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How Allah forgives sin? You will not believe it! -Christian Prince

And establish regular prayers at the two ends of the day and at the approaches of the night: For those things, that are good remove those that are evil: Be that the word of remembrance to those who remember (their Lord): (Quran 11:114)

Namely, that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another; (Quran 53:38)

(38)Chapter: It Is Recommended To Kill Geckos

This hadith has been reported on the authority of Abu Huraira through another chain of transmitters (and the words are):

He who killed a gecko with the first stroke for him are ordained one hundred virtues, and with the second one less than that and with the third one less than that. Grade: Sahih Muslim 2240 b Book 39, Hadith 198 Book 26, Hadith 5565

It was narrated that ‘Umar bin Khattab said:
“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘There is no Muslim who performs ablution and does it well, then says: Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan `abduhu wa rasuluhu (I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger),’ (except that) eight gates of Paradise will be opened for him, and he will enter through whichever one he wants.'” Grade: Sahih (Darussalam)Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadith 470 Book 1, Hadith 508

It was narrated from Abdullah bin Ubaid bin Umair that a man said:
“O Abu abdur-Rahman, why do I only see you touching these two corners?” He said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say: ‘Touching them erases sins.’ And I head him say: ‘whoever circumambulates seven times, it is like freeing a slave.'” Grade: Hasan (Darussalam) Sunan an-Nasa’i 2919 Book 24, Hadith 0 Vol. 3, Book 24, Hadith 2922

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[Applause] hello everyone and piece of a quest all the few peers about your friends and let us start the education for today and if there is any Muslim he would like to talk to me anytime please let me know and we would be happy to have you calling me life on air all religions speaking about sin and what we can do with our sin how we can get rid of it Muhammad he have a different way to erase your sin you know the Muslims they pray five times a day and you might ask yourself I mean why I mean five time a day with the purpose of that I mean if you pray once a day will not do and do we have to do certain moves up and down and do we have to repeat the same words all our life and how we can call this prior if we are repeating the same thing which suppose the Allah he said prior is you communicating with the one who you believe is your God not repeating what he said to you you know Jesus how to pray he say he can pray like this but doesn't mean you have to repeat what Jesus said pray is you pray as you wish you speak to your Lord now Muhammad he come with his own fantasy proving to us that he is a false prophet he gave a stones of reasons to forgive your sin and none of them match the other one let us start with the quran the quran in chapter 11 verse 114 Muhammad he claimed that when you do a good deeds that will erase the bad deed and that is very dangerous to believe that is very dangerous to believe somebody says a Christian friends believes in once saved always saved I know what this guy is talking about I think this guy he drunk too much Kamerion what do you mean once saved is saved what does that mean is that even in English funny people so when you do a good deed that one will wipe the evil deed what does that mean I can go right now and commit sin and then I do something good and then my previous sin is gone because the the the the the follow good thing I did but this is mean we can do sin and we know how we can delete it just go and do something good after it I can go steal and then I can give some donation from the money I stole so the idea of deleting your sin and by doing what by doing in the morning you can pray in the morning you pray at the night and then the the the all your you know like that this is a good deed and this good deed will wipe your your bad deeds how silly so you can be a criminal who commits all kind of Filth and then you pray in the morning you pray at night whatever you do between them is gone right let us continue Mohammed he come with more stuff to forgive sin but he came with some stuff which is really crazy Mohammed he forgives sin himself Muslims they say to us that Allah is the only one who forgives sin the Muslims they say that we don't believe Mohammed is God you see when when a Muslim he says to me how he can prove to me that Jesus is God one of the proofs is jesus forgiving sin and this what the Bible says but now Muhammad is a granting forgiveness of sin what that will make Mohammed and look at the funny translation they say I have a granted burden to so-and-so return dirt your good deeds fruitless who are you Muhammad to say that you are the one you have a good deed and who was the one who was forgiven hmm that is silly who is Mohammed is it Muhammad that he says that he don't trust Allah and he says that all of you your sin is not going to be forgiven unless Allah warp you with his mercy let us find the hadith one of the signs of false prophet is a speaking with contradiction well you see as you see here Muhammad is asking Allah for forgiveness and asking him not to go to a Hellfire that's weird why Muhammad is worried about going to Hellfire but let us see here what else when Muhammad will say oops we do McCaffrey please Muhammad he said there is none amongst you who has did alone with 18 salvation for him it doesn't say that it doesn't say in the hadith any where it says his deeds alone that's a big fat lie in the Arabic eternal front of us it says ladies I had on him income you need G I am Allah who none of you will be saved by his deeds none of them there's nowhere says alone you lawyer the translation so let us analyze this hadith what is the good deed in Islam prior is a good deeds jihad is a good deed curse in Dhaka for is a good deed even killing a lizard is a good deed right let us find it Mohammed he claimed that if you kill a salamander mr. salamander Allah will give you a lot of Deeds so one of the reasons to go to heaven is killing mr. salamander in case you not know how salamander looked like let us introduce him to you salamander if you kill this little tiny animal the one he can be in the size of your finger if you kill this Allah will give you a lot of deed especially if you shoot him from the first time so in case you do not know that salamander is an enemy for Allah if we go in the hadith Muhammad he claimed that salamander he was trying