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you wah-wah-wah and foamy defini solo the messenger must believed is what was revealed to him from his Lord and so hardly believers all of them have believed in Allah his angels and his books and his messengers we say we make no distinction between any of his messengers and they say we hear and we obey we seek your forgiveness we seek your forgiveness our Lord and to you as the destination I like the not charge a soul except with what with what with that within its capacity to endure the consequence of what good it has gained and it will bear the consequence of what evil has earned our Lord do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or they not upon us a burden like that which you laid upon those before us are lower than burden us not with that which we have they're partners okay Somaly is a social site if your bison is here if that one sock my hands oh okay so basically for those not familiar we're playing at the Muslim brothers and we engage in religious debates and discussions with Muslims so this ranges from Christians neatness to Gnostics it usually takes place those in the bed of the CSKA wanna in High Park on the Sunday more often than not defending Islam from a tax on all corners as much time as you thought of coming out cariann alternatively okay I might sound a little bit what did it matter get up this is not nothing and this is the presented to anybody usually I simply front of me and respondent for the same to me so please forgive when our YouTube channel the 150,000 subscribers and we have a fantastic one from much so investors from Muslims around the world they found us how we brought them back to the team I would make you realize that it's not just serving you a very warm sorry even if you're an accidental most important to us finally there's a that's his song so they they actually realize that it's a real tangible thing that they can believe with rationality rather than just because their parents believe it so I would have a lot more muslins English likes not message me I've seen what you do in basically in this part you look like this what you're talking about already so this is straining to them and I have to be like from that we've had many many comments so we do it with their minds that this is something so today's presentation is simply why is why because as in our case as to why we believe Islam is only truly and already 80 so what if I think is wishes I was okay so basically we're gonna cover why we believe in a creator I won't be denied and where they belong will present the case for Muhammad SAW as a Messenger and guy who said creator and then finally a box Lila and explain why would we the horizon miracle review by operator often we presented you then have I think it's a reasonable question challenge accepted sure okay for okay I'm given my background that be the most not seventeen years and before that I would say I was agnostic no in the sense of I don't know if God exists or who or the case of okay except the Creator exists but religion not for me and then so I was really nothing now my eighties again I'm other than inspecting a tediousness read Richard Dawkins have been convinced by his arguments it was more about coat really care about God never thought about never needed religion well why should I care so it was that time of atheists and enjoy a small sense of introducing to the concept of God and after reflection this wasn't a result of an accident but it was definitely called this bring me to the acceptance of a creator although I simply accept what I believe to be my main religion in this point let's bring me to the agnostic position which is it's it's that's position I intend to show us a rational position holds true that our creature against so without religion on the table here we're just talking about using logic rationality and science ok two terms of universal qualifying turn the piece when you simply to people they think you will talk about or you don't really know when you're not sure all those people talking about unicorns and they think this is what means I believe the term belief is missing and missing should I say especially from my own personal experience now the way cell is synonymous of terms such as accept can this convicted trust among others so basically means the detective proposition is true even capsules of proof and that being said it's still need visas to support it to challenge of belief to refute the supporting reasons if you can't you not petition to claims I believe these false although it still doesn't mean you have to accept it I know now that's still an absolute truth some people climb a little bit intimidating it's a bitty stuff big bolts it's very simple if we you need to manage the truth based on the pieces we're going to pretend this evening then every other system religion philosophy come up the truth because you can't rat us out anything to this one so once you put the business luggage true everything else has a problem whether that we Christians atheists what the main ones we come up with to be honest and there's a weakness in what the same and example of this in the atheist model is true then it's a cannot be true angles so he works vice versa so in the atheists are products of what they're saying because I can be copyrighted silent so I'm probably finish like an justify of the only religion that is absolutely true so where does this concept of a creator come from well at this point because I know a lot of atheist like to say god of the gaps so what I want to do at this point is take religion off the table because when I became a Muslim so before I became should I say Cates believe in a creator it had nothing to do with religion it was another scripture about inspirational