Do Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians and Jews?

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hi everyone and welcome this is the apostate prophet it is very easy nowadays to hold talks to make people sympathize with Islam and Muslims many people think for example that it is a great idea to present such notions that Muslims and Christians and Jews worship the same God as a God that is being worshiped is the same why are we disagreeing just hold hands everybody your God our God is one God I mean what could be clearer I don't have a problem with making people have more peace together or to understand each other and I would also go ahead and clarify that the God of Islam is based on the god of Christianity and Judaism insofar the God of Islam is the same right but concluding from that that Islam and Christianity presents and worship the same God is superficial pseudo-intellectual it's pop-culture logic is the God of Islam the same God that Christians and Jews worship let's analyze this suggestion further in the language means God in Christianity a very common argument presented by moderate Muslims is that Allah means God and that therefore the Islamic God is no foreigner that Arabic speaking Christians also say Allah and that some Christian nations in their own language say Allah but that doesn't mean anything yes the word Allah is often used for God but there is a significant difference here that people don't pay attention to the word Allah is the proper name of the Islamic God as you notice it uses two separate words for the word god which is Allah and the word Allah which is Allah so the Islamic God has the name Allah as it has put up on artistically made signs nicely written in the Quran found in beautiful Arabic calligraphy repeated by pious Muslims throughout the day Allah is the god but in Christianity and Judaism God's name is not Allah some Arabic speaking Christians might use the word Allah because they refer to God as God they say God in English got in German do you in French Dios in Spanish do in Italian Bach in Russian Allah in Arabic Christians use these words that mean God because they don't refer to God by his name but by his title of the God this is a continuity of Jewish tradition where people wouldn't refer to God by his name therefore Jews use different words for God such as Adonai my lord or Hashem the name or Allah or ilaha God which the Arabic Allah seems to have come from the Christian and Jewish God's name is Yahweh formed from four letters in Greek known as a tetragrammaton the four letters the delivery of his name from God to humans appears in Exodus 3 13 to 15 let's read Moses said to God when I come to the Israelites and say to them the god of your father has sent me to you and they ask me what is his name what shall I say to them and God said to Moses I hear I shall hear I am that I am or I am Who I am he continued thus shall you say to the Israelites Here I am sent me to you and God said further to Moses thus shall you speak to the Israelites Yahweh the Lord the God of your father's the God of Abraham the god of Isaac and the God of Jacob has sent me to you this shall be my name forever this my appellation for all eternity as you can see in the Bible of the god of Jews and Christians as they still read it in the Bible the is that this is his name and this is what they are to call him the Bible also uses this name numerous times the problem is that these four letters Yahweh don't exactly give people the explanation on how to pronounce the name and signs were only added later to these words and due to one of the 10 commandments that goes you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain Jews were usually anxious about the usage of God's name altogether and replaced the name in prayers and in reading the Bible with Adonai so Adonai Lord or the Lord instead of Yahweh even in one of the most important Jewish prayers the Shema Israel Yahweh is replaced with Adonai the prayer goes here o Israel the Lord is our God the Lord is one in Hebrew Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Ahad when in reality the text reads Sh'ma Israel Yahweh Elohim Yahweh Ahad this is how sacred to the name is now what is Islam's position on all this the Quran never mentions Yahweh the hadith never mentioned Yahweh no Islamic source ever mentions Yahweh the Quran introduces Allah Muhammad speaks of Allah Muslims know their God as Allah how could it be that's such a sacred thing the name of God that he according to millennia old Jewish and Christian belief told his people to use is not mentioned in Islam at all it doesn't appear anywhere in Islam instead mosques have Allah written all over them while mosques also have muhammad written all over them which is something i'll certainly come to in another video aside from this very important point that the Christian and Jewish God's name is not the Islamic God's name at all there are so many other factors that would make us conclude that Islam just appropriates the biblical Abrahamic God and it takes aspects of the religion but it doesn't represent the same religion or the same God the Ten Commandments for example that we mentioned earlier there are the fundaments of worship and of ethics in Judaism and in Christianity are entirely missing in Islam and I'll come to that in another video as well the history of the Israelites and the struggles of the prophets are completely missing in Islam in Islam the prophets are simply turned into some weird proselytizers and most of them fail I'll come to that as well Islam claims that Allah supposedly the same God instructed Abraham to build the Kaaba a sacred house in Arabia a building like many others in Arabia before used by pagans to host their idols and to make pagan gatherings Christians and Jews never helped this building holy and most Christians induce outside this area never heard of the Kaaba before Islam in fact none of the biblical stories took place anywhere near Mecca instead the Bible had the tabernacle which was the earthly dwelling place of God something never mentioned in Islam the Islamic God doesn't love everyone he doesn't order to bring justice and to show good morals to the wall – like in Judaism he doesn't ask for belief and give Grace and salvation like in Christianity he orders to believe in his book and be in full submission to him and His Prophet Muhammad is not a simple prophet it is required to reverse and remember Muhammad in order to avoid eternal Hellfire to remember his name and imitate him to follow him his name hangs on mosques neither Christianity nor Judaism ever required a mere human to be loved and respected for salvation and fulfillment those were just prophets messengers leaders who invited people to believe in God not to believe in themselves why does Islam have such a cult quality around one person who lived 1,400 years ago in a desert Muslims also claim that the Bible the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament and the New Testament were just distortions of some truths that Allah sent sometime in the past and that they are void and invalid and that the Quran is the only absolute truth that everyone has to follow word-for-word and this book is directly spoken by Allah through Gabriel through Muhammad which is odd the Bible is what people witness and to write down from their God over decades and centuries the Quran is a book supposedly revealed to one person with no witness and contains the direct Word of God Allah although this is never how God is supposed to have worked in the past on top of all this while many Christians and Jews try to embrace Islam and try to say that Islam is just a different religion Islam calls both Christians and Jews all kinds of names in its most fundamental scripture and it Oris its believers to subjugate christians and jews to fight them until they become subjects until they pay protection money in all humility and it calls them deluded that's not friendly at all so no Muslims don't worship the same God that Christians and Jews worship Islam just made up its own God its own Arabic God and appropriated qualities and traditions from biblical belief that's like a new country emerges somewhere gives itself a name similar to America appropriates fundamental American values and history while brutally corrupting and twisting those values and rewriting the history claims that it was the original America and the America we have today was fake and corrupted and bad imagine they declare war on the old America and try to subjugate it but when everything fails and this new America loses they suddenly try to reconnect by saying hey we are all the same we have the same values we shouldn't be fighting why don't we hold hands and have peace although my America is still greater than your fake America and one day you will realize that and join our America or perish is la miz very different and the islamic god is so different from the god worshipped by Christians and Jews dear Muslims please reflect more on your religion and what it is based on what it teaches don't let strong and strict indoctrination hold you captive in an illusion is Lomb doesn't want you to learn because if you learn you will give up on Islam Islam doesn't want you to read those different scriptures and to see the difference and to find out that there is something wrong with Islam do it set yourselves free Thanks if you like this video please I can subscribe for so much more to come if you like my work and want to support it so I can make more consider supporting me on patreon or an apostate be a part of this work and let's show people why to stay away from Islam I'll be back soon have a wonderful day and stay away from Islam

