David Wilkerson – Obligating Faith | Full Sermon

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David Wilkerson – Obligating Faith | Full Sermon

Without faith it’s impossible to please God and the devil has won the battle if you start wavering in your faith. God does not want us to be intimidated by the devil. God has covenanted to us every promise in the bible, and yet none of these promises work goes into effect until we step out by faith and obligate Him. God wants to be obligated to His promises. God responds when we commit our whole life to believe that God is faithful to His word.

About David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.

David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

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I've been mandated by the Holy Spirit to come this morning to encourage faith to build up your faith and what the Holy Spirit's been saying to me since the service started while I'm sitting here is that a number of you hearing me this morning are weary your your battle has become so overwhelming you're in a situation that's been very trying and tiring and you're you're not contemplating giving up but you're very close to saying is God really in my life is God really working with me and for me and your faith is staggered and you may be wavering this morning and I hope and pray that you'll understand that the Holy Spirit knows your condition that he wants without faith it's impossible pleasing and the devil has won the battle if you start wavering in your faith toward the Lord Lord said don't let that man think you receive anything from the Lord the man who wavers in his faith I want to talk to you about obligating faith obligating faith Heavenly Father I thank you for the Living Word of God that has kept us over all these years the faithfulness of God the goodness of God grace and mercy no there's no way I can convey this message in human strength there's no way I can comprehend it myself unless you give us an understanding heart and mind Lord we're not interested in the homiletics of it we're not interested in some great sermon we're interested in hearing only the voice of God my God give us ears to hear Lord speak through me I pray I acknowledge that I need you desperately I need your touch God give us hearing ears this morning he brought people in here that have never been here before and others that have been coming to this church and Lord there's some confusion no doubt because of the pain and the suffering and I ask the Holy Spirit to lift our faith encourage us in your word we pray in Jesus name man God is God doesn't want us to be intimidated by the devil I am NOT going to be intimidated by the devil the Bible says he's a defeated foe and we have been so timid and we look around us and we seem to come to the conclusion that the devil is winning the battle we think the Muslims are taking over that Islam was taken over the world you know that with enough terrorism and enough threats that will Bend and bow I want you to know that God still has everything under control God has everything under control we have been so timid in our faith and more and more there's a sense of the weakness of the church the weakness of God's people and that the homosexual community in your face sin and in your face iniquity and that we have no voice anymore there's nothing we can do because now the devil's power sweeping like a great flood over the church that's a lie that's the luck never has the Church of Jesus Christ been stronger than it is now because the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus said he's pouring out his spirit on all flesh in the last days your sons and daughters are going to prophesy the old men are going to dream dreams and God is going to pour out his spirit on all flesh and everywhere I traveled in the world I see more hunger for God you go to Iran now and the mullahs think that they have everything under control and that the world is going to bow it's nice to their God but I want you to know that right under them right under them without their knowing it thousands and thousands of young people are turning to Jesus Christ it's happening it's happening in in in Muslim nations around the world God is moving in Pakistan in a wonderful way he's moving in Iran he's still moving in Iraq no matter what you hear God is moving in Iraq spear the Lord is there that out of all of this turmoil God is controlling everything don't think for one minute that the homosexual community know we love the homosexual behavior sin and we see miracles here we see homosexuals being delivered from their sins and set free and even in now very blessed marriages and wonderful testimonies of what God is doing don't think for one minute that any unit of the principalities and powers of darkness are taking control not at all because God is sending conviction of that whole community many of them went to see a movie I have not seen and I'm not giving you a reason for that they think he's doing one thing about The Passion of Jesus Christ and many of the that community were weeping over their sins and asking God for deliverance and if got you into that would just one or two hour film think what the Holy Ghost is doing now in secret all over the world he's doing the same in your life the enemy is not in control this a kind of faith I want to talk about obligating faith and to obligate means to bind and compel to some