Dota Theology – From The Genesis To The Apocalypse

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This video features the Dota 2 lore of the beginning and the end, all faiths, gods, demons, life, and death.

Loregasm about demons which you should watch if you havent:

in this video i explain a few theories i have about the dotaverse, which i know some people disagree with. if you have arguments against mine, let me know – i love to discuss. (for example i know a lot of people disagree about elder titan and the underscape)

the ending clip of natures prophet is very old – i just needed some gameplay in the background, and i had this old video about jungling natures prophet lying around collecting dust. hope you dont mind that its a little out-dated.


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in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said let there be light and there was light and God saw the light and it was good and God divided the light from the darkness and God called the light day and the darkness he called night in the evening in the morning were the first day why are we here what is here and who are we well I can't answer that in regards to our universe maybe I can for the dota verse reality is only our subjective interpretation of the objective truth so really anything you believe in is real and everything you don't believe in is also real somewhere you see reality and the multiverse used to be a tightly woven fabric a whole piece of reality with different universe within the mesh it was made by the Loom which much to the distress of skid Square the Weaver meant that the original job of creation was already done his job was only to maintain what was already made he had been delegated a small patch of reality to weave and in secret he tinkered and altered it to his own innovative ideas this upset the Guardians and so they cut off his part of reality and rewrote it without him in it this was meant as punishment but much to skid scars delight this now meant he was free to create the reality as he had envisioned it this reality woven from the threads of conflict would become the host of the new multiverse we know as the dota verse for at least that's how I interpreted the newly woven reality was now created but it was rather empty so how did this world take his form why of all the worlds and creation has this when it's strange properties its diverse and motley collection of creatures cultures and lore the answer one whispers lies with the Titans okay once again here comes another theory of mine and I will show you my evidence you can decide for yourself but I actually think elder Titan was the one who created everything as in everything including the shattering of the primordial mind I might be wrong and I'm very interested to hear your thoughts but before that please hear me out with an open mind to show you what I have realized we must compare our cordons and other Titans back stories so what we know about our warden is that he is a fragment of the primary the primordial mind existed before even the beginning itself only in my understanding predated by Weaver it was an infinite unified presence but as the universe was created probably similarly to us in our world through the Big Bang the primordial mind was fragmented were shattered and so he now had cosmos and a bunch of shards from this awesome being our warden was one of these shards as well as the dire and the radiant arc warden would later imprisoned ancients and send them out in space and I will come back to this but for now all you need to know is that arc wardens ultimate goal is to unite all the primordial fragments including himself and the ancients back into a whole unified primordial mind but who shattered the primordial mind in the first place elder titan similarly to our warden also wants to reach unity and symmetry and bring together what he once broke we know that elder tiny created our world and the fundamental laws of the universe when he accidentally caused the schism an event that divided the world I believe that the schism is in fact the same event that shattered the primordial mind as both events happened as universe came into existence now when the schism created the fundamental laws of the universe in the dota verse they came in the form of actual sentient beings and the writing is beautiful because it seems to be both a homage to the creation in Genesis and many pagan faiths the first fundamental force was chaos Knights the embodiment of darkness and chaos the second at least I think is keeper of the light who is actually not just a light fundamental but also order in Genesis there is first darkness and then light and in for example Greek myths there's first chaos and then order and like day and night chase each other endlessly so does cares Knights and keeper of the light keeper also created the Sun in the universe the last two fundamentals are enigma who is gravity and IO who is bit difficult to pinpoint exactly what it represents if enigma is mass in space then I all must be everything in between according to his bio he is everything that binds existence together according to our Gordon he isn't all things he could also be magnetism or electromagnetism but I think that would be weird as I feel that belongs to the keeper of the light he could be the essence of life of consciousness or freewill honestly your guess is as good as mine let me know in the comments if you have a good coherent description of what he is but anyways the fundamental sprung out from the schism at the same time as a primordial mind shattered and the cosmos soon turned to a warzone the Dyer and the radiance the two opposite ancients who were two of the bigger parts of the primordial mind were so conflicted in nature that they battled endlessly the