God of War – How Zeus was born

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This sequence shows how Zeus was born and killed the Titans in God of War

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36 thoughts on “God of War – How Zeus was born

  1. Zues killed Kronos with his own syth and his mother was earth his father was Kronos but he wasn’t a giant 100% he was also the son of the sky also he had army’s of giants to fight for him.

  2. Funny that the entire Island of Creation concept was made thanks to this one simple change from the mythos.
    In the original mythology, before Rea gave the stone to Cronos, she hid Zeus in an unknown location. Cronos soallowed the stone but after a while, he puked it out and saw it was fake. He searched for years for baby Zeus, but Rea had hidden him somewhere in neither land or sky. On top of a tree. ( Yea it's pretty stupid i know). When Cronos gave up, a friend of Rea took Zeus in the cave and left him there to be raised by Gaia.
    They created an entire island based on this one story. The developers for this game were legendary.

  3. Zeus is not real there is only one god that is my belief and I know others have other beliefs in gods but I only believe in one god which is the father of Jesus

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