Consecration of Russia to Our Lady, Four Bishops, Resistance, Heart in Fatima, 10/17

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The Four Bishops of the Resistance consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart in Fatima, October 2017.

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One thought on “Consecration of Russia to Our Lady, Four Bishops, Resistance, Heart in Fatima, 10/17

  1. If you think antipope JPII did consecrate the world in 1984. Then, you are deceived.

    If Russia had been properly consecrated as so many neo-Catholics insist, Russia would no longer be persecuting the Catholic Church. Russia would not lead the world in abortion statistics, alcoholic, Kremlin jewish mafia alike, pedophilia, prostitution, suicide, and many ERRORS. Russia would be an agent of peace. Its “Orthodox” Church would no longer be staffed by schismatic KGB operatives, but by converts to the Catholic Faith. And if Fatima was a mere “private” revelation, 70,000 people would not have witnessed the most colossal visible miracle in history.

    The Fatima Crusader Issue 98 on page 21-22:

    Russia Has Not Converted: Before answering the charge that prompted this reply, a charge that is easily refuted, I wish first to address the fundamental underlying issue:

    Has the Consecration of Russia been accomplished? Putting aside for the moment all arguments concerning what the Pope said or failed to say in 1984, and the meaning of it, let us focus on what no one who professes to believe in the Message of Fatima disputes: that Our Lady promised the conversion of Russia if Russia were rightly consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.

    Would Father Doyle (false friend of Fatima) really care to defend the proposition that we have witnessed the conversion of Russia since 1984? How, then, would he account for the reality that today – more than a quarter-century after the “consecration” – Russia is a neo-Stalinist dictatorship with the highest per capita abortion rate in the Western world? Is this the conversion of Russia?

    As a U.S. government source reports: “Abortion remains the most widely practiced form of birth control in Russia. In 1995 some 225 abortions were performed for every 100 live births, up from a rate of 196 per 100 in 1991.”

    Another source reports that, according to the World Health Organization, “a country’s health is in serious danger if the annual per capita consumption of alcohol exceeds 8 liters,” whereas “Russia’s per capita consumption (mainly vodka) is roughly 16.5 liters” and Russian male life expectancy “ has dropped from 63.8 years in 1990 to 59.8 years.” Why? Because Russian men are drinking themselves to death. Is this the conversion of Russia?

    And how would Father Doyle explain Russia’s emergence since 1984 as the world capital of child pornography? In Russia there is “no law against the possession or procurement of child pornography, which is considered a minor, victimless crime…” and “there has been little public outcry in response to Russia’s explosion of paedophilia and child pornography rings.” Is this the conversion of Russia?

    In Russia today, Catholics remain a minuscule minority, less than one percent, most of whom reside in Siberia, where Stalin sent their ancestors. These few Catholics are served almost entirely by foreign-born priests who cannot remain in the country for more than 90 days at a time because the 1997 Russian law on “freedom of conscience” treats them as ministers of a foreign sect. Russian Muslims outnumber Russian Catholics by six to one. Is this the conversion of Russia?

    The best evidence that Russia was not consecrated in 1984 is the abysmal state of Russia today, 27 years later; it is still “that poor nation,” as Lucia called it. There has been no conversion of Russia, and to say that there has been is to insult Our Lady. Case closed.

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