GOCC UK: Street Preaching | Gloucester

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The next installment of the GOCC UK Street Preaching Series this time in Gloucester, where they receive the truth for the first time by the Bishops…

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the truth out of the Bible okay you may wonder why this all religious Institute are there why there's so many pagan I will be worth it brother why are you only here where the room of the world why Satan is running amok in God created Earth is because the true gospel is not be preached why they're a church on every corner they because the truth God book isn't be free okay we have to ask another question in we're trying to walk in the earth how could the Roman plot the two killers trying to spread a method of salvation unto a particular people and the government didn't like it so how does the government now giving you so much money to build churches of mosque on every corner and either the same romantic hope right so need to stop thinking he's Roman in the bible in fluid it's like a flu or not it's ready if either red or not each either something it means something like not what it is we are the Jews of the Bible we stop with the curses of the Bible that we broke our laws and right now in these Christian churches God's laws are not be enforced that when Satan into World War Award because the God of the Bible called for rules or regulations I will not hear into it so we have to come out here and peace of evil what is right in the sight of God let's get provoked like name the God of the Bible thing Chapter three birthday deed and more they said up to the moment before when I cover to the children of Israel and shall say unto them the god of your father had sent me unto you and ye and they shall say or to me what is his name what shall I say to them so in the 13 verse in Exodus chapter read exact said to Moses I am that I am God active mobile equipment moving as God what is your name and he said I am deaf I am that in God's name read and he said thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel I am hath sent me unto you I got to question what in your name what do I say unto the children of Israel and he said I am that I am and furthermore this is what you gonna say to the children I interrupt I am have led me up to you so you need to ask the question is when did you hold the Pope when he pleases her from and God said his name is I am the iron in the game where the Bible we need a quick way that you practice in eternity that you've got name because you want to do educated and then what people are doing indirectly countries don't pick on your Bible and read it God said I am that I am that it is name read verse 15 and God set up said moreover unto Moses thou shalt say unto the children of Israel the Lord God of your father the god of the god of Isaac and the God of Jacob has led me on to you this is my name forever he said this is my name forever so why you at repeated Jehovah Krishna kunana anything else when we work with anything else apart from I am that I am when it lay me clearly give up but with every table every Sunday this is not making any sense and you know not making anything happening brother Sunday and what not writing that the Bible is not before properly right true teacher and a few teachers are displays that whistles into the Caribbean in North America we are the people and if you don't believe we have evidence right now the Bible is not be taught properly and we have to first teach you the true name of that I am I it's not hard when you read the Bible you can see something's going on in the air thank you my brother thank you in common sense for evil it's common sense and that's why people are walking around there there is no God because they can see walking contradictions everywhere the name Oh [Applause] this is why the beauty is steep but what you feed people walking around on a white people the red noting that the purity and the Sun obviously you have tried with psychology get done not by the black Pope read the border block common-sense young goodnight I'm gonna get spoken these things while they won't they beheld he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sizes and while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up behold two men stood by them in white apparel two men stood by them and quite a minute early two men it's a suit by them in white apparel you can find that with a team member a projected white the people outside never free which also said Ye men of Galilee why stand ye gazing up into heaven he sent Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven yes but angel at that time were trying to be taken off by the first chapter 60 I wonder why because obviously you know that impurity outside the point after white Rhodesians English so I thought this is what if you see from the point the personality all right buddy yeah what you got there Ecclesiastes 1:9 and a Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 8 let my comment be always white let my comment be always white before we take standing here tracking predominantly all white from the purity of would be baptized in the two neighbors of both I call that the holy spirit the other stuff that make I am that I am yeah carry on this run whenever you meant to do it in the Bible going back hey understood it so that's it I'll put me if this eat or breathe me it's an Egypt again what's wrong with shit what with shit so all you need to do now is we went to the slavery of shapes you'll find on that back half make it either research and you find out that those are the people of God did you try to me about the fifth book in the Bible and people still miss it breathe without shall see no more again and then you shall be sold or to your enemy and then you shall be sold on to your enemies now I beg you to do this one little quiz you go to any random with Indian man and you ask him his last name more than likely I am 99.999 it will be and European last name oh you got into northern Africa and you start seeing black people calling themselves because they lost their identity because they broke God's law they went to Department slave ships we are the biblical Israelites and what the proclaiming that Jesus the Christ with the world in return is coming back to redeem these people when he commissioned the twelve disciples he said God let's get it in a map in the tenth chapter we are the people who Israelites and we copy because hatred for speaking 1 in the Bible this is the Bible taken this is not only the king gave birth the Bible Matthew chapter 10 verse by leaving Matthew chapter 10 verse 5 and some Bible multi-ball in red lettering when Jesus speaks I was gonna read instead of the red lettering to know that in Christ's words read these twelve Christ set forth and commanded them saying go not into the way of the Gentiles corner into ever the Gentile Gentiles not into life to Christ commanded his disciples don't go into the non-israelites Reed and into any city of the Samaritans Antonina don't go to the city of Samaria Samaria it's because the Jews people who converted are living that he does not belong to them right now you need to go to where it matters read verse 8 but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel seen eaten for the Israelites go to them and house of this Reed and as he go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand the kingdom of heaven in we're at had the kingdom of heaven is coming we're gonna travel from this earth preaching the true gospel