legal moral action in other words if if if I go to the bank and the bank has made me obligatory note in other words I have taken a they alone they are obligated I can hold them to that obligation now God has given us a contract this is a contract from Almighty God this is a covenant and every promise in this book belongs to you it belongs to me and yet none of these promises work none of these promises God does not go into action fulfilling these promises until we obligate him until we step out by faith and and say Lord you have made me a pro you said without faith I can't please you and I am bringing my faith to you and God wants to be obligated I'm going to take you to the scripture and show you just it's a few simple testimonies illustrations of those who have obligated God to work now you may be in a situation right now that's over your head you may be in a situation right now that needs a miracle we when I think about this I think of people that are suffering in pain my wife being one of them so much pain and so much suffering and yet to see the PAL faith how God responds to when we commit him to his promises that's what obligating means I commit him to his word like like I commit my whole life to believing that God is faithful to his word we see this in the scripture Joshua here said he's in a battle with five kings that give you the day of spent the battle is not yet won and the scripture said then josh was said to the Lord in the sight of Israel son stand still upon Gibeon endow moon and the Sun Stood Still the moon stayed until the people avenged themselves upon their enemies and the Sun hasted not to go down for a whole day there was no day like that day before or after it that the Lord hearkened to the voice of a man can you imagine when he said before the people son stand still move don't move and his army looks at one another commander said did die here did you hear what I heard did he say did he pray son stand still can you imagine what happens if it doesn't you understand that he looks there before the people like a fool there was never a day like this that God listened to a man why because he was a praying man and God had made him a promise well first he'd already seen God sent hailstones and destroy more from the hell stones then from their swords he'd seen the heavens opened up in God in control of the heavens and control of nature and God used nature to destroy and weaken the enemy before you even got to the battlefield so now he's been told that not one of your enemies will stand before this day is over none of your enemies will be standing it's night time and the enemy is still standing I mean it's in the deep white is beginning to fade and he says to the Sun stand still you see he had a promise she'd been alone with God he'd been a praying man and God spoke to him just like Jesus Jesus was a praying man and he did nothing unless he sought the Lord and God gave him a word and he acted on it and he held his father to it he committed his father he said these things because he heard from the Lord there are people that tried to commit God commit his promises they tried to obligate God to his word say well this is what I believe God said he supply all your need and I need a 2003 Mercedes 500 actually there are cases like that all over the United States speak to learn obligate God and he'll answer yes he did good if you need it you don't need a Mercedes 500 is there such a thing one of the first questions I want to ask the Lord when I get to heaven is well what what went through your heart what was your response when you heard a man one of your servants saying stop the Sun stop the moon I think I know the answer God said the greatest shot we ever heard in heaven because here's a man here's a praying man who committed God to act on the word that he had received glory be to God if Heaven rejoices over one sinner repents how does heaven rejoice when a man or woman of God commits him to great and mighty things and not afraid of the devil not afraid to be intimidated but say my god is able nothing is impossible with my god Elijah obligates the Lord and challenges the power Satan on Mount Carmel he committed God to send fire from heaven after soaking his altar with 12 barrels of water and he says it had there'll be no rain but according to my word and when you listened to that read the story of this man's life and he stood before the Lord and he stood before the Lord and he stood before the Lord he heard from the Lord there's not a word our acts and he undertook on Mount Carmel that God had not already instructed him to do he heard the word of the Lord a lot of people don't know what to do they live in confusion they can't come against the power of the enemy because they have not heard the word of the Lord they have not given God quality time they've not been shut in with the Lord because I guarantee you I don't know who you are I don't care how how long you serve the Lord or how short your Christian life has been you may be a new convert but I know that when you shut yourself in with God and seek him with all your heart you allow him to dig into your heart and you go to the Covenant say Lord Jesus give me power over my iniquity set me free because my heart is set on seeking you God's seekers always hear the voice of God always get directs him Lynette there's behind them a still small voice and God says here's the plan God always has a plan he said no weapon formed