prophet it's the fact that I used logic and reason to come to this conclusion so outside the city premise everything that begins to exist that we're aware of requires a course so this is utterance according to the mob scientists there are some that don't agree to this well according to most scientists the universe is 30 million years old that's has a beginning this requires of course according to our original practice now to avoid these the problem infinite regression the cause of this finite universe by necessity it requires the uncoolest I believe this course has to be conscience due to its determining and will to when it calls the universe I believe it must be powerful more power than anything we can imagine because there's no power that we're aware of that could have caused the universe I believe now this cause it has to be intelligent because nothing we know our method is intelligent as to of course we see around us so at this point I'm left with the rational belief of a conscious intelligent powerful cause of the universe without the need of a whiff of religious influence nobody can say – no you read it in a book nobody can make these claims to me these are the rational and sentence and like I say to you these people you thought what have some acceptance is true we have feels it because the reasons we've used to come to this conclusion or a logical hundred percent logic so again doesn't need to is true when nobody's in any position to say what I'm saying is well silence well look it's very squishy alright so now to avoid the idea that's gotta make X arguments because how do you go from a course that is kind of abstract that is powerful that is intelligence that is conscious to Allah and then attributes Allah not all-knowing and Hellfire paradise all these thing tonight well that's down to a man in seventh century Arabia who claimed to be a messenger of this course doctor Imran Imran who presented his face thank you [Applause] all of you let me check on our team sooner from six and me our costs beginning of the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful then we started keeping your stomach greetings of peace please dressing blessings be upon us all now brother Hamza has surveyed the Foundation's were briefly creative this is a very fast presentation of the sensitive recovering three topics in themselves desert presentation on their own to give an overview of the pace for Islam the fight though the point the imf's is actually to talk about the popular piece of money so 1400 years ago there was a messenger or a person in Arabia who made the claim that I am The Messenger of Allah the question we have to ask ourselves today fourteen hundred plus years later is how are we going to assess this claim I'm not approach to ways of doing this you can assist the plane themselves ie what was this person like in terms of their character and also you can accessible what they have by the teachings and the karate so I'm better leave the parameter brother the bus will talk about super later from really going to assess the claimant themselves we're talking about setting character and this really four options that we can we could have become to dealing with this plane so either this plane is a true plane or the person was lying well the person was deluded so they thought they were telling the truth but actually what they were saying was false and then some people from other traditions usually Christians and also bring me on this was a demonic so I'm going to do two things when I'm looking to display my later they are the life of the problem at this point very very quickly in little opinions taking key points from that timeline I'm looking at what I would call falsification events so events that you could use to ascertain whether this was a person who was truthful or a liar or deluded when you see these question that will become a bit better so before I before I go into that I'm going to talk a little bit about before the plane so what was the what was pre-atomic terrain dear life travel civilization warring tribes fighting for honor and glory all the time rampant slavery anyone have been saved no rights women were essentially property that could be inherited in fact having a girl was so dishonorable people would even bury them alive the Kaaba was present in Saudi Arabia but the rain here is it was at that time surrounded by 360 idols that the tribe that comes to to worship and this was an area because of this influx of people a regular basis it became an economic and political huh with the people who were in charge of the father would be a lot of financial benefit from this was a medium into which the Prophet Muhammad peace money was form a little bit about the proper method for him so he was born in 570 if part of it died just before he was born his mother dies by the age but his mother time be six years older by six days of the primary peace of mind is already a Northman his grandfather their knives two years later so by the time his age he's lost three people that would potentially support him at the bathroom during his childhood and we find that by the time he's 12 years old is already on trade caravan with his uncle carrying out a trade this is the this is the progression of properties which went over that time pursuit when he was 20 years old he started working for a lady who owned paramount business called the feature they probably pleased with her he worked with them for five years before she herself realized his truthfulness and trustworthiness and she posted it she was 15 years his senior he was 25 she was 40 but he accepted the amount of permanent even he was married to her and told that passing there were a couple of events and why am I giving you a list of job title established then his friend