David Wilkerson – The Supply of the Holy Spirit | Full Sermon

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David Wilkerson – The Supply of the Holy Spirit | Full Sermon

About David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.

David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

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the supply of the holy spirit now I don't know how many you can see I've been filled with the Holy Spirit what was that enough for you or do you want to supply a constant flow of the Holy Spirit according to my Bible they're supposed to be in us those who claim to be filled with the spirit out of our Billy shall flow in other words the Holy Spirit is given to give in other words if you don't give why would you need a supply if it's not flowing out why should God flow it in the Holy Ghost is given to spend you want to hear it again the Holy Ghost is given to spend to give to others to flow out you don't keep the Holy Ghost you have a constant flow of the Holy Ghost in you you're nothing you and I are nothing we're not reservoirs of the Holy Spirit we're channels of the Holy Spirit now I know the devil has tried to steal that word channeling you know spirits channeling for spirits and all that I'm going to let him steal that word that's a god word that's a Bible word and let him do with it what he wants we are channels of the Holy Spirit and we get our blessing we get the glory of the Holy Spirit by not only having them inhabiting us but that out of our innermost being flow rivers of living water to our wife or husband our children to others around you to sinners to the whole world that's what I mean by the supply of the Spirit go to Philippians if you will please first chapter Philippians please let me hear the rustling of the leaves you know with my hearing I couldn't hear it in him Philippians 1 verses 12 13 and 19 verse verse 12 but I would you should understand brethren that the things which happened unto me have fallen out whether under the furtherance of the gospel so that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace and in all other places verse 19 for I know that this he's talking about his suffering shall turn to my salvation or my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Christ would you repeat that last sentence the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ with me and the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ the supply of the Spirit Holy Spirit we don't have church without your working without your moving without your coming upon us without your presence manifesting Christ and now lord I bring this word to you that you've instilled in my heart and let it flow like a river give us ears to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say Lord I want this word to change me I want to get something Lord if we get just three or four thoughts out of this message that we can take home and that we can apply it in our time of need we can apply it in a time of terror or trouble or crisis then Lord we have received something from your mind and from your heart Lord sanctify this vessel cleanse and purge my lips and give us ears to hear what the Spirit has to say in Jesus name Amen in Philippians Paul unburdens his heart to the church he just opens up his heart here in the first chapter of Philippians in his first chapter he's running over with joy and excitement now that's amazing because he's in Easton he's talking about abundant rejoicing he's talking about making your requests known with joy in nothing terrified by your enemies he's talking about the peace of God that passes all understanding and he's saying rejoice brethren now that's amazing because he's in a prison in Rome in a Cell than which he can not even stand up it's so small it's not even the height of a man and he has to bend then he's been there two years when he's writing these words and he's writing this he's encouraging words you see he's enrollment they they have ignored him those who are supposed to believe be believers in Rome have ignore him they will not take his pastoral messages they are preaching Christ but they're preaching Christ with contention they they have gossiped about him not only is in prison not as he away from friends and loved ones not only is he in pain not only in Chains but those he'd loved and respected most have turned against him and become his enemies they even intercept his mail and during all this time he's listening to reports that other Romans and and traitors and those coming from shifts and coming from Israel and coming from other countries are telling about those that he's mentored who having great results around the then-known world and all of the cares of the church still pressing upon him and listening to those around him preaching with contention and with envy and with strife in spite of it all Paul maintains his joy he's a rejoicing man he is not murmuring he's not complaining he is not angry with God there are no questions coming from this man's lips he said there yes there are those that are envious they distort my gospel still he's overflowing with this quiet confidence in God this deep joy that you can't get from anything in the world or from the praises of man for any achievement in the flesh and he's writing now the Ripken's and he says what he's saying in essence you