Historians Make History – Brother Adnan Rashid In Discussion With Rabbi Abrahamson.

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Historians Make History – Brother Adnan Rashid In Discussion With Rabbi Abrahamson.

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Recorded Sunday 28th April 2019.


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so if the Phenom the Jewish scripture foretells the coming of an Arabian prophet in clear terms and clear terms that even do X Y and Zed and all of those characteristics fit Muhammad perfectly well and he may well be a true prophet according to the Tanakh then what grounds do the Jewish people have to reject him as a true and it is a true prophet then he is the one telling us he was the last and final messenger there is no other choice one busy day right how do you prove that when you look at all the when when when you look at the Torah as it stands today it's based upon two sources primarily Marathi text so there was a Ganesha it was a place for me describes part six crew so he has done descent at that time people did paraphrases Vitara they would try to work in all sorts of ideas they translate the different languages they're made and this is where the Dead Sea Scrolls you have all sorts of will tell you let's collect every letter every bow point was dictated by God to Moses word for word letter for letter so you think when they'll hold up the Torah today we say this is the Torah that God let's get more texture if you're not vegan I think especially in a place like this is to explore the differences so our differences what do you do just make kiddush over wine you know Muslims don't a lot more in common you say there never prayers we say first we look to the left and to the right you look to the right first and those differences no no no it's a sherry there are different shines yes but my know again my question is if the Jewish people have been poured by God in certain portions of the Tanakh despite the fact that the Tanakh has been corrupted altered which are asked is usually what people say of course i mean i respectively I completely respect your view if you believe that the the text of the Old Testament or the text of the kunafa static or the old the Dead Sea Scrolls are uniform distributed by heretical people who had all sorts of crazy ideas here since they were not considered mainstream Jews of course I understand and unfortunately we don't have anything from the temple period so we do we are you talking about original manuscripts because they cast doubt on the people who say that they have copies in with the Masoretic text it is quite later the Masoretic text you know the source really comes from right does it have anything Greek translation would they changed words around in fact I think when the Quran refers to words being changed around I think is referring to the Septuagint right because the world Christians who believed that the Greek translation was superior to the Hebrew translation was created or potami people they the people did actually did for some reason they wanted to take everything you could possibly think of having to do with idolatry so why would the Jewish people around 70 Jews call a stranger because they were riding it for pagans Egyptians in the Torah this is we created the room but there are no major differences between search engine one of the verses and he talks about in the Quran it says with talk about the Texas Jewish people don't frustrate when they pray and in truth if you look at the Septuagint they drop that word out before the gates of God so so we as Muslims when I say among them are believers right believers in what is the question the Muslims Muslims in the final and he Dean is Sharia according to the Jewish rabbi Jewish scholars there is a minimum you have to believe in God you believe the angels leave in the last day that's dinner that's not sure our understanding of Dean the word Dean is that it is a way of life it is a way of life it is not only it's not it's not only literature is not only beliefs rather it's actually also Dean is action there is no no is a historian say directly to the Jewish books or even the Septuagint this is from God they wrote it with their own hands Jeremiah Jeremiah prophet Jeremiah describes okay scribe there were bad and evil scribes in the northern kingdom what scribes are we talking about the tides of history scribes of chronicles ascribes of Scripture limit scribes as as far as I know scribes means people writing Scripture there's one team that was given to Adam given to Noah this did is obligatory on all mankind all the prophets follow the same theme and then the each nation was giving Umar was given its own show that's what we say for and for you to keep that I completely accept your honor I have your seats right in the guru granth solid in the scripture with the cause by the way there is Muslim poetry there's into portrait and it is to seek the scripture in that scripture there men through the first group Guru Nanak he praised the Prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad that if you really want to be sweet then follow the way of the Prophet referring to Prophet Muhammad I asked them the six we have yeah the dilemma is if guru is saying that if he's saying that then you cannot be white because if he's a true prophet then he cannot be a liar right and if you've got a liar he's the one telling you that I am the last prophet there is no prophet after b4c right that's the case that you could not possibly followed guru nanak and believe that prophet muhammad is not to be followed because we are not apply to moses yes how does it apply to the Jewish people the point we're making here it is the Prophet Muhammad is truly foretold in the Old Testament in the pnom and for that reason he's a godsend prophet a true prophet then you can no longer be Jewish logically I'll tell you why I'll tell you what no wait if he is if he's foretold in Scripture the Jewish scripture which we believe he was we actually believe that parts of Quran or revelation they come from God he won't they own the book this is the first time in an r-la I know yes if the Phenom the Jewish scripture foretells the coming of an Arabian prophet in clear terms and clear terms that even do X Y and Zed and all of those characteristics fit Muhammad perfectly well and he may well be a true prophet according to the Torah then what grounds do the Jewish people have to reject him as a true and if he's a true prophet then he is the one telling us he was the last and final messenger but if he's a true prophet he can't be he wasn't teaching Torah and the Torah clearly says that his Assembly's teaching something different than Moses he's not for the Joseph years own so we're left with that I understand but if according to the Tanakh if he's a true prophet then he cannot be alive okay anyone anybody if the if the turnoff says he's a true prophet a true prophet cannot be a liar do we agree God if he wanted to could have made us all one schoiar one yeah yes and he chose not to yes get into the interpretation yes but he wanted multiple shot but then again coming back to the point if the Tana declares a prophet to be a true prophet can it be a liar can he be a liar it's a very important point a prophet is a true prophet then then we have two