David Wilkerson – When a Man of God Loses his Faith | Full Sermon

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#David #Wilkerson – When a #Man of #God Loses his #Faith | Full #Sermon

Preaching from 2 Chronicles, Wilkerson preaches using King Asa as an example. Paul recorded in his writings that the Old Testament is there as an example to us so we need to heed what is being said. This message should cause us all pause long enough to examine ourselves.

#Scripture 2 Chronicle 14

Asa Reigns in Judah

Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God, for he removed the altars of the foreign gods and the high places, and broke down the sacred pillars and cut down the wooden images. He commanded Judah to seek the Lord God of their fathers, and to observe the law and the commandment. He also removed the high places and the incense altars from all the cities of Judah, and the kingdom was quiet under him. And he built fortified cities in Judah, for the land had rest; he had no war in those years, because the Lord had given him rest. Therefore he said to Judah, “Let us build these cities and make walls around them, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us, because we have sought the Lord our God; we have sought Him, and He has given us rest on every side.” So they built and prospered. And Asa had an army of three hundred thousand from Judah who carried shields and spears, and from Benjamin two hundred and eighty thousand men who carried shields and drew bows; all these were mighty men of valor.

Then Zerah the Ethiopian came out against them with an army of a million men and three hundred chariots, and he came to Mareshah. So Asa went out against him, and they set the troops in battle array in the Valley of Zephathah at Mareshah. And Asa cried out to the Lord his God, and said, “Lord, it is nothing for You to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude. O Lord, You are our God; do not let man prevail against You!”

So the Lord struck the Ethiopians before Asa and Judah, and the Ethiopians fled. And Asa and the people who were with him pursued them to Gerar. So the Ethiopians were overthrown, and they could not recover, for they were broken before the Lord and His army. And they carried away very much spoil. Then they defeated all the cities around Gerar, for the fear of the Lord came upon them; and they plundered all the cities, for there was exceedingly much spoil in them.They also attacked the livestock enclosures, and carried off sheep and camels in abundance, and returned to Jerusalem.

About David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.