know what I'm in you know what I'm going through but he said I tell you I have a secret I've discovered something in my Christian walk he said I know that these things so turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ now the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus Christ that is the spirit he received of the Father and through the son given to us he is the Spirit of Christ the Holy Spirit he said I know that all these personal trials that I'm going through all of these sufferings got as a purpose and he said it's a sanctifying thing it's it's purging me it's taking every bit of ambition out of me it's taking ego it's taking strife it's taking self-pity and staking everything that I had in my flesh and is purifying me because I have discovered a flow of the Holy Spirit there's an endless supply and I pictured this impossible thinking of the Holy Spirit as a pure ocean in unmeasurable immeasurable ocean and he's picturing a channel a wide deep channel into his own soul and a supply of the spirit that enables him to face anything because Paul is saying I don't rule my own life I'm not in control of any situation in my life I can't control the fact that I'm in prison I can't control the fact that they're preaching Christ with contention I can't change my condition but I am not in control I have given all control to the Holy Ghost every decision I consult with him I walk with him and I have friend here in prison with me and his name is the Holy Ghost he talks to me and I talked to him this man is living and walking in the spirit and he has a constant supply of the Holy Spirit he says he said God is what he's saying is in all my trials I've discovered this great wonderful thing the Holy Spirit while I'm in trouble because I'm trusting is ever increasing his flow ever increasing that is what happens to the Christian who surrenders completely to the will of the Holy Spirit where he says I have no will of mine many of you sit here listening to me now and you try to control the things in your life you pray about it you say God do something and then you go ahead and try to do it yourself God just says get out of the way Holy Spirit says you want to give it please get out of the way and I'll tell you when you pray you're going to you seek God you set your heart to seek God the Bible says you are given the Holy Spirit as you ask but it has to be something you ask in faith now in the New Testament reading we read of men who are full of the Holy Ghost and power now how do you distinguish somebody that's full of the Holy Ghost and has power now many charismatic circles and Pentecostal circles often power is mistaken for loudness fastness of preaching or someone who can lay hands on you and knock you out or somebody that has you go to this man and he is power and he's full of the Holy Ghost he gives words he can even read your mind and in folks I believe in manifestations I believe in pub I preached loud I preached fast sometimes and I can't keep up with pastor Carter and pastor Neil but you know these men are full of the Holy Ghost and power I'm not disparaging that at all but you see that's not the evidence that that is not how you distinguish a man is full of the Holy Ghost and Bauer those are sitting among you there are many many sitting here full of the Holy Ghost in power probably the most unknown uh knowledge of those who are not knowledgeable who not known in the congregation or often those are most filled with the Holy Ghost in power you see you can do all of these things cast out Devils and heal the sick and lay hands on people and and and you can uh you can preach with so-called authority but you can do all those things without the Holy Ghost that's what Jesus said he said on the Judgment Day many will come saying we've cast out devils we healed mystic done mighty works and Lord says please get out of my sight I don't even know you those things are possible without the Holy Ghost because they have a personal physical charisma and you better know what is the Holy Ghost than what is human flesh especially in these last days not every Christian not every preacher has the same measure of the Holy Ghost the measure of your Holy Ghost is according to the measure of your faith they say it again the measure of the Holy Ghost in you is according to the measure of your faith Paul the Apostle writing the church he said how did you receive the Holy Ghost was it by the preaching of the law or by the hearing of faith he said how did he's administered to you the Holy Spirit her who gave you the Holy Spirit how did he do it how did he give it to you was it through the law was it through something of the flesh or was it of faith did he see faith were you sitting in a mix in a meeting and faith gripped your heart and the Word was made real by the Holy Spirit by the hearing of faith the Holy Ghost is given to those who respond in faith faith comes by hearing yes but there is no other way to get in the flow of the Spirit other than to living in faith believing that the Holy Ghost is real that he abides that he will keep his word when you commit to him how do you know what what is the measure the man the woman who is truly full of the Holy Ghost and power and the power is the outworking of the Holy Spirit it's the Holy Spirit doing what you've given him the privilege to do the true Holy