HOW to see NAMES, NUMBERS and start PROPHESYING ( Part 1)

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[Applause] TV changing you god bless everybody watching this is the gafas prophet passenger phone I'm excited today to only bring you a special revelation how to operate in the prophetic I did there's a series about 66 signs that your prophet and I gave you 25 signs on YouTube and all the signs come here on K TV and I want you to understand today I'm giving you signs how to see names how to hear names how to see phone numbers ID numbers how to operate in that forensic level you see me prophesying going deeper and deeper and deeper in the prophetic being one of the sharpest prophet in the world what was the secret behind it I have read there are people that flies from America to Africa in some northern part of America northern part of South of Africa to get some juju they are taught to sacrifice their family members and cue people so they can start seeing things in the spirit Jesus does not operate like that Jesus is above juju is above any demonic activities so you don't need to compromise yourself as a pasta enough to lower Jesus to say I want to pray Jesus but let me use things from the dark world no the devil is an imitator of the things of God which means that devil has never been in a place way he have made anybody to be a prophet but it takes advantage of the prophetic ability new so that he can use that ability through you that you can professor with the ability that you already have by his powers it doesn't work like that what I know is Jesus Christ is the one that caused everybody into the prophetic but there are three dimensions that I'm going to talk about in the prophetic before get into the functionality of the prophetic which is calling names and phone numbers and telling people their details the three levels of the prophetic three levels of prophets number one they are those that are born prophet number two they are those that are called to be prophet number three they are those that are made to become prophets which is controversial people don't understand some but I'm going to show you verses of what happened in our Bible mainly the King James Version if you read the Bible it tells you about a man called Jeremiah that's the first level jeremiah jeremiah chapter one verse number five before you were in your mother's womb Jeremiah I knew you I then do a prophet I got himself yet to unknown intimate to equip him as a prophet and he sent him as a prophet to the nation's before he was born before anything happened she became a prophet god bless everybody watching me this is the gafas prophet passion java I am from Zimbabwe currently in America as I have relocated from Africa to America I'm excited to bring you this news today that it is possible that you can prophesy it is possible that you can hear the voice of God it is possible that you can begin to see things in the spirit the number one key first Corinthians chapter 14 verse 1 follow after love and desire spiritual gifts especially that you may prophesy desire gives you the ability to tap into the prophetic step number one you have to desire it is also proven in Chapter number fourteen of s Corinthians that everybody can prophesy he says I wish that we can all prophesy one by one we can all professor then the Bible says God speaks to everybody everyone God speaks to everybody once even twice a day so how come you say don't hear God you are the problem God's duties to speak your duties to hear is to see but now if I go to the book of Acts chapter number 19 when Paul was walking with the disciples that you used to be the disciples of John he asked them were you baptized they said yes he said which baptism they said in the baptism of water says were you baptized in the Holy Ghost and fine they said we have never heard of such remember they did not say no all they said is we have never heard of it which means if we have a head or they're been baptized by now the reason why we are not baptized in the Holy Ghost is because we have not yet heard how which means many of you you have the prophetic gift but you have not yet been taught you have not been had he in a place where somebody unlocked the gift he knew to operate for example Jesus is God he has the ability to hear from God but we don't see God speaking to him from edge number one to H number theory though the gift was in him why no matter the gift you carry you need somebody to unlock it you went to John the Baptist and he John says this is the man I've been telling you about I'm not waited to untie his own standards I can't even touch anything I can't touch his own senders Jesus says no no no no no don't lower yourself to the sentence I wanted to lay my head and depend me into the water because if I'm unlocked then the ability that's already in me is going to operate which means Jeremiah type you already born like that Jeremiah type you already born like that but some of you you're stuck because you don't desire to operate in the prophetic but you don't have a pole that can unlock it or a germ that can unlock it so when Jesus was unlocked when he was baptized by John immediately he began to see in the realm of the Spirit Jesus immediately the Bible says he saw a deaf coming from heaven he had the voice of God speaking to him from that day the ability that was already in him began to operate which means there are people that are born prophets born with the ability acceptor 19 verse 6 the Bible says when poor ladies ends upon them they all began to speak in tongues and they all began to professor in the word trophy number 12 people they received the laying on of hands and when the hands of Paul was laid on them they immediately began to prophesy you can prophesy today you need a touch you need an unlocking that's why I have a prophetic school what I've been praying for people in things are happening prophetically why because impartation is real then we go to the second group which speaks about a person like a moose does that our code to be prophets if you are code it means you were not born one if I call you I'm calling you because you're not here if you are here I don't have to call you the reason why I can call you is because you are not here so if you are cold in the prophetic it means you were not in the prophetic where do we find it we find it in the book of almost chapter number 7 verse number 14 what does it say almost seven verse number four 14th days I was not a prophet I was not a son of a prophet but God called me when I was 10 during the ships of my father he was cold why least he was not born to be a prophet he was not a prophet he was not a son of a prophet but automatically became a profit which means he was telling us dimensions number one I was not a prophet means there are people that are born prophets number two says I was not a son of a prophet there are people that become prophetic because of the submitting and a prophet which is the third level which I'm going to share with you so there are people that can be called to be in the prophetic Exodus chapter 4 explains it it says Moses you are saying you have a stammering lip okay I'm gonna give you some Aaron is a Levite he's your brother he's on his way coming here he shall be a prophet he shall be your spokesman he shall be your interpreter he shall be a prophet which means G is not born a prophet but they be come a prophet because there is a reason why supposed to operate in the functionality of a prophet very important everybody have to master that you have to understand that it's really important you need it you must have it you must understand it for God is with you

20 thoughts on “HOW to see NAMES, NUMBERS and start PROPHESYING ( Part 1)

  1. Why do we attribute miracles to satan.. when a Man of Prophesies he is a devil, when he perform miracles, he is a devil, if he heals , he is satan himself. What's this world at all. We limit God so much that as if God cant prophesy by people as if God cant perform miracles. Hmm. Mercy on our lives…
    Never limit God.
    Man of God. I love u ok

  2. This man is the definition of a false prophet….teaching people how to open their third eye on his other videos…that is straight from the devil, and so is passion java.

    Don’t believe him; repent and never listen to him again.

  3. What has that got to do with the salvation of men. Preach the gospel and win men to Jesus Christ. Tell them to repent of their sins… names and numbers has got nothing to do with the souls of men.

  4. There’s no method for seeing names. It’s given by the Holy Spirit to Whoever He shows Mercy. It is not for a show or by public applaud. Only diviner’s and occultist mention People’s names for public approval. When God mention a specific name to a prophet in a meeting it is backed by a divine message intended to edify my spirit and encourage me in the Lord.

  5. I thought at the end of this video I will start seeing everyone' phone numbers and what they're huffing in their phones including that of this so call prophet.,also see people's bank account,how much they have,so I can start a church and trick them to bring all their money into my church,but at the end,the video left me clueless.I don't even know why I watch it.
    Anyway,how is seeing numbers,account numbers,names important for the salvation of man?
    Why are all these prophets not preaching repentance and holiness which is the message God send his son to die for ,so we can be saved?

  6. Jesus needed to be unlocked by John the Baptist? Really? Are we speaking of the same Jesus? Jesus was God in flesh and all the knowledge in the universe belongs to Him.

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