David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

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please open your Bible to second chronicles 14 and leave it open on your lap please don't race the head trying to find my message you won't find it I have to show it to you second chronicles 14th chapter and just leave it open on your lap my message today when a man of God loses his faith when a man of God loses his faith now there's a story in this chapter the chills me to the bone chills me to the bone it shaken me to the core of my soul it's a story of a very godly righteous man who lost this faith after many faithful years of ministry to the Lord a man mighty in God who lost his faith in his final days now Paul the Apostles write that these stories were recorded in the Bible for our learning and they are examples for us who live at the end of time the scripture says then we had better take heed to what we hear and I have taken heed to what I've heard from the Holy Spirit and I speak having trembled at the word God has given to me this morning his name is King ASA and he started out right the scripture says look at verse 2 chapter 14 verse 2 neza did that which was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God in the eyes of the Lord his God now here's the mark of a truly godly holy man he understands that he lives he walks he moves under the very eyes of an all-seeing God that there can be absolutely nothing hidden in his life there can be no flirtation with sin there can be nothing that is unlike the honor of Jesus Christ the honor of the Lord God to whom he search there can be nothing because he understands as David did the Lord in heaven his eyelids trier test the children of men I exist that I will walk righteous Oliver clean and holy life because I know his eyes are on me every hour of the day that there's no to hide there's nothing in me that I do in the matter of iniquity that can be hidden from the Almighty eyes of the Lord for his eyes are upon the ways of man he sees all his goings there is no darkness no shadow of death where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves there is no place that a man of God or a woman of God who whats be used of God can hide sin there can be no dark place there can be nothing that book the life has to be an open book and this is what Isaiah it says of him he was did right in the eyes of God this sense this constant knowledge that God is looking at me God sees everything I do as a new that God brings to light the hidden things of darkness and exposes the counsels of the heart he knows that there's nothing hidden from the eyes of him with whom we have to do now this man knew he was called by God to a special ministry to a backslidden church of backslidden people he's a young man when he comes to power the scripture says he made a decision somewhere in his young life he made a decision that he would be a seeker after God now I believe that this young man studied the life of his great-grandfather Solomon because they had the Chronicles at the time and I've read this young man because it's apparent he said it's hard to seek God and a seeking heart will always bill I was called to preach when I was 8 years old and my dad my father's preaching my grandfather and I was always a trig by the work I heard of God in the life of my grandfather I picked up everything I could and I know in my heart that ASA studied from The Chronicles the stories of his his great-grandfather Solomon he heard of his wisdom he read his proverbs and he heard and read of the majestic way that he approached the Holy of Holies and the majesty the all and the respect and the honor he read of the blessings of God of this man how the whole world came to hear his wisdom I'm sure he was deeply moved by the stories of his great-grandfather and he read what his grand great-grandfather had written lust not after a strange woman you'll be taking fire in your bosom whoever commits adultery destroys his own soul an adult will bring on himself dishonor shame reproach and poverty his reproach will never be taken away her steps the adulterous steps lead straight to hell he read this and then he learned that his great-grandfather's own lust for strange and different women cost him everything and that his reproach was still there written in the pages of the Chronicles he's the man who said your reproach will never be removed if you give yourself to fornication and you give your body over to lust into adultery and you flirt and play with these things his old great-grandfather said that a man the wisest man who have lived on the earth other than Jesus Christ preached this powerful message yet himself in his last days lost his faith lost his touch of God and lost his anointing cost him everything his approach was still with him a total loss of confidence in God turned to idolatry Asia must have wondered how could a man who starts so right and has such an anointing in his life how is it possible that such a spiritual heritage a clear revelation such gifts in a man how could he blow it at the end what happened to my great-grandfather who ends up his life saying it was all vanity vexation it all had no meaning and I know that gripped him he says I don't want to be that man I'm not going to weigh my great-grandfather went he also knew what happened to his own grandfather oh ho ho The Chronicle said of him he did evil because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord and he saw the results of not seeking God scripture said revolve had war continually all the days of his life there was no divine order his whole family everything in the kingdom everything he touched everything he did was wrong there is no divine order there's nothing but turmoil because he would not become a seeker of God he was not a man of prayer at the same time this young man had the good example of a bye to his father he had to have been there with his father when eight hundred thousand Israelites declared war and King against him against Judah and stirred this small army of Abijah his father his father was a praying man a man who sought God his mother maja was absence daughter she was born and raised in an adulterous rebellious home and she was an idol worshiper but his father was a righteous man and he was down to mountaintop when the Israelites came around an ambushment from behind and he heard his own father say In God We Trust the battle is the Lord's we have sought the Lord and He alone is our captain those are the very words that he heard and something happened this young man's life he said I give my life to God I'm going to be a prayer warrior I'm going to be a man of Prayer I'm going to seek God the rest of my life and he said his heart to seek God because they relied on the Lord God of their fathers God delivered them so AZ comes to the throne having three great lessons that before his heart first of all that good and holy man who overcome by their lust good and holy men who give themselves to fornication adultery end up ruined loss of God's presence and anointing they end up miserable failures they lose their faith secondly men who do not set their hearts to pray and seek God in everything end up with