against you shall prosper folks he said our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God the problem is we don't trust our weapons all right weapons are through prayer and by getting the word of the Lord these men had word of the Lord they spoke as God had given it to them alone he hears his challenge to the enemy the God who answers by fire let him be God then he stands before the people and focus this this man has soaked God told him to do it no no man would act like that on an impulse I'm not talking about Christians who act on impulse they don't pray they're living in sin and they said God told me the only thing he told you was to repent I told you to all night to me and he in lovingly invites you to come but but you're not going to here unless you're willing to walk before him in his righteousness by faith the finish we're going to cross and then come to him say lord I need direct that the enemy has harassing me I am in something over my head and I have to have direction I have to hear a word from the Lord and I can't obligate him until I have that promise he will he will not just give you some dollar she'll do this we heard that on the play on Friday but I didn't hear that kind of voice it was a still small voice and it came after six months of seeking God because there was something stirring in my heart but I'm not talking about this seek gun six months I'm talking about being a consistent seeker after God and bringing every problem every need to him that's all I've been preaching lately because I can't find people around the world that we've so many people just embarrassing God in front of the devil they say God is my guide my life has been turned over to him but but they really don't fully trust him they they trust there they talk to friends they get they get downcast they get heavy laden in their saying God where are you but there's not that consistent faith there's not that clear word they can't look in the eyes take your hand and said I've heard from God I know that my God is able and there's a promise that is given this book is the promise and we have so embarrassed our God in front of people in front of the gates of Hell itself because we've been afraid to lay a hold of his promises and believe God to fulfill his word then obligate him fire came from heaven and not only does he obligate God to send fire from heaven but he gets on his face and now he said I'm gonna obligate you Lord to keep your word because you promised me that when I prayed I could close the heavens but if I would pray you tell me when to open the heavens and the time has come to open the heavens and he goes up and he prays seven times and he obligates God he goes down to the king and there's nothing but a cloud about the size of a man Hany said you'd better make it – just real quickly because it's going to thunder and lightning and there's going to be a downpour he was committing God without there's no evidence anywhere except that little cloud coming but God has spoken to this man he has a word from heaven he obligates God that word Elijah is challenged by a pot of poisoned soup the sons of the prophets come to him there's a famine and so they go out and and they collect gourds and wild weeds anything anything green or anything they could put in this big boiling pot and some of it was poisoned and they came to the prophet and said it came to pass while they're eating they cried out old owl man of God there's death in the pot and they could not eat it I think they come to this man because they know that this man stands before the Lord this man knows God he hears him gun because he spends time with it folks these are all men of like passion everyone I'm talking about they were not supermen or super women these were ordered people just like you and me who said I'm going to see God God has the answer my god has everything under control and this man had been seeking God and when you're seeking God when the pop when you face a situation you have to have an immediate answer it will be their God will arise in your heart and you will have the mind of the Lord because you've been walking with him because you've trusted like Psalm 54 / 34 he is nigh unto them the trust him he's 9 he's there he's within reach he's within the sound of your voice he's there right now folks we talked about this but we don't practice his presence we don't we don't go through life knowing that at any moment we can call on him now I spend time alone with him but when I like there are times that things come that I can't rush to my prayer closet I can't go and call on the name of the Lord there has to be a word of wisdom that has to be a word of direction that's to be something that's spoken immediately and if you just stop for a moment and breathe the prayer Lord I know you're here I know your promise until you said your night to me and you exercise your faith and then you commit the Lord and speak it out I've seen God do that all over the world the faithfulness of God walking the street this past week I go from the Broadway entrance and I get to the into the church going over to the apartment and I'm stopped four or five times a problem after problem people with medical problems and people with spiritual problems and there has to be a word there has to be something and I just and I said Lord you're near this is your child I've been with you I have a conscience of wait events toward God man I want you to speak