Ghost man is the one who's given complete control of his life to the Holy Spirit in other words the person among us here who's laid down every burden who have problems financial physical mental spiritual and one by one he's taking them to the Holy Spirit and say I can't do it anymore there is no way out I'm up against the wall but if the Holy Ghost abides in me as it's written in the word and I accept that and I believe that then the Bible said I have a power working within me the power the work of me inside of me is the Holy Ghost and so I resign I resign my will my ambitions I resign everything to him and I get out of the way I go to Lord and I pray and I wait for him to speak to my heart and I'll tell you the Holy Ghost has a voice and he does speak to those who trust him and I'll find something out I found out something in my walk with the Holy Spirit that he doesn't give you clear direction he doesn't say yes go here go there do this do that he's going to tell you just be still because I've got a way out and I don't want you to interfere if I told you you'd mess it up I'm not being facetious I live that I know that many times I've seen the Holy Ghost tell me just be patient and I see God start and I get all excited and I jump in and help him and I got second best instead of first best this he supply God supplies the spirit through the in portunity of faith see what do you need what is it that you need but the Holy Spirit is all-sufficient now the man of God for the Holy Ghost and power is distinguished by how much the Holy Ghost he puts in charge and how how many areas is like that you cannot be in the spirit and walk in the spirit and give him 90% of all the issues in your life and you maintain the control of a few issues Holy Spirit says no I won't work with you that way so you have to examine yourself and say well it is there fear in one area of my life am I trying so hard in the flesh to accomplish something and say Lord everything is fine in my life but I got one problem and you don't seem to be helping me so I'm going to just rip my teeth and get to it and try to make it happen no no no the Holy Spirit will not work with you unless he's in full control he won't forsake you but if you want to see his working power released in your life you see an increase of supply of the Spirit depends on an increase of faith now you search the scriptures you'll find in nearly every instance you read of one who's full of the Holy Ghost and power in the scriptures you'll find faith listen to Stephen man the Bible said full of the Holy Ghost and power but he being full of the Holy Ghost looked up steadfastly into heaven now they were stoning him and he saw the glory of God and Jesus standing on the right hand of God behold I see the heavens open and Jesus at the right hand of the Father but you have to go back to to chapter 6 that's in chapter 7 chapter 6 Stephen a man full of faith and the Holy Ghost see faith precedes this the receiving of the supply of the Holy Spirit Stephen had an incredible supply of the spirit how do you face how do you face a crowd that's toning you and about to go into eternity without this great flow of the Holy Spirit now you see it flowing out of him and he prays all Lord forgive them hold nothing against charge them nothing against this sin don't charge them with this iniquity he's flowing out of that blessed Holy Spirit you say well if the Holy Spirit has power to living why didn't Steve and get deliverance why didn't God deliver babies full of the Holy Ghost and power well what better deliverance can you get look up and there's an open heaven and Jesus standing there with open arms how many of you would turn down that invitation that's deliverance glory be to God now Peter was a man the Bible says full of the Holy Ghost and power you know that he goes to the temple one day take beautiful there's a lame man and he prays with them in the man leaps and walks that's an act of faith you see the lame walk you've seen many many people healed you see Peter walking the street and his very people the shadow of Peter falls upon some that are lame in their Hill walking in the shadow this is a man of faith a man full of the Holy Ghost and power but the Bible said he was he was led by the spirit one day in the spirit he's in a seaside town called Joppa and he's praying and this around the noon hour he's praying he's seeking God and a voice there came a voice to him saying speaking in other words there came a voice to him speaking now I want to tell you before I go any further that if you get along with God you see the supply of the Holy Spirit is not for the person who who abandons prayer and has no time to seek God you disqualified if you the supply of the Holy Spirit unless you you are seeking God and you're in touch with God and you were praying and giving him time this is the middle day and Peter's on the housetop a flat rooftop and he's praying and he's talking to the Lord and talking to the spirit and a voice came to him speaking and I'm telling you that same voice that Peter heard is ours to hear and if you get alone with the Lord in your crisis in fact go there when you don't have a crisis make it a practice to go often into his presence and having major petitions just sit in his presence and let him speak I talked to the Holy Ghost I have communion with the Holy Ghost