to burn Abraham by blowing wind on his face and this is a proven to be scientifically accurate actually look at him he looked like a dragon let us see different picture I'm looking just for a better picture mister salamander alone you this one this one is red I think this one this one I for sure although wanna kill him look at this one it's like maybe two inch toad or three inch very very you know so this is the enemy of Allah and Allah he made an order all kind of sediment that doesn't matter what the color is just to take a note is a melody we don't think we are sure shown you one it doesn't matter really all right Muhammad he said indefinite eath here he explained that he was burning trying to burn Abraham but Muhammad he claimed if you kill salamander from the first shot Allah will give you a special reward I just see here actually the story is more clear about about this here's the translation they call him Jo or guy go this animal according to Abraham according story to Mohammed is the enemy of Allah and actually I can tell clearly that he is very scary to Allah I don't blame Allah to consider this animal a very very dangerous I mean look how dangerous he is hmm this is the enemy of Allah look at this guy he is like his like hello you know you can tell he is look at this guy look he and now I know why he was a blowing fire at Abraham look at his look at this you see the fire do you see the fire in his mouth actually I heard in the old days that caveman be used to use us guy go as a lighter for fire like they get him and they force him to blow look here here that this this this beast is it trying to by the finger of a human being hmm how dangerous and this is the one we see in the advertising guy Gong do you see him the enemy of Allah now if you kill this animal Allah forgive your sin by because simply when you have more deeds that's mean Allah will like this is how it worked like I just say you have 10 bad deeds then you make 100 good beads so 100 minus 10 you have 90 let us see if we kill this animal according to Islam how much deed we will make it is see I'm trying to find the hadith here we go the Prophet said the Prophet said not me he who killed a guy go with the first stroke for him or or Denis or ordained 100 deeds you see it if you kill him from the first shot you get 100 if you kill him from the second shot you get maybe is 70 if you kill him from the third shot maybe you get 30 so if you want your sin to be forgiven then you have to shoot at this horrible disgusting scary animal so let us make it simple for you for those who don't understand the coup for the Christians and the Jews who don't have knowledge only Allah has knowledge and the Prophet have knowledge in everything this is the most dangerous animal in the world and he is very evil and he try brother to burn Ibrahim so now Mohammed he come with a solution for your sin if you shoot this little tiny creature which is in the size of your finger from the first shot you kill him Allah will give you 100 deeds he would deposit right away in your account one hundred good deeds alhamdulillah if you shoot him from the second time you will get deeds but less not like shooting him from the first time maybe maybe I'm assuming maybe I'm not sure because Muhammad did not say how much the second shot will be maybe fifty I'm not sure fifty deeds if you shoot him a second time but if you shoot him and you kill him from the third time which mean after three shot you were able to kill maybe you will get 20 I'm not sure or 30 30 beats so if I spend my life chasing this little tiny animal I can make a lot of deeds in my account of deeds in the bank of Allah have you ever heard of a way better than this way to forgive your sin and notice here how dangerous the mission if you shoot this little tiny animal by the first shot Allah give you 100 deed so killing him from the first shot is very important if you want to really reach the maximum like you get the jackpot if you are shooting him and you killed him from the second shot like you are you're not a good Muslim huh you know like haha what's wrong with you huh so Allah will not give you equal D to the first one who killed him from the so first shot any Muslim can tell us why why if I can have from the first shot I get 100 beads if I kill him from the second shot I get less deed and if I kill him from the third shot I will get the lowest deeds why any Muslim this is how we can overcome our sin in this cult by chasing this little tiny poor anymore and this little tiny poor animal is the one who tried to burn Abraham and he o Muslims believe in that he look like a dragon to be honest with you obviously is dangerous look at this what's wrong with Mohammed Muslims what's wrong with Mohammed don't you think that Mohammed is making fun of you the one who okay you know what here I will show you something stupid about Mohammed anyone remember I mentioned before that Mohammed the Muslim they say to you is it the Muslim they say to you that nobody should pay for the sin of somebody else isn't this what they say nobody should pay for the sin of somebody else correct this what this thing they say to you why Jesus her you know why he died for our sin this is not even fair everyone have to die for his sin based on this story Muhammad believed that the animal this animal he is a sinner but he is not the one who commits the sin it was his a grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand father so how you say that everyone should pay for his sin and then you order the children's or the babies of the animal who you accuse him of burning Abraham which is funny to be killed you idiot are you getting my point if we should pay for our sin okay this guy he have nothing to do with the one let us assume that the story is a true that there is a there's a lizard who tried to burn Abraham okay what about that that one is the one who commits this and why you wanna kill his babies Islam is nothing but a chain of his chapathi they say to you it is not fear that Jesus he paid for your sin he did not commit the sin why he will pay for it do we have any Muslim the story did not stop here and this chapati is not over yet let us continue shall we let us go in the Quran we find many verses speaking that no one shall pay for the sin of somebody else chapter 6 verse 164 chapter 17 verse number 15 chapter 35 verse number 18 chapter 39 7 and chapter 53 38 let us take the shortest know Sol shall carry the sin of somebody else as simple as that Muslims do you agree with this do you agree with this hmm who is a Muslim here when I say this is perfect by the way I'm not against this you see when we as a Christian we say Jesus he paid for our