no peace they end up with war on all side turmoil in every walk of life no divine order in their lives or their homes thirdly he learned that the secret to having God's favor the secret to victory over all the powers of hell is simple and available to anyone who desires it and that is simply to see God with everything that is in you he said I will seek God with all that is in my heart he commands Judah to seek the Lord God of your father's and then his own testimony was this because we have sought the Lord our God we have sought him he has given us rest on every side so they built and prospered because we have sought God he himself has put everything order in order when he prayed God spoke to him about his own mother who was queen that she had an idol on a hillside he went and destroyed and stamped out that Idol and took her away from the Queen ship and sent her aside he loved herbage that you no longer Queen you have my daughter tree in your heart because when you pray God straightens out your home God straightens out your business he straightens out everything does a divine order that comes to the church that comes to the home when you seek in the face of Almighty God divine order because we sought the Lord he's given us rest on every side and they built and prospered but praying man godly man those who seek God with all their heart are not immune to attack from the enemy and an enemy attacks Rises against this godly man the largest invading army recorded in history the largest in history a million man army of Ethiopians come against him 300 iron chariots the battle was said in the Great Valley and the Bible says in verse 10 he went out against him he went out against this army when we tell you something he had no of Asia had no other war plan but to pray and seek God none whatsoever look at chapter 14 verse 11 beginning to read it verse 11 and ayzik cry verse 10 the nation went out against him they set the battle away in the valley as if a thought and Morasca and ASA cried unto the Lord his God has said Lord it is nothing with thee to help whether with many or with them who have no power help us O Lord our God for we rest on thee and in thy name will go against this multitude o Lord thou art our God let not man prevail against thee till the Lord smote the Ethiopians before Asia and before Judah and Ethiopians fled no other plan no other strategy but then to seek the face of God now where did this man get this the spirit of rest that was upon him he went into this battle without turmoil he faced this Bible said he rested in the Lord there was a calm there was a peace where did he get it he said his heart to seek the Lord he was a man of prayer and folks he did it in the time when God said there's no war there there was peace in the land that was prosperity they were building everything was peaceful there was no emergency there was no crisis Oh many many of God's people pray in crises every time trouble comes I run to the secret place and cry out to God that's fine God did that that's that's all in good order but folks the man who really wins the battle the man who's ready to face anything that the devil throws out of hell is the man or woman in which studying God when there's no crisis when everything is well when there seems to be blessing and prosperity that man is diligent before God and seeks face and that's what Asia did he sought the Lord with all of his heart and then we under hilltop and he sees a million man army he is not powered a praying man is his bold as a lion there's no demon or no devil in hell that will scare him if he's praying in faith so the Lord smote Ethiopians before Asia and they returned to Jerusalem with great spoil and as he's marching toward Jerusalem God sends a prophet out dinner cept him now why would God send a prophet with a warning to manage this one the greatest victory in his career in his life everybody shouting they're praising the Lord they're giving God glory even aces praising God because he trusted the Lord and because he trusted God gave him the victory but here comes a prophet and stands before him face to face with the loving warning the other Bible said of Jerusalem of Israel Jerusalem waxed fat grew prosperous and forgot God hey God understands the danger those who love Him those who are holy those who are gone to the danger of becoming weary and relaxing and becoming spiritually lazy after the greatest victories my dad taught me that when I was a teenager he said when you go out you preach and God blesses you and you see soul saved watch out you're the most dangerous place you can be after your greatest victories azor I as the Prophet comes to him and says look at chapter 15 first one the Spirit of God came upon Azariah the son of Odin see they're not coming into Jerusalem with this great spoil in bounty after victory the Spirit of God comes on Azariah the son of it obut Oh Deb and he went out to meet ASA it said unto me hear ye me ASA and all Judah and Benjamin the Lord is with you while you be with him if you seek him he will be found of you but if you forsake him he will forsake you now listen why would God send a man with that message to a godly praying man because God for Saul what was going to happen in this man's heart he foresaw that this man in his blessings in his prosperity would wane in his love that some pride would arise in him confidence in his own flesh he would leave the secret closet he would try to ride the crest of his reputation as a praying godly man and he would lose the anointing and eventually lose his faith and the Lord knew that potential the Lord force all the danger lay ahead and he comes to him loved and he said now look agent you've come this far by faith you come by you've come this far by staying on your face before God you bring everything to God you've brought everything to prayer and you trusted the Lord and because of that you're blessed and he is saying you know if you'll continue in this path if you'll continue being a seeker after God if you'll stay on your knees God will continue to bless you you'll have his favor you have divine order in your home and in your kingdom and in your life but if you neglect it if you go the way Jerusalem is gone over its past history if you go like your grand great-grandfather and your grandfather if you turn your back and stop seeking my face I'm going to lift my hand I'll lift my favorite and that that word for sake means to relinquish to let go he said if you let go of me if you no longer cleave to me if you no longer trust me with everything that is in you then he said I'll have to let go in the way of favor and blessing and anointing upon your life he goes on for long season Israel has been without the true God without a teaching priest without law but when they and their trouble did turn unto the Lord God of Israel taught them he was found of them he said AZ check your chronicles shift from the very beginning every time people had their homes messed up every time there were problems every time the enemy tried to come and destroy the plan of God if they would fall on their face and return to the secret calls it if they would learn to call on me once again I was found of them every time