from history and you can not take my word for every cover you can look at the sources and determine for yourself but I'm giving you the overview now this was a person who was already one established there were no signs of someone having either mental health issues for having as anything in there that was detrimental to them in terms of their status in society and I'm going to give you two events before the claimant profited to show the person was trusting their tips within the society so most people know about which is the event of the placing of the blackstone so the Prophet family peace upon him so the cover was be was being reconstructed than there was there's a portion of the coverage was quite valued at that time which is the black stone and there was a fight eating this which triumph would have the honor of placing the stone in the corner of the Carver and it can became quite serious the people then decide that whoever would walk in next into the area of the karma would be given the decision to arbitrate on this matter it happened to the problem area because you're 20 and we walked in the people were actually quite happy this is that other mean the trustworthy will take this decision in the profit at that time made a decision that all of the people would help to lift the stone on a cloth and he would have placed the stone itself into the carpet so we know from this incident and he was already trusted amongst a society but there was another another very interesting event which is this is no alliance of the purchase and this is what this was because you have traumatic for you Tomic Aurelius whoever is strong whoever has the mic their rights and the pole often down for them so this was an alliance that was established amongst the the Chiefs and the members of the tribes to collectively work with justice for those for weaker this was signed in the karma and the poppy melodies for him had a the good hand in setting this up what does this show this shows that before the crane the mahkumat peace upon him was doing what in society was trusted and he was respected now I'm going to look at these falsification events events that have happened that would give you the opportunity if you will rely on survive if you were deluded to show impulsive or beyond is it if it was truthful to demonstrate gratefulness so this is for the onset of the fame so imagine yourself somebody who retires to a to contemplate about their society or your finding on a regular basis and then you have this event where maybe we know we say this is the end of your brother becomes and to come asks you to read and you not understanding say I'm see I'm Harvey because we know the problem honey historically is established as being literal and this is repeated two or three times until the Prophet Muhammad understood then it meant to repeat the words and he repeated the famous words of was first open the Quran reading the name of you about who creates what would you do at that time if you are a liar you're going to come down you're gonna say yeah I've been chosen I'm the one we have to accept my property or if you were deluded thing if you understood this delusion is that I'm a messenger brought him come down and your behavior would be I'm going to place I'm the one I am the one who thinks directed by the pillow mighty except my Brotherhood what is the recorded history of the Muslims for this event a popularity when he came down from the tape to his wife in a state of fear he was shaking how about me cover me now these are all we saw this is from so from Harvey the first few verses in preparing the proper reputation cover me cover me and so the fair passed I don't know what would happen to me this is this is a sign of someone who is not sure what's happened I've had this experience this is what I received on or shorts happened and in fact they sought clarification from someone who is living in silence on a big mouthful it was deep so this is a test you can apply to this events whereas the life could have been really established in the response the psychological response to an event as I say the business response shows someone who's truthful uncertain of what happened to them now let's look at something that some of the things have happened during the time of the process of when people's explained when he was a prophet and what happened to so we know that he was offered bribes delegations came from the ruling powers because he was disrupting the socio-economic structure mistake this quote and these bribes came what was he offered he was offered well if you are if you want riches we will join our wealth for making the rich which is amongst us he was off the power if you want to be the leader we'll make sure that you have a final second of our decisions he was offered women if you want the beautiful woman choose whoever you want he was off of kingship if you want to be our ruler we will make you our King so there we go another falsification to commence he can choose if he was doing this is the money he's got the money if he's doing this for Howard he's one of our leadership he's got leadership with him we can have whatever he wants he refused he refused this and he refuses because he he came to give the message so there is nothing worthy of us but there was an effect of this there consequences projection of these crimes the consequence was persecution he was persecuted very very much documented his father was persecuted in fact he's put a little killed one the first martyrs in Islam present who died was a lady called Sousou mania she was the mother of Ahmad and she was the first woman killed in Islam and it's happened to many of these probably this is very well documented in fact this one even worse there was even a boycott the most simple agreement house