Daniel Pinchbeck:The relationship between spiritualism and Judeo-Christian teachings (part 1)

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I guess my personal jury is still out on that one I mean in 2012 I did a lot of work to look at mid-off Steiners a kind of vision of esoteric christianity and i also got interested in Gnosticism and the Gnostic Christianity and and definitely jus do that you know both of the GAO and the Christian tradition have been part of the evolution of human consciousness but to me there's a lot of negative baggage associated with them so it's it's going to be a lot of work and I actually haven't I've been in communication with this guy John lash what a recent book about Gnosticism and his take on him is that there were kind of almost like deviations like program deviations in judeo-christian tradition which have really acted negatively on human evolution and that the Gnostics in the early centuries realized that this was going to going down and they kind of sounded the alarm and that's why they were kind of sort of wiped out at that point I mean I guess you know from from the Jewish tradition like I know Kabbalistic tradition and like I'm really interested in the concept with like discrimination you know like you know and I think there are a lot of beautiful concepts in there but I guess for me what we have to get beyond is getting stuck on any belief structure that is you know like like real really taking back our own authority from any kind of imposition of any belief structure and just recognizing that these inherited structures are things that we've inherited their you know almost like sint cultural sin taxes or spiritual sin taxes that can have value and validity but really what has more value and validity is our own experience

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