sin it does not mean we don't do have sin and we might not go to hell we Christian don't believe in that it doesn't mean that we Christian we can do sin and that's it we are going to heaven because Jesus he died that's the false interpretation of Islam for what we say that Jesus died because of our sin why Jesus came to this earth to save us so if we are not doing sin Jesus will appear this what we meant by Jesus died for our sin because of our sin he he came here but doesn't mean if he died automatically I'm going to go to heaven and I can do whatever I want because he died for my sin this is not what Christianity is about this why Jesus said not everyone said to me God God or Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of my father but the one who do his will so yes he died but doesn't mean I have a license for sin it is in Islam that you have a license for sin and we will prove it in a second so look at the verse here saying that no soul should be pain for the burden or the sin of different soul we can change the translation if you don't like this translator we have many lawyers here choose any one of them and we will show it to you in the screen any translation you wish all right now look how Mohamed he said that no soul should pay for the sin of different soul and look what he say here in this hadith sahih muslim and this is a sahih hadith so the Muslim cannot say it's a skinny there's no enough fat on it sahih muslim hadith number two seven six seven B Muhammad said the world come they would come people among the Muslims on the day of resurrection would as heavy sin as mountains and Allah would forgive them and he would place it or place in their embarrassed instead the Jews and the Christians do you see how big fat liar this prophet a second ago he said that no soul should pay for the burden or the sin of someone else do you see it just a second ago now he said that the Muslims will come with sin like mountains not like a sin to sin 3 no no no like mountains Allah will take their sin and he will place it on the Christians and the Jews so what we find here that Allah not only is a scammer he is a prophet is a bigger scammer for this is a contradiction secondly so why you are telling me if I killed a guy go I will get 100 deeds what the benefit of deeds anyway if my sin is forgiven why you are asking me to pray 5 times so I can get deeds if in the day of judgment Allah will take the sin of the Muslims and he will boot it in the Christian and the Jews and how much hate behind this statement and how much and just and how much ugly the God of Islam hmmm anyone the comment any Abdul wanna show me something smart about his profit when he speak about justice forgiveness anyone so the teaching in the Quran is a fabrication and Muhammad is a big fat liar what kind of a theology I am teaching let me tell you what kind of Christian theology I'm teaching I'm teaching them that you are a donkey and you are trying to change the topic because you're ashamed of your cult because I'm talking about Islam yet you speak about Christian theology you are terrified my friend from what I am showing in the screen so you're trying to divert our topic you're ashamed you don't even dare to change your diaper right now it is too wet and too late and don't put your hand there it smells so bad and if you are a man give me a call life on air let us see how brave you are here we go we have ultimate fort ultimate fort is here he when I call me in Paltalk last time we open pal talk for him he did not call I will give you a chance hold on wait for ultimate fort okay ultimate fault call me are you there my pal talk is open here we go I am online call me who is a brave Muslim yeah this is the guy who say the Muslim scholars are liars and this is the guy who said to me read the Quran of what his name was he named the one who was killed in in Arizona the one who corrupt the Quran the one who came with the number 19 what's his name he accept the corrupted heroically believer who was a brave Muslim he is willing to corny any up dude hmm Muslim let us continue so here you see Mohammed he is a proven that he is a liar because he just said something opposed what he said before and as long a law will take the sin of the Muslims anyway and he will place it on the Christian so what the point of a praying doing Hajj thing in Mohammed zakat what the point of doing jihad if your sin is forgiven anyway unless I pay for it that's not a true Paltalk is a free program you pay only you pay only if you don't want to have ads in your page you know don't lie pal talk is for free no payment there's a premium the premium paying a membership is for those who wanna have liked if they want to go and have a life cameras etcetera this is the premium but to make a voice call or text it's free and you are a liar do we have any brave Abdul why why we pray was Muhammad himself forgiven did Muhammad kill any guy go and Allah give him a lot of good deeds hmm let us see how easy it is to go to heaven in Islam the Prophet said whoever perform ablution and does it well and then say three times what is that that was the guy go taking Shahada if you see this a three time witnessing that there is no god but Allah and you have to associate the name of Muhammad with the name of Allah if you say that it returned what will happen what will happen brother the cave of Ali Baba will open read on me he said if he say that eight gates of paradise will be open for him although Mohammed I thought there are seven gates did you add one they are eight now oh there's no Green hold on hold on short it sorry it's my fault all right all right big it easy take it easy strike a guy go so the Prophet says whoever say this a three time how many time you see the Muslim they say you Christians are people who believe the Trinity but Muslims are people of the Trinity everything in Islam is based on number three including salvation the gates of heavens eight gates of heavens eight and brotherbrother eight gates of heaven I will open and which one I will enter brother huh I will enter from the eight gates so here if you say this in Arabic you have to see it in Arabic don't ever try to say it in Indonesian brother or don't try to say it like in English like second egg bread visitor the profitable and dated video fabric that if you get another Kingdom Allah will open the ink gate of heaven for you another example every day I go to the toilet and I even I don't touch the bathroom toilet and I think and the bathroom toilet open for me it bathroom toilet open for me just by saying those words in Arabic eight gates of paradise will open for you why brother why this is how easy what will happen if I say