Dreams & Mysteries – The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

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Join John Paul Jackson in a journey through some of the deeper subjects featured in the Bible. From Season 1 of Dreams & Mysteries with John Paul Jackson, this episode deals with the Holy Spirit.

22 thoughts on “Dreams & Mysteries – The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

  1. I fell asleep while I was listening to this video, and in my sleep I dreamt I was stricken by lightning while I was inside my father's house (I live in my own house). It was so powerful that made me shaking and trembling but I was ok, nothing hurt me.

    In that dream I knew there would be lighting strikes (there are 2 lightning strikes, I was stricken by the 2nd one) before they finally struck into my father's house and I told everybody to prepare.

    I knew the dream was from God but when I woke up and asked Him what was the meaning of that dream, He didn't answer me. So could anybody interpret the meaning of this dream? I'm so curious.

    Just fyi I've received the baptism of Holy Spirit very long time ago.

  2. This has never happened to me before, I have had dreams while I was speaking in tongues and it was beautiful, but last night I woke up screaming and then speaking in tongues, this happened 3 time's and the last time I was breathing heavily like I was running or in some kind of battle maybe. I am really bothered by this cuse I can't remember what I was dreaming about to cause such an overwhelming feeling of confirmation can you please help me understand what happened, what it means

  3. I look at John Paul Jackson like a guide to help all Christians. I would have enjoyed so much to meet him and one day I will. John Paul if you can see this and I know you can. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and belief and help to guide me into a better life closer to god

  4. I didn't know John Paul Jackson died…I hate to hear that. I have just recently like last week and a half been seeking God on hearing His voice and doing research, and I came across all these videos on Dreams & mysteries/Dreamipedia. His gift on interpretation and all this info has helped me so much in just this last week that I have been hearing the Holy Spirit speak, noticing signs, and beginning to interpret my dreams, which I often have. I thank God for this man; his labor of love was not in vain🙏

  5. I saw through the eyes of my holy spirit twice. I also saw angels 2 times. Since then I have had 2 visions. Also a slight headache since first dream. I pray more and find love for others faster than ever. Christ has changed my life forever. I now find myself serving people and feel sometimes my heart is exploding with love. To God be the Glory.

  6. Grieved things turned out the way it did. Sad Streams didn't affect my life in a good way as others were affected for God. How I loved the way John Paul taught. Enemy worked hard to destroy. Lord, please bring justice to this issue and create beauty in it's place. For your kingdom. For your heart God. For my heart. In the power of Jesus name, amen.

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