Is Tawhid (monotheism) Natural?

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Looking into part of my journey from atheism to Islam and this relates to whether believing in god and the ones of god is a natural tendency for mankind.

18 thoughts on “Is Tawhid (monotheism) Natural?

  1. the oneness" of God; is it druze idea ! the druzes are more mystical about their books even  it is  interest to explore deep mysteries in the religion thats way they create so make philisophy not war, but i think the islam have boring rules and anachronic ideas who want to pray five times a day please create a  new religion for all the humans equaly.

  2. Great talk brother! Even though I am of Arab descend, and a native Arabic speaker, I am still learning fascinating things from the Quran everyday. Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) described the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) as, "His character was just (a reflection of) the Quran.". So let's also make the Quran our character and live by it everyday till the rest of our lives. May God bless all Muslims and ease the pain of those who are suffering anywhere in this world. 

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