Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World, by Jonathan and Douglas Moo

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From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals a God whose creative power and loving care embrace all that exists, from earth and sky and sea to every creeping, crawling, swimming, and flying creature.

Yet the significance of the Bible’s extensive teaching about the natural world is easily overlooked by Christians accustomed to focusing only on what the Bible says about God’s interaction with human beings.

In Creation Care, father and son team Douglas and Jonathan Moo invite you to open your Bible to explore the place of the natural world within God’s purposes and to celebrate God’s love as displayed in creation and new creation.

They answer questions such as:

– What is the purpose of non-human creation?
– Can a world with things like predators, parasites, and natural disasters still be the “good” world described in Genesis 1?
– What difference does the narrative of the Fall make for humankind’s responsibility to rule over other creatures?
– Does Israel’s experience on the land have anything to teach Christians about their relationship with the earth?
– What difference does Jesus make for our understanding of the natural world?
– How does our call to care for creation fit within the hope for a new heaven and a new earth?
– What is unique about Christian creation care compared with other approaches to environmental issues?
– How does creation care fit within the charge to proclaim the gospel and care for the poor?


I grew up with a real love of the natural world and spending time outside my the gift of parents who encouraged that as just a part of celebrating and enjoying God's good world and praising him through it one of the things that most struck me later in life is the fact that my dad was so supportive of this that he discerned in me and my brothers his great love of adventure and being outside I think when I was just early high school perhaps or late junior high that he took us to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for wilderness trip and I've since realized what a sacrifice is was for him because my dad is not a natural outdoors person in that sense and for him to take three of his young sons with very little experience on this wilderness trip was quite a gift to me it's a joy when as a parent many of you experiences you learn so much from your children I have a love for the natural world now that I really didn't have earlier and a lot of that is due to Jonathan his infectious love of the natural world just became something that was built into my life that I've now been able to explore especially through photography with my wife my love of the natural world led me to study wildlife biology and my graduate degree it was a joy to be able to talk things over with my dad then that I was learning and it was I think at that time that the seeds for this book were planted as we began to talk what it meant to be a Christian living in this creative world and thinking about our responsibilities for it this project has been a joy for me certainly one of the highlights of my whole academic career too to write a blog to engage in a project with my son who knows more about this than I do so I'm really riding on his coattails here but it's been a joy to collaborate on this project to think together about what it means to be a Christian living in this created world and we hope that what we've discovered might be something that will be benefit to a lot of you as well

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