not one time did I fail to respond to those who set their hearts to seek me look at history in those times there was no peace team that went out nor did that came in but great vexation were palmed inhabitants of the country's nation was destroyed of nation city of City for God did vex them with iversity so be strong therefore let not your hands be weak for your work shall be rewarded what do you think heesu I bring a word from God's throne to you be diligent now be diligent more than you verb you're going to need God more than you've ever needed in that you've had a great victory God has blessed youth God has rescued so but now you're going to need it you're going to be tested like you've never been tested in your life now God wants to reward you've got his plans for you but be careful as you get so busy unless you get to building it into projects unless you're family unless your ministry lest other things come in and track you and take your time the anointing will left the favor will left the divine order will be gone and you'll just be like every other generation that is failed lost their faith but when they in their trouble did turn of the Lord God of Israel saw him he was found of them if you'd have gone to Asia after this and said ASA what's the secret of your blessing and favorite God god's favours on you folks you couldn't tell when god's got his hand on somebody you see the favor of God you see yes many of the flicks of the righteous but you see God God stop every war there's a war but God brings the war to a conclusion God by His grace brings mercy and blessing he brings strength to take till a hold of the promises of God to seidman through their toughness and roughness times and those Wars cease he make it all worse deceased many the frictions of the righteous but God delivers them out of them all there's a difference in you concede the divine order you to asking where where did this divine order came from he would tell he wouldn't point to his half million man army he wouldn't point to all in buildings he'd built in all the walls he built and all of the inventions that he had invented he would point to any of that or of his own ability he would say the secret is I go to my closet and I pray I seek God and in prayer he tells me what to do where to go and he gives me promises so there is no other secret than that I hear talk nowadays of church growth we've got armies of young expert joining all over the world with their charts on how to bring people into the house of God and some say y'all you've got to have flags and March down with flags and wave the flags and and all kinds of charts and skills on how to be people friendly and bringing the people without offending them most of that is nauseating to the heart of God let me tell you something you show me a pastor or pastors you show me Sunday School teachers workers Christian workers car members whoever it may be usually those who have a call of God in their heart shut in with God daily diligent and fervour and prayer permanent prayer and I'll show you a place of attraction I'll show you a place I'll show you true biblical growth verse 9 chapter 15 and he gathered all Judah and Benjamin strangers with him out of he frame and Manasseh and came out and out of Simeon and they fell to him out of Israel in abundance when they saw that the Lord is God was with them so they gathered themselves together Jerusalem in third month listen what it says they fell out to him this man of Prayer this man who spoke because he came from the throne there fell out the vision and abundance when they saw that the Lord his God was with him it was not great preaching there was no threat there was no army trying to gather them but there was a fire burning at Jerusalem at the throne there was a man of prayer and people came from all over best in Israel to be a part that what God was doing in Jerusalem because God was moving by his spirit because there was a man on his face and because it set the example all of Israel had called for a covenant and they coveted to seek God with all of the heart the Bible says they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord God of their fathers with all their heart and with all their soul and they sought him with their whole desire and he was found of them and the Lord gave them rest roundabout and everybody came said when you walk into Jerusalem now you feel the Spirit of God there is rest of there's peace in the land nobody is fighting there's unity there is joy in the land why because they had set their hearts their whole soul in their mind to seek God folks just one thing to seek God when we have some body trying to build 50 stories over us yes that's a crisis and that's we need to lay hold of God this one thing to pray when there's there's sickness or disease it strikes your family or an accident in trouble yes that's fine but what God desires more than anything and I think what blesses the heart of God in heaven is that those in their good times when all is well they're not parked in front of a television set watching some filth they are not foolishly laughing at some program they are taking special loving time alone with God they're praying for their families building up faith for the hour of tribulation they're seeking the face of God and God is bringing divine order on all sides and they know the secret of it and there's I'm not gonna let go of it I know why God's blessing me I know why there's peace in my home I know why God's blessing my Mary's I know what's happening I talked to a bastard too many months ago whose family was in great turmoil he was told and I heard it told to him if you'll seek God with all your heart you'll get ahold of God by faith now and pray this thing God will put your family and order God will heal your marriage and that pastor began to pray and see God God began to melt all of his family he started a healing process but it blew up in this case and in a conversation with me not too long ago I said I I can tell you what happened and I said you know it let me tell you what happened you got too busy you saw God moving and used to God you were praying to a secret garden God was healing God was doing a miracle in your family in your home and you got too busy you don't pray you don't read your Bible and see God anymore he said that's right and he said because I haven't sick I haven't been seeking God I end up blaming God for my problems and because I'm not seeking God and blaming God and I've opened my heart to temptations that I've never experienced in years and it goes down and down and down because in no longer seeking the face of God every time I got to preach for conference I am asked to preach about marriage because many ministers marriages the families are there in great trouble there's divorce there's turmoil in so many Minister homes now and I'm asked to preach on it I don't have I've thought that I don't have a special message God has people who God uses specifically for that and it's their calling I don't have a special message for ministers and they keep asking I'm sorry I don't have one but let me tell you something I know one thing sir if your family your pastor your Minister your Christian