Internship in London – Global Studies and Theology Testimonial

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Lauren is from Australia and has studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Studies and Theology at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. She came to London to do an internship at an NGO and has found out what she really wants to do in the future. “I definitely recommend The Intern Group for having that support network while you are interning. It has made my experience so enjoyable and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done within my uni degree and in my life”.

I'm Lauren and I go to the Australian Catholic University in Sydney Australia and I'm doing a Bachelor of theology bachelor Global Studies degree and I'm interning get a organization that works to fight against some female genital cutting I found it difficult to find an internship by myself abroad I've applied for many internships but are they didn't hear back or they weren't interested in finding someone abroad so when I found the intern group I thought it was a great opportunity to have somebody that was a support while interning and that could provide as that sort of us to find the internship and for it to be relevant and assuming the needs that I was looking working for a small organization i've been able to work with all the different managers and people within the organization and see each of them have given me different tasks and I'm always so involved I've been particularly worth working with the development manager in different fundraising activities and events that will be happening and they every part of the way I felt involved in a valuable member of the organization have also been asked to represent the organization at Parliament in the last week and that was a great honor to be able to go to the British Parliament and being from another country living in London has allowed me to see see the cities and not just not just to be a tourist to actually live in the city so I've been able to walk to work every day and see these sites that you'd only see on postcard so in so I've got to go on the London Eye and again linked to Parliament's urge us all these different things that if you were just the tourists or just living you wouldn't get to do then if you were living in interning in London the intern group has been a wonderful support system while I've been in London it has always been there throughout any issues that I may have had and has put on great activities for the interns we've just been on the London Eye and run on the river cruise and they're just there we will get together every week and I definitely recommend the intern group for having that support network why you are interning if I didn't have that out feel a little bit uncomfortable being in a new city halfway across the world but having them there and having a bad support network of other interns as well has made my experience so enjoyable and it's one of the best things ever done within my uni degree and in my life you

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