Crusader Kings 2 Religion Conversion Guide

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This is a guide on how to maximize the religious conversion of territory in Crusader Kings 2.

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hello and welcome I'm a rumba thank you for joining me this is going to be a tutorial on how to maximize religious warfare and religious conversion specifically so let's start off we're in a brand new game here it's the year 1066 I've selected the king of Lyon as our character so that we can immediately dive into some religious war and I am going to activate a few console commands here because I just want to quickly capture a territory and then show you the best possible way to delegate out that land to maximize conversion so first off let's go ahead and enable char info so that we can see some more information about characters and why don't we go ahead and get rid of our brothers there goes one guy and let's get my other brother to kingdom of Castile 107 5-0 all right so now we've got all of all this territory rallied under one kingdom here it's you know we hold all three kingdom titles now but it's basically just lay on that's our primary title I'm not going to worry about being over our limits I'm not going to worry about any of these other things I just want to show how this holy war thing works let's also give ourselves a little bit of extra money just because again we're not playing the game let's get some little bit of money and so now let's say we wanted to attack this character here when I take over let's say we want beta so we attack Beija raise up our men let's go ahead and hire some mercenaries to just let us nice and quick and let's rally that way now to the south a little maximum speed see just how quick we can capture all this one of the things you might be seeing me do is very rapidly combined armies and and just use some quick key book key bindings that's because I'm using my key bindings mod which I'll put a link to in the description of this video very handy for being able to control your armies well and of course we get tons of spam and events pop-ups very normal now the entire south is risen against us one thing you need to know is that when you do religious wars the south and anyone that shares the same religion so that would be for instance all of Sunni down here can do a call to arms against me I am a different religion than they are so they will defend against in fact they've rallied even with a little bit of cheating and combining all the kingdoms here they have almost as many men as I do so we might even need to hire just a couple more mercenaries to ensure the quick victory oh whoops we don't need votes those are just silly all right I'm actually on wet negative already geez clearly it's not easy to win this first holy war starting as one of the Spanish kings what just about finish this war and let's say okay so now we've won our war we've got all this brand new freshly converted religious land so here's where we're at brand-new Holdings one of the things you're going to see whenever you do religious conquest when you do a holy war is you capture every single territory every every County becomes yours and every sub county or sub holding becomes yours as well even the bishoprics and the cities generally the very first thing you're going to want to do unless you're trying to get somebody out of your line of succession you can always give a bishopric for instance to your second or third board son to disqualify them from succession but generally what you're going to want to do is just right-click on the holding and then go create new vassal because what that does is it creates a brand new random courtier who is the same religion and the same culture as you this guarantees that you are not going to have any opinion penalties with that character for being the wrong religion now he doesn't like me because my domains too big I have too many duchies and bunch of other problems but you'll notice no religious problems so you're gonna want to do that on pretty much every County especially on you know if there's any cities or bishoprics you have a big penalty to holding those so we're going to go through and get rid of all of this land and now all we have left are the actual topmost holdings the castles also if you if you ever attack a county and the topmost holding is like say a bishopric like up here take like which county is it here if you are a feudal lord the topmost capital of the county will become a castle so something to know if you ever have it in the wrong position you're trying to move it you can fix it through religious warfare and some other strategies as well what you want to do next is to maximize religious conversion there's a couple tricks you can employ first we want to go to the fine character interface search by realm search for men who are not in prison any marriage not a ruler yes culture yes religion this parts very important you do not want someone who is a ruler because we want them to just have a single County only one County to focus on and by sort sorting it this way we're only going to find people who share the same religion and culture as us now be cautious though because you'll notice even though I've said yes religion yes culture what's this filthy orthodox doing in here and and why are there some Castilians and some Portuguese well unfortunately when it says my religion it means my religion group and when it says my culture it means my culture group not just your culture so we don't actually want Portuguese we want Castilian we don't want Orthodox we want Catholic but this does help minimize the field let's also go ahead and sort by adult as well now you want to sort by stewardship and then let's find the top most Castilian who is Catholic and is not heir to anything this helps to just guarantee that they don't accumulate any power down the road I'm going to right click on his character right click on the diplomacy icon and then go to grant landed title and the very bottom of the list is going to be where your most recently acquired holdings are although they are sorted by type so we've got some bare knees some castles from from my murderous rampage at the start there let's find one of these new counties like say lisboa so we give out the county of lisboa to this character now the reason we just did that is that he has the matching culture and matching religion to us and as a single county count he is going to have his own Council he'll instantly create it in fact if you just wait one moment let's take a look at him right now he has the two vassals beneath him these two and he doesn't currently have any one is in his court but if I let the day tick all of a sudden how'd that happen now there's seven people here well that's because he randomly generated all the courtiers that he needed to fill this council in fact if we look through here we'll probably be able to find there's his marshal his Chancellor and very soon he will appoint these people to the other positions as well now since he only has one County to worry about and it's the wrong religion actually in this case I may have picked a bad target these two counties are still still Catholic these two are not all right so let's do that again then find another character and actually we would rinse and repeat this anyway go ahead and we grant out say that one will give out this one as well get rid of Evora always want to click search realms so that that previous character doesn't stay in the list and let's give it out to this one as well the reason we're sorting by stewardship is because that helps with converting culture which we'll talk about in another video but it also does help out just to managing the realm so I'll have higher income which gives you a higher taxation so we've granted for separate counties to these characters now what we want to do next is again he is going to instantly create a court and start filling his council positions and then he's going to start trying to convert that County because it doesn't match his religion I've made sure he has the correct religion so he's going to try to convert it to his religion so he's going to take his court chaplain and use the convert populace action on his County notice though that I can do it too I just did that so we have two court chaplains working on it but there's one more step you can take now this is a I don't always like to do this because it it can make the realm messy later on but if you're desperate to convert territory another trick you can do is let's go ahead and create the Duchy of Beja and then give it to somebody that doesn't have any territory in these four counties like say this Duke if we give him the Duchy of Asia now I've made him a little bit stronger than I might like as a vassal but since his three to his four territories here are all Christian he's very likely to send his court chaplain down there as well so now we have three court chaplains potentially working on this County and at least one working on this County this maximizes the chances that you're able to convert the religion of your County as quickly as possible this is very important because the religious penalty is the longest of the three it lasts 30 years to concur with a different religious group and it it's very steep you'll see the local levies depleted by 20 by 200 percent tax modifiers down 75 percent and the reinforcement rates down 50 percent so essentially you have no levy for 30 years unless you convert the territory so that is basically the best way that I have found to convert territory quickly by maximizing the the way you delegate out the land so I just wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to do that in the next video we're probably talk about how to culture convert as well and I wanted to thank you again so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you want to stay up to date on new releases and I appreciate your time see you again soon