of Mecca and they were boycotted so they couldn't trade with any of the people in Mecca so they couldn't buy food water it couldn't get simple supplies and this is office for three whole years now if you if you're making this up if you're lying then why would you go through all of this at least you can say that there's a peasant wish to be true and then another philosophy is the last box efficient event of negative use a quite famous one this is the death of the son of the Prophet peace be upon you the property took mine have three sons the first to die before they became a prophet and he redeemed with the Sun the diet afterwards now from the death day of the death of Ibraheem there was a solar eclipse they happened to coincide and the people came out see this man's needs use the messenger of allah and it's unknown and the surviving dog another great opportunity if your own home if you're doing this form state is if you're doing this for any reason that isn't the truth to say actually see I told you my blood my Sun and the sky was gone what did the Prophet do look at the documented history of the Muslims he went to the pulpits and he stood up and he said that the Sun and the moons of the signs of the traitor the signs of Allah an angel or sex or riot the death of any man another falsification test passed this was a perfect opportunity to convince people who were not convinced then he had a revelation profitable now there is there is a point something raised it actually may be to believe all these things but still we deliver the question that our skins deliver delusion is a post a fixed false belief despite evidence to the contrary and doesn't usually yield true you don't get true motivation if you think your horse for example you're deluded about that and there's nothing that can come from that will give you evidence to that but we have many prophecies of the problem used upon him that came through many many year not is passing I'll give you a couple and what these do is show that the co-main event bishop and hang with also is demonstrably in the fact that he gave true division so let me give you two and these are famous so you can look these up so the fact one of the very famous ones and you will see this is somebody with us in the bottom and if one of us our wing was the dev doesn't come when you will of our come and one of the prophecy the properties won't pay one game was you will see the barefooted veterans building completing in building tall buildings and the benefit of bitumens really was reflected to the arabs at the time and we see today the tourism buildings those buildings we find the Rings in Dubai etc that this is a fair is a full month of this prophecy and we see actually the Arab states today competing in trying to build of Isis building so truth cannot come from delusion this is the position of Bogdan might give you one more this is from a weaker thief this is from comedy and this is a game somebody asked about the size of the error and which all of the signs in the end we have along the path and so men will marry men and women were married women I think I'm say anymore this is very tough to pass the time specifically in terms of marriage so this is really the case I've talked about Korea song during the and during prophethood and evidences of ossification events that show the bottom end this one Gooden I've been a liar of deluded I haven't touched something it's almost the phrase thank you today I'm happy to deal with that I'm gonna Sony should leave you with one quote so don't believe a Muslim believer must've looked at somebody else and I'm going to give you just one quote it's quite a long one that's on this body shorter this is from James mission after he wrote the book Islam the misunderstood religion in Reader's Digest in 1955 and up Qualis Muhammad be inspired man who found in Islam was born about 85 70 into Iranian tribe that worship idols orphaned at birth he was always particularly solicitous of the poor needy but widow and be often the slave and the downtrodden at 20 already a successful businessman who became director of camel caravans for a rock the widow he reached 25 his employer recognizing his merit proposed marriage even though she was 15 years older than he married her and as long as she will remain a devoted husband happens when I feel much every major prophet before thee Muhammad found book shy of serving as a transmitter of God's Word sense even his only adequacy but the end of commanding read so as far as we know unable to read or write but he began to dictate that inspire the words which should be recognized by the large segments of the earth there is one God in all things Muhammad was profoundly Pascal when his beloved son Ibrahim dies and he lifts a pen and rumours of books personal notice quickly arose when Muhammad said to have announced an eclipse is a phenomenal make sure it is foolish to do such things to wrong such things to death or the birth of an inner being and often to quote their sister this is a non-muslim looking at the history of the Muslims and a particular moment is upon him giving you this same conclusion the Muslims have had for several thousand years so that's where everybody comes ends and I think it is just look at the problem and it is my my my employee will to go away to do that for yourselves that you'll come to the conclusion but my wife was not alive was not deleting planning was this a lot of us and incredibly good hosts so my talk really very brief we deliberately kept the talks brief because we wanted to do as much Q&A I think that's when Germany's most interesting arts of the this discussion tend to take home and so we just go through some very simple things look much of it I'm sure most of you will be aware of why why do we believe