and what I say I'm going to commit you to your word if I say so thing I want you to do it and I believe that you're going to answer and you're going to give the word as it's needed this is not just for pastors it's for every Christian this for every believer that we can obligate God we can hear his voice we can know it he said my sheep know my voice scripture says the Prophet said go get some meal cast it into the pot he said now pour it out to the people that they may eat now you'd better know the Lord they're gonna pour out soup that's just been diagnosed as poison where did he get this direction what did he just burn out go get some meal no no he he'd been with God and suddenly in the crisis the word is there and you and I are going we live from crisis to crisis they're hostile you God never intended that you have to run to somebody else he intended to be your partner and your friend he intended to walk with you and all know this this book is nothing but one please trust me believe what I say to mitt me to this word lay hold of the promise and commit it and speak it by faith and believe God with your heart that what he has spoken will come to pass God said it I believe it that settles it Peter sees a lame man sitting at the temple gate and he obligates the Lord he says in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk suddenly God is obligated because these men have been with God and the Lord has shown them that his plan is to heal that this that they are in bold and encouraged to commit God to divine healing they obligated this man he leaping up stood and walked and entered into the temple with them walking and leaping and praising God you see Peter obligating God when Sapphira comes and she tells her story of having sold the property and giving it all her husband has just died in their presence and he suddenly speaks how does he know what he said why would a man speak so clearly and and so such a bold statement yet with heart brokenness i'm sure the feet of them which buried your husband are at the door they shall carry you out also you see a man can't say these things no man no woman if God can say these things unless they've heard from the Lord when sapphire walks in the Lord saying she's lying if she's lying to the Holy Spirit and that's I I can't allow this to happen the church is being birthed I have to set an example and she's going to drop dead in front of your eyes he had the word all the heroes of faith learned to commit God into action here's Jacob blessing his children for generations to come how can a man look at his children so I'm going to tell you what's going to happen down the road I'm going to tell you it's going to happen to your generations down the road because this man had wrestled with God this man knew the Lord he had he prevailed with God and he was a man who heard God he committed to everything that God spoke to him through his prevailing power Noah builds an ark and he goes in and the Bible said he goes into God shuts the door and he has to believe and commit God not only to send the rain so that he's sitting there locked in this man says God God said he was going to seal me God has to make the door watertight and he's committed he walks in and he's committing God to keep his word he's committing God see you commit God to his healing power when you say yes I'm in pain but God has God cannot lie he's promised me to give me strength in the battle it me my healing may not come overnight but whatever I'm he's probably all that I need to see me through he's promised that he'll not forsake me and when I stand up to that and I believe that and say devil I am NOT going to go down in the pit of despair you're not gonna drag me down with others are going down with you I have been made promises by this word that he will not forsake me and that he is my healer until he comes he's promised me strength he's promised me joy and I am NOT to sorrow as other sorrow even in a time of death we're not to sorrow as other sorrows we're not to murmur we're not to complain as others that's an embarrassment to a holy God and that's a rebuke to the very Living Word of God and all of his promises whatever you're in you're not losing you're winning it looks like you're losing but you're not losing God is in control Isaiah the Lord said to Isaiah concerning the work of my hands command G me command me now I'm not into this you know I think I don't know what they call word of faith or words I don't even know what they preach from that but I'm not saying that does anybody can just command the Lord I'm saying when you have his word you command what he's already spoken you command what he's already spoken you take a stand publicly on that let me give you an example they come to us and they say that they're going to take the the that gonna take advantage of the air lights over this building and I remember the day they came in and they had all the rights they had the legal rights because here in New York there's no more land left so they you have rights there's probably 10 to 15 million dollars worth of air rights above this building and they had those air rights they could come in if you remember and even bring a pillar down through the choir loft here and then put a 50-story apartment house and I remember meeting with the attorneys and with the movie folks have the air rights and I remember sitting there and God said not one brick shall be removed not one brick should