worker and your family is in trouble if you're not a praying man no amount of preaching no amount of teaching no amount of counseling nothing going to get through you nothing going to do the job until you yourself get on your face before gotten ahold of heaven all my preaching I can preach the most powerful message God can ever give a man on earth how about marriage and how to get your marriage healed but if that husband and wife not willing to go home and turn off the television or take some godly precious time alone with God and pray in faith and take authority over the devil in their home no amount of preaching no matter streaming from the pulpit is going to change anything this godly man who started out so right ended up losing his faith in God's favor and his anointing he'd been warned by Azariah that the height of his blessing Efrain just defeated the world's largest army having spent years seeking God years of doing only what God had told him to do it was then that God had warned him let's skip now from this great battle in this test where he comes home with Azariah says rice prophesized to him if you seek him he'll he'll stay with you if you forsake him you'll forsake you and for a season he had such hatred for sin there was a genuine revival in the land but somewhere along the line something happened in this man's life we skipped to the 36th year of his reign he's now in his mid-60s according to it as best I can tell from those who search out these things as it is earlier in mid 60s the 36 year of his reign and another enemy rises against Judah but 15 years have gone by since the great revival since the warning from the Prophet and now the king of Israel comes and just five Muslim Jerusalem in Roma he sets up he takes the city captures it and fortifies it to stop the trade caravans coming and going to Jerusalem trying to cut off all trade and it was a threat to the survival of Judah Jerusalem this man who at one time would never make a move without seeking God this man who was so godly had such faith in the Lord looks at this enemy at his gate he doesn't even counsel with the Lord this time doesn't even go to the Lord not one mention of prayer was seeking the face of God we find him now setting out his own plan he goes into the temple and he strips at all of its gold and silver he goes to the princess and says I want your gold and silver I want all the riches you have any gathers together a hoard of silver and gold and he sends an ambassador to the king of Syria this is Israel's deadliest enemy enemy God hated the very enemy that God was now planning to destroy God had a plan to end once and for all the invasions of Israel and Syria against Judah God had a plan in place you'll see it revealed by a prophet another prophet that comes to him then he sends his ambassador and he bribes the king of Syria he said I want you to go against Israel declare war on them I want my city back and here's bribery this kind of bribery is skillful political maneuvering succeeds his real abandons the city stops his declaration of war against Judah and against Asia the nazar sits back and he feels quite comfortable what he has done he didn't need God this time he had his own plan but God was incensed God was totally displeased because he had not trusted in the Lord his God chapter 16 please verse 7 you see he's just succeeded in his plan and at that time and any the seer of the Prophet came to ASA king of Judah and said unto him because that was relied on the king of Syria and not relied on the LORD thy God therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand we're not the Ethiopians and the lupins a huge host with very many chariots and horsemen yet because thou didst rely on the Lord he delivered them into thine hand for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong in the behalf of those whose heart is perfect that means cleaving toward him the heart that Cleaves to him herein thou has done foolishly therefore from henceforth thou shalt have warts look at me please God sends a prophet said you've played the fool and look at the next verse then a said verse 10 ASA was rocked with the seer and put him in a prison house and he was in a rage with him because of this thing and a zapped race oppressed some of the people at the same time now I want you to listen very very closely I think of George Miller great men of faith England it was – it was he was not an ordained minister but God put it on his heart to care for orphans and through this prayer alone through nothing but prayer this man prayed daily he said the secret of his ministry was that he sought God daily with all his heart and he determined to have a conscience clear of offense toward God man and clear conscience and stay on my knees and he raised up orphanages that cared for more than 2,000 orphans at a time and when he's 70 years of age God came to George Mueller and said you've been a man of prayer but now I want you to pray more than you've ever prayed because I've got something else I've got something for your last days that you couldn't conceive I want you to go all over the world and set pastor soles on fire it's 70 years of AIDS this man renewed his prayer life this man thought God he never saw him and I want you to know if you know the story of George Miller even at 95 he was still preaching he traveled for 25 years around the world and stirred and changed the lives of thousands of Ministers because he stayed on his face he didn't miss out he didn't lose his faith it moves his anointing because he stayed on his face before God and yet I can tell you the story after story of men of God who been used to had anointing who were blessed of God were men of prayer who are prophets and in their older age in their mid-60s and in their seventies and I've been with some of them and all I hear are stories of old-time religion or old revivals and there's no new word because the man is sitting in front of a TV set now he's not on his face mean yet he wants to be respected for what he was and what he had and all I hear is something in the past he doesn't set my soul on fire but when a man comes to this pulpit or any pulpit and I'm sitting in the congregation and this should be true of every one of us when a man has been siding with God you'll know he's been with Jesus and that be something touch your heart before you walk out but not so with this man he'd lost his faith he was no longer a man of Prayer and now he's doing his own thing his own way trying to work out his problems by himself here inversed Danny's in a rage a prophet came to him and said because you've relied on the flesh you're not a man of prayer anymore and you were warned now you're going to have nothing but turmoil the rest of your life why is he in a rage why did he throw the Prophet in jail why did he start oppressing the godly people who are shocked at this I tell you why he's in a rage they're standing before him as a man who represents everything he once was they're standing before him as a mirror here's a man who is very consciously and evidently been shut in with God because he speaks the howl of God and it so strikes him and it so angers him because he remembers what God told