Enneagram Part 1 – Why Panentheism is Incompatible With Christian Theology

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Enneagram is a new, popular spiritual program that is claims to be sacred and promises spiritual growth through self-discovery. We explain Richard Rohr is a key person promoting Enneagram and its panentheistic underpinnings. Before going into the details of the circles with 9 equidistant points and three internal triangles, we explain the basics of Christian theology that derived from the Bible. Enneagram is a spiritual teaching that promises people that they can find their “True Self” and thus find God. Since the Bible teaches that humans are by nature fallen, dead, and facing judgment; it makes no sense to look for a pristine, “True Self.” We explain the transcendence of God and His divine being as being non-contingent in regard to the creation. God existed in His diving attributes before the creation of the universe. God is always transcendent over the universe and is never dependent on anything within the universe. History is linear and is headed for judgment. The panentheism that is evident in the most popular books by those who promote and teach Enneagram is utterly incompatible with a Christian worldview. Christian universities that promote this program are endangering their students by promoting pagan ideas as helpful for Christian growth and development.

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