that should be the norm for every Christian he's a gift given to me by the Heavenly Father through Christ he is my friend he's my partner he's my real estate agent he's my Mary's counselor he's my financial counselor he's my comforter he's my guide everything I need he has and he abides and lives in us oh we talked about the Holy Ghost and most of us when we talk about the logos think only speaking in tongues now I can say with Paul I speak in tongues more than you are in prayer my private prayer I speak with tongues to the Lord I believe in that with all my heart but there's so much more to the Holy Ghost that that is experience an experience I'm talking about a lifestyle I'm talking about an exciting way to live where you can be quiet and peaceful though your world is turned upside down but everything looks hopeless you can be joyful and thankful I'm going to prove that to just a move in the scripture but you see he's unroofed up praying and the spirit said to him arise go to the door and don't doubt anything and the Lord says they're going to be three men knock on the door now to me that's pretty clear direction Peter I won't talk to you you've been praying now I speak to you there are three men that are going to knock on the door soon because I want you to go down open the door hear them out and whatever they tell you go with them how many would like to have the kind of guidance raise your hand keep it there and stay with me thank you Holy Spirit you're the same spirit they spoke to Peter so speak to me now I don't do that very often but I want you to remember what I'm telling you now she says go knock came on the door and of course these men came and then he hears this report card nicholas has seen an angel angel came and talked to him and and said God send to Joppa there's a man there named Peter and tell him that you saw names only he's to come and preach the gospel to you now Peter didn't go with those men because it was the right thing to do listen to me closely it was very right pup Peter could have said you know this this is wonderful if you hadn't heard from the hospital came down the Holy Spirit had given clear direction he can come down maybe he didn't wait long enough or he didn't want to pray that then the knock came and he's not heard from the Lord but it sounds so good here's an opportunity to reach the Gentiles and then especially when he's told that an angel appeared well the Lord seems to have put his hand on this this has to be right because an angel came that doesn't make it right I don't care who talks to you did you hear from the Holy Spirit and you see on the way down he took six men with him the Bible says brethren and they're on the way and I'll tell you I believe now these were Jews some of them I believe probably from the circumcision because in the church in Jerusalem there were two groups one who believe it's by faith alone and many of the Jews believe you have to be circumcised if you're going to have faith in place then you have to be circumcised or you can't be saved they called the circumcision party and I'm sure that on the way down there was conversation Paul are you sure you heard from God after all it's not we're not allowed as Jews to talk we're not to associate with Gentiles these are Gentiles Cornelius is a Gentile all his family you're going to hold a revival with Gentiles you're going to stir up the whole church in Jerusalem the circumcision crowd and going to wonder if you're going to eat with them because that was a real nono you don't eat with the Gentiles and Paul says all I know is I heard from the Holy Ghost I heard his voice say go and don't doubt anything and Who am I to argue with God so he goes down and you know what happened halfway through his message the Holy Ghost fail and they were all fueled and baptized with the Holy Ghost all got saved and baptized he goes back to Jerusalem after that sure enough the circumcision crowd jumped on him we hear Paul her Peter Peter we have heard much I'm talking about Paul not talking about Peter I was looking at Philippians Paul Peter word has come to us that you went and held a meeting with Gentiles yes yeah but you ate with them he says I did and brother let me tell you why I was walking in the Holy Ghost I heard from the Holy Ghost God spoke to me when I first heard it I said no Peter says but the Holy Ghost spoke to me again and this time I said yes and that was that he said and he told the church in Jerusalem who was I to withstand God all that we had Christians today who can say I know what I'm supposed to do I know I'm supposed to go because I've been on my face with God and I've heard from the Holy Ghost that God wants us to have believers that way who know and assured of their paths if the Holy Ghost has said just be still then they're still Philip was a man full of the Holy Ghost and power when you study the life of this evangelist you begin to understand God's aversion to the concept of success that's infecting the Church of Jesus Christ today there's a concept among ministers especially today that success has to do with how big your church is how large the facility how many people are being added and bigness and growth and this has been the measurement of success and God despises anyone measuring success through bigness or numbers or any physical kind of of of growth not God wants