him he remembered how he walked just like this man said to her one day a little preacher hood committed adultery God had lifted anointing he was in poverty everything in his life messed up his home his life is everything in a mess and his only thought is counting the days till he died the young minister came to me once he said brother Dave I don't know what to do he had moved into the city and just overnight built a great Church and in that city was an older man in his sixties a man who in that same city years ago had been such a man of Prayer and raised up a great church himself this man had power and authority with God he was known and loved to respect it all of the city because it was a man of prayer and faith with God but over the years he got so busy in his own affairs he got so busy in his own projects no longer son God he stood in the pulpit with borrowed messages we get something from a book and stand and delivered to the people this young man movie said Pastor Dave I got a problem I love this man I've respected and loved him for years but now he is angry at me there's a bitterness toward me and I don't under and why and I told them I said I'll tell you why because this you're representing everything that this man had it's everything he lost and you have it now because you stayed on your knees this young man I'm talking about is a man of Prayer he's a man of diligent prayer and seeking the face of God he was a strongest praying young men I know I had a chance to speak to that pastor God gave me a few hours with him we're walking the street and I've never heard such harshness in my life he said bless God my church know she was on who's boss in our place I'm the boss he said anybody want to cross me I show him the door you see that's what happens when you don't see God there's a meanness there's a self-pity you see this this man was hit whole time was giving me advice how to pass the times for church because you see he wanted me to look at him as the man he was he wanted me to listen to the wisdom he once had he wants to change me and affect my life because once he had something that would work but now all I hear is noise all I hear is something I have to buy here this mean as I hear this cruelty and I told that young man I said just love him and pray for him and folks you know what they pastor the last thing he said he said I can't wait til I retire and I thought to myself Lord Rush today there's four people the poor people that sit under that backslidden days of ministry and aids in the 39th verse 12 Reina vis his reign was diseased in his feet his disease was exceeding great yet in his disease he sought not the Lord but to the physicians now this man spent his last two years and nothing but pain and agony he had the disease in his feet we don't know what it is now this is not an indictment against doctors what the real indictment is here is that in that time in the Eastern culture the doctors primarily were nothing but mystics and charmers who use potions and enchantments from the devil there's nothing – all you have to do is read as far as it says and he's not not the Lord stop right there you don't have to go any further you know what's his heart is forget the doctor it's nondating against doctors God gives doctors wisdom we have godly doctors in this house god bless every one of them I know that every doctors in this house you know that you can't do anything God does all the healing our true doctor knows it God does the healing he thought not the Lord in his last days now I started this message by saying that this story chills me to the bone and I'll tell you why before I closed because I remember his call in my life I remember how my father taught me to pray I remember my teenage years when I sought God and the glory God would come upon me I would roll under the bed and the glory of the Lord would come upon me sometimes when I was a teenager I couldn't even get up off my back I remember before I came to New York City pastoring little country church and I remember just a handful of people Lord said if you'll seek me there'll be no room to seat the people and I saw within five years at Tel Aviv I would brother at that time or Roberts is the only one television and I had a television program covering good part of eastern United States and I was 25 years old that was a man of Prayer and I saw people line up to get in the church talking logic act if it where Souls being saved and I've known the glower in the power of the favor of God and the divine order that goes with it but I've also known what it's like to grow lazy and slip away from the secret closet I began to make my own plans and watch everything go awry watch everything go wrong watch everything step out of order this fall out of place it's your God what's going on try to set up fires here and try to put out a fire here try to deal with this this Miss contended person here and deal with a rebellious child here I've known what that's like I've known what it's like to almost lose my minister because I didn't seek God like I once did and I know what it was like to spend a whole year before I came to New York City before this church was established I knew it was like for a whole year to be so in prayer with God so in tune with him I'd go out in the woods and preach to the trees I would fall on the grass I remember people come to my house and spear God with columbic why because I've been in prayer I've been stinking his face the Spirit of God fall right in front of company and they thought I was crazy and I remember one day the Holy Ghost coming down upon me and saying go to New York and I remember those times of prayer and there's no gun if you raise up a church here it's got to be a house of prayer and God said it can't be a house of prayer unless you set an example I'm not telling you that all the 14 years I've been here that I've been that man of Prayer and I ought to be but I do know that God's been gracious to me and he keeps calling me back and I fare you been on my face said God I am NOT going to let by your grace I don't ever want my children to have the grief of seeing their father in his 70s just about six weeks I'm going to be 70 years old I don't want my children my grandchildren who love to hear me pray and love to hear the voice of God through my lips I don't ever want my children to see the grief and shame of me sitting in front of a television all day never opening my Bible not seeking God saying what happened to dad let me ask you is a church you've heard me preach somebody been here with me for years how would you feel you picture me no longer passing the church because I got discouraged because I wasn't on my knees I just got discouraged because that's what happened to get discouraged and you see me walking the street here one day you know I still say but there's no anointing you see a downcast man because not been on space before God and you turn to somebody he used to be our pastor no no no no I see God and you need to pray for me you need to pray for every pastor of this church God keep us humble keep us booked and before God keep us on our face God keep me Brooke keep this charge broken God don't let us sit back on a crest of