be removed I I committed God to that word that I heard I've been in prayer before I went in that meeting but when I'm sitting there God delivered me the word and I committed and I spoke it I said I'm dismissing this meeting because you're not going to build your building we brought it here we brought it to this church and remember what the motto was not one brick shall be removed and not one brick has been removed this church obligated God to His Word because you see the only issue is God's glory and see the glory of the Lord is in this church and this choir helps bring down that glory and God wasn't going to take out even 10 seats away from this choir he wasn't gonna let them interrupt the glory of God in this house it's all has to do with the glory of God and God is not glorified when you and I sit around thinking that the devil is winning in our lifetime were the things that we're going through that that somebody's getting their hand over us no you have to take a stand and say I commit myself that even though I don't see it my God is directing my life Elijah said that he all began to God because he spoke to me remember the seven sons of sceva they tried to cast seven sons of sceva tried to cast now these these guys have been pure hearts folks don't try to obligate God if you have a double-minded spirit if you living in sin it does not work and it'll turn against you every time and they come against this demon-possessed man and said in the name of the Christ of Paul get out leave can you just see him screaming and yelling at this poor man and the evil spirit answered and said Jesus unknown Paul I know but who are you and the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them and overcame them so that they fled out of the house naked getting wounded their clothes have been toured and their wounded bruised because they're they're trying to obligate God when they have no power a right or authority to do so it's only to those who are walking in his righteousness we spend time with him and hear the word of the Lord I told her story here a number of years ago a true story I read the professor in a college who loved to mock God Christians and mostly he mocked them through prayer he mocked prayer in his classroom and it became the the joke of the college he he'd get his new every time the class new class would come in he would take a flask glass flask of water and hold it up and said now I want to know man how many of you here believe in God and that God answers prayer he said if you believe God answers prayer I challenge you to come up here say your prayer and I'm gonna drop this glass and if it breaks I want you to know God doesn't answer prayer your prayer has no power because we don't believe God answers prayer and he did that year after year mocking God and mocking prayer that and the students who had all laugh and when a new kid would come into the class he did it every time evidently a new one come in especially we're Christian and all the kids are just waiting for this time burst out laughing and this this particular time a young man was so grieved and he went to another Christian professor and he said I'm going to challenge him I'm going to commit God to answer this mockery has to stop because he's ruining the lives of so many young people and they began to pray they began to seek God the Christian young people that heard about it this young man said I'm going into that class I'm gonna challenge him on prayer and heat God a spirit of faith God told him he he was to go in there and he heard this they all agreed we're gonna believe God he he goes into the class and the professor goes into his routine and holds up this flask of water blast flask and he says does anybody anybody ever gonna challenge me and he gets up young man gets up said yes I challenge you the professor is shocked he said we'll come up and say your prayer young man gets up in front of the class he said no father this is not it made words of this effect there's another show but this man's been mocking and you have the power and your God who answers prayer and I'm asking you to answer prayer now you've heard his challenge now Lord prove you will power in the Minnesota you finish they said I'm finished and he drops it and God changed the trajectory and it fell on his shoe and didn't break and the class started laughing at the professor he never again challenged prayer I'm saying God answers those who commit him who obligate him no repeated do you live with somebody that's unsaved if you ever taken hold of that scriptures and thou shalt be saved in the house if you ever gone up to one if you got an unsaved I've never gone to him loving said look I I have a Bible that says that my God has promised me that my I shall be saved in my house you're a part of my house and I'm telling you now you're either going to be saved or you're going to harden your heart but God's going to be moving on you and I I am committing now you to Holy Ghost conviction won't be saved because I'm I have a word from the Lord I have a word here that says that I am to be saved in my house you're a part of my house and I'm telling you now I declare this house will be saved I've become so timid so cowardly we've allowed homosexuals to say we profess sin we prophesied we tell you we are going to legalize this we're going to legalize that folks our young people are going to Washington DC I think it still in August the 7th and we're right