Christopher Hitchens – Single Faith Schools (2007)

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The late Christopher Hitchens on single faith schools in England – Cultural Suicide

country says I don't care for schools in England this is happening now that a run buys over here is supporters I don't mind it as long as you allow special schools for Christians and Jews and also special different schools for Protestants and Catholics if you love faith schools will allow them to have their faith schools cultural suicide cultural suicide Joe related happen to you don't let it happen where you live look how wonderfully it works you know it went very well what happened in Northern Ireland when it was allowed to segregate person Catholic schools after all they have different faiths oh they do I thought they were both Christian I can't arbitrate this nope they should have separate schools they should never meet never intermarry never socialized beautifully their work charge now and how let's have it for Jews and Muslims too on the mainland let them all lie to their children then we'll give their special myth let them all say to them that they're different let them not tell them that they're members of a civil society or country or nation let them let them to nominate themselves by faith can't wait to see what happens I think I know what's coming I don't want I don't want my beloved country of birth to be turned into some Lebanon by people of faith I don't want it I'm going to fight it – and you should get ready to fudge it when they try it in your case don't allow this

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