Inspirational Country Songs Selection 2018, Female Voices – Lifebreakthrough, Lyric Video

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0:00 Lead Me Back To You (This track is not for sale but you may download it for free @ )
4:16 At The Cross
9:00 Narrow Road
13:13 Praise You Anyway
17:34 The Armour
20:26 Sacrifice Is The Essence Of Love
24:37 Love Is A River
29:41 I Surrender
33:44 Fly Away
38:34 Search My Heart
42:33 The Prodigal
47:39 I Will Trust In You
52:55 Forever Faithful
57:01 Candle & Fire
1:00:54 Fury Of The Storm

[Applause] [Applause] life's weren't bright in the dark of night fruits they're sad call it achieve Yui I have won the day this road only and call see more than life Oh true therefore I in Shriners come and stay the break tread there's again and inside of [Applause] dreams ah do only the diamond the cross I saw my reflection but the cross they saw the wickedness in me the cross I saw my arrogance at the cross I saw amazing there but across they saw you crying at the cross I saw you pray for me but across I saw your humble heart at the grown I saw amazing great you love me Loredana you know loose piles of me for who you love me inspired my selfish way that's a cruel they saw salvation the crow they saw your forgiveness to me to cross a song the beauty of faith ha crawl I saw you love me more than you love me inspire seeing for you me for who you love me in spite of my selfish way you know more than you love my sinful you love me for who in spiral my selfish way you love me selfish way hey bas such a beautiful song before I sleep I say when my days have been as I close my eyes I praise her God for my face beads Ramos I could start over again early morning industries all this line you saute got my feet one move my face please way like we go sir is my and way and time to get back six of life by now what I'm on my way again narrow road so one for my face bees way [Applause] is my to get back I now on my way again sometimes I can drive my face be a saucer one fool my face good start on Oh okay you [Applause] who should be thy name so much you didn't get then alone call your name like sundar all over beep astray this isu anyway everything that comes everything you when I'm and I couldn't understand nice hot star [Applause] [Applause] in history and we in my defense again everything that car see Hey everything that endeavours you and you you brace yourselves for the dark cloud is here set your hearts and minds and be prepared let's your faith in strings you'll see believe that you can outrun the evil so she can break in a single strand in addition Herbie lies much dignity and trust the evil is a loser if you dare to win the fight when the unlocks come when the lightly spiced you got and the fight the Ebola wind twister wealthy about to fall on tight the best way to get back on your feet is to get down on your knees since is always a threat in this guy terrible surprise destroy I can pull you in turning you upside down love bisa greatest armoire to endure and in the fire when the nutless cow twice you've got to stand and fight b-ball twist your wall all on tight in the best way to get back on you get down on your knee the best way to get back on hey so get out there's a heart we couldn't measure on the play for the baby he's in vain all the way in master it's the greatest we know from mother's love there's a we're we couldn't measure in a tireless day leading his home seven it is kind was head it's the greatest number for father's love No fail all the care understanding the deepest me sense of love noticed every day you know heeey touch it's just here it's a greater scared some are Father's love [Applause] [Applause] is all the care understanding the deepest me there's a heart we couldn't measure the it's a rebirth from a single drop afraid it's low and conquer so till it reaches it's fine this teeny is a frontier and Kendall in the I refuge the chines I try where you remain [Applause] nestle fateful and they voted tender we carry we belong [Applause] is giving we see and forgive me the shelter incisive trouble where you and me me me fateful and they Volta [Applause] tender we carry we belong it's a river from a single drop of it's not and conquer so till it reaches this final destiny [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] warned about this energy Restless blown mind away one of the Ring I am no my he's calling you my son I to surrender you're forgiveness so Fiona we these [Applause] I see and I don't sleep river not me will soon return my home he's calling my soul you're forgiven Sophia Surrender [Applause] you when it see the way happy summer on your shoulder then you feel bending big in me serene when it see your dream is fading and you don't know what to do on your knees on your brain you've got to fly away you got to fly away your heart to reach the prize ah – come on you've got to fly to me the you when your rings Oh you are to face rise a bit on your feet keep holding on when it sees your let's go and you don't know where to run to and on your brain you got so each table so [Applause] you to me when you're being shoes Oh you've got to fly away on your rings you son away [Laughter] you search my heart search my soul take my shame take it deep wheezy search my heart good search my soul take my seat maybe back to you the miss miss hi I choose miss [Applause] search my search my son this wilderness sleepy search my search my son dear [Applause] [Applause] you're precious I my business No yeah I choose this nerd by choosiness my I choose news I searched my heart search my search my soul I see [Applause] was there watching you from first step you may vibrate courage as you walking by and gave you the best a mother one day my saddest time you asked your freedom and love baby ha only day came into and tomorrow and to you fear too number me leaders day every night I we can you broke my sir things in the park dear child you know to see I've come to it waving that one comes the time all your things were gone and you wish the start from go in the dark corner you cried regrets and guilt flooded your heart in mine covers all the train and set your feet way longing it's today dear judge [Applause] dear child go girl their job no sir dear child misty waiting that one day your turn future dear child [Applause] [Applause] Oh when the whole when all that I believe in fate when of my dreams when the large when fado when my strength [Applause] and I will try we the on my knee we don't of my we go set me free Oh of my heart we go the love at home we though me set me free [Applause] my friend Oh [Applause] [Applause] No Oh in you before fall to pieces dude my hair and before we drop during seminar leaving the world of trouble misery you came to ask Amy you need to fear seasons come and go but no you're forever I believe the miracle wonders that you do I believe how the cross your new turn I believe me the mazing grace your heavens I believe in you I'm leaving you after the rainstorm comes alight the brokenness of this in I survived where would I be without your Cesar's falling but not you ever miracles wonders that you do I do of the cross your name Amazing Grace [Applause] miracles and wonders – you do I believe the cross Amazing Grace and your heavens I really I I remember well story that I mean never-ending years me never-ending see and once upon a time an empty seniors heart wandering and but then you came the ground my things and help me in your you shelter me from and change the way my yeah my the shiny girl [Applause] [Applause] I am No the name I see your death made me my spirit you give him you changed you my my yeah you Shyne shiny candle and for you

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  1. V love d lyrics of every Inspiration, Gospel songs. V sing them daily. God bless as v enjoy His Graces, Protection, Guidance and Wisdom through our Karmas. Praise u Lord God, Almighty Trinity and Provider. Amen.

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