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I love this show. What else can I say? There seems to be an endless amount of material that I would deem as “Best Of”. I have not even gone through half of the episodes yet, and this is my seventh compilation. So here we go with another 32 clips from 23 different episodes.


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Opening music clip – “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode

Aliens, bigfoot, zombies, fairies, pixies, trolls, and god all look identical to the nonexistent.

the Christian God is a three-headed monster cruel vengeful and capricious if one wishes to know more of this raging three-headed beast like God one needs only to look at the caliber of people who say they serve Him they are always of two classes fools and hypocrites Thomas Jefferson it's not me probably not a Christian the Thomas Jefferson not a Christian deist Deus believed in the God had a lot of criticisms of Christianity and Christian to put it mildly the Jesus to me I have witnessed a miracle personally okay okay your patience you call although a one thing I don't appreciate is all the bigoted alien lizard man bashing just off a god that's not fair but your TV shows going out into space and I really think you're promoting an invasion here and he says I would like to wish everyone a happy zombie Awareness Day and remind everyone to aim for the head let us not forget the story of the Roman centurion who forgot this most important of rules his gut shot blundered during the small zombie outbreak in Jerusalem around 30 C II led to millions more deaths throughout the centuries that followed if you don't aim for the head your zombie may go on to found a major religion and we already have more than enough of those and I reached when I reached 7 God was like a giant toad uh-huh thanks for all yeah all right let's go on to no making fun of religion is our job callers you know we're professionals leave it to us why is your God so obsessed with penises and foreskin that's our contention I think Howard Stern's penis is actually proof that there is no God as he as he claims as he makes terrible claims about its diminutive 'no saul the time it's kind of like people imagine that we go around and at the dinners we just sit around and say hey yeah you know there's no god there's no good there isn't a guy I don't believe magic Adi so glad I had this well that's a good 20 this way let's have another beer why don't you get your your information from the Quran as opposed why aren't you a Muslim well because the Muslim religion was founded by a pedophile okay and your religion was founded by a band of murdering raping pillaging Jews that's offensive just forgive me I screwed up man sorry forgive me didn't mean to kill you you know religion is like like playing golf you know I mean not not the thing but it's there for whoever desires it you know and if you want to investigate it follow it or whatever yeah but golf golf courses don't proselytize and quite like religions do like oh well our religion is Imagi our magical holy book it's so special that unless you're one of us you can't understand it you know it it's not our fault you worship a god who's not able to write a book that's understandable by everybody if that's what you're trying to say not doesn't change the damn thing I think what my definition of heaven is that we're all wet in on a joke pretty good I'm a prankster guy oh it's a real Jam here the Bible is a very reliable source I mean think about it in the New Testament they have about ten authors and not one of them contradicts themselves I mean that's a miracle on its own so of course the Bible is reliable and historians believe that 99.6% of historical events in the Bible and in the New Testament are true 99.6% well I mean that's that's almost as good as ivory soap I I'd sooner worship dawn dawn is a decent person with decent ideals I would I would bow down on my knees and worship Dawn's ideals before that literature it's insane careful I look at it is I there may in fact be an afterlife I have no idea I have no good reason to believe there is so that the best use of my time is to live my life as if this is my only one only opportunity to enjoy anything ever which which makes me appreciate every moment far greater than I would if I thought that you know I'm just wiping my feet here on earth and I'll get to live forever with Jesus and he's going to tell me all the stuff that I wanted to know but never bothered to actually go find out now I can actually go and bother to find out but just this whole idea that someone anyone with a shred of morals in their in their fiber right could could look at a film where someone is just being hardly tortured to death and smile and say wow they did that for me isn't that awesome no it's not wash away your sins moist towelettes right your wrongs with a wipe directions for use remove moist towelette devoutly wipe away wrongdoing spot check for stubborn guilt wipe again as needed discard sins and waste receptacle go forth purified and moisturised antibacterial formula kills sins on contact and reliable wash away your sins moist towelettes come on down to those after this weekend only will offer you two eternities Oh way to eternities for price of one by the way we can go ahead and put the put the phone number up and people can call in as we're discussing this and we'll interrupt to take calls and you can you can see how well you survived the gauntlet of having five of the former or five post from the show to answer you let's see you prove there's a god now god it's real so you know how do you know this if you did how do you how do you know this you got like a minute prove that he exists I can't do it in one minute guy yes okay I'll do it next week you also can't do it in over two thousand years yeah because people have been trying we are and it's never happened if he created the human race with the sole purpose of just you know worshipping Him he's got an ego problem he needs help there's some people that call in the show or there's people that will argue online and say that morale their morality comes from the Bible and that if they weren't Christians they go out and rape and murder and my response to that is I'm very glad you found the Bible I don't believe for sure that they exist and I don't disbelieve that they exist but if somebody came to me and said that they received messages from aliens and that aliens absolutely exist and that I need to believe in aliens in order to avoid being incinerated by the evil garb lot from the other galaxies I'm actually there nothing why does that need supernatural all-powerful God to explain it when psychology and economics and things like that do it pretty darn well well God gives us science he gives us the ability to figure out things and then come up with answers I'm sorry am I gonna be from you you're making these claims you're gonna have to verify it yeah basically you're you're making you're putting forward a bunch of claims and you're not giving us any verification or evidence for what you believe you're just saying God does that yeah right here here's some evidence later when I speak to God he answers my prayers if somebody was going to use the argument that aids is from God and it's like a you know that's the reason people get AIDS my response is then all the women need to be lesbians and amends needs me to go be celibate Yeah right look yeah the lesbians have to be God's chosen people exactly doesn't have anything to do no bearing on my personal social life what gay people do none it might have it might help me get married more men would be taken but oh so thousand and five now doesn't it a long time law eight years now and again so so many morons out there thought something terrible is gonna happen just cuz we got the three zeros in the in the year good grief and by the way would you guys mind removing us from the pits of hell please I don't I don't I personally have an issue with that and I don't know if you're trying to that's not how that's yeah I'd like to not be in hell please oh great I'm in with you guys now we're really in hell people a lot of times ask us a theists what is the single best argument you can make to prove that there is no God and to me I think there's really only one answer possible to that question which is there's just no evidence there's no reason to believe that he does exist we are out of time we'll be here again next week it's Russell and Martin enjoy I'm gonna duck look aha it's like a Mario definition heaven is that we're all let in on the joke pretty good