we're an is the revelation from Allah from God now obviously for the Arabs at the time many of the things that we've discovered lately in the last century two centuries or whatever they were completely unaware of so those aspects that I'm going to look at today I'm not the aspects perhaps that were looked at by the Arabs at that time no just you continued it or what your mom was saying as well but if today your neighbor said to you I'm a Messenger of God follow me give up all this lifestyle that you used to I want you to do all of this you would probably tell you be going get his head examined so clearly there was something that the Prophet came with that convinced the Arabs of that time that this was not a liar he was not a liar and the words that he was bringing one of his words and so for them the Arabic language and the directory the poetry the linguistic mastery was there okay at the time of Moses who sadly said it was competitions magic and so when Moses came peace be upon him he showed the miracles that defeated the magician's at that time when it was ISA ISA no prophet Jesus peace 20 it was about health and medicine and so he brought people back from the dead so they all had a miracle to convince their people at that time that they could relate to him and at the time of from camel – alone it was Arabic it was the language it was a rhetoric it was a poetry it was a mastery of that language and they were great masters at that time when the fog comes down the Arabic language the standard became the Quran despite their excellence of rhetoric and poetry and language in their skills they realized immediately that these were not the words for any human being and that might sound unusual especially to those who are not aware of of the of the Arabic language and especially the Arab youth in the Quran so they got their best poets to go and find out where he's getting his words from this is like nothing that will ever heard before so they tried they tried and they tried and the only thing they could come up with if his sorcery is magic and without knowing they accepted that this was not from any human capacity capability but in fact came some supernatural source because they recognize these were not the words of Hamlet these were not the words of any man the complexity the beauty the structure the way that the very early principles of grammar everything got turned on its head this man had almost humble the knowledge so for us as Muslims obviously we believe that the Quran is the literal word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace one immerse your mind stating by generally Salaam the angel Gabriel and we know that was revealed over 23 years from the age of 40 to the age of 63 of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him just to run through some little trivia hundred forty chapters consisting of six thousand two hundred and thirty six verses I'd like you to just remember those two those two statements of information hundred forty chapters 6236 verses now the way that the parameters revealed was often in response to an incident about my rose and that time and sometimes the Prophet peace one will put his head down and he would get away he he would get the revelation there and then why is the incident literally unfolded in front of his eyes in fact sometimes it was preemptive so we learned there was a long cameraman coming back from Earth from a from a conflict and there were when I think the manaphy but mostly the hypocrites used to hang around back the back of the caravan and they were saved bad things about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon me one of the Muslims heard them and he said I'm going for the prophet of what you've just said so be when I think the hypocrite rushes with his handle to the front and tries to inform the Prophet that we weren't saying if this is not true by that time that prophets head was already down and what Ann was already being revealed in relation to that very recent incident and as the manaphy as the hypocrite said the line in terms of the the excuse that you gave that we were not saying is we're not that the ye thing the Quran was exactly mirroring what he was saying why is people saying it was an immediate thing and then of course it was sometimes in relation to a question that what the public may have been asked sometimes the answers would come immediately right there in there and sometimes it would come after a short period of time and then thirdly was just purely because of guidance and issue of guidance now it's important to remember that because when you have something revealed when it's instantaneous or whether it were there is something in relation to something that's happening it's very difficult to control that you can't control you don't know what's going to happen so how will you plan in the head if this happens I'm going to say this very difficult to do primarily it was passed through the companions orally and it was memorized as its primary source of preservation and now that might seem unusual especially the West because generally wherever things are related to memory there's potentially a lot of issues that can happen with that and if you have in written form its regarded as something that would be perhaps more reliable but it was also make him down at the time of the pocket balance is funny we have you know in the hadith we have scribes who are mentioned like saving famine and was the neighbor of the prophets and I was seldom who who told us that every time when he came revelation came the Prophet would call for me and tell me to write it down now the to ask is I'm going to look at very briefly each other today I mean linguistic patterns within the Quran and some of the numerical balances and patterns that we find