collateral damage seemed only to get worse to the point where they became a threat to the cosmos itself and so a third fragment of the primordial mine Ark warden imprisoned them he did this by putting them in a sphere sealing their conflict within and sent them into space drifting through the darkness so I did for eons until one day it was caught in the orbit of a certain planets so now the reality has been woven and the universe created but the planet which I will from hereon refer to as Earth of which the dota history takes place on was still in its infancy still cooling it wasn't until the prison of the Ancients caught its orbits that life started to spring forth and with it tales of how it came to be there's three dota gods that I have chosen to group together as the creators of the world whether they actually did or it's just stories is up for you to decide but regardless it's a cool parallel to Genesis of the Old Testament and the myths there's the omniscience who created the earth mail run who created the oceans and Rhodesia who created the life inhabiting it the omniscience also known as the all-seeing one claims to be from the earth around itself in order to stay hidden from the dangers of space it would later be worshipped as a God and I will come back to the faith but for now all you need to know is that in regards to the genesis of the DOTA world and greco-roman parallels he is the God of the mineral part of the world all rocks stones mountains cliffs and caves Earthshaker earth spirits and tiny are also connected to the spirit of the earth but if they even are their lesser deities compared to the omniscience male Ronda's in tacular is presently worshipped battle alliance we might recognize in tidehunter male Ron at least in my mind looks a lot like to a big boy with tentacles he resides in the ocean depths perhaps within a whirlpool while the Lions worship Him other Marantz such as acid rain who inhabit the sunken cities despise him apparently he cracked the shell of the world which I interpret as him creating the oceans and seas and thus the world was ready for life Paradiso the goddess of the woods gave her own life in order to cover the world with green during a single season maybe in order to create life you must sacrifice your own very life force bit by bit seed by seed but as she was about to die she had one last seed left her last action was to swallow the seed and dead she fell fertilizing the ground throughout the coming winter from the seed she swallowed fury on the nature's prophet sprung to our knowledge he is the only one who knows about the goddess likely because she died before there was any life intelligent enough to remember her other than Tyrion by the way did you know Furion was first named to Korea in dota 1 he was named fury on so they had to change his name in DotA 2 to avoid copyright issues but they later removed this name Takuya thank God for that and since his name is still Furion in the game files and most people call him that I'm sorry nerds but that is his name his name is not Takuya other protectors and spirits of nature is trails protector lone druid and chunk trees and leshrac the latter two are the most interesting because they are the two opposite deities of the same coin that is nature lash is a depressed philosopher pondering the meaning of life and creation and he has pretty much concluded that the truth of reality is evil where he sees the macabre darkness of nature and Chandru's on the other hand only sees beauty and purity leshrac is too nihilistic while enchantress is too naive and they keep the balance of protecting nature and Chandra's travels through every forest in every climate through any season healing and spreading positivity where she goes she sees the smallest most fragile creatures and helps them stay safe some even theoretically is the reincarnation of the goddess rhodesia herself but anyways we now have a planet with early life magically influenced by the emissions of the prison above and the radiation of the nemesis stones not yet landed made life on Earth flourish from diverse fauna to primitive societies our rich set of species and races formed and those intelligent enough to wonder gazed up at the mad moon and curiosity and where there is mystery and power faith soon follows the mad moon and the ancients quickly became deities of their own with the loyal followers on both sides it started with Prell ex the priestess of the radiant she started having visions of a violet sky a sundered moon and a voice that whispered to her prepare for my arrival Pollux and the other radiance followers started building towers and an altar in preparation the altar very much looks like a fountain and a very particular one if you look away from the trees that have grown around it in dota 2 but they also built barracks to recruit new followers for an army because someone was not happy with the radiance way of life that someone was Cana the process of the Dyer who is no less than Prell X's own daughter the radiance creates but her also in slaves much like our own Abrahamic religions if Adam and Eve had just stayed in the Garden of Eden and not taking a bite from the Apple to acquire freedom of will they would have lived peacefully ignorant is bliss but humanity is curious and demands freedom and rebellion and so kana did with repressed teenage daughters often do she rebelled she bit the apple of knowledge of good and evil and chose freedom and chaos and destruction over safe and slave meant she did not actually bite an apple but rather she is described as reborn by the Dyer she would lead the army of the opposing side against her own mother but that is as far into the story we know we don't know if either side won and if so who did my guess is neither did because this was at least 500 