If Kids Were God… | Little Kids. Big Questions.

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All too often we’re scared to talk about stuff, especially when that stuff has to do with religion. But what about when you were a kid? Can’t the serious stuff also be a little funny sometimes?

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33 thoughts on “If Kids Were God… | Little Kids. Big Questions.

  1. Every one is trying to improve their religion or the Godless one based on this or that kid's opinion , what about the episode of how kids are imitating every single detail of their parents behavior , Btw great episode but shouldn't be titled this way because they are not yet in the 4th grade hhhh

  2. If I was god I’d make everyone forget about every god including myself and become a mortal again and continue life at least till some wacko starts a cult

  3. The only problem with religion is that it makes an enemy of those who don't have the same beliefs as you do. Athiests on the other hand makes a common enemy of anyone with a religion. Therefore, ironically athiests are more closed minded than religious people.

  4. Something about this interview situation was weird in a bad way. Maybe it's them talking about this in front of people and then the people laughing. I just wanted if the kids understood the laughter or if they thought the audience was laughing at them. Lol I hope I am making sense but I'm probably not:D

  5. One day, one day all of these mockers WILL have to stand before God and be judged. He is merciful, and loving, but a judgement day IS coming whether they believe it or not. Wait and watch, you'll see.

  6. i like the kid in the middle he is smart referencing the big bang he knows the truth and if god made everything and is everything why can't he or she be both male and female the other to kids got religious views religion is someone else telling others what the truth is .

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