we have permission out right outside the Capitol the front lawn and we're going down there with loudspeakers and all the youth choir and we're asking anybody this church wants to go along us and it's called time to take a stand for Jesus and folks it is time it is time for us to say I will not live intimidated God's Word is faithful he said he's by my side and this is how I obligate God I get up in the morning and say Lord you've promised me joy in my time of trouble and I put you to your word now I claim your word I don't feel good but I'm asking you Lord to put your joy in my heart I'm not going to go through this day dragging any more I'm not going to go down caste and throwing my complaints I was in Brenda Cyrus just a few weeks not too long ago one of our last ministers conference and I'm saying what most beautiful hotels in in in the city and I got up tired and I said Lord sometimes I started complaining and let's then hold it this stuff you you're staying in the best hotel in Buenos Aires you're 73 years old you still got firing your bones you're eating you're eating steak and you're murmuring you're complaining look up under him all those sacks with people living in tents shacks folks we mama we complain and we say God are you able why am I going through this when you need to be get them said my god you have said all things work together for good to them that love God another call according to his purpose there is good going to come out of this I don't see it but that's what you promised my standing on the promise of God my age if I gave into my human feelings I'd be just a coward hunchback little old man sitting here no we're going around the world challenging the devil we don't make fun of the devil we challenge this power because everywhere we go hundreds and hundreds of pastors come to the meeting ready to quit but when they leave God spirits upon the new life and new strength because we're challenging we're committing God to his word that he loves his servants and he's going to send the Holy Ghost in the last days upon all flesh and he's going to renew the ministry wherever we go he's done that for this church he's given you pastors who challenge you who challenged who commit god to his word but that's something for every individual life here to challenge him to commit him to his word both it's like it's time you are not quit complaining I mean not a word of complaining not a word of unbelief otherwise don't let that man think you receive anything from God God wants to and gods in the process of answering you and if you'll believe this your best days right ahead of you including today Lord I'm not going to carry this unbelief in the blue you stand please we just stand I want everybody in this church hearing me in the annex and everywhere else if there's anything you've resigned yourself to if you've resigned yourself that your husband and your wife and your children not gonna be safe you just resigned yourself you've given up God forgive you God forgive you put some fight in your soul they say I'm gonna breathe God from this day on for the salvation of every member of my family if they are not saved they're going to no conviction they're going to know it seems to me that when we pray about something and it doesn't happen right away we say well that's okay god I knew you meant well believe God and speak speak faith no matter what you feel and as you speak it births something in our hearts of the joy of the Lord and the peace that passeth all understanding God's had enough of the complaining of murmuring it's one thing if you read the Old Testament God would not endure so these 10 times you have provoked me with your unbelief he provoked me with your murmuring and complaining he said when you murmur complain and even though you think it's not to God he said it's toward me you are complaining to me and I told you I'll be God to you and our problem is and with this I close we are not letting God be God God so I'm gonna be gone you think of that a minute I'm gonna be God with nothing is impossible the God who created the heavens of the earth the God whose numbered the hairs on your head I am God and if you trust me I will be God to you let me be God let go of the reigns the goal of this time to strive and work things not just let it all go and just commit yourself to to me being God in your life folks it works believe me it works how God begins to move when you commit yourself and say god this is all yours now committed to him and stay on your knees father did what you asked me to do in my feeble way to challenge our unbelief and to encourage faith God what you want to do you want to do so many good things so many miracles that are waiting that have not and yet because of our unbelief and because of our complaining and our murmuring God if we continue to murmur and complain then unbelief sets in and then we become a prey to temptation then we go back to our sins so lord I pray for a miracle this morning I'm committing you that you will you will speak clearly to Annie everyone in the son of my voice I am asking you more to come by your spirit and give us new confidence strengthen our faith let us stand strong now you told Joshua stand strong no enemy can stand against you that's the promise you've made us no enemy can stand against us because you're on our side if God before us say it with me if God before me who can be against me say me if God before me who can