it for time Mohammadi Courvoisier say things three time let us see if I do jihad Allah forgive my sin but what will happen to me you believe it or not I will became a parrot when they call it perro the green bird hold on let me let me see what they call this green bird parrot here we go you want to see how you will look like if you are Osama bin Laden brother believe it or not it will look like this this is what will happen to the Mujahideen of Isis in the heaven of Allah Allah forgive your sin and he make a green bird but I have a problem with this that will do with the 70 virgins how I'm going to have boom-boom with them am I going to use my peak so Allah promised if I die for Allah and do jihad he will give me a lot of versions each one of them her ass is one mile and now I am a bird question what I will do next any Mohammedan have an idea I am a bird but now there is a beautiful women in the bed and they are naked and what I will do is that something called peak sex something we now are not familiar with yet take English sex take a peek what what's wrong with this man I die for a law and I kill the infidels for him and then he make me a green bird am i green bird what about what's wrong well what if what I don't make me a blue what's wrong with the blue look how beautiful this blue bird is if you could you contribute women they will love you more do we have anymore they're in the bushes let us read we asked up the law about the Quranic verses it's a table blah blah blah blah we asked the meaning of this verse to the Holy Prophet who said the Prophet is explaining the corona brother please stand up and show respect when the Prophet he is speaking everybody stand up otherwise he will send you the mujahedeen the peacemaker he said who he said Muhammad not me don't blame me I know you Muslims I know I know you I know you I know you I know you he said the soul of the murderers live in the bodies of a green bird see see I told you who have their nest I have my sermon bin Laden and right now I am in my nest bye guys after I finish with you I will go to my nest sorry [Laughter] attack from laughing but because of this stupid cult let me drink something and guys each time I read those stuff I feel like I'm reading for the first time it's it's funny like hell as if I just saw it look at this so now Mohammed promising you a lot of versions each one of them her ass is one mile and now you are a green bird and you have a nest here we go I became a martyr for Allah and this is how I will talk I will talk to my wife's now and I'm going to invite them to – take off your panties alhamdulillah I just said Shahada in the bird language what is this this is what this lamb is about so you give us headache 24 hours convert to Islam do jihad for Allah fight for Allah so you go you suicide yourself you became pieces and now Allah will make you a chicken a greeny chicken huh any Abdul too many Christian that shared for what give this space to Muslims only look at this a smart guy as if this is like a small room only we have a limited number my friend to bring the Muslims let them share who is stopping the Muslims from coming I mean what's wrong would you give a space to the muslims why do you think we have limited it shares this is youtube we can have a million people here i mean some people are really silly should I kill should I kick some Christians from the Chad just four years is yourself give the space to the Muslims hold on we have ultimate fort let me call him the stupid idiot each time I call him it says that guy he need to update huh I mean he is a certified idiot here we go I took a snapshot for this donkey he keep asking me to call you know to call him each time I tried to call him it says are you stupid or what ultimate fourth you are doing it in purpose aren't you how many time I told you you have to a date update your youth your pal talk why you are being stupid ultimate fourth using an older version of pal talk do you see it so each time I try to call you you idiot and you will go and you will say to me call me and call me and call me and you would come to moron you will do the same I think you became a green bird long time ago any most he have an updated version even everything in Islam is outdated even there paltalk even there paltalk is outdated any Abdul so brother and sister if we are like an egg what will happen to us when we die for the sake of Allah like an Aggie now making a speech to do jihad against the Hindus with the sitter brother and sitter don't you like better to be capable a brother you will became a billet and he will became an absolutely beautiful world green brother green ultimate green what is dad what is this what a Christendom o nation I would recommend you guys are taking me out of my topic there is nothing is called the Christendom a nation Christ is not a demon nation never follow Adam a nation otherwise you are demolished in yourself follow Jesus my friend follow Jesus don't be a fool the man who follow a priest is a fool the man who follow a bishop is a fool the man who follow even Christian prayers he is a fool you follow Jesus only that is a Christ and that is a Christianity anything else is not true priests are businessmen they try to divide us they are the one who divided us Jesus he unites us follow anything he unites us with God and His name only can do that don't be a Catholic don't be a Protestant don't be another Doc's don't be a fool be Christian as Jesus he gave you a name in the Bible and there's no name better than his name to be called with if you have a better name go and call yourself with it then you don't belong to Jesus we go back to topic so now I when a convert to Islam and I will became a murderer and then Allah forgive my sin hold on Muhammad he said to them do you wish anything you are a bird now and he is asking them do you desire or anything in the heaven look the Muslims here they they translate that desire as do you like to eat the fruit of paradise it doesn't say that it says do you desire anything but let us go with the translation so you are now a bird in the paradise and Muhammad is telling you you can eat from the fruit of paradise that's so beautiful as I know birds the like worms so are you saying to me I die for Allah and then I turn the chicken and then I turn vigie vigie chicken I will eat only vegetation only fruits no warmth no buffet no sausages he can warm or birds is like eating the chicken for a human being any Mohammedan now guys if you remember Muhammad he said before let us open the fajita that in the heaven of Allah we will find women who Allah will give them to us and we will be able to see through the marrow of their bones you remember