Eating of Pork is ‘Haraam’ in Islam & Christianity | Answers by Dr Zakir Naik

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Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Sister “Rinida”.
Eating of Pork is ‘Haraam’ in Islam & Christianity.

Lecture Name: Ask Dr Zakir (Dubai – Part 2)
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my name is janelda and I'm a Christian like car since a long time have been having conflicts with myself the questions that I would like to ask today are mostly like maybe assumptions or like things where I've been influenced from people like my first question it's about a big basically I would like to know what exactly is the meaning of haraam like is a foreign religion like Islam it won't accuse at one of being wrong yeah it it wouldn't say something to be so wrong why is a big Haram because I had attended a Christian convention and over there it was told like there was this priest who was saying that why I spoke Haram and Islam he gave an example saying that uh like the same rubbish like it was used as manual for the plants the plants are like supposing it was a magnet of mango drink the mango guru the roots had absorbed the same nutrients the same rubbish it grew into mango and we consume it so how is it different from consuming it in pork and the mango this was a question that what is the meaning of haraam and why is pork Haram in Islam and give the example of the priest a Christian priest who said that men you are which is dirt and filth is used by the tree the tree grows and then mango comes and we eat mango trying to say that even if we'd the filth of the oak it may be good for some oneness may not be good for others that falling means to say so in Islam it's an Umbra Christian reads aloud sister first I will tell you the meaning of haraam we is prohibited means forbidden Haram in Islam means prohibited it means forbidden I will answer your question of the priests first and then come to the real reason why poke is Haram the priests give the example that man you are supposed to be dirt and filth is healthy for the tree and when the tree grows it gives mango and we eat the mango trying to say that maybe it's haram for Muslims but good for Christians if you compare the man you are which is phil's for the human beings it may be good for the plants because plants and human beings are two different beings they aren't the same they are different but in Islam and Christianity the human beings are the same you may follow different religions but what is good for one human being as a general thing is good for the other human being unless he has certain problems for example if you have diabetes then sugar may not be good for him but normally sugar is good it gives you energy unless he has some problem then it may not be good for him but as far as general human being the concern the rule for all the human being what is good and bad is the same so you can give the example of man you are is good for some and not good for other what we have to see we have to go to the guide what does the guy tell us and we'll try and analyze what does the guide tell us the guide in Christianity it is the Bible the guide in Islam is the Quran when we read the Quran there are no less than 4 different places where the Quran says pork is prohibited Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah chapter 2 verse 173 infra reminder chap number five verse number three in foreign object number six was from 145 and Surin healthTap number 16 verse 115 who remarked allocable my to do what the mualim moon cuisine omar ali gorilla be forbidden for you for food ah that meat blood the flesh of swine and any food on which any name besides allah has named is taken so your quran says in no less than four different places that eating the flesh of pig is prohibited similarly if you read the Bible by Bill in no less than three different places say spoke is prohibited Bible says in the Book of Leviticus chapter number 11 chapter number 11 verse number seven and eight that thou shall not eat the flesh of swine not touch its carcass it's unclean for you a similar method is given in the book of Deuteronomy chapter number 14 verse number 8 though the swine has cloven foot and it chews not the cud it is unclean for you similar it is mentioned in the Book of Isaiah chapter 65 verse number 2 to 5 that you should not have the flesh of swine so Bible says in no less than three different places that you should not have the flesh of swine and Jesus Christ peace be upon him said in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number 5 verse them is saved in 20 that thing not that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets I have come not to destroy but to fulfil for anyone who breaks one of the least Commandments shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven that means if you break one law one jot or tittle from the Old Testament you shall not enter Jannah so as a Christian if you believe in the Bible then eating pork is prohibited for you is forbidden for you is Haram for you if you are a Muslim if you believe in the Quran it is prohibited if you do not believe in the Bible or do not believe in the Quran let's analyze what does today's reason and logic and science say about Pope today science tells us that if you have the flesh of swine there are chances that you may have no less than 70 different diseases you can have pinworm you can have roundworm the most dangerous amongst all these diseases it is a poem it is called as Taenia solium and it hovers in the intestine and is very long even if you cook the food very well the eggs the OVA of Taenia solium does not die and from the intestine through via the bloodstream it can go to almost all the organs of the body it can enter the eye and cause blindness it can enter the heart and cause heart attack it can enter the brain and brain damage and by the time you realized you are suffering from the disease it's an irreversible damage done furthermore today science tells us that when you eat poke it is more of fan building material rather than muscle building material that's the reason most of the people who are regular picky eaters they have what tires their word flaps today science tells us that by eating pork there are high chances are having a true sclerosis abstruse closes today science tells us that if you eat pig regularly you may have hypertension that's the reason more than 50% of the Americans today they're suffering from hypertension because most of them are picky eaters today science tells us that one of the most filthiest animal on the face of the earth is the pink wherever you find dirt and filth we'll find the pig there today science also tells us that pig is one of the most shameless animal on the face of the earth peak today is one of the most shameless animal on the face of the earth it enjoys seeing its spouse seeing its mate have sex with his friend in the Western countries we have dance parties after dance parties we are swapping of ice you sleep with my wife I sleep with your wife do you think it's modest and there is a scientific thing that you eat big and you behave like pee hope this answers the question Festa

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