"Fingers Bloody Fingers" – Starring Tony Iommi Of Black Sabbath (Volume 1)

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The Complete History Of Heavy Metal.
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so I grew up in Birmingham in the Midlands which was an industrial town very industrial much like your Detroit really I was doing welding I actually liked the job to be honest but my main thing was music yeah when I was I think probably 13 or something like that I had my first guitar before that in fact I had an accordion I played accordion because on my suddenly played accordion I met this band called the birds and bees and they asked me to come and play with them they were about to leave for Europe um so I've rehearsed and was already for it right it was my last day at work I went home for lunch and I said to my mother I'm not gonna go back and she says you go back to work you finished off don't you let him down when my mother sent me back to work they put me on a huge machine a massive thing I didn't know how to work it as I was pushing the metal into the machine it came down with such a force and it just tapped my fingers and as I pulled my hand back I pulled the ends of the fingers off there was blood going all over the place I don't even remember I got to the hospital when somebody arrives with my fingertips in a matchbox and they were I mean they were just as far as the hospital is concerned I could never play again Mama's extremely depressed and very down and the manager from the factory came to visit me at home really really nice guy and then he told me the story of course about django reinhardt who had lost his fingers you know through the fire and it really Wow God and it really inspired me to really get on with it and start trying to play because they were so my fingers were so sensitive and painful that I got a washing-up bottle and I mounted it down into a ball and then I'd sit there with this big ball on my finger plastic it was very difficult because you couldn't feel the strings the strings they made in them days were very heavy and certainly very heavy for me I made my own sets up and then I dropped the gauge down to make a light set of things in fact that was the first official light gauge thing ever made I had to try and make whatever I could sound big because of my disabilities I came up with another sound by chilling the guitar down I wanted more gain the dirty sound more aggressive and more raw fat I plugged it into the base socket at the amp which gave it a bit more sort of pop and that was my fan then of course losing my fingertips was devastated but in hindsight it created something they've made me and invent a new sound and a different style of planner and a different sort of music so really it turned out to be a good thing after bouncing you

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