of rice my god poletik he'll cry for he's not gonna receive me in your Sunday what does have a dead battery or any of any other denomination you're not gonna see it but they are government all the unfunded and whatnot and this government which is wrong don't fight so they're not gonna give you the truth we are going to give you the truth free of charge and we are no better person you can win with this European black white or a different theory you could pop the crime who's gonna send it straight that need black people that were put into slavery are the people put into life and the door is open to everyone else to receive salvation that's when it's not who are poured into it we deal with the whole Bible in its entirety from Genesis to Revelation let's get people's 1007 we do the whole Bible anything by day we're not racist if you want to believe in Christ you are my brother and today indeed but we need to tell the people who the biblical Jews are that suffering suffering in England especially in America in part because of all Africa find relies evil of their top get the winner on the racist whole thing up truth I'm rather to suffer through especially in these last days just to no that's our home city straight the law right there beat that guy up to destroy the more read all the profit awesome from anything the fucking right that I'm not fucking destroy three I have not come to destroy but to fulfill for verily I say to you so heaven and earth pass one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till any the earth not one or what it is just pass from the law till all be fulfilled all be fulfilled all of the bloomin be quite for me back to establish the deepness helpin the law he can make until everything puffy on the floor meet rules and regulation what shall we say in the Lord see if the nothing is the more one read god forbid no the law of God incorrect in its way read today I had not known sin but by you know that's what we tell you in order to know what sin is uniquely know what that Lola pussy in transgression of the law alright again we are the cover in a Christ Church okay he teach what the Christians at the time of Christ were teaching all right of what the disciples were teaching at the time of Christ and the problem is this world is deluded why is this world eluded who will lead to okay religion coming from the Greek word will take you hold down by control they died and conquer that you think this food treasom is a war purposes sisters why religion plays a massive part what is going on why because it's spiritual wickedness in high places am I saying the people who are in religion our absolutely not if they're doing it in ignorance how can they know any better but how did they end up in this place because God's people get me generalized separately before gets people were taken into captivity and gets people will settle in this earth get me as I have Falkner to be a light to the Gentiles to be a light to the people in this world walking in darkness give it your – 1704 thought for all the rosters for all the Muslims for all of their Christian that all the people in Judaism okay anyone who claims to be any religion listen to what the Bible says read them Jeremiah 30 number four and now even that's all just it continued from the I know a courtly desert by enemy in a lab without doing enough so gets people from the curse of slavery 4228 chapter will use their heritage so if you don't want a child to be told the best thing to do is remove the teacher I can't see his face and his eyes from the children of Israel he made a covenant with the children of Israel and now accept the Lord that for me from the womb to be his servant to bring Jacob the game to him though Israel be not covered yet shall our glorious in the eyes of the lord my god shall be my strength and he said it is the one thing that i should has be my servants to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel I will also give thee for a light unto the Gentiles God chose his people to be a light to the Gentiles get your office up in a chapter because why they were the people set up in this world to preach the true gospel and also the more content in the Old Testament so why is it now you look at the Vatican okay and for some reason they have authority over the Bible or claim authority over the Bible why is it there theologian back treat a type throughout the whole world in every denomination of Christianity which stems from the Roman Catholic Church so saying you know saying that we're doing so a change in color around the people who did this changed the color around from what's in the Bible they changed it and I'm seeing shocked faces people looking in this mirror and horror yes it's what Jesus is not Jesus he is a murderer okay so what we need to do is identify the line to talking about about the read-back sounds 96 and for check this out check this out I will be doing this all behind this or not if you don't mind I know it's really could you just stand there yeah I'll make sure you don't get wet all right stay there let me just read this last preset and this'll help there right because I'm presuming you're a Muslim right or wrong yeah all right same to you got this our midsize ninety six and four read and and again this identify he was a Muslim as well why am I saying that because the Muslims are Arabs in second in second the Arabs had many different words in the time of Muhammad right just to clarify dojust I need to know we're on the same page okay no no no I mean as a point that obviously we have different beliefs that's common sense right but what I'm asking you is this are you aware Allah Quran was worshipped as a deity with three hundred and however many gods decide a three hundred and sixty three of the gods what I wanted to say is that the Prophet Muhammad shall ourselves sent to a people who acknowledge to live like I said earlier the lordship of the law but they had different idols they only were we okay that's a yes okay I'll answer for you yes get me Genesis chapter 13 verse they have to believe in the Torah this is the truth alright alright let me show you okay and there's a reason why I'm showing you a speaker right there you should be praised used to be praised there's many it's in the children I am upset me on see you now hold on kiddies name change read and gotta move it's all good listen this is the God of Abraham that we're talking about okay this is the taller than the Quran said we must believe it read I got said moreover unto Moses thou shalt thou say unto the children of Israel the children of Israel read the Lord God of your father the God of Abraham God of Abraham whose gotta fight the cauterizer the God of Jacob the God of Israel had fed me unto you read this name this is my name forever forever forever until Allah forever until Jehovah no ever until y'all wear whatever forever free and this is my memorial unto all generations five-and-twenty with the booty the surah chapter 29 and verse 27 and we gave Abraham Isaac and Jacob and all day among his progeny prophethood and revelation and he will be in the we answer the question extension for example extender is the cleaning process the Muslim Jews will use the restroom for example sometimes they will use an odd number of stones are they would use its engine which is water to clean this off the private part the front and your back so I told you to clean your private wells alright so that's that part what else did he teach you outside of Christ apart so he also taught it in detail define the five prayers and so forth