that don't you which is very beautiful finally we can see were the women they hide their stuff if she took your credit card if she eat your you know your your food your hamburger she can not hide it no more everything is right there so look at this I am a bird and this is how my wife she look for me she looked like for me just to give you an idea brother how beautiful how tempting how's eggsy i am a green bird and now my wife she is doing this i can see the morrow of her bones look at this oh it's getting hot here it's not easy to be single these days a lot of temptation brother look at this unbelievable me so Allah promised me if I die for him Allah will forgive my sin but then he says Allah will put the sin of the Muslims on the Christian and the Jews anyway then he says to me if you die I will make a green eat chicken and then after I became a green chicken Allah will give me this women who I can see their bones any Muslim ever comment the guy's please don't be tempted this is just for education purpose okay I know there's a lot of temptation they are especially with the high heels look at this hello so this is the promise of Allah I would get this was Muhammad series or his talking too much hashish brother sitter the Prophet he promises a lot of beautiful positive and one of them when you go to the heaven brother he will help women and he will see them through the middle of the bones and they will look like x-ray and now brother there is a wisdom behind this women always they steal from their husband they take your credit card they take your money and they spend it from your you behind and now we cannot do that we could even see it your hamburger you can see it in your stomach and this is but because the from the mercy of Allah they cannot see to your normal that's wonderful and you are telling me Allah is not God what's wrong with you look at this one oh boy oh man I need to go I can't I can't see it no more now I know how hard it is to be single this is my last day in my life as single I'm going to get married for the first women she knock at my door nobody knock in any way anyone what this guy is talking about this is a prophet of God and this is what you Muslim believe that in the heaven of Allah you will get women who you can see the morale of their bones so now you go you die you fight and then you get this how Ellis Allah forgive our sin the brother addition had to killing a guy go let us see we become Birds now ok ok alright when you perform salat and you say subhanAllah thirty time and alhamdulillah 33 time and Allah Akbar for ty 34 time and lai la la la tin time with that you have suppressed BIM and you go to paradise this is how you suppress sin Muslims Muslims are you serious this is how we destroy our sin by saying those things let us get the hadith and in a better place Hogan fantastic fantastic Allah messenger Satan he who will recite after every prayer Subhan Allah 33 time guys : subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah to drink some water look there's a Muslim in the chat he's saying to me CP is a fool I am the fool who is or the one who sent to you if you say repeat this word 33 time you go to heaven hmm I am The Fool is your prophet show respect so you say stew-pan Allah 33 time but brother why 33 I mean again three number the three number is stuck there 33 what if we do with 32 a brother no it cannot doesn't work brother you have to say it 33 okay what if I do it 34 sorry brother you have to do with 33 please write down the recipe blood and cetera write down the recipe because this recipe is the only need to be approved by Allah we have to say it 33 time are you sure okay brother and then you have to say after you say subhanAllah remember you have to say tan Arabic you cannot play with Allah he English doesn't work Chinese doesn't work Indonesian doesn't work indeed Indian doesn't work don't try Arabic only Allah listen only to Arabic and then after you say subhanAllah 33 time you have to say the following sentence brother what is the following sentence dude I'll write down brother reiben right write down the note brother al hamdu lillah okay how many times we say it again a brother 33 time brother again 33 time okay so now we have to say supernal 33 time i have until 3:30 three time what else are we done brother no brother no brother you have to say and after that Allah Akbar 33 time Oh are we start with number 33 yeah this is the age of Jesus you want to get forgiveness remember Jesus so no brother you have to say Allah Akbar 33 time and complete the end read look look look here look at this recipe how complicated it is hold on hold on hold on hold on I mean things is getting really complicated it's like a nuclear weapon you said subhanAllah 3:33 time Subhan Allah take a note please and you are telling me that Islam is not a very high-tech religion so you seem stupid earlier 33 time I'll have Anila 33 time Allahu Akbar 33 time we are not done brother we are not brother we are not there is one more step brother you have to do you have to complete the ninety nine by 100 so brother you have to say the following sentence brother and the following sentence brother is as the following you have to say la ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu alula hui hou e ah whoo ah whoo yo Asia and they never are after you complete this recipe brother what will happen brother Allah will forgive your sin even if it is large as the form of the surface of the sea Allah Akbar Allah Akbar shocking Allah will forgive his sin even if it is larger than the form from the sir on the surface of the sea see ya that's how easy it is Allahu Akbar 33 time al hamdulillah authority time I said Allah Allah 33 times that what is there and you Muslim believe in this my Chinese is good but are you killing me I went to China the second I step in China I was speaking fluent Chinese the guy in the airport he said to me are you Christian prayers I answered him saying Jim which is I am NOT Bruce Lee but imagine if you guys today you start practicing this all your sin is forgiven even if you are the owner of a playboy station and Dule this is better than comedy for sure but the bad but the sad you know what there's a there's a sad story in it's sad side of the story if I listen to a comedy show I don't love I don't know I find him silly I know what they would say next I don't enjoy it and I found him very City now do we have any Abdul here who is a Muslim when explain to us how silly this way to eat to to forgive sin will Mohammed II get this recipe from is it fabricated is it a lie don't takes me in Paltalk and less you Otto Muslim if you're almost time you want to talk to me you can text me if not