From Islam to No-Religion من الإسلام إلى اللادينية

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I was asked many times to add Arabic subtitles to “My Story” video & finally got around to it. I ended up rewording it so decided to make it a completely new video. I’ve recently turned 60 & have reached a good place in my life after a long journey of some amazing ups and downs and so feel it’s time to retire. Also now that there are so many excellent Ex-Muslim YouTubers I can let others do the heavy lifting. But of course my videos will still be available and everyone is free to use any of my content. I want to thank you for visiting my channel & I wish you all Peace & Love no matter what you believe or don’t believe.

The Story of My Journey from Islam to No-Religion

قصة رحلتي من الإسلام إلى اللادينية

43 thoughts on “From Islam to No-Religion من الإسلام إلى اللادينية

  1. I am completely astonished by this video, and the way it was delivered. I am sure it took you a lot of courage to come by the decisions you made for yourself, especially after a long time of believing in something you got so used to. Stepping, finally, out of the box and into the light at the end of the tunnel surely feels like a weight lifted off your chest. Thank you for this!

  2. Hassan Radwan you have a lovely voice. Have you thought of doing recordings for Libra Vox? They make free audio books of classic novels. You may wish to check them out. All recorders are volunteers.

  3. I really enjoy listening to your stories.
    I was raised atheist but was encouraged to experience religion with a skeptical mind.
    I've come to the conclusion that religion causes otherwise good people to do bad things. I know at times the opposite is also true but I think the bad outweighs the good.

  4. I have watched many EX.muslim's videos . Most of them are full of mocking, taunting, and sarcasm rather than addressing the real issue. Hassan Radwan does an EXCELLENT work in a modest academic and respectful way…

    Stay blessed sir…

  5. I do love the way you explain everything. Please do not retire. I do think your daughter is amazing and I like your son-in-law’s ability to do mimicary and comedy. You are a good,loving and gentle influence to many. You have a lot to be proud of. Most of all you should be proud of raising kind and loving children. Also take pride in the fact that you stood by your convictions and did not hide your disbelief

  6. This would be a great video to watch for anyone contemplating reverting to Islam; they will benefit from a lifetime of experience as a Muslim condensed into less than thirty minutes. Enjoy your retirement Hassan; your contribution to critique of Islam has been profound and your humanity is an example to believers and nonbelievers alike.

  7. Wow I just recently left Islam and just found your video and you retiring wish I had found your video PS I am Somalia which has about 98.2 Muslim so if you leave Your culture

  8. Retire at 60? Life has only just began. There are other ex-muslims to pick up the baton but none are as eloquent or informative as you. Please reconsider.

  9. Wonderful my friend. Very well narrated.I never knew you wrote story books. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, never knew that.
    My love to you and your family. Like 141

  10. Hassan , thank you so much , because of you I introduced myself a new world & a new worldwide community , with whome those are same like me and have faith crisis
    Thanks again

  11. It is strange that humans have a proclivity to connect to something supernatural and in my opinion this is where religion takes its form. It introduces practices where some promote peace and other just barbaric.
    Really wonderful story of your life and very insightful, thank you for sharing. All the best to you.

  12. Hi, really like your videos. Im Agnostik. Some muslim apologists say stuff like they discovered fire and turnadoes inside oceans as a supposedly scientific miracle in quran. I cannot believe it considering the errors in the quran. Would u please answer or debunk this or at least give me a link that debunks this ?

  13. Hi Hassan Radwan

    I can relate to your story and why you turned out atheist. I had doubts about the Quran and Islam too. But when I met MUFTI ABU LAYTH. He taught me how to truly understand the Quran and Sunnah and to use the voice of reason.

    MUFTI ABU LAYTH has answered alot of the so called mistakes in the Quran that people have on his Monday night's. He has answered academically using the voice of reason that the Quran is the word of Allah.

    MUFTI ABU LAYTH replied to Abdullah Sameer's 10 strange rulings in Islam and he replied to Abdullah Sameer's point that the Quran teaches child marriage. I asked abdullah sameer and he said mufti gave a GOOD answer.

    I would love for an ex Muslim to debate nicely with MUFTI ABU LAYTH about the Quran.

    I hope you can reach out to MUFTI ABU LAYTH and arrange it with him.

    I have a sincere question. Would you come back to Islam if mufti abu layth proves to you and answers all your doubts about the Quran?

    Love and peace to you all!

  14. 🙂 Your videos will continue to guide many Muslims from time to time.
    I will keep sending links to your videos and that of Abdullah Sameer brother to Muslims.

    Hope others are also doing this or will join in this work in future.

  15. I only have to see ONE sad, frightened, sick or handicapped child to KNOW there is no god! Why would a GOD be interested or bothered wether we believe in it or not????

  16. Hassan, I am truly and sincerely sorry to hear of your daughters death, sons illness and your personal difficulties.

    Hassan, as a future project would you please consider reviewing some of the astonishing facts, such as Mecca not existing in Muhammad’s time, disclosed in Peter Townsends book ‘Questioning Islam’

    I love your videos, but to be honest Cat Stevens had had his day by the time he converted to Islam. And it certainly put a stop to his ‘Love Train’ mentality (or showed his true colours) when he endorsed and verbally encouraged the killing of Salman Rushdie. When asked what he would do if Salman Rushdie entered a restaurant in which he was eating, he said, “I would probably call up Ayatollah Khomeini and, rather than go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of the author, I would prefer that it be the “real thing”.

    Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”
    George Bernard Shaw

  17. I saw on Twitter you said this will be your last video and if so it's your best. You absolutely destroyed the apologetic beliefs here.

    Maybe you can narrate some audio books now.

  18. Just beautiful Hassan! I have already forwarded it to a couple friends & family.
    I have a question for you. It is something I plan on doing with my new YouTube channel & I think can be very important in helping people feel connected. How do you feel about online Muslim or interfaith worship? It might make it easier for people to say they are spiritual but not religious. People in your situation or similar situations can go on to a site with others & read their favorite passages from the: Koran, Bible etc. & share with others what it means to them. This can still give them a sense of belonging. Something like this can be done a million different ways & its the least we non Muslims can do for you!

  19. Excellent work as always Hassan. Thought provoking & life altering material. As a subscriber, I implore you to continue your wonderful work & your unique, mature & eloquent insight. Be it a single upload in 6 months or even a year – but please, do not hang up your cape, not at this time when individual forces such as yourself as in dire need particularly against such oppressive & regressive ideologies. I have not come across a more mature, balanced, rational & sincere ex-muslim content than yours thus far. For what its worth, we need you.

  20. I've first heard the phrase "Islam is the fastest growing religion" in 2013-14 maybe.
    But then, people didn't leave their religion that much as they are leaving now.
    Not to mention the massive growth of Christianity in China, Vietnam, north Korea, south Korea, Singapore etc.
    So even after all these years, is Islam any longer the fastest growing religion?

  21. I don't normally watch videos of this length, but I made an exception for this and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it very much. I love the biographical dimension to the story. It's not just a catalogue of abstract arguments against religion. There's also a gripping life story being told, a personal narrative being unfolded.

    The testimony works on two levels: going from Islam to atheism, and from a part English heritage to an Islamic one and then back again. There's a book in this.

    I find it interesting that you, a former Sunni, should have been enthused by a Shia revolution in Iran when you were younger. It speaks to a less sectarian age where Sunni-Shia relations were not so poisonous as they are now. Perhaps you can talk about that some time in a separate video. And perhaps you can talk about how your mother coped with her conversion to Islam, and what, if any, differences there are between converts back then and converts now.

    I like also that your critique of Islam acknowledges the positive aspects of it as a bridge building exercise to convince Muslims you understand what makes the religion appealing to them, in particular the Quran verses you read in a respectful tone. That's pretty unique for a murtad. All successful religions offer some benefits to their followers – otherwise they would not build a mass following, and that psychological element should be acknowledged.

    I think such gracious acknowledgments are tactically useful so long as it doesn't condemn other critics of Islam who focus only on pointing out the harm it does, which is what too often happens frankly. Anyway, great video. The Arabic subtitles are much needed. I'm sure it was painstaking work. Well, it's not gone unnoticed! Finally, you have a rich soothing voice that's pleasant to listen to. I subbed a few days ago. Min al-Islam illal laa deeniyah indeed.

  22. Muslims have a misleading view on Islam . They live in Muslim countries where free speech doesn't exist in addition there is no good education or developed science , They don't open one single book in their life , Half of Muslims are poor ,

    According to statics 60% of Muslims can't read or write in addition the number of Muslims who can read and write but don't open one single book in their life . This means that 80% of Muslims are approximately illiterate and ignorant , This means that those poor, ignorant and illiterate Muslims are impossible to leave Islam in addition that the knowledgeable and cultured minority Muslims who realize the falsity of Islam have no right to speak out about that , This misleads Muslims that no one leaves Islam which in turn gives Muslims a misleading view on Islam that Islam is perfect and true but the fact is that the vast majority of Muslims are illiterate , poor and ignorant and have no relation to science and modernity and the well educated minority Muslims have no right to speak out against Islam , It is impossible for a celebrity to announce leaving Islam in a Muslim country because he will lose his wife , his children , his fame and his life . Add to this , the Islamic missionary mafias in the West with billions of Dollars fund from Saudi Arabia and Qatar which their full time job is to convert the Europreans – who know nothing about Islam , Mohammed or Arabic language – to Islam and spread the Islamic conversion videos in the Muslim world , Add to this , the liberal media in the West has turned into Islamic missionary media and has an agenda to promote Islam in the West by spreading videos of mentally retarded and ignorant western Muslim converts everyday in the name of political correctness while this never happens in any Muslim country . It is impossible for any Arab or Islamic TV channel to show a video of Christian convert like what liberal media does everyday . .

    This gives the ignorant Muslims a misleading view that no one leaves Islam and the the western people are converting to Islam in multiples everyday and Islam is true and perfect but the fact is 80% of Muslim are illiterate and ignorant and the other 20% of them are hypocrites to avoid being killed or tortured having no right to speak against Islam and every Muslim country has at least from 3 to 10 million people who left Islam according to the Islamic channel Aljazeera the number of atheists in Egypt are 10 million and only the ignorant mentally and retarded western people who convert to Islam and 70% of them leave it after 3 years according to Pew Research center

  23. I was asked many times to add Arabic subtitles to "My Story" video & finally got around to it. I ended up rewording it so decided to make it a completely new video. I've recently turned 60 & have reached a good place in my life after a long journey of some amazing ups and downs and so feel it's time to retire. Also now that there are so many excellent Ex-Muslim YouTubers I can let others do the heavy lifting. But of course my videos will still be available and everyone is free to use any of my content. I want to thank you for visiting my channel & I wish you all Peace & Love no matter what you believe or don't believe.

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