options either to accept him as a true prophet or reject him if you have different Shara's you have this prophet is this he says it says the hadith says Muhammad is the Prophet he said you were the people that I have been assigned to he was assigned to the people and God would never send a prophet who can understand his language my beloved rabbi my beloved brother again if not says a prophet is a true prophet can that prophet be a liar that's a very simple question I tell you you have to keep of Shabbat I'm Tina like she don't have to but if I say that I have to keep some trouble hearing the same so you can have a true prophet but he could be applicable to one people understand but if if a true prophet comes I mean according to the Tanakh according to the Phenom the not says is a true prophet of God now he comes along this true prophet who has been foretold by the Tanakh he comes along and he goes you know what I have been foretold in the Tanakh and the Jewish people know this you re funa funa brahaman the Jewish people know him as they know their own son tilde he's been foretold now he's telling the Jewish people I am your prophet follow me so now the Jewish people have two choices if he's a true prophet according to Donna they follow him because he is the one telling them to follow him if he is not a true prophet then he's a liar don't follow him that's the dynamic we're facing with the Jewish people that's the point of making and we have the interpretation that says how do you undo this with anybody teaches something different Moses about Shabbat about kosher about Yom Kippur is not is telling at the same time a prophet will come this is a very important point which we are missing we're missing midnight is missing something wait we will be going back to fundamental public service I'll tell you why I'm following Mohammed because when I read the Quran the Quran in Chapter 7 verse 7 he has been this man has been in the Torah and in the four hundred seventy years Redemption will come now four hundred seventy years after the destruction when he arose Herod irradiance is sorry Hadrian play all the Temple Mount on a desert I'm thirty-two on the place what's hundred three to four seventy what happened to turn window day drew in the Book of Isaiah and you guys are doing that and that's just wonderful you guys can be as great as the hi and we really appreciate that this is one of the reasons why the Jewish people existed until the State of Israel was created everything was fine everything is fine in the in the Jewish world the Jewish people and the Golden Age with the Muslims you I'm pretty sure you're a historian you know what happened in London you know been ups and downs of course of course there's no utopia I'm not I'm saying there were periods of persecution or doubt and but the overall picture of the Jewish experience in Spain was amazing the Jewish scholars are telling us it was the Golden Age for three centuries at least from 950 to 1250 that was the Golden Age of the first Jewish points yes Jewish army Judah who was made head of the Islamic army yes and that was what tremendously upset even husband he will die even husband work it was tremendously upset that a Jew should be given permission by the Sultan to patrol the and he wrote tremendous very difficult things yes we have that but on the other hand we had a prime minister called has died war the Prime Minister before even has a most was on the scene right yeah yeah this was 900 when under command the third was the kailath you know the most powerful monarch in Europe and has died was his prime minister a Jewish prime minister so we with had discouraged astute evil in the Middle East even in North Africa as far as Mughal India they were Jewish merchants the State of Israel two generations wartime propaganda people saying that this person's less than human this person's less than human both sides are trying to blame the other yes so it we don't have the first of all it's forbidden for a believer at the trust to believe the Internet the news and reports what's going on what we really need our proper religious courts than to investigate what's really going on is because we don't have any credible source really so I'm gonna leave that aside to the politicians who can deal with it but what I do know is that the idea of booking the point I was making was between I mean when I said I don't mean to be sarcastic and I say people who claim to be Jewish in Israel who are committing atrocities against Palestinian things when bitter when I walk around in Ramallah I walk around the Naville is right I have the judo I have no problem with yours our walk these streets for over a thousand years I do I do it today and I don't trust is going on all the time what's portrayed in the media you know is not accurate I did what I said is it's not accurate like I don't have the information I don't have to measure the streets there is one thing I can say he seemed present with us is fighting same issue the point I was making was the Jewish people and the Muslims and the believers of Mohammed work that's what I mean by Muslims people who believe in Muhammad as Allah Allah Allah Allah they have coexisted for over a thousand years the Jewish people around the world into their arms and gave them it was a unified there was recourse to the south there was one government there was one government but at the people in Ottoman Jerusalem lived by their own laws for example the Muslims are their own coach the Jews had their birthdates and the Christians had the priests to government addition is conservative never tied together all by the by the political the political establishment called the Ottomans right the Ottomans and that's what we don't have today I'm sorry break somebody somebody breaks a window so here we have a Jewish rabbi advocating for the return of the Ottomans the only justice you can't have peace if you don't have justice and you can't have justice if you don't have a single this is what Karen Armstrong Karen Armstrong is a very good scholar she stated in history in a history of Jerusalem that it were the first time these three Abrahamic faiths coexisted was under the system of Muslims the men the Muslims brought the system when they took over the city you know by the way when Omer the secular a second home of the first he took the city of Jerusalem form the Byzantines victorious they actually put a clause in the treaty that you will not allow allow the Jewish people to the Muslims who brought the Jewish people back into this rhetoric are there or this propaganda are there that the Muslims a single system and I believe that the religious courts if you have been a week Albany no sorry or whatever you have honest people fear God we're making judgment and not doing it for politics not to bring power to some other people I mean governments are rising to falling all the time you need people by Islamic tradition nutrition that a judge now has to feel that is the sword of Allah all the time if he makes a wrong judgment he'll be completely cut the pieces do we need people like that today we don't have that we invite you for a dinner with us if you have time but I can see that you have this is what we need the Jewish people at the Muslim break all these you

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