so from the tech beer the root cool the judge stuff the supplications when it rains almost say even one ask yes I just want to implore you for sticking around I don't want to sound like we're arguing with anybody all right Christine if you don't mind me asking all right we're teaching we're teach in the Bible posit is written all right what do I mean by that you're aware that there's many denominations of Christianity in the world you know so what we're trying to do is seek out according to the Bible and God's Word what is accurate and what isn't okay so we're not we're not out here attacking anybody we're not out here condemning anybody we're out here for all right and that's all we're doing okay in all understand if you believe in Christ and you've accepted the Lord as your Savior or care and you're King then we are we are one okay but what we need to do what the world needs to do build together in truth because easy God's plan is it Christ's plan that has many different versions of Christianity or is it the devil's plan that there's many different versions what would you say it's the devil's plan right you know it was never it was never set off to be some give him a few seven and twenty moon please it was never settled to be okay Christianity under Christ was never settled to be divided against itself you with me so let's see what Christ said alright Matthew 17:21 Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of giveth so not everyone who calls on Christ all the most high will enter into the kingdom why don't like he that doeth the will of the Father we can in heaven many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name if we did we not prophesy in the name of Jesus breathe and in thy name cast out devils and pray for people in the name of Jesus read and in that and in thy name done many wonderful works so and in my name works like like clothing the naked feed in the poem you know we do this all in the name of Jesus breathe then and then will I profess unto them and then will I profess unto them I never knew you I never knew you read depart from me ye that work iniquity so that surprised said masses that my sister Christ said depart from me ye that work iniquity get me woman 6 or 7 this is all the Christian Church teachers they'll teach that because she have grace there's no more leading us down a wide path to the pits of hell there is a law that we must follow what why do we listen it wouldn't make no sense does it make sense that God sent his son to die just so we could commit abomination and a don't worry of fornication and still no how come you say the loss turn away with let me just read this read up 6 and 4 in Romans wealth in account haven't 44 things shall not have dominion over you well ye are not under the law but under grace so when under the law under grace and you know what that point my sister and even though it's true we are under grace the law is not gonna serve as we need to have grace but does that mean we can now break the commandments of God read the next verse what then shall we then shall we sin because we're under grace because we are not under the law but under grace read god forbid god forbid if if the denomination of Christianity that you are directs each you that the law stands are the laws done away of it do you keep the Lorelei Bible as an example do you keep the Sabbath day you cannot shake head it's all good no one again that's fine praise be to the more side faces don't you know what then I'll come to you from that perspective because Paul made itself many many many people right listen to this seven day Adventists have the Sabbath there unless different denominations within seven Devon some of them keep Christmas there some of the don't you're probably aware of that some of the Sun seven-day event is to keep the dietary law some of them dawn how do you keep the tension or in the Bible it's fine if you do I just let their dorm okay well we'll check out Mesa so I mean I'm just trying to get an idea of what what in some point is but there's one thing that any denomination of seven day Adventists any denomination of Christianity doesn't teach and guess what we his system who you are your identity as a living person on this earth every person who's from a nationality everyone is another part of a nation whether they like it or not you with me so why is it the God's chosen people the so-called black so-called African so-called Caribbean people the so called Aborigines people don't know who they are what did you say bro all nations what about all nations yet all the nations right what I'm saying is what why is it God's people don't know who they are like if you ask a Pakistani man where is wrong he's gonna say Pakistan and I'm a Nazi arm I'll repeat the Chinese man I'll say is Chinese and then you get to a black person and they'll say Jamaica they'll say the Caribbean or African African subcontinent so I cus cannot the white guy when it's Romani says Europe that's not an answer you may as well say I'm from the planet Earth okay according to your understanding it's fine you said it doesn't matter get romans 11 and just tell me what you think of this all right because the Bible says there's neither Jew nor Greek bond or free male or female right the old one in the spirit of Christ so we can all be baptized into the Spirit of Christ but does it matter who got chosen people are that's the question that's the point and focus of what we're going into does it matter so Robert II live in a woman the book of Romans 11 a birth one this is porn in the gospel I say then hath God cast away his people read God forbid that means no it has a cast away his people read but I also AM an Israelite I'm an Israelite the thief of a brand of the tribe of Benjamin Benjamin at a so-called Guardian and Jamaican people in this earth predominantly they're all over the world but predominantly that's where you find them according to the biblical curses of the Bible not according to me according to the okay redundant God have not cast away his people which he foreknew fascist religion every what what he not what the scripture saith of Elias how he maketh intercession to God again Israel faith can get verse 18 with 80 both not against the nap so both know and get the breakfast so both not against the branches the natural branches are the children of Israel okay and that word boss means cause injury or loss to a person or thing so by in syllables of man who the children of Israel are you're keeping them in an ignorant state because they are lost it's your reasonable service to tell them who they are as a Gentile as an Israelite God's people are waking up throughout the four corners of the earth but yet it's a problem I tell you max a problem if so what clap means say jesus loves you insane we're saved Alleluia no one would have a problem but when you tell them nasal order you must keep it is a problem when they are shining the light or darkness it is a problem a massive problem the devil can solace to sink in ignorance that's why he counts on us do it that's why these churches teach us to be ignorant you see them that's what's going on so what was me do what what we do we must come to God with a hopeful stirrup in fear asking for repentance of our sins and we can't do that without grace grace comes from Christ our Savior and King again we are the gathering of Christ's Church we love that you tried to liberate the people get some troop into the last yeah we'll be back insomniac needs Sonia sunshine better climate with that yeah be more number to get the truth