blessing and get lazy and see this order come again to this house we take authority in Jesus name over that spirit of laziness my God my God we don't want to stand and sermonizing this pulpit we don't just want crowds we want your glory in this house of God we want your glory of your power for God a Kimball at your word let us tremble this morning that is possible for countrymen and godly women who once prayed who was that such an anointing if I who lose it god help us help us in this day of temptation when all hell is breaking loose god help us determine I will seek God I'll be seek God with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength and all that's in me will you stand there's something between you and the Lord get to this altar right now let's get out of your seat there's something standing between you and your freedom and prayer something blocking your prayer life if you have backslidden if you're not right with Jesus come if God speaking to you right now saying there's disorder in my family there's disorder in my home I have not been seeking God and I want you to get up you're seeking come and then the annex we just go forward between the screens please please don't block the screen but just go forward between the screens I'd like to pray with you that God set your soul on fire again and renew you you're backslidden if you don't know Jesus come with these that are coming up in the balcony go the stairs and come down any aisle and Indy an X in the overflow rooms will you please just step out of the crowd just go forward I'll pray for you we believe the Lord together now an awakening don't be afraid to cry in his presence let those tears wash away all apathy listen very closely I'm not trying to pump up some kind of a prayer zeal here that just suddenly spurts and then burns out what God's after is something that you do alone in the secret closet it's personal private prayer and when you have that personal private time in your daily seek in the face of God your seeker after God when you come to this house no one has to pump you up to praise God no one has to create anything you bring with you the Spirit of the Living God you begin to see you won't have to have a counselor you won't have to run to a pastor to try to solve your problems you'll be solving them on your face before God it's a decision that you make now now folks it's not going to be made through just tears thank God for tears not they'll be made by just raised in your hands and and saying something has to be that you set your heart right now by the power of the Holy Ghost all over in the in the annex wherever you stand all over this house everyone who calls yourself by the name of the Lord examine your heart right now tell me have you been on your face have you given God time every day now you seeking Him at all are you crying out to him are you calling him out are you naming your children are you naming the by name same God keeping from the wicked one are you praying for your husband wife or your marriage you you're praying for the church are you praying and seeking God that he'll give you revelations and self are you're seeking Him you know the truth is truth is that probably the great majority who are listening to minal are not praying except in church you're not seeking God I'm not going to charge you but I stand as in the role of a prophet now as sure as two prophets were sent the King ASA here's your prophetic word from heaven if you seek me you'll find me if you continue forsaking me I will forsake you that doesn't mean he first six his love he'll never stop showing his face but he'll show you his back his face will always be towards you but you'll see the back and that simply means I wait for you to come receive all that I have for you and I can't do it till you open your heart it's in that secret place where you open your heart to God when you begin to seek him he'll tell you how to get power over your sin he will tell you where to go and what to do that's still small boys will come but you have to say it's not something you say well and have been some of you you've set your heart at other times and you walked away Asia Asia Asia could have repented dis like David did when the Prophet come he could have repentance I've sinned against God and David went on to his greatest victories Asia could have gone out still on the blow and he he missed it because the Prophet was saying you just missed it ASA God was going to destroy all of Syria and Israel combined there was going to be a war it all been planned and you aborted God's plan now I'm going to tell you some gut as a plan for your life God is something wonderful in store for you if you'll seek him but you can abort that you can change all of that like ASA did God had wonderful plan and that's why ASA got so mad he knew he blew the plan of God God was saying this deserves I destroyed that million man army I'm a I was working on plans for your life I was working on a war plan there's a story Syria and folks God has a plan he's working on you can't see it I tell you if you knew what God had in store for you if you seek Him you'd be so rejoiced that you couldn't contain yourself right now there would be such joy and faith lies up in your heart the good things God has I know God's promised me some wonderful things from my last days I know that he's gonna let me play at least a part in what he's doing here and a part in preaching to pastors around the world I know what he told me he wants to do through my life but that's not going to happen if I don't seek Him I can abort that whole plan and end up in disaster and ruin right now you set your heart you don't need to scream at him but I think this whole congregation everybody that hears me needs to do that we just just flipped your hands this lift your hands in front of you if you want to because you may be cried just in front of you even pray this with me whole congregation even those that came forward than in the annex prayed this with me Jay this forgive me for neglecting you for not seeking you with all my heart all my strength forgive me Lord for having time for myself for others and not for you forgive me Lord for thinking that you were pleased we're just the things I did for you and yet I didn't give you my heart I've not given you my time I repent forgive me Lord sorry I truly repent now Holy Spirit come on me and woo me and call me and stir me let me not forget this word I've received the word a prophetic word I take it to heart cleanse me sanctify me set me free no God set my house in order set my life in order and I will seek your face now just worship Him now I'm telling right now Lord I worship you and I praise you Lord I will seek your face I will see your glory on my life in my whole my house blessed be the name of the Lord hallelujah now folks in this moment this encounter with the Holy Ghost is by your head and right now set your heart set your heart God don't let anything this day stopped me from starting this very day to spend at least a half hour somewhere I find alone today and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday I will take time I set my heart to take time to seek you Lord with all my heart

