Deity Build Order – Guaranteed Religion Guide – Civ 6

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Hey Spuddies, Potatomcwhiskey today I’m going to be showing you a build order to guarantee a religion when you’re playing on Deity Difficulty.

Also, guide videos are not monetized on my channel (some may have been in the past) because I consider them to be informational content that needs to be viewed uninterrupted. I would appreciate if you find my guides helpful and want to contribute to me making Youtube my job you could sponsor my Youtube Channel.

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29 thoughts on “Deity Build Order – Guaranteed Religion Guide – Civ 6

  1. the situation around 25:00 makes me wonder if this could be combined with the Crusade belief and an early military push, might be hard on Deity but I'm itching to give it a try

  2. Ah, someone else who appreciates the Monumentality rapid expansion push! I’m not sure if classical or medieval is better though; you don’t have the faith income most of the time to really abuse it in the classical era, but waiting can cost you some potentially valuable city locations. I think you can even use it in the renaissance era, but that’s often too late to really matter (unless you exploit Serfdom and Ancestral Hall for a ridiculous amount of build charges for new cities).

  3. Warrior Monks might be a good religion belief if only it wasn't always the AI autopick. Basically, you have to go for Stonehenge and get it to win Warrior Monks.

    On a recent deity game, my first, I was able to make a declared friendship with an AI just as his army was approaching on my forward-settled city. It helped, too, that I had Russia and a lot of extra sight outside my city. (I won this game, and with a religious victory! I was so excited.)

  4. Haha love those meme thumbnails. Plz do more of these videos! You'll soon become the civ meme god.

    PS: I agree with Morris Westin down in the comments. Yeet.

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