of tawheed where Imam Bilal or Sheikh Bilal Philips gets to the four forms of tawheed Tali toxaemia unless my wife's if I will live over here my hair looks so bad these days man but you get the point check out Bilal Philips it's on Amazon fundamentals of tawheed the second part of the Islamic declaration of faith is the belief in prophethood and the seal of the Prophet the final prophet is Prophet Muhammad so law har they will sell them now there may be some Muslim groups subscribing to a prophet after him that one negates your Islam for and clearly states that Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets so any belief in property after him will negate your Shahada so what do we mean by prophethood we mean this chain of prophets from Abraham to Moses to Isaac it's my ears to Jesus leading up to the seal of the prophets prophesy he loved me and many falsely believe that Muslims worship Prophet Muhammad we do not worship Prophet Muhammad we do not pray to Him we only pray to a god we call a lot we follow his life example though his Sunnah his teachings these are collected in what is known of books of hadith are saying at the Prophet SAW said them and it is unlike the gospel Matthew Mark Luke and John these are books that were compiled the generations after the alleged death we do not believe that he said by Miriam died what generations after the alleged death of Jesus no we have a documented history of Prophet Muhammad I saw him what he did every day for mourning tonight and this is collected in the hadith and in the and the sayings of those who was around in his companions his wives so we can actually model our lives and live our lives from morning tonight based on the actions and the wisdom of prophet muhammad sallahu son his son that this and so I would encourage if you would like to know about Prophet Muhammad don't look at the Islamophobic media don't look at Pam Geller don't look at people like that you can go and look at the lecture series there are so many great ones life of Muhammad bite I don't wear out looking there's a very good one i Mufti mink has a good one yeah socati has a good and mostly make any eye surgeries or on YouTube remember and more has been you know a lot of hum has been banned from YouTube so you can find it on Google and you will see when you study the life of Prophet Muhammad so I said him he is what the propensity rapid Anatomy is a mercy to mankind and his son is what we follow there is no lay your love love without Muhammad or solo so the Prophet taught us how to be monotheists taught us how to worship the One God taught us how to dedicate our lives and submission to the One God and so that is the basics the fundamentals of the religion of Alice la la la la la muhammad rasool ullah to enter the fold of islam you can be black you can be white you can be yellow you can be brown you can be red you could be a male there could be a female you can come from any background the Muslim Ummah the global body Muslim believers comes from all over but you have to say the words and believe them in front of two male witnesses as I doing let you know hey look I bear witness to his one God who is Allah and as she had to end the more some live bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and this will bring you into the fold of this love it could be in islamaphobe today and I'm Muslim tomorrow so this is the first video I don't want to make him too long the basics of Islam the foundation of Islam is the Shahada la la la mohammed rasoolullah for more information on tawheed in the belief in islamic monotheism go to amazon you might be able to get it off of google bilal philips fundamentals of tawheed or a book by another Kuwaiti sheikh abdul-rahman tablet relic the basics of belief in order and in some for more information on Prophet Muhammad you can go to Amazon or any Muslim book store there's a book called Iraqi come Achtung the sealed nectar I would recommend you look that up also if you go to my room early Islamic knowledge playlist you biography the purpose of them by Martin Ling's the entire biography it's hours long I have the audio book on my youtube or you can check out the lecture series on YouTube of Mufti meet of Yasir Qadhi or go to my favorite go to google and find them on wobbly Keys series on the life of the Prophet Muhammad I send them and once you understand Islamic monotheism and once you understand prophethood and the seal of the prophet muhammad's I send them I think you want to join this global Ummah and into the fold of Alice left peace

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