within the Quran as well and I can I want to keep it very basic very brief so inshallah we can do much of what we're going to do today as questions and answers so I think that's where things generally get more interesting now the person I'm going to look at here today and he's not exclusively the person who's looked at these things but he wrote a book very recently and his name is either associate professor Raymond Ferry some of you might be aware of his work and he basically structured the study the the structural elements of text within the Quran and he wanted to see whether there was any coherent pattern I could come across from from studying and what he found was a he found parallelism chiasm and concentric patterns within now as you can see parallelism if you have to take four verses for example the first a the first verse would be related here to the third verse and the second verse will be related to the fourth verse if you have chiasm it's more like the mirror in between so whatever text you have on one side to the other side in it mirrors it's connected and this relationship continues with a slight deviation with concentric patterns where you have a central theme in the middle that sort of ties everything together now surprisingly when he first looked at the command he wasn't a Muslim and when he studied these patterns within the Quran without anybody propagating Islam to him and given him dollar an invitation to accept Islam he ends up accepting Islam on the basis that these patterns that he found were so complex that it was impossible without an editorial process and a computer to be able to construct these patterns because after these patterns were so with consumerism which is the most common patently founded in the Quran he found this ring formation often you found ring within ring with him read it became incredibly complex and as I explained to you the command was recorded spent orally and it was a primary way of preservation was through memory so it'd be very very difficult and also going back to the fact in terms of how the grand was revealed if relation to incidents happening randomly questions be asked randomly and forced just items coming down very difficult to justify how you could have those very very complex rings formed just by accident or just by travels and the fact that they're so complex it makes it miss you near enough impossible that this could have just been done by memory or the constructs the big build city of any human being or any group of human beings the second aspect of the Koran that I'd like to look at very briefly again is the numerical concepts within the Cabal now there are many facets to the program I believe that support the validity of the Quran obviously these things will not known at the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him now will be wrong for me to say that Allah place these things in here because later many many centuries later mathematics and science become very very important in society and that is why I did it as a layman I can't make that claim but what I what I can say is the fact that today we do have a reliable source of of truth of evidence through mathematics through science and I think that these things do certainly post some very very important questions as to how they took place how did they happen so some of you might be aware of unarmed easy because they quite often commonly refer to but you have the word dead singular yo in the Quran exactly 365 times randomly scattered over the scripture you have a young a plural which is 30 times you have the month which is mentioned 12 times you have world dunya which is mentioned 115 times and the outfitter as most Muslims know we often refer to dunya and after as I sort of opposites almost and they're both mentioned 115 times the seven heavens are mentioned seven times the creation of the heavens are mentioned seven times now if you're answering questions you're dealing with issues that are arising and you're receiving revelation in that way who's doing all the counting how do you make sure that these things are all going to be balanced it's near enough for possible tasks to do we have some uh examples here faith and paradise and he'll say to the main jobs again there's a balance between these things and yet over a 600 page plus book they are scattered all over you don't just find them in one chapter or two chapters so you could say well it's easy to do the counting if you have them all in one place one of the interesting things I answer that was about the ratio of land and sea the Quran mentions land exactly 13 times and C 32 times now the ratio of that is pretty much down to three decimal places to what the ratio of land and sea is in the world today that we find who who was doing that calculation did that water just happened by chance and and believe me I'm just skimming the surface yeah those of you who've probably studied these things you know that there's so much more in the Quran referring to this type of balance that Allah has created and again I refer back to how the Quran was revealed and that's what makes it extraordinary no editorial process even today you go to places like Mauritania in native Africa the fauna the bigger man will write a verse of the Quran on the blackboard and the streams because they can't afford books will have a slate and they will write that verse down with a chalk and they will memorize that verse and the next day they will run out that verse and they will have another verse or under group of verses and the children will memorize it for them you go to what Italian asked them and this is since the Prophet Angela focuses on our syllabus of Islam spread into Africa into Europe within a century you go in Assam to recite the Koran exactly the same fourth