the church to grow but it can't be that can't be the criterion of success in the eyes of God Philip is in the Church of Jerusalem and the Apostles have decided that they have to they were waiting on tables and they made a decision that they had to give themselves the prayer of the Word of God they were they told the church body now you have a vote and and you put in seven men full of the Holy Ghost of the power to wait on the tables and Philip is at that meeting can you imagine Philip sitting there at this meeting with the Church of Jerusalem and he's an evangelist and he has a heart for Souls he has a burning desire to reach cities for Christ which later will happen in his life but he's an evangelist and he's got a message he's a man full of the Holy Ghost and power and he has he knows that God's given him a message he knows that he has the authority he knows that he has the spiritual ability given to him of God and he knows he can preach the gospel with authority but they're trying to find seven men to wait on tables and work in the kitchen and he's sitting I'm sure Jay dreaming in the spirit of winning shaking cities for Christ and and going to places unreached yet by Paul or anyone else heater he wants to go out and ministry heard what's happened and Sessler in with with the Gentiles and he's burning with desire to win souls and suddenly he hears his name Philip by majority he's voted in as one of the waiters of the tables for the widows at the 1st through sillim home for widows there's some first home for widows and he uses word wait on tables and suddenly the apostles are standing in front of congregation asks he sent men to come up and they lands lay hands on and pray for an anointing to wait on tables now how would you take that if you were a minister the gospel and you you knew God had spoken to your heart you knew you were capable of doing wonders for the cause of Christ not about of ambition but to anointing of the Holy Spirit and here he is now they're praying for him for grace and authority and anointing to do the dishes clean the tables and serve the food now you want to know a man full of the Holy Ghost in power he's not the man out there just preaching doing all these things at burning in his heart no because this man has a supply of the Holy Ghost in your soul and he humbles himself and he's saying Lord if that's what it is I will serve you here and this man humbled himself and I'm sure people came to him after that knew him and said Philip how can you do this how can you take this little place you're one of the finest preachers you're an evangelist your hearts burning with passion we've heard you preach we've seen people healed you've laid your hands on them every people are filled with only ghosts when you touch them and what are you doing wasting your time you've got a wife for children how you going to live you don't find one word of complaint you don't hear him question anything because you see a man who's truly full of the Holy Ghost and power has had his ego removed his ambition is gone he doesn't have a will of his own he says what way you lead me I will follow if I'm in a low position I'll stay there till you move me but until you do if I have to stay here the rest of my life time you'll provide for me you'll provide for my family I'm going to trust you Holy Spirit if this is a Pentecostal Holy Ghost Church as they call it around the world here in the heart of Jerusalem then I will be example I will minister to these widows yes it's a small circle yes I'll be unknown but I'm going to give him everything I have in this place this man is faithful he had learned the secret of contentment that secret of contentment is the Holy Spirit is a living water he's living water meaning ever flowing she's never stagnant and he said what comes in must flow out and he's saying if I'll flow out to these widows he may seem fit to increase my flow you see your flow depends on how big your pipe is if it's piped from the reservoir so to speak you need a bigger pipe if you want a bigger flow you need a bigger channel and this man because it takes this humble place and just simple trust in God where he's at he's not wanting his circumstances to change he wants to be everything he can be through the pile of the Holy Spirit right where he is and as he does that he knows that there'll be an increase God will increase in time a whole how quick things can change for a man like that thing can change overnight persecution came to Jerusalem and the Bible said the church was scattered abroad Philip goes down to Samaria and he has to preach up and down on the streets and that city is shaken by the Holy Ghost multitudes are saved Bible said the lame began to walk demons begin to flee the spirit had come upon this man now and take him into an enlargement in a large place of more usefulness and God is blessing the Holy Spirit comes down multitudes are baptized with the Holy Ghost when some of the Apostles came to help and now it seems like Philips time I want to be clear this I want you to see it he's already put in his time so to speak he has suffered he's been humbled he's taken the low place and now you're saying you look at all thank god this is Philips time now pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the country now bring his wife and children no more separation from his family