years before the story in the first dota comic we do know though that the landing of the Ancients when the mad moon thundered and shattered into many fragments was an apocalyptic event so maybe they stopped the original feud between the priestesses maybe it's unknown simply because nobody who presently lives know since it was a prehistoric event but we do know that from the shattering of the mad moon caused by the dueling ancients within the prison so they deteriorating it some of the pieces of the rock landed on earth dire stone and radians or and as the earth recovered from the apocalypse life boomed even brighter than before now under even closer influenced by the radiant and dire shards within the land okay but if there's a bunch of shards and not a single lump that makes up the ancients how do you describe the dota map there's clearly two big buildings that are the actual consciousness that is the radiant and dire well I have another biblical theory let's go back to Genesis and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden and there he put the man whom he had formed and out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food The Tree of Life also in the midst of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil and a river went out of Eden to water the garden and from thence it was parted and became into forehead so the Garden of Eden is divided by rivers and has two powerful trees within it the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil the latter tree is a mouthful so let's shorten that to the tree of freewill if we look at the ancients you can see that the radiance has trees growing around it and the Dyer a bunch of rocks and while I don't think this is a literally copy of garden the Garden of Eden I think it's almost certainly influenced by it The Tree of Life is the radiant that creates nurtures keeps you safe but also forever an ignorant pets like mother products the tree of free will that bears the forbidden fruits that led to humanity's banishment is so obviously the dire is the curiosity and freedom that no matter how hard an authority might try to beat down it will always prevail and often rather violently you can push and push a beach ball into the pool and you can push it quite far and for quite a long time but the more you do it and the deeper you go the harder it will surge back up and hit you in the face konna chose the dyers Anarchy over the radience totalitarianism so yeah I think the dota map could be based on the Garden of Eden even if buried loosely what happens when we die that's perhaps the most important question people weren't answered through faith so let's talk about the dota 2 afterlife and underworld when a living being dies in the dota verse their name is added to the Book of the Dead then the soul is sent to the narrow maze to under through a labyrinth which will determine where you end up if you try to escape death its Vistage the bond form of Michalek who will hunt you down and bring you back the point of the neuro maze is to cert the Dead Souls into the right afterlife there's different theories about how the afterlife works after this point but I've chosen to go with what is written in the BIOS and responses and for once not read too much between the lines and also makes sense with the real world religions whether someone believes in Hell or the Nathalie when they die both are correct the narrow maze will send you to the underworld which best suits your ability and faith since the under escape is only mentioned in razors lore I think it's a blanket term for all underworlds so the narrow maze sends you into the under scape potala under scape looks depends on how you did while in the labyrinth razor is a guardian of the narrow maze and under scape and will not hesitate to hastened the souls wandering towards their eternal slumber by giving them a good old electrocution but while razor is what most people first think of when hearing about the afterlife in DotA and my opinion message gives much more evidence to what it's like he talks about some restless soul escapes their health and heavens which reveals that one heaven and hell are real as after lives and – that the afterlife is a subjective thing all afterlife's are real just like every subjective interpretation of reality is real if you believe that when you die you will go to hell you will go to hell one of the places sauce go after dying is the Nussle realm Husker and dazzles people believe in a test afterlife and where their gods reside and that it has a dark and light side the living may enter it which dazzling Husker both have done but you need to do a special ritual and when returning to the land of the living he will be irrevocably changed only the Dozen order most ingredients needed for the right and not everyone who enters returns Husker and dazzles people believe that the novel gives life so they must return in sacrifices shattering their enemies countless sacrifices but it is unknown whether or not their souls will necessarily go to the novel or instead just whatever afterlife the victim believes him dazzle visited the north around for enlightenment and to become a full member of the desert order while Husker actually wanted to sacrifice himself to live with the gods for eternity but instead dazzle interfered and made Husker an immortal warrior ok so I said earlier that vestige is a goldmine for Lord a king and one of the most interesting things about him is interaction with the lion apparently visages sends lion to hell before and when meeting him is annoyed that he is back to life this means that hell is beyond the veil or in other words since its inhabitants are under visages surveillance it is indeed an afterlife so scoff – after dying demons and other heroes who believe in Hell also assume all