then don't any Abdul well this this is your religion this is a religion I have to say NY 33 time who's the Muslim I tell us what is behind the 33 issue why 33 what about 30 to 34 Jesus he live in this earth 33 33 years is that why any Muslim if you are here first time don't forget to subscribe and if you are a Muslim don't forget to subscribe and unsubscribe because Allah erased the bad deed by the good deed the bad deed is to restore to subscribe to me and subscribe Allah will forgive the sin of subscribing brother let me show you another way of your sin to be forgiven in the culture who want this hadith here the one we are showing you who want this nobody wanted now what do you want it none of you want the recipe to make it like a for you for your husband okay now your husband he cheated on you and you get him busted and now your husband he come home and he says subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah and he stopped junkie like a monkey subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah he said 333 time and then he says al hamdulillah al hamdulillah al hamdulillah al hamdulillah I'm do we learn how do we learn him to learn and then I love it but I love lower part and then you cannot say to him anything that said he's forgiven bunga hello-hello Allah forgive him what's wrong with you he's just the practice the recipe of forgiveness with wrong with you so old brother who wanna cheat their wives brother you can't cheat your wife as much as you wish brother before you meet her make a video YouTube saying subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah subhanAllah [Laughter] a limit a limit this this is a very very very beautiful reason this is my favorite religion brother forgiven same is easier than washing your paint we are done or your sin is gone even if it is more than the form of the ocean another way to forgive sin LSC prophet of Allah God you see the birds how beautiful they are do you think there's a green bird outside they are Mujahideen the same as Muhammad he said that there will be green birds I hope not because I see a green bird outside in my window look what the Prophet he said how he can forgive your sin the Muslims now are going to do in Hajj in Mecca – minions will come to visit Mecca Abdul Rahman about the Rahman said to other person why why why do I only see you touching these two corners why I mean always when you read there's a story you have to put in motion there because this is very emotional moment brother he said I heard I heard the Messenger of Allah saying touching them erase sins Oh what hello if I touch the black stone and the Yemeni corner they erase my sin hmm Abdul – st. – stones touching them at erase my sin any Muslim have a comment what is this isn't really clear that this is a pig in teaching Mohammed was a pig in man adopting the pagan cult before him hmm touching stones is going to erase our sin we have a guy let us see let us see if he's a Muslim all right let us call him I think this is the same idiot it says Roman using older version of Paltalk what's wrong with the Muslim out dude or have them they are using older version I think this is the same idiot any Abdul anyone can explain to us why if we touch two rocks one of them look in the shape of a vagina our sin is forgiven anyone if you are here for forget to subscribe if you are here second time don't forget to and subscribe if you are here the third time don't forget to subscribe if you are here for the first time don't forget to and subscribe this is how silly the Quran is do you remember yesterday when we spoke about the crew on speaking about their the cave people list the sleepers where Allah he says some they say they are three and they're number four is a dog we're dog believable this Quran is so cute the one who wrote the Quran he have an IQ not even of a kid so the people who will now say they are three and their dog is the fourth some they say they are five and their dog is the six and some they say they are seven and their dog is number eight say no one knows their number save Allah what the heck is there I was going to continue like I am so glad Allah did not continue sane and someday say they are eight and their dog is nine and some day say they are nine and their dog is ten and some they say they are ten and their dog is 11 ok what the purpose of this story now while you are talking about their numbers if you want to tell us what the number anyway genius the one who made the horn is a genius literally who can be genius more than this do we have any Muslim here anyone Hey how Muslim now he want to ask why you celebrated Christmas it's a Roman practice know as Christmas is not a Roman practice you are a liar if you want to say to me that we are celebrating Sunday which is which is supporting the holiday used to be for the Sun God will we are not celebrating the Sun God my friend that's your stupidity anyone knows why sunday is special for Christians anyone knows why why sunday is a special for the Christians actually it is a hadith I can show it to Mohammed he said Allah he made the Christian and the Jews mislead the from Friday when Jesus resurrected he met with his disciple in Sunday right so we are not celebrating Sunday for it was a Roman day as you claimed you idiot that's because of your ignorance any Abdul anyone why Muslims do fasting do we really need to do it first of all Muslim don't do fasting this is not fasting this is eating you can go right now and search in Google you will find that I just made a video a few days ago about it that Muslims they gain a lot of weight in the month of Ramadan because they eat more you can search right now in Google you will find that the price of food sky rocking in Ramadan why because there is a high demand they eat more so who say they are fasting or what they do is switch day and night that's all as simple as that and in the month of Ramadan Muslim do no work everybody sleeping everybody even the government offices they open very late and they close very early the whole country is asleep and most of the Muslims in the month of Ramadan they go to Thailand they go to you know sex tourists do we have any Muslim here anyone wanna be a green bird my my throat is dry so I might close earlier today I wanted to sing for you guys but sadly second egg did not show up imagine second egg is singing for us a brother saying alhamdulillah three time alhamdulillah three time 33 time alhamdulillah 33 time alhamdulillah 33 time alhamdulillah lalalalala that's so good that's so beautiful this is how we can forgive our sin so good I love it hello don't like it for surely a black dog you do not he's the enemy of Allah the enemy of Allah