34 thoughts on “Crusader Kings 2 Religion Conversion Guide

  1. Is there a way to mass convert a region? Playing as Leon, slowly conquering Mali. Trying to establish christianity there but its slow going and I can only order my counciler to convert a single county at a time.

  2. what should I do if my state's religion change by itself…i'm trying to convert it but this is pointless because I'm trying to convert my capital for 48 years without a Result

  3. We dont need a religious conversion guide for major religions. That shit is easy. Whats hard as hell is doing it as Pegan and i hate paradox and what they do with CK2 for that reason. Instead of rounding out game mechanics that exist and feel incomplete they give us a Chine DLC that doesnt even have China! Yet a mod author can give us Chine for free!!!!!!!

  4. Im trying to convert my populace to Judaism, my moral authority is at 100% and the religion of my populace's moral authority is 0, and I have court rabbi's working, how come my population isnt converting though.

  5. I'm playing as Samaritan Duke of Tuscany under the rule of the king of Italy. My court rabbi just managed to convert the county of Firenze (which is under the control of my vassal who is also a Samaritan) to the Samaritan faith and I would like to keep it that way. How can I keep the county Samaritan?

  6. You also get +25 piety for appointing a bishop, or equivalent religious baron, so you always want to do that even when you're going to give the county away.  Holy wars are also a great way to pack your realm with vassals with claims, just don't bury them under someone else or you won't be able to press their claim.

  7. +clairoobscur 
    What he means at 5:00 is that if you are a non religious leader, and the capitol of a county is a church (like the one he showed or Rome if you are not Caesar) when you take that county over, since you are a non religious leader the county capitol will automatically change from being a bishopric to a barony. You'll still own that church, and have to dispense it out to a vassal to avoid -opinion effects, but now the castle (barony) will be the capitol with which you can properly run the county and do as you please.

  8. +Arumba 
    What happens if you were to say, give all of the bishopric titles you inherit / conquer to your court chaplain?
    Most of my world has been converted to Catholicism and my court chaplain (of Rome since I have Legacy of Rome and am Augustus Caesar) has so many bishop titles in his possession (either through inheritance / my building churches in conquered areas / etc) that his charinfo 1 information is no longer visible.
    What are the effects of having such a powerful chaplain? Will having a trillion bishops to manage slow his conversion rates down in places like the MidEast? Should I revoke some of his bishop titles?

    I never knew that there was a "way" to quickly convert territories, so that has been what I have done in my files both as Rome, and as Britannia.

  9. whats the best way to convert a lord as i am playing a pagan ruler of Ireland and the local populus is pagan but the lord (or count) is not and my priests all have such low chance to convert them (my preist hast been in one province for nearly three years now with a learning skill of nineteen and still hasnt converted him) any advice would be much appreciated 🙂

  10. I hope you can help on this question. I've pretty much done what you said here, and it's been going great except in one county. Not only does this county have a high revolt risk but it has a 'heretic holding'. What is it and how do I take care of it.

  11. Thanks, that's a nice trick. However, I didn't understand your comment at about 5 : 00 about prince-bishops. You stated that the head bishopric would turn into a castle if…I didn't understand the condition….Could you restate it? (I don't mean you explained it poorly, I'm just not a native English speaker, and didn't understand what you were saying)

  12. The stewardship of the count in control of the territory determines the mean time that culture conversion will occur. This only happens with provinces bordering provinces of the culture being spread. Depending on the count's stewardship, the spread can take a mean 500 years (Zero stewardship) to a mean 31 years (13 or above). Mean time to occur just means that the province has a 50% chance of converting in the time specified. if you didn't know.

  13. I think the "Zealous" trait also helps quite a bit in converting provinces. Also, how does the stewardship of a character affect cultural absorption? The only strategy I know is to put your capital on one such province and wait for the "Colonist" event to happen.

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