their kills go to hell when they die as to husker and dazzle that their kills got enough alone if hell really is real and a place where some damned souls go does that mean there is also a heaven for those who have been good when Tara blade interacts with skywrath mage he suspects he might be an angel when he kills Gareth he says an angel falls and that is only one example is maybe the gasps the eerie and sky earth people the DOTA vs equivalent of angels in heaven when Lucifer the doom was banished from the realm behind the light his wings were branded until only stumps remained then he fell to earth and became a demon able to travel between all the seven hells and while it would be really really cool if the scars people were angels in the gas theory heaven I don't think so I think then there will be more hints towards it so you can believe it if you want but for me I need more evidence but anyways so even if we know nothing about heaven we do know quite a bit about Hell and several demons let's go through all of it starting with what we know about Hell and then the inhabitants there is seven hells and they are ruled by the demon Lords we know the name of three locations associated with Hell but if they are the name of either of the hell's which one they are or if they are just a location within one and not defining the entire thing is unknown so action sex is orgasm about Hell is really good even if a lot of it is from speculation so if you want more details and reading between the lines i heavily suggest you watch it I will just brief over the places and then you can decide for yourself how it looks in your mind anyways moving on the three locations are Vashon dog which may or may not even be in hell at all fell fell which is the hell of Hell where demons are imprisoned such as Tara blade and chaos Knights horse and the abysm were shadow fiends humus and he keeps his gathered Souls the first first house we know nothing about but the fifth one maybe where the demon smith suicide the sixth one is where the demon Marik's Ephraim was from and killed by clinks and the seventh is the lowest one raloo savour the doom lives there are quite a few characters and heroes associated with and from Hell so I will list all of them but then only talk about the most interesting one in my opinion who is Tara blade sir action sucks is Helen demon orgasm episode is linked in the description if you want details about all of them they include doom shadow fiend shadow demon queen of pain Tara blade barracks a firm ass suck obsidian warlocks golem chaos Knights horse and the demons of the cataracts Tara blade the demon Marauder is one of my favorite heroes in the entire delivers his BIOS contain a lot of words that are some mortals maybe don't understand which is actually pretty important to understanding his personality a demon Marauder means a demon Raider an outlaw Hellion means an author who is mischievous and often associated with children and usually the evil type of mischief since the word derives from hell and cosmic iconoclast an iconoclast is a person who criticizes or attacks other beliefs such as religion this can be either through questioning or physically destroying images so he's a mischievous demon Raider who other demons fear he stole from the demon Lords and broke all the laws of the seven hells almost certainly purposely to provoke and ended up imprisoned and fell fell fell fell like a touchstone is the hell of Hell where demons imprison their own but instead of having raging flames and physical torture the inmates are instead sentenced to look into the darkest parts of their own souls this was meant to drive him mad but instead he conquered his her demons and to control of his reflection he used his new immensely powerful inner beast to escape the prison and was free determined anyone who might stumble upon unless it's a dragon because he seems to like dragons Oh an enchantress for some reason he calls her his best friend but at least to my knowledge we have no other information about the relationship other than this one one-sided voice line I think the pointer blade is trying to make is that there's nothing wrong with trolling demons he will criticize and refuse to obey those who he deems impure of hearts but he will never hurt those who are genuinely kind that's why he wasn't disgusted by xin herself but instead got empowered by it he wasn't hiding some inner shame or bitterness he stayed true to his cause motivations and honor if you can even call it that and everything he does he fully believes is the right thing if there was even a shred of doubt he would have gone mad at the monster in the mirror he's just him to the max like Pepsi even if that means he's a piece of at least he doesn't pretend to be better than he is okay so that's the basics of Hell and what happens when someone dies in the dota verse but what happens when what's dead the won't die there is an ominous presence that's for hundreds of years if not since the dawn of the first day has plagued some of the living he is called the dead god and with the power of the dirge a hypnotic song he converts the living and rises the dead to do his bidding saying they worship Him is not entirely accurate as they don't really have a choice and are more his puppets but regardless he controls endless armies of dead soldiers but other than his followers not really consenting to their commitment there's one other thing that's a bit off the dead God doesn't convert just anyone if he did as many as he could the entire dota world would be consumed by now the dirt song and the God himself has the power of poisonous nihilism toxic darkness and fatalism is the dirge and the force that rises the dead just the thought that life is meaningless and then ironically that turns you into a literal