be against me nobody hallelujah no devil no game huh I've just now received a word from the Lord I mean clearly from heaven and this is this I've not done it publicly here before I don't think before I'm going to ask I mean in this particular setting I want everybody upstairs and downstairs and even in the end I want everybody who needs I'm telling you this now you need a healing in your body you need a healing you need a miracle I'm gonna commit God to his promise I'm gonna practice what I preach here now I'm going to obligate the Lord and claim his promises and promises that the prayer of faith shall heal the sick that's God's Word and he's given me a promise that if I would step out by faith that he was going to do miracles here this morning I want you to just please don't come if it's you know a toothache you know why not if you've been had a wisdom tooth removed or something I don't know what I mean you need I'm asking for those even with cancer I'm asking those who have incurable so-called incurable diseases I'm asking you that are needing an absolute miracle from God I want you to come move it you're gonna have to move in closer to Indiana if you go to the lobby there they'll give you directions here to me until if we fill it all the way back then folks let's believe God if God is God he's a healer I mean close folks we're gonna believe God this morning I want everybody the believes that Jesus Christ the healer is here and that he is able to work absolute miracles among us and bring forth testimony after testimony out of this service this morning I want you to raise both hands and say come Lord Jesus I believe you Lord for power Lord we pray now that you come by your spirit and we honor your word we commit you to your word we obligate you to your promise of healing for those who believe there's a promise given to us and we stand on that promise this morning oh god we believe you now we trust you please move in close those are in the aisles open the back doors just open those back doors wide in the middle open the back door I'm gonna ask my wife when to believe with me for her healing today and I'm asking everybody that's in this house I ask you to plead with me for every one within the sound of our voice I want everybody that's come forward to raise your hands and ask God to cleanse you ask Jesus to cleanse you by his blood say Lord forgive and cleanse me now because I'm coming to the throne for healing Lord the precious blood of Jesus come now with cleansing power cleanse us cleanse us sanctify us that we can may hold of your word now that there is nothing standing between us and our Father all controversies Lord let them be settled down through the power of the word of God you said if we confess our sins your faithful just to forgive us and cleanse us from all all unrighteousness and we believe that now now folks look this way for just a moment I'm not trying to work something up you know I've never done that in my lifetime here in time we've been in ministry here but there are too many here and too many they've gone too long in this without coming to that place where you say Lord I am going to step out now in faith and believe and this church needs to in the afternoon there's a healing service here I'm gonna ask the elders to step out in new faith and believe God for miracles and not so that we never come the place I don't believe this has happened it never happen we just go through a routine that we absolutely believe God and commit and obligate him to his word his word says that we are healed by His stripes by that shed blood we are healed wants you to believe that no matter what you feel when you leave here that when you get to the door and you walk outside you say God you're with me I believe that you heard my prayer and I'm gonna believe you for strength I'm gonna believe you now that you will start my healing process in my body and I'm going to keep trusting you and I'm not going to murmur and complain anymore I'm gonna believe you to give me encouragement I'm gonna believe you for an infusion of the Holy Ghost to strengthen my mind and my spirit in my body total healing because many of your problem is me you need now the mind of Christ you need a new thought pattern you need a new way of thinking right now are you willing to lay down all murmuring and complaining before God I'm gonna pray in prayer faith and I'm gonna believe God right now but you've got to believe with me that as I pray and our elders and acquire in all of us we begin to pray and ask the Lord we commit him to his word will you believe him right now Heavenly Father we come to this book we come to your word and we hold it before the throne Lord we remind you of your promise and we commit you to your promise you said that with or stripes we are healed the prayer faith some healed the sick said come to me all you the weary and heavy-laden I'll give you rest I'm praying first of all for a rest from heaven a peace from God like a river and I'm asking you now in Jesus name father to heal every person in this place that is reaching out and I say as Peter said to the lame man rise up now in Jesus name in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and be healed in the name of Jesus my faith being healed in the name of Jesus raise your hands and say thank you Jesus by faith I rise up with leaping and praising God I rise up now in faith

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