now they'll be a steady income and this is going to be just wonderful it's God blessing it's it's something that looks so good and so right and so according to mind of God the mind of God oh but that voice that voice of the Holy Ghost says Philip get up go down to Gaza there's a fork in the road one comes out of Jerusalem down towards Judea toward the desert and just go it is not I find no word in the scripture that he said one word of complaint not one murmur takes his cloths skin bag of water perhaps and a few rolls rip bread rolls and you find this man way out in the desert there's nobody there now see we're talking about those filled with the Holy Ghost and power don't go to some big church now there are some full of the Holy Ghost and power and big church churches that's not the point but you're looking in the wrong places folks you want to see the man the woman with Pilate Holy Ghost go to some lonely place where nobody can see them there's that there are no cameras there there's nobody to applause there's nobody to encourage him he's out there having left this great revival then he's all by himself and this man is not moping this man is not griping he's not complaining he's dancing and saying thank you Holy Spirit thank you for leading me thank you then I don't have any ambition I'm not trying to please anybody I'm looking for nothing from this world but you sent me and I'm here and you are with me and you've revealed Christ to me because that's what the Holy Ghost does he reveals Christ if you're full of the Holy Ghost you're getting more and more Jesus you've got a hunger and a thirst after his word but this man is all by himself and suddenly he hears the clanking of chariot guy just slowly loping along in a chariot because he's reading he's not driving the horses and he goes by and Holy Spirit says go get in that chariot and he said so this is it one man number two get him Thank You Holy Spirit Thank You Holy Spirit this is going to be great he's reading Isaiah and he said do you understand that and you know this story he said no I'd know and he he preached opened it opened up isaiah 53:2 the man he said i want to be baptized he baptizes him now tell you something when you give the Holy Ghost full control he becomes your chariot engineer me he becomes your chair to take you places you've never been in the spirit things you've never seen that if you told people they would think you're crazy because the Holy Spirit is taking you in the Heart of Jesus and you think seen things about Jesus you you've been near the aroma of Christ you have known things about Jesus that if you told everybody would kind of oh yeah sure but nobody can take it from your heart as soon as he baptized them he got out of the water and he started walking sudden he's gone the Holy Spirit you want me to read it to you and when they would come up out of the water the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip the eunuch saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing but Philip was found in his OTUs castling through he preached in all the cities see all those cities he wanted to preach and he's now preaching in till he came to Caesarea the Holy Ghost became his chariot and picked him up you know a lot of Bible scholars say that's not true he was just in a trance and he walked all the way in a trance well can you imagine this man has just been saved and talked been told about the power of Christ and Holy Ghost she's a man days walking down the road days that would have destroyed his testimony no I believe what the Bible said the Holy Ghost picked him up and took him you give the Holy Ghost control I'm telling you he'll take you places in Christ he will take you places you've never been he may take you to listen field now you'll have to go by plane but you'll get there you take you he'll do things that you couldn't believe possible you see the story ends wonderfully because you get to the end of Acts and you get to the 21st chapter and you read this you see the Bible says Philip went to all the Zota sand all the cities and preached and then went to Caesarea because he went there to set up his house he's got four daughters and listen to this here's how the story ends Paul's company in other words Paul's traveling through with the traveling group of evangelists they came into Caesarea to the house of Philip and he abode with them and the same man in other words Philip had four daughters listen to it virgins who prophesy hey you asked Philip now he's an older man and he's experienced and he he has a good reputation with the world and with this with the Church of Jesus Christ and you come to Philip and say Philip what's the greatest thing you've learned in your life what's the greatest blessing now that you've reached this age you've seen so much you have done so much what is it was it that revival in Samaria is oh no no no no well what about the Ethiopian in the desert oh that was wonderful but that's not what I remember the most it's not the greatest joy in my life well what is it I have four daughters full of the Holy Ghost moving in the spirit in the same spirit that I've moved all my life and when I'm dead and gone I've got four girls going to carry on the ministry I've got something of God and I can tell you Philip said it looks back and say I'm so glad I didn't murmur in front of my kids