Gnosis – The Unknown Jesus.

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This documentary show´s some unknown aspects of the life, of Jesus.
Note: I don´t agree with everything in this video.

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29 thoughts on “Gnosis – The Unknown Jesus.

  1. The Jesus story was a construct derived from the Old Testament.
    Why doesn't he ask where was the eternal Jesus when he was inside Mary?
    If Jesus was the son of God then he would have no need to search externally for knowledge and empathy.

  2. Did Joseph arrange for Jesus's marriage? The answer is most probably NO. And that's because Jesus believed himself the Son of God with a specific mission that could not possibly be accomplished if he were married. This was foreshadowed in that incident when, unknowing to his parents, he remained at the temple in Jerusalem. When confronted by his parents, he retorted, "did you not know that I had to be in my father's house? "

    So it is easy to visualize what might have happened when his parents were likewise arranging for his marriage in accordance with Jewish custom. He could have easily dismissed them by saying, "did you not know that I am the Son of God and as such, I could not possibly marry because that would interfere with my mission?' Time to end speculations along this line. It would not jibe with who Jesus believed himself to be!

  3. Many contradictions is this sermon. Investigations of JC's life have been underway for 2-300 years. The Dead Sea Scrolls have nothing new to say. Some say the Gnostic story is the real Christianity, but more of an inner spark. Why do all these scholars always resort to 'faith'? What about other stories: is Buddhism all about faith too? Islam? Faith-based too? If it's all about faith (opinion without evidence?), why do they even spend time going to theology school? The 4 histories of JC's life will never be known because the gospels are magic, mythical, legendary stories, not biography.

  4. Jesus was invented by Rome, loosely based on Simon bar Giora, who is the real Jesus and the Christ savior. Look him up. cfapps7865 has excellent videos on this on youtube

  5. It is god who has created so many beleifs of caste in pastandalso for future for security of humanity it does not meanto detaile every other caste by each other to humiliaye each other in name of divinity when humanity misses god can save the righteous and destroy the wrong in support of humanity who can give and take as everone power born to live together with humanity and only god can destrpy no one else

  6. Ide's of March Observation and Comment

    Regarding the page titled Jesus Mary And Judas on my web site.

    It has been pleasing to note, that since exposing the deceits and the lies within the four anonymously written Roman Gospels of Mathew Mark Luke and John, and posting them on YouTube.

    I have not received any comments seeking to mitigate or to give support to the lies I have exposed, but rather an overall blanket silence.

    Which serves to inform me, that despite two-thousand years of Roman Empire Catholic Church invasions, genocides (e.g. of the peaceful Cather’s), torture (e.g. of the Spanish inquisitions) burning alive at the stake (e.g. of the Knights Templar. Joan of Arc, thousands of women tortured and then drowned, or tortured and then burned alive for supposedly being witches) enslavement's, lies, propaganda, suppression's, and militaristic oppression's.

    The self-evident truths I have revealed concerning Jesus Mary and Judas, and what really took place two-thousand years ago, are now being internationally recognised.

    Hence this will ensure, that more questions will be raised concerning the unholy Roman Fascist (Capitalistic) Church's inhumane and vile history; in promoting and radicalising misogynistic, paedophilic, orgiastic, and sexual hedonistic perversions.

    The answers to which will lead on toward the fulfilment of the End-time of the two-thousand year’s reign of Its Republican Evil Days.

    The Three Pillars of Capitalistic Privateering (privatisation – thieving) Fascism.

    Jewish – Greek – Latin

    Abraham: Who claimed that God told him that the Jews were his chosen children.

    Aristotle: (From which the word Aristocrat is derived) who claimed and taught Alexander of Macedonia, that the Greeks were Gods among men, and all other races should be their slaves.

    Romans: Pirates and mercenaries of the Mediterranean who settled a village called Rome and then committed the genocide of Etruscan peoples of Italy and took Italy over for themselves.

    And in alliance with the Greeks, they destroyed the trading competitors of the Greeks the Carthaginians and were rewarded by the Greeks, who legitimised them as a people by concocting the (infantile) mythology of Romulus and Remus (A plagiarisation of the Cain and Abel story) and a false dynasty of Kingships.

    Criminals and liars all…

    Continued as a reply to this comment

  7. Show "us" Da Vinci's "Last Supper" at 1:33 in the presentation and not comment on the characters, the lighting, or the seasonal darkness versus light birth and death and the calendar in the stars?

    I have better things to do with my pretend-time than this.
    Good Effort though. Maybe a participation medal is in order.

  8. Complete heresy..
    What a waste of time. !!
    Same as the leftish propaganda in politics..
    Really ?
    To whoever made this documentary..
    We are not stupid..
    You don’t have to be a Christian to know that this is a complete disregard and a mockery of the biblical accounts of Jesus..
    Complete speculation in Trent with the libertarian government that you belong to..
    It is worse that the Big Bang theory, the dinosaurs timeline , and the rest of the childish stories you are trying to puppet on civilization…
    Moving on , nothing to see here ..
    If this were about the Quran, you would be stoned to death of publicity executed..
    But it is about Christianity and these people just tolerate everything, and yet they are still persecuted because it is not enough apparently..
    Can’t wait for the next big lie….

  9. Believe this Fake God Crap if you want but there is No God only Goddesses Female made Life even in the Anunnaki Writtings Woman created the Adam not any Male so were the Hell do you all get this Dude Guy creating Life it was a Woman not a Man I am not an Asshole Baby thank you very much the Ghost is the true Creator no Gods ever only Fake Dead Spirits bothering the Living needing Hosts to live in as a DEAD HAS BEEN PIECE OF SHIT.

  10. Why lie about the birth of Jesus. No hint? Right. Big hint when the shepherds were out in the fields. Not generally in winter so Dec 25th impossible. Not terribly cold but cold enough to not do that.

  11. JESUS WAS an ordinary man, who when he was 30 years old was visited by God, and God asked him to come and work in his garden, Jesus said to God, oh Lord what can one man do, God said to him, go to the tool shed and I'll speak to you there, I'll show you what one man can do, Jesus said the tool shed? where is the tool shed, God said read the books.

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