21 thoughts on “David Wilkerson – When a Man of God Loses his Faith | Full Sermon

  1. I like this guy's preaching but he preaches a lot on works and in this one he came off more on Works than on anything else he's using Old Testament you can't backslide he remembers your sin no more you don't go to the Altar for forgiveness you go to Jesus this is what gets me guys like this who have a couple of good sermons wanting to change man when man can never be changed this is why the Apostle Paul only preached on the blood but people like this don't realize the mark of man is 6 we are evil lost I don't think people get this we are evil no matter how much time goes by no matter how many good works you do you're never going to be good if you backslide if you deny God and run away sorry you can't cuz he will pursue you if he gives you over to a reprobate mind it'll be for the destruction of the flesh so the soul might be saved you are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise until the day of redemption these fake preachers sure are an annoyance he wants them to get saved but it's not in man that saves man truly sad

  2. Any Jews out there ? It seems only Christians think they have the " truth ", that talks audibly to them, and that they are experts on the subject of God and the bible. It's we jews that have a covenant with God, through the promise God gave to Abraham. Get a clue. Jesus was born a Jew to a Jewish mother, lived as a rabbi, died as a Jew, and was resurrected as a Jew. Christianity was started after the death of Jesus. He himself, had nothing to do with it.

  3. The old testament was written by Jews, and for jews, not for gentiles or Christians. The Jewish people are God's chosen people. This claim is in the old testament, which is thousands of years, and more accurate, than the new testament.

  4. Peter, that was well stated. The more God elevates us, the more humble we have to remain to ensure that we're not caught up in the enemy's trap of greed, money, prestige, fame and power. Sadly, many pastors have fallen because of this. We have to constantly examine ourselves as well as our motives. We also have to ask God to protect our hearts from satan and ourselves.

  5. Lavonne, he was in deed the real deal. It's rare to hear this type of message these days. Because of so much false teaching, many people believe they are on their way to heaven and are not. People say don't judge (which usually are the ones in a backsliden state), but the bible tells us to examine ourselves and see if we are in the faith. The average so-called Christian is not living a godly life like we were told to. Jesus said for us to repent which means a change of heart and lifestyle. He said for us to come out from among them and be seperate, but we don't see this too much these days. Christians are in the clubs, bars, partying, fornicating, cursing and the list goes on and on. There is no sanctification and intentional living for god on a daily basis. God said that people honor Him with their lips, but their hearts are from him. Some of this is because of lukewarm preaching, having people to think that they can live like the devil and still go to heaven. NOT SO! God will hold these pastors accountable for not being watchmen on the wall and blowing a trumpet to see people saved. Jesus said except we repent that will all likewise perish. We will all be held accountable for our own lives, our sacrifice, love for Jesus and others as well as obedience. So, it's up to us to continue to examine ourselves and see if we be in the faith.

  6. Easy to lose faith once you wake up and realize that god is an imaginary primitive character developed by mankind ! A scarecrow in the field, and when god is tested , god does not respond just like the scarecrow. The birds test the idle scarecrow and no longer fear the scarecrow nor does mankind believe in a god that is inactive, does not answer prayer, does not provide as the bible claims

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