In Living Color – 5×14 – Sister Act 3–This Ain't Kosher

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she wore a habit in Sister Act one and two but you've never seen her quite like this boy hold on to your yarmulke when Whoopi's in charge anything can happen this fun given haha the bucket now rabbi Clarence why have you chosen our synagogue on rabbi Oh Oh get me yeah you see made in America came out on videocassette an and I wanted to just you know lay low for a while she's going from dreadlocks to bagels and lox yeah yeah sure she lived on 175th Street Russia shot are you familiar with our beliefs oh well rabbi I know all 11th commandment eleven there are only ten what does 11 now shalt not date a white actor who put some black frame ah that's a good one we'll keep that elected sister right three this ain't kosher coming this Passover to a theater near you [Applause] three street this is Jennifer moss coming to you live from the Green Ridge forest the center of a brewing controversy between Wildlife conservationists and loggers who would like to have this area leveled with me now is Park Ranger Dan McDermott's are you doing fine Thank You Ranger McDermott these issues are highly volatile now can you sort them out for our viewers well Jennifer pretty much comes down to your to your moss parted Marsh boosters Jordan nine hundred a geese left on who should these parts in these woods and I when he's woods are gonna you can pretty much plan to fight to kiss enough any of the spotted by Marsh goose you know not doubt Boucher's percent surface nothing more beautiful than seeing one of them big birds just take off out of the marsh in the morning he'd be one thing if they were you know hunting for food but it's the senseless killing that I got a problem well you got to realize you get this take out what element down to the ecosystem you got your you got your fly or mosquito you got your eyeballs and bugs well that may very well be you get the lost Oh short term we're talking a few jobs maybe 150 new jobs that's kind of a pain if you're out of work but uh the state also depends on it to make users in first dollars that's kind of important very touchy and sensitive issue loggers have been clashing with conservationists right here in these very woods outbreaks of violence lately we've been able to keep things in place so far but I can't guarantee and it's going to stay like that you know well aside from Green Ridge you know I know Lumberjacks and Indians in their meeting Toyota truth without holding our breath on here you know well there's a bird dump into which unaware that their fate is being decided in Washington as we speak for Fox News this is Jennifer moss green Ridge forest from Compton CA it's the gangster group adult look at today's freshest issues now here is your moderator Bushwick bill ice-t in from Long Beach doggy dog s you want violence and rap music too much to pop you see that's the thing we're just reflection of society right check it out suppose you order pizza right and it's cold yeah all right you got cold pepperoni a cold sausage doing a bust a cap in ur like how things in a hold him down let you boys get a piece boss shoot it you two the Brady Bill five day waiting period for your hand gun cocks Snoop Dogg don't know let's say you know like you know you get after corn right you know somebody step on my Air Jordans right you know and you know you expect me to you know wait you know days to kill the man you know I asked you know is that just a few I'm saying I don't know what the hell you say that don't really matter to me right it's like I already got plenty of guns you healthcare crisis iced tea now that's an important issue uh-huh see cuz I mean like just last week my homie he shot two people right and neither one of them had health insurance what are they supposed to do know just bigger brothers yeah we lose only to the point where you're afraid to shoot people I mean not me personally no cuz I will shoot people until we have universal health care in this country will you be able to shoot anybody any time you know I don't really be knowing you know like was be over Canada in Mexico right you know all I know is this you know some of them Canadians you know I could be messing with me right you know when I'll be in my car you know chilling stuff right you know thank you what about NASA all it means to me is that I can shoot cops in three different countries that's all that means I predict this year that cops are gonna insist on harassing me every time a bus little cap it's my butt you know I protected my album you know sell like 10 million copies right when I let this you know bazooka go up in the crowd you know predict a tooth you try to touch my thigh I'm gonna blow out your other shooter bitching you're dead man I'm stealing I'm seeing I now drop it's new for you six big deep Snoopy dog it's your stockbroker IBM dropped again condos in Long Beach you know what this imperial class is something else thank ya I just wish I could enjoy it honey it's just this turbulence I don't know what it is but I'm just not feeling too all right then excuse me don't you say something about the imperial class because it is number one hi guys my name is Frances and I'm going to be a flight attendant for the evening is that okay we have some lovely lovely juices fo'get and freshly crushed Valencia orange juice circuit a tall glass it's frosted around the tip take a slice of tangerine you put that on the side of that sucker that excuse me smells like bhishan I gotta tell you about the apple juice yes I do read what it was we took 50 different apples from 50 different states as far selves together and came up