Headlines — May 16, 2019

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Archdiocese of Dallas Officials ‘Surprised’ by Police Raid
Diocesan officials offered “varying degrees of cooperation” to the investigation.

UK Police Arrest More Members of Muslim Child Rape Gang
British media is calling the perpetrators Asian to not appear racist.

Abortion Activists Sue Ohio to Block Heartbeat Law
Abortions after six weeks would be banned with no loopholes.

Ontario High Court Forces Doctors to Make Pro-Death Referrals
Court of Appeals ruled doctors must make referrals for abortions and euthanasia.

Austrian Group Warns Church Attacks Spreading Across Europe
Eight churches have been desecrated since April.

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31 thoughts on “Headlines — May 16, 2019

  1. Ontario with its pro-death laws being imposed on doctors will a doctor shortage, because not only is Ontario telling the doctors how to practice their medicine but this province will drive Christian doctors to either practice elsewhere or simply leave the profession.

  2. Me encantan sus vídeos pero solo puedo ver los que tienen subtitulos en español. No soy buena en inglés me gustaría que pudieran activar los subtítulos en otro idioma . Así más católicos VERDADEROS estaríamos enterados e informados de primera mano. Gracias

  3. What does it say when our bISHOPS offices are getting RAIDED! Let's see: Drug dealers get raided. Houses of ill repute get raided. Terrorist cells get raided. Mafia God Fathers get raided. Mmmmm maybe we need to think harder about giving them our money and letting them lead our Diocese, Churches, families and souls. It seems that they are not so good at being,,,,,, well good!

    Yes I know about dairy farmers, conservatives, home schools, and other honest people getting raided, but this is different. Those people follow (for the most part) moral, honest, sometimes holy, and simple lives. The bISHOPS not so much.

  4. Dumb weak argument!! Women everyday eat a pill for contacting ….YET once a month a women is unable to take a test for pregnancy??? Typical & stupid statement by those who practice abortion… Wake up please ! Change your ways….

  5. We have a lot of attacks on the Church because the devil is in his death throes and a new dawn is on the horizon.
    People are waking up in a massive way.
    The globalist elites, their father is the devil and their time is short.
    Tic tok tic tic tok the sand is slipping through the hour glass and the evil era in human history is coming to a close.

    This why we are seeing an increase in hatred towards the faithful. Because they know deep within, their time is nearly at a close.

  6. Glad to see the staff of CM take the courageous decision to call these groups of predators "Muslim Rape Gangs" (which is exactly what they are) rather than "Grooming Gangs" which is the term the left-wing British media is so fond of using 🇬🇧👎

  7. .I remember when in 2006-07 Farrell forbid genuflection when receiving Holy Communion. I still genuflected but the priest told me I had to obey the bishop. I said I followed Pope Benedict, not Farrell. I then stopped donating to the Bishop’s appeal.

  8. So they’re saying that if you can’t detect a life, there is no life present? A true Christian anthropology Clearly states that it is God who immediately and directly creates a soul at the moment conception. The human being is there at that moment even before the physical body completely develops. The rationalizations that some people come up with just boggle my mind!

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