annual a man will recite here today and yet you still find all of these things in there many other interesting kids as well so Allah mentions the similitude of Jesus to Adam in other words don't call Jesus the Son of God just because he was born without a father because we created Adam from neither mother nor father as well so that's similar to that comparison is given of the two and they both mentioned equally 25 times in the Quran again Babel a strict that balance the interesting thing is that when they when the similitude is been mentioned whether similitude is mentioned solely in chapter 3 verse 59 at that point despite being mentioned on at different places in the chapters before they mention exactly seven tires so if we lose balancing these things hell is it conceivable that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him sat down and fall in a war when I relay this Quran answer these questions refer to these incidents I've got to make sure one of this actually matches up because centuries later they'll have these things for computers whether you put things in the databases and do all this analysis is that reasonable I don't think it is one of the last comparisons I'm going to make here or a mathematical or numerical incidents that we find ah here's another one that is a very very good example to to reflect upon so as I mentioned that Brad has a hundred fourteen chapters half of the chapters end in even verses and half of them end in adversities now obviously you go through probability that's what you would expect however if you flip a coin a hundred and forty times it doesn't always come out exactly half you often have to repeat that experiment many thousands of times or tens of thousands of times before it sort of comes close to 5050 but in any case 114 chapters half maybe even happening in in odd if please make two columns with the chapter numbers running down one side for one to 114 and another column next to it with all the verses all the verse numbers then something very interesting is found when you do some simple calculations so for example if you just say if you add the verse the chapter numbers to their corresponding verse numbers you get obviously 114 results you expect to get half a lot of even since you already got that before but if you just take the even number results I told you to remember that figure of how many verses they went in the Quran it comes to exactly 6236 verses who was doing the counting there who was making sure it will balance out there and if you take the one versus all Oh bleep sorry all the odd results and add them together they act exactly the sum of all the chapters in 6555 now again did this happen by chance or was this orchestrated there are only three variables one let it just happen by chance the other that this was orchestrated deliberately by someone or some people to to make sure that in the future when people uncover these things they will be very surprised they'll be very shocked I think chance really is especially even though I just skim the surface and there are many more examples I think the probability sensible probability of it being chance I think is so remote that I think you can discard it then the next stage is or the next assumption could be that somebody or some people deliberately did this but when we look at how the Quran was revealed I can't see how you can truthfully come to that conclusion and the important thing I need to remember is this but it's not just these things that we rely upon or we look at let me find interesting but there are so many other things I have not obviously had time to discuss about the Arabic language about the complex grammar the historical accuracy so many times around these things are contradictory to historical knowledge at the time one of those for example would be where the ship or the boat of Noah in the Bible it says a direct mounting arabic the prophets on one cylinder put on relays allow relays to him mount judy today she's going investigate they found an outline at thirteen and a half thousand feet a structure that resembles a ship or a boat on the mount Julie in Turkey was about why was he going against convention at the time if if you just wanted to persuade people fool them into believing his religion why caught my counter like something something semi contradicted because when you contradict somebody else's belief they're less likely to accept you have to say me that's exactly what the world does over and over again the Bible refers to the firaon ik dynasty and the dynasty that came before that as pharaoh's ferencv√°ros the quran refers to certain dynasties as king and certain diseases ask young pharaoh now historically we find out that was actually correct because the pharaonic dynasty started when the quran and he said it started and not before so historically is correct whilst others around making mistakes so as I said it's the frequency and the complexity just finding a pattern and I've read some of the rebuttals but obviously I wanted to make sure I've had some of the rebuttals of people who's about the numerical miracles of the Quran and they come up with Moby Dick or they come up with Shakespeare's all do an analysis there's some words here that matter doesn't make it from God except that finding a pattern is not and does not necessitate that it came from God it's the frequency and the complexity of those that become competitive that is that they become competitive and so when we look at that the frequency and the complexes getting is only one sensible suit a sensible conclusion model but you can come to this is not deception this is not orchestrated by any human capacity it has to come from something far that no child to hopefully some wooden is not meeting so well the original top of wise