46 thoughts on “Do Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians and Jews?

  1. So. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice so you can be forgiven. Killing animals make Jesus Christ mad. Your prayer and sacrifice can’t get your name in the book of life🤣🤣🤣✝️✝️✝️✝️😂😂

  2. they have the same problem. doesnt matter what god they worship cause they cant prove their god exist beyond their books,And if their gods exist who is more poweful?

  3. Ask him ;
    Who plot n killed Jesus?
    Ask Jews who is Jesus?
    Jews will reply; He was mad man who claim himself to be God.

    That is the relation between Jews n Christian.
    N here u go Jews n Christian think they r friends
    What an irony; what a joke Christian shaking hand with those people who killed their GOD

  4. The worship satan. See the writings in Koran and Hadith. A god who can advise killing for non believers. Where did their god come so late and claim there is no other god. A simple fraud on world.

  5. You are dead wrong. Allah is NOT different from YHWH, both are the absolute epitome of evil. Your problem is that you're an expert at exposing Islam, whereas I am an expert at debunking and exposing how the Bible is Satanic. Jehovah is in fact the wicked one, the same lying devil who fooled the world, and it is the same type of evil that created Allah. YHWH = human body. The Muslims are just Ishmael Juice.

  6. It it is the same, it's the devil who deceived the whole world. Allah, Llah, El, Saturn, Satan, YHWH. Although it could be argued there are many gods even in the Bible, Shamash, Ra, Brahma, it all goes back to Saturn, whose colors are black and gold, whose symbol is the cube. The black and gold Kaaba, the black and gold Bible. The cross is a cube folded up. The God of the NT is said to be Love, but Love is not actually a God.

  7. No no no, Judaism and Christianity are as evil as Islam. It's the same evil god. In Judaism the jews are the chosen people, everybody else is inferior and the non believer will go to hell. In the christianity the non believer go to hell too, even the little kids who are not baptised. There is no tolerance.
    I don't like this kind of work man, I don't like it at all. You're just saying Islam is bad and Judaism and Christianity are good, you're telling a truth and add lies to this truth. Monotheism is pure trash.

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