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  1. So i was in Baghdad airport before and seen some type of 🚿 contraption by the stool🤔…i was like O……….K….. What is this for🙄……and how🤦🏽……… 🍍s

  2. Hello. I was wondering why you still choose to be Christian even though there are contradictions in the Bible. There are so many of them, and yet it only takes one to disprove the entire Bible. I know many can be explained away, but others simply cannot. The biggest contradiction, in my opinion, deals with the very core of Christianity. God’s love. Some verses says that he loves everyone, earnestly wishing that everyone would be saved. Others however, says that he does not and the Bible goes so far as to say that he only loves the elect (which is the few) and that the vast majority of people he predestined to go to hell.

    Verses that prove God DOESN’T love everyone:
    John 15:16, Acts 15:17-18, Romans 9:11,
    1 Thessalonians 1:4, Proverbs 16:9,
    Romans 9:15-23, Acts 13:48, Romans 9:21-23

    Verses that prove God DOES love everyone:
    John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:9, 1 John 4:8,
    Romans 11:32, 1 John 2:2

    And if somehow you have an answer, then my next question is, if God loves everyone (in any way, shape or form) then why did he create people he KNEW would end up in hell. Is he an evil god that loves to watch people burn?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

  3. Among many other disgusting concepts of the abrahamic religions is 'original sin'. Nothing more and nothing less than introducing a permanent boogie man, an internal boogie man the believer can never be rid of, thus sewing him or her to some of the most disgusting religions ever spawned by men. And spawned by men they are, no god needed, just made up with viscous concepts like original sin to whack the believers over the head

  4. I really enjoy watching the street preaching with the Twin Brothers. They in sink with the word of TMH, and each other. All praises to TMH Ahayaha Asher Ahayaha bahashame Yashaya! Thawadah Elders and Brothern from Houston body.

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