zombie not dead neither alive Aaron but the dead god I forgot at all is one of my favorite characters in the dáil universe and I could probably make an entire video only about him and his philosophy but we have to move we have now arrived at the present in the multiverse of dota there's a bunch of events being played out simultaneously an artifact some after one another in the same timeline others as two parallel outcomes much like in our world the dota world doesn't just have one monotheistic God that's interpreted in different ways into different religions there's Pantheon's of a bunch of gods that have power specific to natural or cultural phenomena like the moon sea or war some of them I have talked about in regards to how the planet was formed but here's all the deities currently worshipped the dead God and his influence which I talked about before is the mortal enemy of the rescue faith the rescue faith has been around for centuries but it is unknown what exactly they believe in necrophos who was previously a cardinal in the religion references biblical verses and there's many other details that makes it extremely similar to Catholic Christianity necrophos was the scamming Cardinal of the rescue taking advantage of a plague perhaps conjured by himself slowly killing most of the rescue while taking a lot of money for healing the last few survivors as punishment he was sent to the plague world where he was supposed to die a long painful death to illness but it turned out to be immune and instead it made him the powerful Pope of pestilence the Cathedral of Rome sq is where the worshipers reside they have a lot in common with both Omni Knight and Chen's gods and are perhaps the same we know that they purged the fields of endless carnage where corpses don't decompose the pan goli er has subscribed the purge as dark so maybe the fields of endless carnage weren't evil at all an artifact we have a few sources that also supports this that they were in fact peaceful people even civilized the clerics and royal priests as we know purchased them still though and were led by lady ash no later ash no is also not a fan of necrophos as put hints to what he tells Necco that maybe if he gave lady ushna his head she would stop harassing pudges undead friends by the way an artifact Chan is seeking after romesco and specifically lady ash knew and he wants to do it to convert them to the holy Knights of the fold but it also mentions that lady Aashna might be the second coming of karela karela was an extremely powerful priestess from the Cathedral of the rescue a long time ago she formed the chains of obsession from purges dota 2 Arcana cosmetic the chains were meant to bind the servants of the Dead God but over time they became corrupted by the dirt instead and took a mind of their own and destroyed her homeland but anyways the romesco is basically Catholic Christianity and perhaps one of the three interpretation of the same God like in our worlds are brahim ik religions Christianity Islam and Judaism Chan and the Knights of the fooled worships obelus who they consider the one true God which they violently force victims to convert to that and the fact that he knows karela and wants to convert from rescue faithful specifically to the Knights of the fold makes me suspect that they actually worship the same deity but what diet Lee is that there is one more religion in God who I've talked about which also practices the violent obsession of monotheism the emissions the all-seeing one omniscience means the state of knowing every and is often associated specifically with monotheistic guards the omniscience faith has Scripture and members go to bloody Crusades Paris Thunder wrath the Omni Knight is one such Crusader but seeing his associates die around him over a very long period of time were down his faith and he started questioning it his doubt was quickly erased though when he actually got to meet the all-seeing one and his faith grew stronger than ever another hero that's confirmed so munition is real is Zeus for crimson know him but even if he is real some suspect his powers aren't other characters who may or may not be a God like they claim is a DOTA vs greco roman pantheon to our knowledge it includes all the gods such as Zeus Hera Poseidon and Ares who are named himself Mars to rebel against his father and wants to start a new Pantheon there's also other ancient Greek characters like the Gorgons and ogre Magi goddess of luck who might be Teke Teke Teke the aigis is also a reference to Greek and Sikh faith some people think that maybe they aren't divine at all and are just powerful wizards but with the addition of Mars I think it's pretty safe to say that they are gods gods that unlike the omniscience knights of the fold and romesco don't mind the existence of other gods they are happy as long as they receive the worship and see other gods as competitors rather than false gods hey there might even be a Hades for the specific daughter versus inhabitants that believe in Greek myths where they go when they die there is also two references to Norse myth Thor and the dwarves broken a tree from Mjolnir and Scottie from I of Scottie but other than that it seems like the abandoned Norse myth entirely so the main a is the goddess of the moon and also of magic according to artifact her name is likely based on Cellini the Greek goddess of the moon the Knights of our woods Israel Temple of Solomon a and shrine of mayonnaise on the night of each new moon the fellers burn offerings for their goddess at the temple her two most notable followers are Luna and Moroni Luna is also in the dark moon order a sect of warriors that fight for Silla mean II like the omniscience and greco-roman Pantheon Slimane a is very real and an artifact we have even seen her come to earth