so we presented today by either creator why believe what I saw something – we claim to be what's the point of it why do I go to this lens to bring this beautiful little of the hot hand comments on this message all about well this is fine to my talk because why if there's a creator that we've established through and as messenger on this created what's the purpose of life why did he create us how do we find these answers well it's through the teaching of yourself door handle around that we find these answers now our Creator he knows what's good on most platforms he knows what will benefit us Thomas so through his messenger he sends a message now in the Quran you find his shoe man you'll find things have occurred in the past you'll find warnings in the future so not to be heedless not some of this life is hid thinking that we live by yoga live once make the most of it Yolo you live once die forever so all of whom this is the program and even the Quran Allah says how many leaders in you as a dictator over me is a war so the parameters of warning for us but the main part for me this is me personally what was it that attracted me to this part this Western English geezer why did I become almost it was the guidance because everybody in this room today needs a garnet everybody in this room is a role model me the Spaniard needs an objective morality everybody needs it I have two daughters that now you don't have a fifteen-year-old my never giggles these guys is my 15 year old doesn't meet because obviously my 15 ohms or whether but she still needs guidance as well but who guides me who shows me what's good for me was bad people harming benefit me supposedly if the people who leave my society who should be that standard they should be the ones who tell me what's good and what's bad for me so as a 27 year old that was my belief my government care for me they'll tell me what's the bail tell me what's better but then eclipse our society and this body poisons within society now this is quite risky savers and universities of youngins drugs alcohol gambling sexual immorality and interest feelings these five poisons destroying every Society of the world today whether it be an Austin Society or not if those poisons are there than destroying it so we have open poison within society so look for my leaders who they take care of me what everyone stop when it's no longer fun know when to stop drinking please you're telling an alcoholic just stop drinking leave usually then enough you're telling someone you're choosing these money in a betting shop so I can feel it's no longer fun it isn't about that it's about the addiction so how did he learn it summarize the answer to this problem take your alcohol dating it's not drinking then stop and when you've had enough it's don't drink and it's not just bubble drink don't be in a place where drink is the insert don't pour it on sell it will transform you don't need any mirrors now they wouldn't claim all this benefits in it but we know and all those already said this he said that the harm he says there's benefits in hammer alcohol but the harm is greater just a week so it's all be through the teachings of Islam can you take the guide as a ward and the way you can avoid these poisons well I challenge any way of life that you present whether it's anything whether it's activism whether it's Christianity whatever it is they will not give you the skeletons and for me remedy that is what attracted me to Islam it wasn't the different patterns in the program it was a linguist available of the program it was the guidance because I can easily say to me why you wrong I like what do you mean because why do you die and there's nothing and I was right my well this does and what about it goes oh alright what you're wrong then he thought about but then they said to me ever if you die and there's nothing that you've wasted your life I said what do you make me smile laugh he said because you know you you've just you've been retained as your than this you've not gonna to do things to enjoy yourself and this at the other relaxing if there is no Hellfire a paradise as long as the winds of heaven in that why because I'm assistant to live my life and guidance in my life that protects me and my family from all the harms within society so that I can give to my children I will handle it again because if you're right I leave the fantastic like handily now I'm not groping drunken and anyways and so then we were all based with your father akhi here before us so I've seen them but my you know my children they're not coming alone always thinking you know my bosses I'm boyfriend and I thought so hey you wanna awesome I worry about this thing I'm happy now so the point here is this if the piece is right my lovely darling it's the end handle it up amid the fantastic beautiful my healthy like that I don't know this is good magic and it is wrong get ready sorry everyone to all of you thank you very much we are just gonna have a 15-minute intermission so don't go anywhere it's always because you guys to refuel have some refreshments I really come down these guys hard with the Q&A after the break it's gonna be like 50 minutes yeah they're ready so hopefully or two so if you come back with the Q&A after nutrition

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  1. For Bapak pendidikian indonesia #PR bagi bapak pemerintah indonesia… semoga sistem pendidikan bahasa inggris di Indonesia diperbaiki… sehingga anak2 indonesia bisa bersaing di kalangan internasional…
    For efdawahcommuNity#may Allah bless u all… aameen

  2. Min, dgn segala hormat dan kerendahan hatinya, saya mohon usul, kalo ada waktu, terjamahin video ini debat ini dong >>> https://youtu.be/t_iU5JZwhRk
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