Finding God in Darkness

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The phrase “dark night of the soul” is thrown around quite a bit in Catholic circles, but what does it mean exactly? In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz explains precisely what is happening in our souls when we feel this kind of spiritual darkness, and he encourages us to hang in there when it happens; because it means God is preparing our souls for much greater things.

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43 thoughts on “Finding God in Darkness

  1. My middle name is from my forefathers. Do i give up this name? Then do the ficticious all caps name? It says Sur-End…er….which thing do I Give? For the father… cause I honor my mother and father. The water came through then his name is lifted up, which is their both married name together…This is what I'm getting.

  2. One day plz do a video relating with my problem. So I’m having trouble with my thoughts, it’s like I can’t control my thoughts it’s like my enemy it keeps staring at me bad thoughts that I hate Sunday I can’t control some that tells me to give in to temptation the world and some from my past that I don’t want to look back anymore and I don’t want to let them in sometimes I can’t feel like I’m trying to hold against it it’s hard to explain it but please when they do a video of this in please with your help I can be able to have a self controlled mind only think of good thoughts and not bad thoughts I would but also some of these starts to mess with my belief love and trust and it’s tearing me apart and there are sometimes they hit my head blaming my thoughts

  3. my story is a strange one. used to be a believer but became atheist but now i believe in the higher power, been in dark places the whole suicide and depression state a lot of times but for some reason i always kept on and i never knew why. One night i went on a walk and i was feeling so down and i walked past a church and i felt like arms holding me and telling me to go to the church doors. it was like he said "come here, tell me whats wrong." it was really late and i was cold but once i spoke to god i felt no more cold air i felt no more tiredness. it was just me and him. i have sinned badly in my past, mocked him and his followers, tested him the whole 9 yards, what gave me hope was doing all that and STILL felt like he was willing to help me. The feeling i got was so strange like how can God forgive me and help me after all ive done? its really given me hope and everyday becomes a little bit easier than the last now. I know in my heart hes not asking me to follow the bible page to page, go to church everyday its open and be a saint but i feel like if i can make peace with my past and follow the teachings of Jesus the best i can then maybe one day i can be all he intended me to be, and one day be redeemed for my past. I used to be an alcoholic and i only have one functioning kidney which isnt working properly and hasnt since birth, but i kicked the habit and now i hardly touch it and when i do its just a beer or a jack and coke nothing crazy but i drink so much water nowadays, not because i dont wanna die from kidney failure, but because i didnt want the drink to control me and i wanted more better things out of my life than what was going on. In the same sense i feel i can learn from my past mistakes and make them better and not be the same person and maybe one day God will smile on me and i will have finally become the best i can be. I thank him for a second chance in this beautiful world he put us all on and praise him for all hes given us from day 1. Lord, you are truly the greatest.

  4. Father, you say that Purgatory is a “place,” but I’ve also read and/or understand Purgatory is rather a “state” of being; that purgation is an immediate action transpiring after death and before entering Heaven. Maybe you could produce a video that speaks to this further?

  5. whattttt a perfect timing ! i was just wondering what was happening with me ……now i know…..because god loves us more than we can imagine !

  6. It is weird, I remember hating this guys videos while watching him in my catholic highschool while I was an atheist but now that I am reevaluating my faith I have found his videos very helpful. I feel like for people to truly find God, they must actively seek him for themselves rather than have others force them into it.

  7. Thank you very much for the explanations. It's truly like extending a helping hand to us pilgrims as we journey towards heaven, for sometimes life can be challenging. So thank you for your videos they are very helpful. May the Holy Spirit keep guiding you always.

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