I didn't complain I didn't question God I trusted the Lord in front of my family and now my family is serving the same god I serve full of the Christ I serve full of the Spirit that I serve you asked me what my greatest joy is same for children in the ministry week and half from now I go to Birmingham and for the first time in my life I have the privilege having both my sons preaching with me I'm not saying that to be in the ministry but I'm saying this a wonderful thing happens when in your hard times your family sees you trusting the Holy Spirit who alone knows the way well I've had my 45 minutes where you stand please a closing word would you hold steady for just a moment please and the annex –an here in the main auditorium I've tried to impress upon you how important it is to understand this truth that the Holy Spirit wants to be in control of everything in our lives that's why he was sent yes he's a comforter but he's everything and his great work in his ministry is to make Jesus Christ known and real in our lives because it's all about Jesus it's all about the Sun but without the Holy Spirit in control of your life you can really never fully trust Jesus to be in your life what he promises to be he's a burden bearer I'm asking you to by step of faith this morning to cast every care on him and say Holy Spirit if you're saved that is the work of the Holy Spirit you can't be saved without the Holy Spirit doing to work in your heart but you have to ask him to come now Lord start flowing I need to flow of the Holy Spirit and that's just by faith believing it he'll do what he said he would do in his Bible he said ask he shall we see he shall receive he shall receive it will flow you have a supply available to you please don't be just a little puddle somewhere let him flow and cleanse all the filth everything else let the Holy Spirit come and sanctify you and encourage you father I thank you for the Holy Spirit Jesus thank you for sending him Holy Spirit let this be a church let this be a people everyone hearing me now let us be of people who will just by an act of faith saying I will not take on the responsibility that's not mine anymore I give you Holy Spirit the full responsibility Lord there's some there's some things in my life right now that are pending having to do with with finances having to do with our Crusades or Ministers conferences and things and I just give it to you Lord I'm I'm not worrying about anything I'm not trying to figure anything out I'm just saying Lord here it is you you have to do with it what you will I'll accept your we'll accept what you have for me you don't have to explain it all to me because I'm going to trust you and you'll work it out give me directions speak to me when it's necessary but Lord I'm going to live my life surrendered and yield to the Holy Spirit and bring that flow to my heart I pray that supply daily we need a daily supply of your Holy Spirit do it we pray in Jesus name Amen now I'm going to give an invitation and I want you to hear me this is Lisbon facing in the annex you can you can go to the to the hallway and behind you and to the lobby and they'll show you how to get down here and you can come to the altar will pray for you up in the balcony go to either stairs on either side and come down and here in the main auditorium folks don't come this because it's your practice to come I'm limiting this now listen close I'm limiting this invitation to those who are in a situation now where you've been doubting now I'm being honest with you there's been a flood of doubt in your life that things were under control you've got a sense now that things are out of control and you don't you haven't seen any hope you haven't seen anything change and there's some panic and there's some fear and there's some doubt I want you to bring that doubt to this altar and I don't want you to take a away if you don't know Jesus you come if you've been running from Christ if you're backslidden come also could you come only as the spirit draws you and you say I admit I'm there gonna be a lot of people coming so don't worry about it don't look around see who it is but God wants you to jettison and get rid of all of that doubt and fear and unbelief he can't work you're clogging up the channel you're clogging the pipes so to speak he wants to flow and he can't flow where there's doubt and there's fear there's unbelief you're going to have to get rid of it and rid of it today and this is a good time to do it right here now please don't come for any other reasons than that those who are being harassed and hounded by doubt and fear and unbelief and and you say I just don't know what's going to happen and there's been some fear it's been some concern oh god are you still there working in my life we're listening closer to the word of the Lord but the cases verse 5 in James 1 if anyone of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally in other words he's not a respected person he gives to all who ask and he does not upbraid and it should be given him but let not but let him ask in faith nothing wavering for he that waiver is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed let not that man think he shall receive anything of the Lord because of double mindedness a double mind is standing here saying well I don't know I'm not sure I'd like to be sure I don't