India's Christians forced to pray in secret

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REPORTERS : Many Christians in India have to pray in secret. Churches are being set on fire, believers attacked and property vandalised. This rising tide of violence shows no sign of stopping. Some blame the hugely influential Hindu nationalist RSS organisation, which is close to the ruling party, the BJP. The RSS paramilitaries advocate a purely Hindu India.

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42 thoughts on “India's Christians forced to pray in secret

  1. Bramhins are the real dacoits in this. Bramhins send rabble rousers, but they themselves fatten themselves with delicious succulent dishes. … you can never see a brahmin priest dying for his faith..He enjoys others dying

  2. I m indian and it's reality of india our prime minister and rss bjp vhp bajrangdal attack minority status chirstian and muslim in india in the name of religion in the name of "jay shri rama" slogan in the name of cow .our police totally corrupted

  3. Unless christians stops attempting converting Hindus, these attacks will not stop. Hindus are very peaceful, tolerant people but we are extremely proud of our Sanathana Dharma. We don't want missionaries to open their filthy mouth trying to preach us about jesus. We don't want jesus. Period.

  4. And furthermore, Chrisitians have lived and prospered in India for hundreds of years. It's not for their "belief" that non-Christians may be upset with them but because of their vehement attempts to convert the members of other religions. Manipulated or coerced conversions are not in harmony with the constitution of India.

  5. मैं समझता हूँ कि हम पर जो महिमा प्रकट होने को है, उसकी तुलना में इस समय का दु:ख नगण्‍य है;

    रोमियों 8:18

    Praise the Lord.

  6. Indian christian should all from different states different backgrounds should form in one group take it to international level about this we have to do let lord will work with us

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