Drivn' My Pickup, Talkn' To God – Atheist Experience #357

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Good ole’ boy Stanley has a warning for the hosts. Keryn Glasser, Virginia Glasser, and Andi Roberts host this clip from The Atheist Experience #357 –

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we're getting close to the end of the show I think we have time for one more caller is going to be Tony on line one and then we're going to wrap it up hi Tony what's up are you there yes are you there yeah but my name's Stanley Stanley yeah you can talk to me okay I'll talk to you somebody didn't update – Wanda I'm never seeing y'all on here and I want to tell you something right quick yes because you're people I want to tell you something that I know and I'm not trying to scare you okay hmm I just want you to know that God is real our Jesus whichever way you want to look at it I was in my pickup one day mm-hmm and I was talking to God and he interrupted me I'm not gonna tell you what he said because I know that y'all used things you know that people say but I want you to know this for your own well-being he did talk to me and one time almost thought I've got diabetes real bad and I went up a tunnel and I ended up with him at a table and four other men and I floated in there I didn't see his face the Bible says no man has seen the face of God and lived but I saw him from a back angle and then I came back my wife was shaking me trying to wake me up and I come back I couldn't even talk I've been without here for a long time but after a while I was able to talk and I revealed to her what I saw but he talked to me prior to that ever happening I was actually just praying and talking to him one day and he actually interrupted my thinking and I just want y'all to know it's real for your own well-being and I want you to consider that I'm not trying to scare you about religion I'm telling you thank you I appreciate your anecdote I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cut you off because we're getting down to the end of the show but thanks for calling in okay I'm not scared he is good no I'm not sure I want to thank God because it's not really up to me it's up to him and I want to thank the devil too you know for more for the devil God had probably go insane blow his brains out from boredom now everybody likes to feel useful make it the world go round back to you Tom

26 thoughts on “Drivn' My Pickup, Talkn' To God – Atheist Experience #357

  1. ░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ BOB IS BUILDING AN ARMY
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ THIS TANK AND BOB ARE AGAINST
    Il███████████████████] /▌YOUTUBE TOS COPY AND PASTE THIS ALL OVER

  2. This is why religion is so dangerous. This guy has diabetes so bad that he loses consciousness and has hallucinations while driving his truck because of it, but rather than see a doctor and… I dunno, maybe QUIT DRIVING… he thinks it's completely normal. So we have this guy driving his 2-ton truck around all the time while any second he could get a blood sugar imbalance that could send his truck careening into a bunch of people on the sidewalk, or that could give him a dream where this "God", in whom he totally believes, could give him instructions to kill people, rob a bank, or engage in any other sort of craziness.
    How can people who know this guy not warn the authorities about him? Well, it's because they believe this stuff too.

  3. Sounds like this diabetic had a low sugar in his blood which caused him to pass out. When things happened to dumb people and they can't explain it, they automatically assume it's gawd.

  4. -_- Oh well I wasn't afraid of it before but if Good Ol' Boy Stanley had a diabetic coma hallucination then THAT'S gonna be what put the fear of god into me! Praise
    Jes-BWAHAHAHAHAHAH yeah couldn't do it, it's just too funny. Sorry Stanley but do you really think that one more subtle threat would be the subtle threat we'd need because of some idiot who had a hallucination in the back of a pick up truck? No wonder he did because you know why? Because hallucinations often take the form of a user's personality. Stanley believes in god then no wonder his diabetic, sugar deprived brain summoned it as he was cracking out for a sugar fix in the back of his pickup truck one day.

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