know you have to say I am going to just step out in faith blind faith and say Lord I believe I believe that you have a way out of every one of my problems I believe that you are in me in with me and I'm just yielding it all if you've been back slidden you know how to come back a simple prayer of the heart simple reaching out to the Lord if you've never given your heart to Christ and this is the first time Paul he asked of you as an open heart and a godly sorrow for sin that he himself helped to produce in your heart I want you to pray with me these these words now remember what he said nothing wavering if you waver if you still allowed doubts to flood in he said don't think you receive anything of God and he says that in love because he's waiting for you to come to him with simple childlike faith that's all I have I don't have complicated faith I don't have something I got from the theology book I got it simply by getting tired of the way things were going and trying to do it myself you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you just say Lord here it is I quit I'm not going to try to figure this I'm just going to believe you every waking hour I'm going to be I get up in the morning let's say Lord it's yours I trust you and all through the day I never leave the house I never get in the car without saying Holy Spirit protect my eyes from seeing anything that's evil Holy Spirit guard my lips that I'm not going to say anything that's on Christ like Holy Spirit when I get up help me to show my wife the love of Christ help me and the more you do that the Holy Spirit's faithful because you're calling on him if you trust him you're going to call on you and you're going to you're going to commit everything to pray this with me right now Holy Spirit thank you for reminding me of my doubt and my unbelief and my fears I bring them to you and I cast them on you you said cast all your cares on him who cares for you thank you Jesus that I know you care for me you know we're on that you know what's happening in my life Holy Spirit cleanse sanctify me I trust in the blood of Jesus for full pardon forgiveness of my sins and my unbelief now Holy Spirit reveal Christ to me and take control of everything in my life now let me pray for you father and thank you for a people willing to yield willing to surrender now you have to take us further you have to show us how we do that and Lord we start by by just making the Holy Spirit the object of our focus we keep our eye on Jesus and Lord the Holy Spirit comes and says will you trust me in this every time of crisis every time something comes Lord things are coming at us from all sides and sometimes we fail to consult you sometimes we make a decision without talking to you but then Lord remind us and help us to say I'm sorry Holy Spirit and then give it right back to you hallelujah Lord this is can be an exciting life Lord we can stand against anything when we are fully surrendered yielded to the Spirit of the Living God say thank you Holy Spirit come Holy Spirit raise your hands right now and fight him in come on right now Holy Spirit talk to him in your own words Holy Spirit I invite you to direct my life I invite you to speak to me I invite you to take control of my life in every situation in my life give him thanks blood we come on everybody in the house Lord we give you thanks hallelujah this is the conclusion of the message

4 thoughts on “David Wilkerson – The Supply of the Holy Spirit | Full Sermon

  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN JESUS Christ to you we say AMEN . Holy spirit be in through an near dear Father ohh Abba Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end here I kneel and worship you again for with you my family and my friend not forsaken never alone AMEN as the thunder rolls and my blood steadily flows I know you and raise my hands to heaven with glory glory Hallelujah Father GOD All men need your hand each daughter a kiss an chance to dream and dance again. Father ooh my Abba here we sit to sing hallelujah glory and AMEN thanks for your son JESUS Christ mighty man by whom my heart Chase and stricken from within they saw me as overwhelmed but you pulled me up to say I am now under grace full protection THANK you and Amen. Glory Glory Glory once again see you even in this lions den. I'm danielle and I scream and yell for that door was opened and I fell awake and love sick. My zeal and fire keeps them all away and blind to sins. Keep me or kill me my love LORD of LORDS my king the truest king forgive me for this skin. I am ready do or die I Ride.

  2. Please don't listen to any preacher that tells you to not pray to the Holy Spirit because it's not in the Bible. That is error. The only way I got rid of strong holds is by praying to the Holy Spirit and exercising my faith. All the years of struggles and guilt, gone in a day. It's enough to make you weep so hard. Examples, sexual immorality, smoking, cursing to name a few. So many things I've done from a child, many bad habits that I never thought I'd rid myself of, all gone by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Our Father is faithful, please call on the Holy Spirit, call on our Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus for help, after all the Holy Spirit is our helper.

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