44 thoughts on “Godless! For A Good Reason – The Best Of The Atheist Experience

  1. Those religious always come up with the same ridiculous excuse for all the badness, starvation, disease, mass abuses, lowest crimes and general needless suffering in the world. Because 'god' gives us a so-called and so-said 'choice.' The logic being that the only 'choice' people ever really have is the same thing as their arm being twisted and their faces pushed into an alleyway somewhere with the word 'choice' scribbled across dog shit and that dog shit being shoved down their stupid throats. Just imagine the harsh setting with only yourself within it. 

    Thats not choice not ever is it unto nobody. Thats a situation being chosen by one and selfishly upon another whether or not they like it. That one being nature as it always has been and not ever to be taken lightly by anybody at all. The other being us as people. I will admit that it is easy to believe in 'god' when you are not the living in poverty or in some sort of misfortune. Just wait till it is done to you in return you will not like it then.

  2. if people don't believe in a God, why do the make up a monster god that's only desire is to torture and put you in hell ,if that's the case than so be it hes god he can eat you for lunch so he desires not saying it's true just making the point, just because you think it's wrong for him to do so based on ,?? does not make it so ,if you were GOD AND saw all the idiots in the world you get pissed off yourself, just like on your show, you call the shots right or wrong it's your show you are a little god

  3. Judeo-Christianity (old version) …the belief that some cosmic Jewish zombie will grant you immortality, if you ‘symbolically’ eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can rid an evil imbedded in mans soul because some rib woman was tricked into eating a magic apple by a talking snake.

    Judeo-Christianity (newer version) … All that Eve stuff is baloney. But I still have an imaginary friend who magically manipulates the world for me, and he also magically impregnated a woman two thousand years ago, and she bore him a son who underwent an ancient ritual of blood sacrifice in order to dispel a curse laid upon me, thus ensuring I will be immortal. ….. Although I’ve never seen this work for anyone else before.

  4. I admire them for one reason: the kindergarden they have to go through taking up those phonecalls and absorbing the amount of childish taunts, hypocritical comments and lack of will to tell the difference between questions about God, however people imagine God, and all sorts of superstitions and now obsolete ancient customs as opposed to things we still follow and celebrate in our culture. It doesn't matter if people are secular, want religion out of politics as believers, or are atheists. How many people out there in the West seriously involve strong religious convictions in politics??? Without reason, people cannot make politics or build anything. 
    Oh yeah, don't forget to go green… 🙂

  5. NoExitLoveNow said a month ago ( he/she turned off reply ) "I'm skeptical regarding whether Thomas Jefferson actually said that. Does anyone know the source?"

    Oh, gee, I don't know…there's this thing on the internet called a search engine like Google.  You can go there and do a search for "Thomas Jefferson quotes" and you may even find a site that categorizes them so you can look for religious ones.  I seriously don't know why people ask things in comment sections that would take 5 minutes to research yourselves. Then you ask a question and TURN OFF reply??  What, you didn't want an answer??  Just don't get it sometimes….(sigh)

    Oh, by the way, your question…you want to know the source of a Thomas Jefferson quote?  I'm gonna throw a wild guess out there and say Thomas Jefferson.

  6. i hate how dumb ass christians say the bible is a reliable source its filled with the most absurd ridiculous storys ever written by man dont you think if they were inspired by god they would of known the world was not flat and held up by pillars

  7. Love the caller who claimed Islam was founded by a peadophile, but then got offended when Matt said Christianity was founded by murdering, raping, pillaging Jews.

    Honestly, have these people no ability to think clearly?

  8. Religion is such a joke; I find it difficult to believe people actually believe in all these dogmaitc delusions based on ignorant immoral teachings and ancient books.

  9. "Because the Muslim religion was founded by a pedophile."
    "Okay, and your religion was founded by a band of murdering, raping, pillaging Jews."
    "…That's offensive."

    LOOOOOL. The hypocrisy!

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