with a combination of apple juice you would not bother me excuse me I'm gonna have to tell you about our dinner special sir please don't in case you didn't know your husband's not Denzel okay now I'd like to tell you all about the dinner special for this evening yes it's a wonderful blend of cajun chicken and Patni wonderful it comes in small cups what you do is we cover it sort of like a quiche but we don't use eggs we use a creme for get the creme man I just need someone cause my wife is sick man could you just bring us some stuffs well that's all I can do by the way nice wig you forget the chinstrap [Applause] or protects ground I think you guys would love to know what we're having for dinner now I want to think about this really really nice rice we have it's from Louisiana imported from Vietnam it's the rice it's wonderful it's like Uncle Ben's uptown cousin just bring like a sorry excuse me red we had the unscented one then you have the wonderfully cinnamon oh this is wonderful or we have a transparent [Applause] ladies and gentlemen back up I think she saw aliens I guess you don't cook Hey look at man do you know what I've just got the soup man just got out the claim is you don't mess it up man I'm after but let's just think of what I can do here every day although from this point shoulders from the centre bring them around take his tray to an upright position now I have some choices from this point I can take my knuckles put that to the side of his temperament or I can take our kind guess and take them to an excellence it's here get up to the front you know what I choose unlatch a chicken sucker 57 [Applause] but change now whatever cuz even full of these days are getting boring I want a place to relax this big focus grab a drink have a chat with a college girl and let her know he's gonna make a real fire police fuck good boy lucky alright mr. solo we'll be in touch thanks a lot then die you can just step right out there alright bring in the next applicant mr. cornbread Turner [Applause] [Applause] excuse me mr. Turner animal homicides are handled by the ASPCA opt look it well I'll be John Brown you goobers boys I know sir I remember when that train run until you cut your cleaning hands could you walk over like a hot me all the way down to Chattanooga but you made good time no wonder how to put the legs back on yay ha ha look I'm afraid your dog is not exactly the kind of animal we're looking for it but uh thanks a lot for coming and we appreciate you just working it doing on your way out okay are you just trying to keep Duke down coats he's the black dog you come like you did the king hold on let's just give the dog a tryout all right what's the dog's name well his real name is Darren the Jolly Rancher Remington Steele Lula Cadbury the third to the fourth power later like a worm on a pancake listen you call him dude I'll be John Brown you dock peppers boys no I'm not always knew you was gonna be a police officer cuz you like guns I'll remember that time you had that thirty-eight blue the back of your head off you look like a micro pinata together back whale mr. Church we've got two suitcases neither one of them has two pounds of marijuana in it now it's Dukes job to find out which one has it in there can he do that I'm on that doing that sniff out the devil's weeding that Duke come on good you know you got a keen nose to sniff out the weeds nipping out the wheel straight Ronnie wait a minute wait a minute officer practicing that your bag farmer the dead dog Martin that's reefer this kind of thing makes me want to retch mr Turner you haven't smoked into that stuff have you no saw Evan all right I'll grant you one thing your dog didn't find the marijuana but police work for a dog is very dangerous your dog might be killed well he could be seriously hurt now bad things might happen to him about Duke us Duke ain't afraid of nothing boo yes he seems very calm but a police dog has to be vicious yes to be able to attack on command yes to be able to say disable a suspect immediately that's the kind of dog we're looking for Oh see that no problem see you should have told me go ahead would you stop please a dog has to be able disable a suspect immediately and clearly do couldn't disable his own bowels move now Duke come on baby you cause doing his boy know what to do with that chicken sandwich I'll never forget you was born you were still going when you were born I'm done you didn't kill Duke I'm John Brown don't go into the light Duke [Applause] mr Turner mr Turner I like to apologize a real sorry about your dog somebody we're gonna shovel and scrape this thing up wait a minute look at it just tear this way mr. tribbey you're doing out your hands no you're doing ooh you look come back to Milo you do but you shouldn't leave me like this are we gonna be able to Smith and Wesson I mean Smith and Barney that's the money for your painting for joining in living color this we've got a good good time kids education first parents get into the education to pace [Applause] [Applause] you

19 thoughts on “In Living Color – 5×14 – Sister Act 3–This Ain't Kosher

  1. sounds like hillary has always been hated.until trump beat her ass down to size.'s almost like she is blackmailing everyone in hollywood that was allowed been living above the law .

  2. "I'm gonna slap you, 'Ice Cream'!:
    I have no clue why people have written so much crap about "In Living Color" not being "as good" after the Wayans left.
    I think season 5 was the best one!
    The politically incorrect style simply flourished in season 5, much more so than ever before. Plus, all the music was so great!

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