physically and the last maybe greek-inspired deity but not really I think this one is independent but it has a Greek goddess name is Nix Nix and Greek myth is the goddess of the night though and is very different from dota Nix contrary to command believe Nix is not the name of the dota hero it's the name of the goddess he serves but is she really a goddess or is she just a queen mother ruling her hive like a theocracy if she is the all-powerful queen of a hive that only knows her leadership and nurture would they even questioned her divinity I think she's just a hive Queen that's got so powerful to the point where even she believes she's a goddess but if people have faith then who's to say she isn't but anyways she's the queen goddess of the zealot scarabs some of whom turn into NYX assassins killing in her service the flight twins are two gods worshipped as one by the people of Texaco cattle muntins they need insane amounts of blood sacrifice to them to live although they can't be destroyed but stopping the blood sacrifices won't kill them because first they would drain the entire mountain for all the blood of its inhabitants to satisfy their thirst without having to give up the lives of their people the priests of cut-o cut-o sends out blood seekers like stick where the blood seeker with special weapons and armor that sends the blood from his battles directly to the plate twins the flight twins are likely based on sympathetic the as the god of way too many things he was also known as the flayed one the Celestials might be an asian-inspired pantheon it has Jeff he's got a thunder ragin Cullen is sometimes called china clay and sin is the name of at least two historical Chinese generals I could find storm earth and fire but are they gods do they have worshippers or are they just very powerful characters a God gets its power in existence through people believing in them and in my mind are even more real if they don't actually exist if it's an actual living thing that works among us then is a really a god or is it just a powerful being mystery leads to obsession which is seeing most popular gods and also coat leaders and celebrities so I don't know I've decided not to talk much about the Celestials for this reason okay so that's it for the most important gods and goddesses in the dota verse but just in my weird brain can get some rest here's all the ones I haven't mentioned because they're too small and insignificant and probably only mentioned once Medusa's mother was a sea goddess morphling worships to God Polly morphia venomancer once killed some worshippers of the god act auch nicht asha is a goddess who is Midnighters created Bane Dana's part of the three shades who may or may not be deities Bane is associated with terror and belladonna and Tyrion the other two are associated with madness and death dark seer worships the god kingdom ethics juggernauts people worship the faceless ones and the maker of masks the Dark One's may be God's and if they are are worshiped by slark the solar goddess is worshipped by people from the desert land the scaly and waist and is associated with Lena and maybe Marana and sang King class is a diet from the class reign realm worshiped by faceless void squee arc is the goddess of the sky earth people she turned shandell's air into a vengeful spirit so she could get revenge on the ones who betrayed her you queue up for a game of dota 2 you and you're a raging feeding midlaner a CS stealing support an orchestra of pings and your own frustrating mistakes but eventually you farm your way up to the point where you one benign destroy the enemy ancient and win the game ends but what actually happened what happens when one ancient is destroyed if we have already seen the end of the conflict between the radiant and dire how come dota isn't an RPG that you can complete well that's because you never really win or rather every time someone wins and every time someone loses all of it is real and all of it has happened and all of the times it's the last bus stop on the routes that is the dota history because when one ancient is destroyed the timeline resets and the endless battle continues if you're as imaginative as me you might even suggest there's a biblical allegory here too or maybe you prefer the Norse mythological Ragnarok the prophesized doomsday of 2012 regardless we know it's coming and we know fighting only repeats the problem the worse will never stop unless we learn from history the dire and the radiant our imagined enemies they are opposite authorities in this world swaying people to either side by labeling us and them and we fall forests every damn time trust from those because of that it's killing me inside I know that I could never love again [Applause] I wish I could turn back time the trust from those you

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  2. On Ancients of Dire and Radiant, I like to think of them as perfect, axiological hatred, the true Twin Gods of War. Why does Radiant hate Dire? Because that's what Radiant does, and vice versa. This war is not about conflicting values, disagreements, sob stories or quests for dominance or survival, at the core it's just about seeing the other godrock razed and all of existence, both their own and the rest of cosmos, past and present, to Ancients is a tool to achieve that, a total war pure and perfect. You might as well ask why does a positive charge attract a negative charge. Sure they caught themselves in a pickle resetting timelines endlessly, but they won't accept an outcome other than destruction of their nemesis. As sans undertale put it, if it means they're locked forever with eachother, so be it.

    artifact is not dead, it lives on RENT FREE in half-life babbies' heads 👏

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