Exploring Haunted Abandoned School (WARNING)

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So me and my mate Elliot went to explore an abandoned school which is reported to be haunted. It was built in the 1800s and was originally a house.
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why do boys and girls we're back in it again in Starbucks all right Rosie or duty its Elliott you just said like a bit weird to me like I had basically the school that I went to when I was in line but up to you to my left in year two and then shortly after it closed down it's been abandoned ever since I was like 15 years right he reckons it's haunted so just to investigate like we're gonna go see what's up all right tonight right so here we have packed a bag with centers we got a little flashlight okay water obvious reasons and then choppy muffins in case you know worse comes to worse and whatever and then for sure Elliot last thoughts little boy pug dog okay first on the agenda is getting into the building all right not this is it it's not that's it that's it brother I'm not going in there oh I'm not going in there yeah brother that looks so fucked oh my god brother there's no chance we've got to go in and now we come this far but you don't think I want to do it I that looks all right there's a sort of place on what I go but this does not look nice this is where you used to go school it in you too brav it's got barbed wire mate it's not even like there they don't want anyone in here but what if I what if our tortures like run out of battery you got two more Wow you've just done it think about you do not want to go anywhere near this place when we focus meat well I can see eyes through there can you see eyes little bit is that we're about to the fence no better what you talking about no you were shining a torch on it there see that glimmer of eyes we're good what a hole what do those the horse does get the shit out of me after everything a horse scared you mate mate opening oh yeah but it's into a freaking horse field mate we'll just be quiet will it Donna no no brother I'm not I can't be doing with horses look at this it's just a things we can climb through this is the best option yeah into a horse fricking lair going yeah yeah go go go it was okay you in oh my god can't see shit we're in the horses territory I made it Oh where's the horse king she that's it that's his girl we're there we're actually in we're in holy Shi we made it mate look at all the Audion broken shit up there oh my god oh my god come on take your trousers yeah miss a really do you know a Miss a No miss miss a better skater person what's it mr. e dildo look at that danger asbestos wait another shit a frickin make sure like you suffocate isn't it isn't that that it just is over no it's not why is I open she oh my god oh my god shit the bed you actually oh my god Oh give it a little hello hello hello where you feeling like film the room light metal oh my god where am I my focus has gone really dodgy second we've stepped in here like my camera won't focus my question is is that the – wait why is my camera low why's it plan up nothing okay it's good it's good but I did I don't know bro I don't know do we go further like seriously is it worth it like no seriously it's locked in Islam right filming them brother I do not like this at all I do not like this at all this is getting me some weird vibes in here but like seriously I don't know how much I want to be in here we hang about hi sullivan this is the cache this is like wait this windows over in school wait sunshine the line hello little boys that sounds wrong now seriously like I just want to make sure that like we are entering via piece and that is all hi we're just coming to explore your school don't be afraid do you want to go first Beth I'll go first right the dog is coming in careful of the glass yeah I'd only gets tight bun to put your torch down on that table put my torch down here careful of your bag hello crumpit shit careful of your elbow on the glass mate on the bum sounds alright this ain't all night blimey big boy earlier these shit at football but it climbs in houses I remember being picked up from here but when I was young oh my god oh my days van wears a bloody cricket what cricket guards and they've been burnt to shred Oh Thomas Oh Thomas Oh fancy a game of tiddlywinks I'll have you teaching materials another dildo Oh No wherever who what the Rastafarian is that reporting for the kiss oh my god notice any shit is that it's not actually a poop thing about olive oil thought I'd spoil oh no no no no I got homeless the tanks cow well he looks all right whoa shit but this is some Hogwarts shit and but for real brother wasn't it don't go an opening it's locked wonder why it's locked oh my god shit that is that is not okay look at all the freaking roof bro oh it's like oh my god means so much to confer a little poo on the ceiling right you feel my head off film us yeah the new film in front of us make this with oh my god I'm getting so much air from there but no we'll put them inside a like loads of air does he own up feel there's probably a door this is the front door shut the front door there's no prob there's so much air coming from there look that reminisce but make your blue curtain Eamonn oh my god was the reception about this window here's reception profit it's a tiny room I'm getting bear with like whole drafts from over there like seriously as long as it's probably there's probably smash window what was that did you hear that what was that did you hear that yeah look what's that and there's a proper light right like from upstairs from upstairs it was like a like a footstep like one footstep no no no don't do that shit like serious I don't ever want to be in the front how do we get out what was that what did you just tell me slow down slow down shut up I'm a us we're down in that room as well but I'm telling you I'm getting so much air like cold air like no exaggeration why do I feel cold yeah yeah yeah we're the rest of it like seems quite like my word in it but then I don't know if I want to be next well let's get out let's get out seriously I don't want to be in there anymore shit I'm going through glass man ah ah you go get us shit you can't shit we need to get out of here aisa that one you heard that footstep in it make known I swear to god it was like like just one one singular footstep from upstairs turns just some kind of Bank era can have your face face you just brother I'm not even joking I'm not even joking that was the same thing again I had a minute ago it's almost like the back of my head like a lacy as though someone's just gone like brush pass straight up what we're gonna have to deal with the fuckin or flail oh shit we got Mike what's there what the horse yes it's just affected us it's intercepted oh my god the horse just went around the corner that's exactly where we need to go fam the horse is literally round the corner yes but it's coming near us okay okay the horse is coming okay likewise it'll be okay I'm running late all right take two let's go don't doing lots sudden movements or anything and don't shine the light at it too much okay I feel really bad for it like because think it can't think about it it can't actually see us it just sees the light oh my god is back again but we've looked in here because that horse keeps stopping us from getting out we're in between the ghosts and the horse pretty good situation walk away slowly don't run a war vet charges a sprat where is it stop I don't know where he is brother where's the horse gone it's looking at me where is it how's it going how's it going into that field it's going today we're cornered right now both here I think we can step over the electric fence but then we're in its territory that's fine but we don't jump over there oh I live in some help the electric fence okay we are I don't know I'm gonna run go okay Makemake what's it doing no no mate what is it doing what is it doing makes a demon horse I'm running for it okay see but Mikey's a fool not my pocket but my keys are fooling out my pocket in the field yet I have no no no no seriously seriously shit got you gone you know

41 thoughts on “Exploring Haunted Abandoned School (WARNING)

  1. My school is almost 130 years old there gonna close it down after I graduate and once that happens I will make a video on my other channel of exploring my abandoned haunted school with 6 of my friends

  2. Advice if you run into a ghost or spirit: say "hello there friend, how are you?" And continue on what your dojng, if you get a response say "i hope your doing well." And just talk to them like they are alive, they seem to be more friendly that way.

  3. Once a friend and I went exploring. We stood outside of this building just looking at the place. Then out of nowhere a whole bunch of Deer slowly came from all different directions and surrounded us. We SLOWLY walked away from them. They looked weird at the time.

    Great video ! Cheers!

  4. you seem like a couple decent lads ! when you see a stay out sign because of asbestos , STAY THE FUCK OUT ! its fibres cause tearing in your lungs and abdomen that leave scars that wont heal . its called mesothelioma , its cancer ! even if you wear masks , it sticks in your clothes , and then you take it home . please guys , im not being a dick , I just don't want you boys to be dead by the time you are 30 ! or the people that you take it home to ! best of luck fellas !

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