the black dog let me show you not only the guy go is the enemy of Allah the lizard is salamander no black dogs are the enemy of Allah we asked the message of Allah what the difference between the yellow dog and white dog and yellow black dog he says the black dog is the devil do you see it Omar camera ok you see Omar camera is a Muslim he is saying to me I'm a fool because I'm reading Quran and I am reading the Prophet words I agree with you I mean this is foolish brother Thank You Omar for supporting my cause no I'm obviously agree with me why are you saying I'm full because of what I'm saying and what I am saying is what Muhammad said so Omar he is saying that Muhammad the prophet of Allah is a fool Thank You Omar I really appreciate the Muslim Muhammad and support see this is what we call decency from behind the curtain he is supposed to insult him me because he don't dare to insult his a prophet so he said Christian brains is a rule he cannot express his feeling that the His Prophet is the fool so he said Christian brains is a food but why because the christian brains is reading what the Prophet said what the Prophet is saying is a foolish so now he is saying without saying it directly to how smart is this guy is like he must be the cousin of the connec Omar are you there of Zecharia hybrid are any Abdul anyone you call me you can call me in Paltalk but don't call me unless you're a Muslim we take calls from Muslims Mayday Mayday Muslims only I like their intellect and their high intelligence if you are far from the Mecca there is always gonna be women or donkey between you and the Kaaba yeah you are right actually so because Mohammed is saying if you are three things will interrupt your prayer a dog in a donkey and you can hear notice Mohammed he put women between between the donkeys and dogs do you see how Mohammed he insult women look three things destroyed the Muslim prayer a woman and a black dog and a donkey the donkey is in the left of the screen the dog in the right of the screen and the women in the middle so Mohammed he made women equal to animals you anyone all right look like we are out of Mohammedan and this is today our topic was how your sin can be forgiven by the way there's many ways Mohammed II repeated you know all of them they are sitting and all of them they are stupid but today we went from repeating certain words Allah will forgive your sin if you do ablution Allah forgive your sin Allah forgives your sin in the Judgment Day and he plays it on the Christians and the Jews even if it's like Mountain you know killing lizard will forgive your sin and killing a guy Gold forgive forbid your sin killing a black dog will forgive your sin I mean there is many ways and it's time to forgive your sin and especially if you are a person doing jihad for Allah Allah will make a green bird not only he will forgive your sin which means this is extra water and I cannot wait to become a green green bird and the brother Osama bin Laden right now he is a green bird in the heaven of Allah all right what do you want more so beautiful now don't forget please to download my videos right after we finish and with this I want to say thank you for being here if you like to read more and learn more about the cult of Islam you can get my books from or Amazon Germany or France we have it in many languages feel free to get the books from there and we say thank you for your support and your attending I hope you take notes you save reference and I hope the Muslims more and more they will see how silly the cult of Islam and they will see that there is no hope no hope all of this is a lie all of this is nothing but a fabrication of a madman repeating words will never forgive your sin that is a stupid that is the most stupid statement for anyone to say that is even hypocrisy what kind of God forgive your sin just for saying some words after all the evil things you did that is a stupid that's not even fear that's not even justice that is silly so think again think again before you practice your big and cult kissing the black stone going around the stone Bowen in the front of a stone brain in the direction of a stone you are following a stone time stone cave time religion no salvation and nothing can save you but accepting the Messiah and repenting and changing the way of your life live with him by him so you can survive thank you very much for being here may the Lord bless you all and see you soon I hope tomorrow if I can thank you crisis Lord Islam is false I mean to that see ya [Applause]

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    And We shall drive the sinners to hell, like thirsty cattle driven down to water. None shall have the power of intercession, but such a one as has received permission from God Most Gracious. They say : " God Most Gracious has begotten a son! " Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous! At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin. That they should invoke a son for God Most Gracious. For it is not consonant with the Majesty of ( God ) Most Gracious that He should beget a son. Not one of the beings in the heavens and in the earth but must come to ( God ) Most Gracious as a servant. He does take an account of them all, and hath numbered them all exactly. And everyone of them will come to Him singly on the Day of Judgement.


    Let us introduce you to parts of the Holy Bible which you have not heard about in sermons from the pulpit, that may shock and dismay you and should certainly convince you that the bible ought to be X-rated.
    Below you will find a pornographic view of sex and women, lewdness, depravity and sexual violence often ordered or countenanced by the biblical deity. Don't take my word for it-look it up for yourself.

    4:17 Cain marries his sister?
    4:19 Man "took unto him 2 wives"
    12:13-19 Man prostitutes wife
    16:2-4 Wife to hubby: "go in unto my maid"
    17:9-14 "Ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin"
    19:1-8 Rape virgins instead of male angels
    19:30-38 "Righteous man" impregnates his 2 daughters while drunk
    20:2-12 Man prostitutes wife again
    20:12 Woman married to half-brother
    22:24 Bible's first "concubine"
    24:2-3,9 Place your hand "under the thigh" (sexual organs) of someone swearing sacred oaths
    25:1-6 Keeping mistresses is not adultery
    Ch. 29·30 Sordid tales of surrogate motherhood
    30:3 Woman gives handmaid for hubby's sexual use
    30:9 More sordid marital triangles
    32:25 God grabs Jacob's testicles
    34:1-31 Brothers are riled when sister is defiled
    34:25 Circumcised men "were sore"
    35:22 Man sleeps with father's concubine
