EDS micro-lecture: Theology

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Rev. Dr. Christopher Duraisingh introduces theological study on the first day of class, 2010 January Term, Introduction to Theology.

learning to do theology is an exciting Enterprise exciting partly because it's filled with questions without questions and even doubt even calling challenging into question our inherited understandings precisely because of that precisely because you are you have sometimes shock to your imagination where am I going it becomes exciting inviting engaging and it can be a lifelong journey so what I would like to say to you is that I invite you to yeah not not primarily to learn the content of a course don't be unduly anxious to have at the end of the day this is the content by your mustard I have understood but rather I have been drawn a little more into a process a process a habit if you will a habit of reflecting so to do theology is not primarily to objectively learn certain content it's important to some extent but learning a certain content is only almost like an opening a door in order that you enter into a life a way of living a way of thinking a way of reflecting

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