    38:8-10 Onan's method of birth control (withdrawal ejaculation) not approved
    38:12-30 Woman "plays the harlot" to seduce father-in-law
    39:7-20 Woman tries to rape man
    47:29 Man ordered to place hand under father's thigh
    4:25 Mom cuts off son's foreskin with (ouch!) stone
    20:26 God specifies building of altar to prevent exposure to nakedness
    21:7-11 Female servants can be used for sex
    21:10 Rule permits polygamy
    22:19 Death decreed for bestiality
    12:1-8 Bible calls childbirth a sin
    15:16-18 Sperm and intercourse are unclean
    15:19-33 Menstruation unclean; elaborate rules
    15:29-30 Women require sin offering for menstrual periods
    18:22 Homosexuality declared an abomination
    18:23 More bestiality
    19:20-22 Man gets forgiven, slave girl gets flogging
    20:10 Adulterers shall be put to death
    20:13 Death decreed for homosexuals
    20:15-16 Death decreed for bestiality (human & beast)
    21:9 Burn whore-daughters of priests
    26:29 Curse: Eat your sons and daughters
    5:11-31 Fidelity test (belly rot) for women only
    25:1 "People began to commit whoredom"
    25:4 "Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord"
    25:6-8 Holy man impales woman through her belly
    31:17-18 Virgins raped as war booty
    21:10-14 God okays captured maidens as trial wives
    22:5 Men's clothing not to be worn by women & vice versa
    22:13-21 A bride not a virgin must die
    22:23-26 Virgin raped in city given no pity
    22:28-29 Paying father to have sex with daughter
    23:1 Man "wounded in the stones" (testicles) can't enter congregation
    23:2 Children born out of wedlock condemned as bastards to 1Oth generation
    23:10-11 Nocturnal emissions discussed
    23:12-14 Defecation: Carry paddle, dig hole, & cover up
    25:5-10 Woman has sexual cause to spit in man's face
    25:11-12 A woman shall have her hand cut off for touching a man's penis
    28:27 Hemorrhoids ("emerods") a punishment for sin
    28:30 Lord's curse: Another man shall lie with groom's bride first
    28:53-57 Curse: Eat your own body & children
    3:20-22 Dagger in fat king's gut gets "dirt'' out
    4:21-22 Hammer & nail murder by woman
    8:30 Gideon had many wives, concubines
    Ch. 11 Virgin daughter sacrificed to God
    14:20 Samson gives away wife to another man
    16:1 Samson "went in unto" harlot
    16:4-19 Biblical game of S & M
    19:1-30 Woman raped and ruined by homosexuals
    21:6-25 Amidst carnage virgins captured for wives
    3:6-9 To "hook" him as a husband, Ruth sleeps with Boaz. (4:9-10 Boaz buys Ruth)
    1:5-11 Lord "shuts" & "opens" womb
    2:8 ''The Lord … lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill"
    2:22-23 Priests' sons copulate at door of tabernacle
    5:9-12 Philistines "smitten with emerods" (hemorrhoids) as punishment for stealing ark
    6:1-5 To placate God, make golden hemorrhoids
    18:25-27 200 foreskins gain David a king's daughter
    25:22,34 A subject never mentioned in sermons
    3:7 Concubine hanky-panky
    11:1-27 Uriah murdered so David can get his wife
    12:11-12 Obscene performance to be viewed by all Israel
    5:13 David had many wives, concubines
    Ch. 13 Amnon rapes his sister
    16:20-22 Absalom rapes father's concubines on rooftop
    20:3 David imprisons concubines for above
    1:1-4 Virgin as therapy for sick old man
    3:16-28 2 "harlots" feud-sexist tale
    11:1-10 Wise Solomon has wives and concubines galore, promiscuous with "many strange women"
    14:10, 16:11, 21:21 A subject never mentioned in sermons
    6:28-29 "So we boiled my son, and did eat him"
    9:8 A subject never mentioned in sermons
    9:30-37 Unspeakable assassination of Jezebel
    23:7 Male houses of prostitution destroyed
    1:32-33 More concubines galore
    11:21 King had 18 wives & 60 concubines
    Ch.1-2 Sexual contest for new queen
    1:11 Queen asked to "display'' body for men
    45:10-17 Wily seduction by promiscuous Solomon
    5:3 "Lips of strange woman" warning
    7:5-27 Intemperate warnings of "strange" women
    30:20 Adulteress "eateth, and wipeth her mouth"
    5:4 Man touches woman's "hole of the door'' and "my bowels were moved for him"
    8:8 Little sister has no breasts
    3:16 "the Lord will discover their secret parts"
    9:20 Every man shall eat the flesh of his own arm
    14:21-22 Slaughter children for fathers' iniquity
    16:11 Bible boast: "My bowels shall sound like an harp"
    36:12 Eating dung and drinking piss
    16:4 Grievous, obscene deaths
    2:19-20 Something to lament
    4:10 Women boil children for food
    4:12-15 God says: Eat bread defiled with dung
    5:8-10 What's for dinner?
    8:2 Lord's loins make guest appearance
    16:15 Fornications pour out
    16:36-37 Their "filthiness poured out … "
    23:1-40 Grisly tale related of two sisters who are whores
    23:20 Sex organs and ejaculate of harlot's lovers compared to asses & horses
    Ch. 24 Lord orders lewd "woman" boiled into "scum"
    29:7-8 God performs bloody castration via a sword
    1:2-11 God tells Hosea to take whore to wife
    2:1-15 Complications ensue (lewdly described)
    3:4-6 Lord: "I will discover thy skirts upon thy face"
    2:1-4 Angry god will spread feces on your faces
    5:27-30 A man may lust, but it's not just
    5:31-32 Man can divorce wife for fornication
    19:3-9 Man who divorces and remarries is adulterer
    19:12 Castrate yourself for Jesus
    22:24 Woman must marry dead husband's brother
    2:21 Eight day old Jesus is circumcised
    8:38 Eunuch baptized
    15:24 Circumcision is not commandment
    16:3 Paul circumcises adult
    1:26-32 Gay man and lesbians "worthy of death"
    6:18-20 Abstain from extramarital sex
    7:1-40 To be more holy, refrain from sex wholly
    7:18-19 If you're not circumcised, stay that way
    5:1-4 Paul speaks against circumcision
    3:2,12 More than one wife OK, except for bishop
    17:1-16 A drunken whore is stripped, eaten and burned
    As Thomas Paine wrote in his classic book The Age of Reason: "Any system of religion that has anything in it that shocks the mind of a child, cannot be a true system." Paine also observed: "Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize [hu]mankin

  3. Saya tdk percaya alloh bisa mengampuni dosa manusia hanya dgn berzikir alangkah mudhnya ajaran islam/ setan ini ya pantasan banyak pemeluk agama sekte setan ini krna aturannya simpel mulai menikah ,cerai .membakar gereja .membunuh.jihat / dgn dalih apapun di izinkan alloh & muhamad mereka d ajaran tuhan yesus d ajarkan berbuat kasih kepada musuh kita God bles we are all of cris in the world amin

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